April 3rd, 2011 | 724 Entries

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724 Entries for “plans”

  1. I’m down with this shit man, I hate plans

    Who’s got a master plan? No one, That’s who

    Look what you’ve got yourself into, dude!
    What kind of joke is that?

    Free yourself from your own bondage and become your own self nature!
    It’s easy, just say go.

    By Len on 04.03.2011

  2. plans to run away. plans to hide. pplans to seek. pklans to find. plans are mine. plans i have. plans to plan plan plan . plans i must keep plans i must remember

    By Marina URL on 04.03.2011

  3. Things you have to do and are boring; but I don´t always go with plans, too much structure. I prefer free flowing activity. Plans can be good but not for everything.

    By Darkly on 04.03.2011

  4. I have no. Distrustful of. Need to be realistic? Take my plans and run, far fast and wild. Put them in my pack and take them out from time to time and just watch them. See if they lose their lustre over time. Do they need polishing? Can

    By john on 04.03.2011

  5. my plans are in the making, I know I will be making them, but I donot know where they will lead me. My greatest endeavours are to make good plans!

    By Alison on 04.03.2011

  6. i wish for some order. Why make plans if they really have no effect on the outcome of the real world. Just hopeful thoughts almost always dashed by the reality pf the world

    By Cecilia Yvonne Bennett URL on 04.03.2011

  7. We all have plans. They are things we want to accomplish. We waste away our lives planning our future, setting goals and making plans to reach these goals. Plans in a sense rule our lives. They make up our daily thoughts and decisions. We often find ourselves asking, is this on track with my plan? We can’t live without them…but what if we tried to? What if we simply accepted fate for what it is and stopped trying to micromanage everything we encounter?

    By Greta on 04.03.2011

  8. plan, i always must have plans. my life is one large plan: high school , college, job, marriage, kids, retire. when did i decide for this? is it what I really want or is it expected from me? can i feel secure in the future without them? i feel so jealous of those who can just go with the flow, i just can’t seem to let go of that security.

    By alex on 04.03.2011

  9. i dont think i have any plans…for the future. any plans that make sense. what would my life be like if i made ‘plans’ for everything? hell, i’m not even sure what i’ll be doing tomorrow.

    By Catalina Luna on 04.03.2011

  10. I don’t make too many. I feel like I’m always failing if I do. Stacey makes them though. I see the use in having them. Maybe I can fit them into our life. Or maybe I’ll just let her make them. I think I want to have plans. I want to know where the end is.

    By Gyles Drew on 04.03.2011

  11. no one plans to die. the usual plans are life, money, marriage and the likes. However, in reality all of these plans eventually prepare for our demise.

    By Merry on 04.03.2011

  12. never work out the way you think.

    By Hannah URL on 04.03.2011

  13. How Ironic I get this word today! I have no plans, for anything, for nothing, and for just ______________. My plans are not yours, and yours are not mine. We have our own, so why stop mine? Plans, Plans, and more Plans. Don’t you hate them?

    By Ruth URL on 04.03.2011

  14. I always thought I would have plans now, or that I would have fulfilled some of them by now. But plans don’t really work like that. That’s why we don’t call them Futures. Or definites. Or certainties. We just call them plans. We lie them down. Best lay them. And abandon them

    By Rosamund Small on 04.03.2011

  15. it wasn’t what they had planned for her, originally; but you have to work with what you’re given. they discard her like trash because that’s how they see her. she sees them as cattle. hope you guys weren’t too attached to your lives because you soon won’t have them.

    By Dagger URL on 04.03.2011

  16. i plan to live in oregon someday just because when i visited, it was such a cool place. since then my mind has just made it out to be where i want to go eventually. i also want to get married, which is not something i’ll easily admit in order to appear to be so strong and independent and whatnot. honestly i’d love it if i could even plan the next year but i can’t because of certain obligations. they’re a hassle.

    By mika ella URL on 04.03.2011

  17. i have a lot of these that i want to get done.. they are large and i look forward to them..i have strayed away from my plans but as i go though this time of distress it makes me see my plans more clearly

    By Michelle Beatty URL on 04.03.2011

  18. what to do, so many things. what are plans really. isnt life about surprises? shouldnt we just keep on moving. not think. no planning. just be. just go.

    By Chloe on 04.03.2011

  19. i have no plans, maybe i should make a plan… it seems like a good idea. others have plans and acheive goals, maybe i need goals and then i can have plans.

    By Drew Soc on 04.03.2011

  20. I have plans. I have plans to make plans. I have plans to break plans. Plans aren’t worth shit. When it comes down to it, plans either happen or they don’t. And either way they don’t change anything.

    By Preston James URL on 04.03.2011

  21. love to make plans. mostly complete my plans but am still wondeting if I can complete all plans I have set for myself. Wud love to see myself complete n achieve all my long term plans. Sometimes I wonder if I overplan – I kinda have a plan for everything – almost each aspect of my life.

