July 12th, 2011 | 467 Entries

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467 Entries for “plague”

  1. plague is all over the world with people taht say bad things negative stuff things bad negative pain stuff hwores painful thoughts why? why? free free fly liberando liberatoinon stuff. this is not organisated but still im finishin a plague is about negative invasion between animals, but can be present in ideas too.

    By Ignacio on 07.12.2011

  2. plagues basically suck. they kill people. they should kill themselves for all i care. i hate plagues and plagues hate me. they destroy, they never give. all they do is take all our people and shit. what the hell is their problem.

    By Jovahn on 07.12.2011

  3. something you can pray for,
    also wiped out all the retards in london or some shit like that i dont know what, erm, can catch it from licking rats, just yeah,
    means you are a dirty skanky ho
    my uncle had the plague or maybe it was plaque

    By Josh on 07.12.2011

  4. “It infects just about everyone around us,” he told her. “There’s no real upside to it; it just erodes at already weakened trust.”
    “I gossip sometimes, you know,” she said.
    “I know, so do I. Sometimes.”

    By Aaron M. URL on 07.12.2011

  5. Plague is linked to a negative stigma, but it can have a positive connotation as well- whether that be a plague of good ideas or…

    By Kate Cunningham on 07.12.2011

  6. Everyone is sick. Raspy breaths, boils, sweating, plagued the middle ages. Poor people, it spread like crazy. Wooden coffins and mass graves cover the ground. Stupid rats. Sadness, lost children, mothers, fathers.

    By emmiejean URL on 07.12.2011

  7. the black plague, it was spread all around europe and killed many many people. its kind of a fun word to say despite its harsh meaning and the deadliness of it. but either w

    By Lindsey on 07.12.2011

  8. Makes me think of Albert Camu and his novel by the same name. It’s funny because it is one of those words that is as ugly as the meaning. Very strange to me how rarely it is used now, though i suppose we have moved past a lot of that now. That would actually be a good news story. Is it sick to think in those terms?

    By Josh on 07.12.2011

  9. The black and blue marks on my legs make me look like a victim. Like I’ve been sick, like no one could cure me. They make me look like I’m dying, bleeding out from the inside. They make me look ill.
    Plague victim, people say.
    I look at them and laugh.
    Victim? Maybe.
    But plague?
    It’s love, got me looking this way.

    By Lancir URL on 07.12.2011

  10. I was plagued by the last words he spoke before boarding the train, exiting our world we had molded perfectly amidst the summer winds and scalding pavement. I had some sort of intuitive feeling that this kind of abandonment was common with summer romances, but never by him. He had promised since the day we said we “would do this thing” that it would be different come September, and I almost fully believed him.

    By Kelly K URL on 07.12.2011

  11. My sorrow plagues me. It pounds at my heart, how do I escape it? The past, the present, the future, they plague me. I need advice, I need help. My fears plague me. If you asked me what plagued me, I’d give you a long list. But I try to not think about what plagues me and think about what doesn’t. I don’t need to worry, I don’t need to fear, God was, is, and will be there.

    By Grace on 07.12.2011

  12. There was a darkness casting itself over the town. It moved in like the shadow of an ominous storm, slowly creeping in as the sky seemed to get darker and darker.

    By Rebekah URL on 07.12.2011

  13. The air was cool and ark as I sat in my living room,the black plague eating away at my flesh. My eyes had sunken in and my time to come was drawing nearer. My breathing had become shallow and all I could do was wait for death to take me away.

    By Marley on 07.12.2011

  14. What plagues you; what ails you? The same thing that does all of us. Ourselves. We are truly our own worst enemy.

    By sarah on 07.12.2011

  15. An irony of my life: the things that I invest in and care about the most are often the ones that simultaneously bring me the most torment and unhappiness.

    By Sarah Grace URL on 07.12.2011

  16. The creeping, undefined threat that these good times just won’t last.

    By theopellate URL on 07.12.2011

  17. plague so insidious, writhing in my mind, seeping in the deep throes of my skin, plague.

    By maggie on 07.12.2011

  18. it was a plague that lived in my house. it was slowly killing all of my happiness, all of my good feeling. it manifested itself in his moods and behaviors. i needed something like leeches to bleed the negativity out of me. this plague that was slowly sucking the life out of both of us was going to end in my ultimate demise. i needed to get out.

    By Amber URL on 07.12.2011

  19. you plague me with sadness, conflict, anger
    i don’t know how to function
    when the cloud of dust blankets my conciousness
    i go cold, icy, in the dark winter air
    i wish it was summer, green trees, grass
    iced tea with caffeine
    then in returns, and all that’s left to do is dream

    By Mackenzie URL on 07.12.2011

  20. The concept of the black plague plagued my mind. Darkness seeped in as if I myself were infected. My mouth did feel a bit dry. The feeling of endless thirst scared me.

