March 30th, 2013 | 327 Entries

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327 Entries for “plague”

  1. you sick excuse for a doe,
    you hide under your mother’s rotting neck
    until she withers like your spine
    don’t plead your insanity, your sickness
    while your brethren shed their
    fur like it was their life force.

    By Abbey URL on 03.31.2013

  2. Boils and blood and bursting bubbles.
    “Help… me…” His sickly fingers scraped the hem of her dress.
    “Away with me! Hurry along, children, and keep close.”
    His bloated eyes stared straight, like cobbled walls, as he watched them go.

    By Helianthus URL on 03.31.2013

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    By Maria on 03.31.2013

  4. she was coughing up bright red rivers. tears flowing down her glass cheeks and jawline. in her eyes, soft clusters of moss grew, sprouting from her earth colored eyes, blue with bits of gold and brown.

    By SGM URL on 03.31.2013

  5. i can’t get rid of you, you have inhabited my body like a virus, or a parasite, that once you have attached yourself to me, you will never let go. now all i do is cough blood into plain white handkerchiefs, sitting dizzily onto the dusty floorboards when my head starts spinning and my body feels weak. didnt you say you wanted to leave next week?

    By SGM URL on 03.31.2013

  6. I looked around me to see that everyone I knew had fallen to their knees, gasping, choking for air. What a dreadful, horrendous nightmare this truly was. I don’t know where this disease came from, or what ungodly messenger must have delivered it to us, but

    By Brandon Jensen on 03.31.2013

  7. plague is a bad thing. plague happens in japan. plague happens from rat and dogs and rabbits. plague happened to my aunt. plague is widespread in india. plague is bad for health.

    By Aakriti on 03.31.2013

  8. The plague spread.

    Even the most remote corners were not spared. The most resilient of warriors fell the fastest, for the bravest were the kindest and made their hearts weak to the pleads of the sick. The village went out within a week, and it struck its cursed flame to many more.

    The plague triumphed.

    By dramarie URL on 03.31.2013

  9. Dawn looked like she had the black plague. One might expect something like a maggot to come out of her mouth. “You look like death,” he said.

    “You look familiar,” she repeated.

    By Ashley URL on 03.31.2013

  10. Plague again. Is this cheating? I already got this one once. Ah well. It’s late and I started down the path of deeper reflection about this concept but was interrupted by the distraction of bad spelling without the ease of spell check. Spoiled I am. Spoilt to the bone. Can spoil

    By Fairlight on 03.31.2013

  11. A plague ‘o both your houses….Mercucio stated that I believe. Ah Mercucio. Hope I’m spelling his name correctly. But he was the saving grace in that travesty of a ridiculous comedy known to the world as Romeo and Juliet. Really, he’s the only worthwhile person in the entire thing!

    By Fairlight URL on 03.31.2013

  12. It was horrible. Everything he had witnessed. His entire family was gone. That girl had ruined everything. He regretted every decision he made in the last 24 hours. she was worse then the plague. It was bloody and gruesome.

    By Kamara on 03.31.2013

  13. I’m plagued by you. Every second of my day. You, you, more you. I love you. I hate my obsession, my love. You’ve infiltrated every corner of my mind. I close my eyes and you’re there, but as soon as I open them again I see you in every little thing around me.

    By Hannah on 03.31.2013

  14. many people died of plague in the middle age in the 1500’s. it is a disease that is extremely painful and it reminds me of darkness and black bills all over a human body. it symbolizes death and hopelessness

    By julie on 03.31.2013

  15. It was the winter of 1986. All the fields has frozen over in the stark town of Jongville, a quaint slice of home nestled between the bustling city of Haytown and the cold and corporate drivetrain of Motor City. A plague came and everyone in Jongville suddenly became ill, resulting in the blackening of all genitals, which promptly fell off.

    By Matthew Lau on 03.31.2013

  16. It was the winter of 1986. All the fields has frozen over in the stark town of Jongville, a quaint slice of home nestled between the bustling city of Haytown and the cold and corporate drivetrain of Motor City. A plague came and everyone in Jongville suddenly became ill, resulting in the blackening of all genitals, which promptly fell off. Doctors around the country were astounded at the quickness and potency of this plague, what experts were calling, “The Blacker Plague.” I only hope my grandchildren will know that it wasn’t always this way. That humans used to die with their genitals attached.

    By Matt URL on 03.31.2013

  17. An everlasting plague of sadness. Something I’ve been trying to get out of.

    By JUNO on 03.31.2013

  18. An everlasting plague
    has come upon me
    I drown
    I sink
    I drown

    By JUNO on 03.31.2013

  19. Egyptians use to fear from it alot…
    i fear too though
    n i dont want it

    By lokendra bains on 03.31.2013

  20. It’s a disgusting thing that killed millions of people in London ages ago called the black plague. plague is also something that can spread easily where-ever it is.

