April 3rd, 2011 | 724 Entries

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724 Entries for “plans”

  1. He has plans for you.

    By Sae URL on 04.03.2011

  2. plans, like i have any. actually i do, but all of them include musical rehearsal. yeah, that’s my life right now. nothing else going on. what can i say? i’m a theatre geek. make fun of me, laugh, whatever, i don’t care. come see the show and i can show u what i an do. i garentee i will blow your socks off.

    By Libby on 04.03.2011

  3. i have a lot of plans for the future. that dont include you. i need to focus on myself and where my plans can take me if i stick to them. if i continue to let you interfere with my plans, they will be destroyed.

    By andrea c. on 04.03.2011

  4. plans are for fools he shouted as he gathered the materials he needed to make the greatest chicken coop in existence. she stood on the back porch, phone in hand, the number for emergency services pre-programmed. all she would have to do when he drove the first nail into his foot or sawed off the remaining pinkie was press send and in moments the 911 operator would be on the line. they would have a giggle and the “the boys” would be on their way. Plans he gurgled as the band saw slipped from his grip and plowed its way through a layer of denim, are for fools!

    By debra URL on 04.03.2011

  5. he was thinking like mad he didnt know what to do but his mother did because she made plans. She had thought about it all night, like crazy she had made herself stay up thinking.

    By Hannah Anderson URL on 04.03.2011

  6. Something to look forward to. Preparation. Often gone awry. Other people’s. Misunderstood.

    By Kimberly Stone on 04.03.2011

  7. The old lady just thought about making the biggest cake of all time she had got all the things she needed when her carzy jack russell lily jumped on all of it. she started thinking of punishment

    By Hannah Anderson URL on 04.03.2011

  8. The beauty of the galaxy is as immense as the brain’s ability to comprehend it. And yet its nothing in comparison to your beauty. The vastness of the galaxy is larger then our ability to even begin to understand. But to spend a moment getting lost in the vast complexities within your eyes would be the greatest thing I have ever experienced. The joys and wonders of our galaxy can be experienced any clear evening with a telescope, but the joys and wonders of you can only be experienced with the heart. And my heart is eternally yours for the taking.

    By Andy URL on 04.03.2011

  9. i plan to maybe send zoe this really cute letter but i dont want ther to get freaked out that i’m movign too fast or anything. idk. maybe i’ll send it but i won’t include a ps. i’ll just say the lyics from i dont want to set the world on ifre. tahtsa good plan i think. i plan to ask her out like officially for reals but idk maybe i shouldnt. dustin thinks its a bad plan. i trust him. he knows what she wants. i thi

    By Janice on 04.03.2011

  10. “Take them. Please.” The nervous woman in tatter and stained clothing said, forcing the papers into my hands.

    Who was she, I wondered. I never would have imagined in 2 days time what she handed me would save my entire family from being a part of the annihilation of the Western Red Empire.

    Who was she…I don’t know but I owe my life to her.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 04.03.2011

  11. Plans… that which we all must have before four years are done. Plans for life, plans predetermined by parents, friends, classes, groups, clubs. What you do now must reflect both your past and future, your never ending plans. Time is everything

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 04.03.2011

  12. plans, mans, hands, trans, lands, tans, lands, bands, i can have been a lot of things with proper plans. Im not a fan of plans though. i like spontaneously doing things out of the blue, with no pre-thought put into it. That doesnt always land me in the right or best place but still. I try.

    By Christian Silva on 04.03.2011

  13. i had plans for us, for our relationship,for our future. We were going to be so muh, we had so much potential. We picked out or wedding colours, our dream house and even the names for our twin boys. yo were everyting to me. you are everything to me. i know you never meant to leave me, i know you wanted to make our dreams come true; and i’ll never forgive god for taking you away so soon. i love you. i miss you. our boys miss you too, i wish you would’ve gotten to meet them, they look just like you.

    By Kelsey on 04.03.2011

  14. Life is what happens while making plans. No matter how carefully you try to plan for every little thing, every little detail, life will in some way or another alter those plans. And in reality, that is what life is about. Experiences remembered, lessons learned, people whose company you keep, and laughter shared. So while making plans, no matter how big or small, remember that life will often have some input into those plans and be prepared to roll with the punches. Otherwise you will go crazy when things don’t go according to plan. :)

    By Andy URL on 04.03.2011

  15. Not everything goes according to plan. You can start off with good intentions, but in a heartbeat, everything can come tumbling down. How do you bounce back from that? Act like everything is fine? Or sulk, in misery.

    By Tori on 04.03.2011

  16. the future. idk where my life is going. i wish i did. it’s weird. ppl that didn’t go to school are doing well. like cathy. and i went to school and here i am
    oweing so much money and not happy and have no idea where my life is going. i wish i did. i just want a sign. i want to be in government work but i want to make a difference. but it’s so corrupt. idk what to do i just want to be happy and have inner peace.

    By Cris on 04.03.2011

  17. Why bother making plans at all? They just change. They always do. Just take life as it comes and be spontaneous. It’s more fun that way anyhow.

    By Lane Collision URL on 04.03.2011

  18. plans.
    i have so many.
    so many to fulfill
    so many to make
    so many to enjoy
    so many to hate
    i believe in my plans.
    they should happen.
    they would be good.
    they would work.
    i need them.