    By RedSkyeArtiste URL on 07.12.2011

  21. There was once a boy who lived with a dark secret. He carried this secret in the deepest corner of his heart. Or rather, it can be said that the secret carried him. It plagued him day and night. Mercilessly mocked his every waking hour and danced frightfully in his dreams. Everyone noticed how he slumped when he walked. But not a soul knew the weight of his sadness.

    By Monique URL on 07.12.2011

  22. The plague is near,
    running around,
    in their vague little circles,
    screaming out, into the
    only wondering why.
    Dying, falling, falling,
    from the heavens,
    beautiful, lovely,

    By unfortunate URL on 07.12.2011

  23. god, save us!

    By Mohammed on 07.12.2011

  24. I’ll be honest with you. I refreshed this page several times in the hope that I would get a new word. “Plague” is the first word I ever got from this site, and it makes me feel uncomfortable and dirty. It’s strange seeing the word in friendly purple tint against a pure white background on a playfully recreational site.

    By Justin Han on 07.12.2011

  25. something that takes the lives of many, and doesn’t stop.

    By Shannon. on 07.12.2011

  26. the black plague was a major tragedy of the past. it is considered of of the major tragedies of the human race. the amount of people killed because of it its very large. the emergence of several health facilities if due to the black plague which exist till today.

    By sara on 07.12.2011

  27. A plague is a sick word to get. I don’t understand why it would be a word. I just don’t. Plagues are one of the worst things that could ever happen. So, why would someone want to write about it? Riddle me that.

    By I'm a belly button. URL on 07.12.2011

  28. It’s like a plague, making me run from it in search of a better place. It brings darkness, death, and the worst of humanity. I don’t want to run from it, though. And I won’t. I’ll face it face on and it’ll leave because I won’t. I’m staying and it can go. I never thought loneliness would feel this way but it does: it’s a plague in my soul.

    By Pad on 07.12.2011

  29. A plague. An infectious disease, can be deadly.

    By iMaddie URL on 07.12.2011

  30. He struck me like the plague.

    Not the kind that was necessarily bad–only wait; all plagues were bad, weren’t they?

    He was just intoxicating. I could never seem to shake him from my mind, and anytime I’d come close to doing just that, he’d be right there. Smiling, laughing, sighing, looking very thoughtful. I wish I knew what I could do to rid him from my head. I would surely die soon, otherwise.

    By Caitlin URL on 07.12.2011

  31. The plague is something that nobody wants to ever experience. It trembles the thoughts of every citizen in the world upon its mention and strangles the health community’s worry of medicine and vaccine. It’s probably not something you particularly want unless you want to either A. die or B. end up in serious illness. Plague is also a funny word. Potato.

    By Mikadelic on 07.12.2011

  32. The plaque was terrible it killed over several hundreds of people and continue to kill, apply can be a disease or an infected idea which causes people turn against one another for to hide away and try to cure everything that’s going on around them.

    By Zuzanna Czerny on 07.12.2011

  33. deadly, very deadly. Old but kills many people or it did does it still? uhh from the olden days and its coming to get us too um yeah RUN run for your lives before it eats us all

    By melissa on 07.12.2011

  34. It was a horrific day in sunnyville. The entire town had been over run with a plague of depression. No one was in their right mind.

    By Lindsay on 07.12.2011

  35. Leprosy plagued the world Jesus lived in. They tried to keep lepers out of the city, and only Jesus would approach them. He loved even the unlovable.

    By Marie URL on 07.12.2011

  36. The Devil Wears Prada.
    Winds Of Plague.
    The Crimson Armada.
    Fat People.
    Many Deaths.

    By Christoffer URL on 07.12.2011

  37. you find plaque on your teeth if you dont take care and brush them regularily and eat properly and watch all that you put in your mouth avoid fizzy drinks and hope that you have good genes and then maybe you can avoid plague at all times.. oops this is a plague not plaque at all which is another story altogether.

    By alix on 07.12.2011

  38. you are not allowed to dig in the parks in england in case you dig up up the black plague, which was carried by the fleas that lived on mice. i have heard there was an outbreak in nevada. a rattlesnake was found and he had the plague. i don’t know whether this is true or not but there was a picture of a couple who killed the snake and they had a shovel.

    By magoogoo on 07.12.2011

  39. things that I hate and hopew that the world would be finished of all plague, the the people will be happier, living in good health and understanding od the we world and allli it intails anr and we will all live in harmony with the universe. Cleaning and keep mother earth the way we found it, I ‘m checkingif my tiome is up with LL THE MISPELLING AND TYPO I’M MAKING WI;;LLL THIS be any good to look at, is my minute upu yetr lio lol maybe i am not to add these short phases i dont know help.

    By berna john on 07.12.2011

  40. It was a plague. HE was a plague. He swept his way through the masses, taking victim after victim’s heart with him. Disgustingly sweet. You almost didn’t see him coming. I tried to warn her, my advice as a vaccine against his heart break that he was infamous for. But she didn’t listen. And that’s how he gets you. That’s how he kills you and steals your heart.

    By Sam URL on 07.12.2011