April 3rd, 2011 | 724 Entries

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724 Entries for “plans”

  1. PLans. So this is thethird time I’ve refreshed the page and that’s all you seem to ask about. Plans. What, you want to hang out sometime? Well, I have plans. Involuntary, imposed-uopn-me plans. I guess I can’t break them. I wish I could.

    By Samantha on 04.03.2011

  2. I had a plan once, not sure what it was, or what I was supposed to do with it, I just know that I had one. Was I going to build something? Cook something? Murder someone? I can’t remember, or choose not to remember. I think that’s the scariest part, not remembering.

    By Shauna on 04.03.2011

  3. will be set once we let go of everything else we’ve ever written on the side of a rock. Absentmindedly, we will frolick in the flowers and the meadows of consciousness into a separate sphere of all that is unwilling to just. let. go. and just. let. god

    By anna on 04.03.2011

  4. I have plans for the future. I want to either be a psychologist, or be working back stage on Broadway as either lighting crew, or a stage manager. I know that the psychologist is most likely to be my true career, and I’m more than happy with that. If that is the case. I hope to be living in a small town in Jersey, or New York, or Maine.

    By becbecmuffin URL on 04.03.2011


    By RONALD DAVIS on 04.03.2011

  6. My love is true, but the life a picture of my dream…. is the picture of my dream real, so is the love death. konti

    By Konti on 04.03.2011

  7. We whisper them on the phone to each other every night; my salvation from this empty life, my vow to keep on trying. I fight through the horrors of my day to day life just to get to the night, just to plan these things out with you. Nobody sees this life through my eyes, nobody can imagine the things I see, the things I am forced to do, the things people do to me. But none of that matters- especially not at night. It’s all in the past by then, even if I know I can expect more hurt in the future. It is nothing, for a few hours, in which I am with you and we are both years ahead of ourselves, living out a life we’ve yet to begun. These plans are my hopes, my lifeless hopes, which will one day become tangible happiness.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 04.03.2011

  8. someday, when our children are grown and we have saved and put away every dime we can, we are going to open a restraunt

    By Cassidy Spencer on 04.03.2011

  9. I don’t like to have plans. Plans suck. Spontaneity is the best. Sometimes it gets my in trouble.

    By Alina URL on 04.03.2011

  10. The plans today were blown out the window, blown out the window of his car as we raced down the highway, as unimportant as the breeze against our faces and the song on the radio. When I’m with him, plans are necessary because he is my plans.

    By wonka URL on 04.03.2011

  11. I had plans. I was gonna go far. Farther then anybody ever thought I would. No body really expected much from me. But now? Now…? So much is expected. So so so much. Too much if you ask me. Ever sense I actually showed them what I was capable of. Those secret plans are gone now. It was supposed to be a surprise to them. Then I could show them they where wrong. I don’t know if I can do it now..

    By Lyddie J URL on 04.03.2011

  12. I have plans. I want to buy a house, earn a few more £K,
    See Australia
    see New Zealand

    watch the Indian cricket team play

    See more of the world

    Try more foods



    Learn how to dance. properly.

    Get a job where I’m truly happy.

    Get married.

    (dont fancy having kids)

    That’s it.

    By MJ on 04.03.2011

  13. Plans? One letter off of planes. Two letters off of pains. Yet, the term “plans” is closest to the word “pains.” Plans have nothing to do with planes, anyway. But pains and plans.. They can go hand in hand. Plans can fail. Plans can succeed.. Either way.. Who knows if pains will come from these plans we work so hard to achieve?

    By Jaimee on 04.03.2011

  14. In a dark alley, Reggie looked dor Frisky. He had all but gven up hope after 3 weeks, rainy weather, cold. Many places he could have been trapped, many people could have taken him in. This cat had spent years delving deep into Reggie’s heart before one day, just disappearing one day, without a trace. Reggie’s tear ducts had long since dried up, and it felt he was just going through the motions, continuing the seemingly fruitless search. Everything with even a hint of white in it gave him a jolt of alertness, anticipating Frisky’s white fur. But this time, he looked, between the garbage cans in this alley, the same alley he’d walked down dozens of times before, the glob of white in the darkness, this time with beautiful green and yellow eyes. This time with a pink nose. This time, with a familiar, “mew!”

    Reggie’s heart lifted. The clouds parted, a warm microclimate appeared, and he picked up his old companion to give him a warm, loving embrace. The cat pushed away from his chest and his claws extended slightly into Reggie’s chest, as if to say, “Hey, let me go. I had plans.”

    By richpee URL on 04.03.2011

  15. I had other plans that day: a cup of Earl Grey and the sunshine of Westminster abbey. but the bomb fell.

    I watched it fall as one cannot look away from a car wreck. I could have run. I could have ducked. But the whizzing was inescapable. I watched as my tea came to me in a pale pink teacup, laced with floral designs.

    By Kate312 URL on 04.03.2011

  16. Plans.

    As in “the best laid…”

    I’m making plans all the time. I wish I could get more done. I don’t make big plans for things that I know are unattainable. I just mean little plans to try to get through the day’s work, or this pile, or that form, or some other daily/weekly/life-ly “to do.” If and when I do make a big plan, it always comes through. Because I’m a good planner :) But I don’t make a plans for something I know I can’t complete.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.03.2011

  17. (galaxy, one day late)

    “Now we have to go,” said Rex, the Emperor of the Galaxy.
    “Go where?” asked his minion, Tybald.
    “To make weewee.”
    “OK,” said Tybald. “Let’s go weewee over on this red giant over here.”

    And that, my students, is how white dwarfs are formed.