    By Shenandoah on 04.03.2011

  19. I had plans for us
    you and me
    turned to they
    turned to he
    I mapped your shoulders
    always spread like wings
    now closed like caged ribs
    plans change like people

    By linds on 04.03.2011

  20. Plans are meant to make things happen in a straight line. Love is meant to push and pull, move up and down.

    By daniel URL on 04.03.2011

  21. They left me standing on the curb, gripping the slightly tattered handle of the flamboyantly magenta duffle my parents had given me. I thought I could hear the high giggling of impish girls in the car speeding away from my house, but it may have only been in my head, a product of the alone.

    By Cheerio URL on 04.03.2011

  22. I browse through facebook and see all the things my friends do together. Specifically, one, special friend. And I wish I could be part of her plans. It makes me jealous to see her happy with others even if she is happy with me too. Sometimes I think if deleting my facebook, but then I might lose complete contact with her… I don’t know…

    By Ben S. URL on 04.03.2011

  23. I could feel it seeping deep down in my bones
    as time stretched on in spans
    the laziness which now my body owns
    destroying all my plans

    By SprawlingInk URL on 04.03.2011

  24. i have lots of plans to do but i dont wanna do it its just complicated i have soooooo much stuff to do but im just lazy my plans are to clean the house go out for a run and all that stuff- laziness is key, oh and so is prcastionation. im good at that hehehehehehe!!! so um yea bye!!

    By Katie on 04.03.2011

  25. you see all best laid plants grow tall and green. It’s a fact. A homegorwn fact. How do I know? Well, last week I went to get a hearing aid fitted and someone said to me ‘what are your plans?’ ‘My plants?’ I asked. I knew I had a problem.

    By E.P. Hantera on 04.03.2011

  26. plans is a big word. there are plans for goals, plans for a trip, and plans for the rest of your life. marriage, the big decision, which can be anything and the important plans for a hard decision. plan well <3

    By Katie URL on 04.03.2011

  27. I had made plans to meet with friends but instead I got waylaid by a troupe of centaurs, who wanted me to play nymph to their games. I pleaded lack of adequate clothing (I was wearing jeans and a sweater) so they finally let me go; I think I disappointed them.

    By Nathalie (@spacedlaw) URL on 04.03.2011

  28. i have a lot of plans. sometimes it is hard to fulfill them, but they are there. i am planning to do an internship in the summer an di am planinig to write my thesis and finish my studies and to decide more carefully about my future boy friend or even fling or husband. who knows, i do not want to regret anything i do. I want to have good plans and to have a good future. that is why starting from today i will change some things drastically. starting with the thing with flo. i will finish it forever.

    By melanie furch on 04.03.2011

  29. Plans are set up in one hour. Prior plan can help you to be good man. Plans are important in decision making.

    By Navin Ale on 04.03.2011

  30. I had plans to go dye my hair, yesterday. That didn’t go so well. I plan to go back to blonde, with a peekaboo. I also have plans to finish my book report, and study for my tests. I’m excited to go to river falls. I plan to go there and major in psychology to be a guidance counselor. Yay!

    By Katie on 04.03.2011

  31. My plans always fail. It’s better not to have any- then I’ll suprise myself. Maybe. Someday. But for now, it’s okay. Things will happen.

    By Margriet on 04.03.2011

  32. plans have changed, he says, a drop of peach juice going down his chin. he is disgusting and plans have not changed to my liking. i do not want him. let’s make plans, he says. i do not like him. let’s make plans. okay.
    the peach juice gets to his hands and he doesn’t brush it off.
    nothing is planned.

    By Rory Minelor on 04.03.2011

  33. I have them all the time, but never do anything about it.. what else? should think of something. Bah.. boring exercise in futility this is !

    By bruno on 04.03.2011

  34. What kind of plan is this? I’m a captain without a compass, a scout without a map. I have no sense of direction. I have eyes the color of lake water and skin that crawls. I have a tank half-empty and an ugly passport to remind me who I am. This is Me, Me, Me. And I’m not going anywhere.

    By Janine URL on 04.03.2011

  35. Plans. They hate me. I try to make them a reality and all hey become are ashen landscapes. I feel guilty later, as I was unable to birth them properly. I don’t know what to feel anymore. I’m not planning anymore. The end.

    By Hector on 04.03.2011

  36. funny how nothing goes as you originally intended.

    By mary poppins URL on 04.03.2011

  37. “There’s always someone there who ruins our plans, Russe. Always.” Bero sighed, running a hand through his graying hair. To think only a few short years ago, it had all its colour. But now, being the leader of the Gifted, in a never ending war, as well as being a Father to a two year old who could quite easily burn down their entire house and think it was funny, the colour had drained quite fast. “We need this one to be solid. If we’re going to take down this King, we can have no room for mistakes.” He said, looking at the red haired man. Russe pulled the cigarette from his lips, and let out a breath of smoke. “Let’s get started then, Boss.”

    By Claire URL on 04.03.2011

  38. Plans are meant for other writers. Other characters make plans. Plans to go to plot points, plans to pack bags the way they should and take what is needed. And in real life I love plans, but in fiction I can’t ever seem to make them and perhaps this is why there is no plan to publish my work by the Official Planners.

    By Marta URL on 04.03.2011

  39. kkkllliii

    By tab on 04.03.2011

  40. often fail, i dont make enough, i want some fun plans for summer, with family, to fun places, i dont like work plans, why plan work? ech! sometimes i lay at home and worry that i should make more plans. I dont want to plan, but i feel that if I dont I am failing somehow at life, at being an adult.

    By Randy Foster on 04.03.2011