March 30th, 2013 | 327 Entries

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327 Entries for “plague”

  1. I knew there was no returning back to the way things were before. Dark thoughts entered my mind like a plague invading and destroying all things that were good. I knew nothing else but these thoughts. I knew that life as I knew it was over for good.

    By Outsider URL on 03.31.2013

  2. The plague may end many people but it cannot end you. You will avoid it because you stand out. You are invincible when it comes to the majority. Stay unique and love everything. Plagues will not kill you. You will someday kill plagues.

    By Branson Stinnette on 03.31.2013

  3. Spread infection
    An injection
    Millions die without protection
    Survivors are cursed with recollection
    As onwards dance into the night the souls of the infected
    Mass effect to mass regret, introspection finds revitalization

    By Intuition URL on 03.31.2013

  4. it came over her like the plagued. she tried to wish it away–it was the best thing she could think of to do at the time. wish. a wish that then turned into a prayer before evolving into a plea. the plague ceased. she didn’t know what to thank for it.

    By Safon URL on 03.31.2013

  5. stupidity

    By helene URL on 03.31.2013

  6. what a disaster,whate an ages,what an sadnes for my hopes
    dark and wunds
    dark annd
    but there is hope
    for us in sun
    to belive
    as plug in prague
    as plug to remember
    plug to be in duty ?

    By sale on 03.31.2013

  7. “The masked man was surrounding the castle, one by one, moving through the floors like a wave that cannot be stopped. His clothes were elegantly elaborated, fine silk and gold threads made by only the finest in their land, the colors rich and captivating. Like a whisper he traveled the rooms, leaving only death in it’s wake. As for his mask, is was as grotesque as they come: diseased and bloody, showing it’s true purpose coming to the party. Death surrounded him like a pitch black cloak. Silent and vigil, he was waiting for the moment to strike.”

    “Why he would do that momma?”
    Helen looked at the eyes of her youngest, scared and open, hiding behind the threshold.
    “Because he was bringing to them what they deserved.”

    By AnnaLeBelle on 03.31.2013

  8. there once was a pineapple name jerry. jerry was a good pineapple who like to play sports occasionally. his favourite sport was soccer although he wasnt very good. all his friends would tease his because he could kick the ball

    By Luke Corbett URL on 03.31.2013

  9. He had only one job: being balance to the world. His crew supported his decision to follow his destiny and not his heart. Tears were shed, anyways. The man created the plague, something so unnatural and repulsing even the Avatar couldn’t take it on alone. The virus was spreading and there’s no much time left.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 03.31.2013

  10. A thing that kills everything it comes in touch with. I am the plague. I will spread everywhere and kill everything. Is that a goal? of course. What is there to do in life if one cannot even go around killing and causing destruction. Existence is in its self the plague.

    By ely on 03.31.2013

  11. plagues tend to destroy everything. towns,cities, people, families, nations. They come into a area and take what they want. There is no stopping them .Everyone is susceptible to this disease. Anyone can catch it and when they do all they can do is fight for their life. And as time goes by their fighting does nothing, and they only seem to be getting weaker. This plague has eyes that prey upon people, arms the withhold others from fighting back, words that speak death, and ill-ridden thoughts. This plague destroys people inside and out. Which only leads to destroy villages, towns, cities, and countries. There is no stopping it there is only hope. Hope that the plague will give up. That it will get tired and no longer be able to take the lives of others.

    By Ashley on 03.31.2013

  12. Your face is like a plague. It shows up in my dreams, my tv, my news feed; it’s everywhere. I have tried to get rid of it. I have unfriended you, I swtiched tv providers and I’m taking Ambien; still your face is like a plague.

    By Leira Carola URL on 03.31.2013

  13. It wasn’t something that they could catch like the plague, I told them. It was fine to get near me, although I couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t yell at them to go away if they imposed on me too much. My pride didn’t fall away just because I was screaming alone in my bedroom, which they didn’t seem to understand. I guess I don’t understand it either.

    By EJ URL on 03.31.2013

  14. desiese black plague sore lesions killed one third of the population of europe, it is still around but contained the black plague came from fleas on rats that were transported on ships to countries all around europe.

    By colin on 03.31.2013

  15. A plague befalls the common man. A plague that makes one think that they are utterly worthless and leaves them to languish in their self hate. The only cure is positivity and good thoughts.

    By ~ URL on 03.31.2013

  16. plague is death caused by disease. plague is horrid and smelly stinky and painful. potato. i hate plague. it killed 1/3 of europes population i cant think of what to write. i dont like plague. so there. the black death is bad.

    By alma on 03.31.2013

  17. I avoid my house like the plague because you are in it. I want to run away but I can’t leave them. Then again maybe they won’t care if I am gone. I figure the only way out is to win the lottery and give you what you desire the most. Money.