    By richpee URL on 04.03.2011

  18. plans plans plans plans.

    we make so many plans!

    damn plans, they ruin everything;
    the day, the girl, the plans–

    give it up and just live life.
    it’ll feel much better.

    By Gabe Judd on 04.03.2011

  19. I dont know what my plans are yet.
    I want to be happy and I want to be free. I want to be beautiful. Oneday I hope that I will be content. But without some plans to strive for how can I ever fully achieve this. I want my plans to take effect. I want to fall in love, I want to find joy and peace and I want to make a difference.

    By Frida on 04.03.2011

  20. I couldn’t do it, I insisted. For once in my life, I had plans. I would be damned if I would break them. I couldn’t babysit her anymore, I just wouldn’t do it. She looked at me with that sad sack expression on her face, and I knew at that moment my plans were history.

    By kait on 04.03.2011

  21. Well i was going to do my homework today but i hopped on the computer. My plans have totally changed now. Maybe i’ll still go get something to eat though cause i’m hungry. then do home work later. yeah that’s what i’ll do.

    By Katie on 04.03.2011

  22. The wind tore the map from his hand out his opened car window, the map with the circled tourist traps and red highlighted routes. “Dammit,” he sighed. He clicked on his GPS, hoping the AC adapter was charging properly. The device chirped, raising his hopes, and then bleeped a small death. “Fuc-“ he dropped his voice. No one was around to hear. Hopping out of the car, he looked for a sign, a route marker, anything along the silent forest-lined road. A leaf smacked him in the face. He rubbed his cheek and thought of the trailer with all of his possessions trumbling away at 60 mph, his cell phone still tucked in to the pocket of the messenger bag he had flung beside his mattress.

    By wulfcade URL on 04.03.2011

  23. Plans, they defeat me, always. I try to befriend them, but they are little perfect bitches who leave me out. They smile so widely and I am jealous. They walk so tall and I feel short for once.

    By Jacqueline URL on 04.03.2011

  24. Well, I planned to go to a party.

    And I did.

    I planned to meet someone cool.

    And I did.

    And then, we made plans to meet up tomorrow.

    But we didn’t.

    Sigh. Why is it that I always get so close, but never actually there? I guess I’ll just be lonely forever.

    C’est dommage.

    By sdf on 04.03.2011

  25. We had plans to head down to the market on saturday morning, but when I woke around 10:30 I realized that the previous night had not prepared me for this morning. My clothes were strewn about the floor, and I had somehow managed to spill my glass of water all over my carpet as I stumbled in around 4 am. These late nights were ruining my relationships.

    By clichty URL on 04.03.2011

  26. I had plans.
    I had all sort of plans.
    None of which turned out like I hoped they would.

    There was a time, I remember, when everything was possible to me. All the best things, I knew I’d have them someday. Where is that time?

    By Félix URL on 04.03.2011

  27. My plans for life are no longer as simple or as straightforward as I had wished. I want so much for myself and for others, but I am bound to fail at some point. I am bound to fall victim to these plans.

    By Zoe on 04.03.2011

  28. everybody makes plans in their lives.

    simple plans, hard plans, important plans.

    and all these plans define their life too, to get married or not, to have children or not.

    but in the end you just have to stop planning, and start living.

    because you cannot plan life, and life doesn’t plan YOU

    By Claire on 04.03.2011

  29. umm today i not going to do anything

    By miranda URL on 04.03.2011

  30. Long encompassing and elaborate, my plans for finally coming together. I could breathe. It was long overdue. Everything I wanted was finally a piece of the whole. They fit. Ideally.

    By Andy URL on 04.03.2011

  31. beach in the cool midnight moon

    By Atropa URL on 04.03.2011

  32. Did you ever just stop, look down at your feet and up at the sky, and wonder how in the world you got to this very spot? Didn’t you have different plans and different dreams, what happens now?

    I guess you look forward again and keep on walking and see where you end up the next time you feel the need to stop and wonder the same thing again.

    By PunkyG URL on 04.03.2011

  33. The isue with plans is they never turn out the way the way you plan for them to. Like a day at the beach, something always goes wrong.

    By Bella D. URL on 04.03.2011

  34. I have plans in my life. I don’t exactly know how they will go, or even what they are, but I know they are there. Who knows, maybe they’ll happen, maybe they won’t. I just know that the plan is what I need to aim for, even if I don’t know what it is. The plan has a good outcome. That’s why it’s planned that way. I don’t make the plan, I just follow it.

    By Kelli Young on 04.03.2011

  35. I have plans to change my life. Plans to travel. But sticking to a plan without options can make an impasse. New planning must go thru a triage sort of process. Plans are best left open

    By Judy on 04.03.2011

  36. We all make plans. We make plans to make plans and make deadlines and schedules to get those plans done. Yet despite it all, the best work is done without stressing over the time it’s taking. The best ideas are taken from inspiration.

    By Finn URL on 04.03.2011

  37. Plans have been the downfall of society, as far as I’m concerned. Where would we be if we went day-by-day and made no plans? Only followed our guts and made decisions on whims? Probably happier.

    By tmcfadden URL on 04.03.2011

  38. What about my future plans? There would me million things to talk about but I am going to mention just the very close ones. I’m about to visit the United States once again and re-enter a university.

    By tommy URL on 04.03.2011

  39. plans get off their right tracks. But its only when we fall of the track do we stop to think about our destination. Is it right for us? Did we bring enough luggage? Plans will always change thats why the road of life is multiple choice. The plans are meant to change.

    By Jordan on 04.03.2011

  40. plans evade you. they dont happen. the best laid plans never happen. you can plan so much but then you actually never do it cause when you least expect it things happen, things that are unplanned. unplanned things are better than plans. i hate plans.

    By ashy URL on 04.03.2011