    By Pooh Bambi on 04.03.2011

  22. plans plans
    too many plans
    russia, brazil
    where to spend time to kill?
    what about having no
    plans plans
    not enough plans
    how to be
    broke and destitute
    unsure what to pursuit

    By mel*** URL on 04.03.2011

  23. I had made the plans weeks in advance, and everything was in preparation for the event. However, the one thing I didn’t consider was that plans can be broken, and they were. Now I have fists full of food and cakes and no one to eat them for me. Ah, the irony of me ordering extra food, just in case…

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 04.03.2011

  24. Pl;ans are good, I love plans, I plan everything. I write a billion lists. WE SHOULD ALL PLAN MOIRE!! Mebez if we planned…Jesus this is hard. Fuck it, I’mma go get a bottle of gin and listen to some jazz!! Love teenage girl with no life.

    By Jemima on 04.03.2011

  25. I hate planning life. I hate planning anything. You can’t plan anything. The plans never go through anyways. Once you try and work something out, it just fails. That’s why you have to go with the flow and not be upset when things don’t always work your way. Don’t give in to the disappointment you may receive. Make the most out of it and realize that when plans fail, it’s sometimes for the better. Don’t live preparing to make the next day better. Spend your days in blissful enjoyment of each adventure that comes your way. Live simply, without worries. Good things will come your way. Appreciate the randomness life dishes out.

    By Delainie on 04.03.2011

  26. i need to make plans for my future. i want to be a great artist, i want to live out of country, i want to be somewhere secluded and peaceful and mysterious, i want to be in love, i want to raise a family, i want to travel the world, i want to be succesful

    By Peter on 04.03.2011

  27. Whenever I make plans with this guy I like, they almost always seem to go down the tubes. Why is it that the person you always think about is the one you see the least? It’s sort oflike a curse to the human mind and soul. Making plans is a curse. Fate never wants you two together. Is that because fate wants you to want him? Perhaps. But maybe life just wants you to be miserable. Maybe you’re supposed to be heartbroken and alone every night before bed.

    By Brooklyn on 04.03.2011

  28. sleep, work && more work. too much on my mind.

    By ChelseaLynn URL on 04.04.2011

  29. and it’s quiet, the way he thinks about what he’s going to do. too quiet, really. like he’s planning some daring escape, some harebrained adventure off to maker knows where. but he revels in that silence. he knows, that at the end of every day, that those plans always lead back to him.

    By Eli on 04.04.2011

  30. They go nowhere. Stop before they ever begin. Just stop. Like that. Why? Why do we insist on planning for a future that holds no certainty. I don’t even know that what will happen in the next sixty seconds of my life, yet we make abominable plans for what we insist on happening for the next hundred years.

    By Tiffany on 04.04.2011

  31. I didn’t know where to go. I tried planning for weeks but my ideas flowed to the drain like the raindrops falling upon a steep hill. What was the point in this?

    By rebecca on 04.04.2011

  32. there is a man on a fence at the outside of town who admires a woman and the way the weather lingers around here. The clouds are low and

    By daniel petrovich on 04.04.2011

  33. Was für Pläne haben wir in unserem Leben?
    was haben wir mit unseren Leben vor?
    Welche Entscheidungen werden wir treffen?
    Welche Wege werden wir gehen?

    Wir spinnen-
    wir planen-
    wir gehen unseren Weg

    By Anuri URL on 04.04.2011

  34. We all make so many plans, but do we ever follow through? We spend our lives planning. That’s all we do; they never come to fruition. What if instead of planning, we just….did? Wouldn’t that be a great way to live? So, from here on out, if you catch yourself planning, do.

    By Megan on 04.04.2011

  35. Two O’Clock had just slipped by when I stopped my car on a long, straight road with nothing but darkness and cayote calls stretching out into the land. I walked out into the middle of the road; the sky was full of stars and the road had been empty of all but me for hours now. I don’t have the words to tell you what it felt like, standing still and breathing there, taking in air so sweet and free because I had nowhere to go but down some road in Wyoming, with only the coyote’s to know I was there.

    By Y.B. on 04.04.2011

  36. plans for the future, wedding, baby. Plans for tomorrow. Paper airplanes? plans for everything. Plans for tomorrow plans for tomorrow. Plants. pants. wedding shoes? Plans for next week, plans for tomorrow. Green plants. Green, dark green plants. Plans for every tday of the week. Plans like rolled up blueprints, plans for building a house. Plans for every day of the week. Plans are stupid. I hate them. I never want to make them because I’ll be disappointed.

    By Monique on 04.04.2011

  37. Plans usually never happen. When a plan is made, you can expect it to crash and burn and take a completely new route then expected. We should stop making plans. But maybe the plan is the reason for a spontaneous event to happen in the first place. So on second thought, keep planning. Yes, let’s keep making plans.

    By Bill URL on 04.04.2011

  38. the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Plan is potential. Plans must be translated into action. The most brilliant plans man has ever known have been forgotten, never to see fruition.

    By craig on 04.04.2011

  39. understanding farming dog get away from my shoes fan i dont know what to type thyroid condition alcohol oh boy yum

    By jonmo on 04.04.2011

  40. something that gets thrown out the window….
    and what I have hidden in my sock drawer, with which I am planning on world domination….

    By sagar Mulay on 04.04.2011