    By af URL on 03.31.2013

  18. plaga to ściana płaczu, która nie jest tym za co się podaje, dlatego jak tak dalej pójdzie, to nie będę wiedział na czym polega życie, zastanówmy się dokąd zmierzamy

    By mglowacki URL on 03.31.2013

  19. Bitter shots of vodka, poured right to the brims
    Filling empty sheets with the tangle of bare limbs
    Choose your door to paradise: pick your poison, maybe five
    Anything to remind you how it feels to be alive.

    By Carly URL on 03.31.2013

  20. horrible, frightening, sad, uncontrollable. Only the very strong survive.

    By Ann on 03.31.2013

  21. hurt kill god why pain. Why plague this doesn’t have to be like this what did we do to deserve it? What did we do that was so awful?

    By Sara Kates on 03.31.2013

  22. The city was decimated. No one had survived the plague when it came in. As Ven looked over the city it was solemn, quiet. Nothing like this could ever have happened before. He missed the noise.

    By Zachary Jones on 03.31.2013

  23. Death came easy when you had the plague.

    By vicky URL on 03.31.2013

  24. I think of plague as a plague of the mind. Plagues of the mind bear down upon the mind like weights and burdens and hatred. They lead to tirelessness and the state of being tired.

    By Jordan Hall on 03.31.2013

  25. something of misfortune, such as an illness where people die, but also can be more of a metaphorical thing. she was a plague to me or the plague on both houses, which eventually fucks someone over in the end. No one ever wants plague. EVER.

    By stella on 03.31.2013

  26. the plague of what seems to be small, keeps growing. growing thick, black, heavy; taking the air out of my chest. i can’t see a thing through the muck in the sky, but all i know is i’m running. running to get out.

    By halfbright URL on 03.31.2013

  27. Plagues. Plagues are horrible when they happen. For some people, plagues conjure up childhood memories of reading the Bible and the tales of Pharaoh. For others, plagues are a living reality. Plagues, I suppose, may be described as a massive means of natural destruction.

    By Eden Richardson on 03.31.2013

  28. Pestilence, famine, death. Medieval scourge, the bubonic plague, the black death, rats. Biological warfare on the horizon. Live in fear of plague, can decimate the world.

    By Tom Hannan on 03.31.2013

  29. Death

    By Judge Edward Singleton URL on 03.31.2013

  30. Plagues are an evil thing and people usually think about them Biblically. In my mind, i’m plagued by many things. I’m plagued by sorrow. Like a Biblical plague, it is a curse. You feel abandoned and unable to survive. It is the worst. it feels like a punishment.

    By Violet on 03.31.2013

  31. “The Germans came and cast biological warfare on the French.”
    ‘Help! I’ve been captured!’ yelled Scotty to his men.
    “And… That was the last we ever heard from him…”
    “Grandpa,” said Jimmy, “Will you tell me another?”
    “Of course, son.”

    By Yasmynn URL on 03.31.2013

  32. The black death/bubonic plague affected Europe during the middle ages. It was a disease brought to Europe from Asia on the fleas of black rats on ships. It killed a lot of people.

    By Michael on 03.31.2013

  33. In the 1800s many castles were left abonded by their previous owners. These Kings, knights, and journeymen were all striken with plagues. The country sides went quiet, and the buildings remained, yet not maintained. While the world moves on, and these creations are mere memories, plagues still roam… seeking out their next casualty. Turning what we know today as present, into what our children know as history.

    By Daniel Richter on 03.31.2013

  34. plague, i don’t exactly know what plague is. but how do you EXACTLY know something? your name might not be what you think it is. or maybe you aren’t even alive.

    By rne on 03.31.2013

  35. I can’t do it
    they will all leave me
    in this cold place.
    I’m alone
    plagued by my ambushing thoughts.

    By Nothing URL on 03.31.2013

  36. i feel as if i have a plague right now…pink eye is definitely one of the seven plagues. goodness it must be i am going crazy. crusties surround my pupils and tears circulate inside my eyes, yet they are dry at the same time. so confusing. what the heckadillah is this conjectivits and where did i get it from?!?!?

    By jessie on 03.31.2013

  37. Boils and blood and bursting bubbles.
    His melting fingers reached and scraped the hem of her dress.
    “Away with me! Come along children, keep close and don’t look.”
    His puffy blue-black eyes stared straight, like the cobbled walls, as he watched them go.

    By Helianthus URL on 03.31.2013

  38. I went to the shop to see plague. I thought plague was a noun but it is actually nothing worth about it. It is fun to learn something new. Anyway, I want to learn more about it but my teacher said no to this word “Is mean word to have”.

    By kenneth on 03.31.2013

  39. “Buboes?”
    They’re what exploded and caused the plague to continue. If you were within 30 feet of someone when those things exploded, you were as good as fucked.”

    By Dani on 03.31.2013

  40. Your silencing stares pierce right through my back. Your never ending foul intentions plague my peace. The wretched insanity creeps into my life. Your scheming will insure that this disease takes me whole. I won’t let go yet, I won’t give in to your evil. You can stare, you can scheme. I will survive this plague and make it out alive.

    By untamedimagination URL on 03.31.2013