    By Grace Everdeen URL on 03.31.2013

  21. memories linger
    swaddling me like a cocoon
    binding me in place
    a plague of self doubt

    from this I will free myself
    I will rise from the ashes
    reborn into myself

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 03.31.2013

  22. The plaque was a disease spread in Europe and Asia.
    Sources say it was carried by rats but it was actually carried by fleas.
    Many people died. The song “ring around the rosy” came from the plague.

    By Corin on 03.31.2013

  23. Abraham looked around him, dead bodies scattered everywhere. Some of them he knew from school or from his job but others were complete strangers. All of them were gone with scabs taking up the majority of there body spitting out puss. Abraham looked at one of the bodies.

    By Maddie on 03.31.2013

  24. There is a plague of fleas flying round the basement. I’m about to die of thrill! But no, I don’t kill them, I open the windows and let them go away, just like they should.

    By Emme Elle on 03.31.2013

  25. plague is a deadly disease which spreads its wings around encapsulating everything in its grasp. this deadly word can be taken as a metaphor for a lot of things affecting society on a large scale basis in the modern world. why don’t we all do something to get rid of this ‘plague’ that affects us and our society? is it too much to handle or is it that we’re indifferent?

    By Gaurav on 03.31.2013

  26. We all were astonished to learn of the severity of the out break of ubolia, a deadly flu-like virus, that had claimed the lives of thousands of Africans within the last month. It appeared to be a plague that had resurfaced, that once were under control.

    By victor URL on 03.31.2013

  27. The pockmarks showed. No matter how she tried to cover them up, there was no way to avoid it. She had once been the beauty of the town, but now, after having been covered in boils, bedridden for weeks… Martia ran a finger down her cheek, staring at her gaunt face in the mirror. How could she ever approach anybody now? They would all retreat in horror, now that she looked as she did.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.31.2013

  28. There was a plague of ants, running around under the floorboards. Susan had a hard time convincing John that his plan to burn them out with gasoline was a bad idea.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.31.2013

  29. Nobody knew. How could they? It was a small town out in the middle of nowhere. Once Shirly left and went to visit her cousins in Vermont, the zombie plague began to spread.

    By DeionDakota URL on 03.31.2013

  30. a pestilence, much like the undeniable economy’s poignant enemy in the United States’ federal government. but the word isn’t simply just a disease in literal senses, but figuratively a collective people as well. don’t believe it? try seeing for yourself.

    By Kyle on 03.31.2013

  31. Spreading, vile, diseased, or even an epidemic of the masses. The most common plague amongst myself and peers right now is the cell phone to face plague.

    By Threeshelle URL on 03.31.2013

  32. In the 16th century king Philip banned attendance at theaters in Madrid because of a plague epidemic. The plays must have popular enough

    By Hanque Amundsen URL on 03.31.2013

  33. Devastating numbers of people succumb to the physical weakness of their body when struck with the plague. We are all mortal- like ants and wasps. We can be wiped out by the thousands, wrought with infestations of the body and mind brought on by rodents and fleas. It’s true, we are mortal.

    By H J Gorelik on 03.31.2013

  34. sickness, death and hurt. something that attacks you, may it be mentally of physically, until you can’t think of anything else.

    By Sera on 03.31.2013

  35. I don´t like plague because it´s dangerous for the environment such as plants insects and of course the food we eat it´s affected by it.

    By pato on 03.31.2013

  36. It´s one of the worst things that we have in the planet, they control our food because they determine our plants production and food.

    By pato URL on 03.31.2013

  37. It had started with a tiny ticking noise in my head, and from there I don’t know how it spread. All I know is that it was driving me crazy. It kept repeating itself, like the sound of a clock. So I ran through my house smashing every last timepiece I could find. I hate it. I kept hearing it and it was reminding me that I was too late.

    I was too late.

    I didn’t come on time.

    I should have.

    Tick. Tock. Tick;. Tock.

    They found out the clock virus was a plague that had started because of a hack in human psyche. Initially harmless, they say, it did have the capacity, however, to drive others to madness depending on their psychological profiles. That was when the dangers started of the ticktock virus started to settle in.

    To this day, they have no cure.

    And one day, it will bring me to a screeching halt as my mind snaps.

    Then they will all be too late.

    Too late.

    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 03.31.2013

  38. salvation could’ve been anything
    and then god was struck with
    a masochistic fit of vanity

    today god rose after three days
    could have gotten up earlier
    but he was feeling lazy

    headline: what god does when
    he’s bored, better known
    as the top of calvary

    By h. b. URL on 03.31.2013

  39. The plague was a very horrible disease where people would break out in large blackish-purple boils in places such as their armpits and groin. Most people who had the plague would die fairly quickly. The plague was spread by fleas and rats that had caught the disease off eachother.

    By Elena Greenhow on 03.31.2013

  40. The way she looked at him caused him pain because the way she looked at him was the way she looked at everyone. She smiled and radiated happiness and treated everyone the same and when she would reach out and rest her hand on his shoulder in comfort, he would return her smile and feel her plague burning him inside.

    By Angela on 03.31.2013