January 3rd, 2013 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “placed”

  1. placed here.
    where I don’t belong

    placed here by a system,
    relentless in it’s task

    categorizing people
    destroying all they are

    By Linus Schrewe URL on 01.04.2013

  2. He placed the cup of tea on the table. His feet had frozen. His wrinkles, set in place, he tried to smile, achieving a grimace of pain. She came, sniffed his feet and purred. Licked.

    By Nikita Das on 01.04.2013

  3. A designated area just for you. Walled off from everything you despise. Purified and sterilized to keep you from harm. You have been placed here. You are safe. Safe from danger and safe from adventure. Welcome to mediocrity. Please check your soul at the door.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 01.04.2013

  4. “Miss Placed” read the satin sash (always satin, silk’s slutty cousin) across her chest. She wondered how it had gotten there, why her hair felt so big, and why her eyes stung as they always did when she wore too much mascara for too long. And where was she again? The lights were too bright.

    By Ara URL on 01.04.2013

  5. i was placed in synygy. but my dad din’t let me join. instead, he stuck me in a college to earn my master’s degree. so, instead of earning 3.5 lakhs per annum, i’m spending 1 lakh per annum. sucks to be me.

    By Ranjani URL on 01.04.2013

  6. The love I’ve placed in you has driven me crazy. Beyond belief. I didn’t even know the drive was possible. I’ve cried and placed my faith in you but I just don’t know. Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it.

    By Zac Harris URL on 01.04.2013

  7. she placed the keys on the table. i wount be needing them anymore, she said as she stared out the window at the cold winter’s morning. I am leaving you, the silence screamed. with that she turned around and walked out of his life, like she was never there.

    By helena URL on 01.04.2013

  8. they are displaced and placed in other place

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.04.2013

  9. It is good to be placed at the right echelon in society. The one with all the money.

    By kateshrewsday URL on 01.04.2013

  10. they are displaced and placed in other place, placedo domengo against placido domingo, imid placed sad dormd

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.04.2013

  11. there.
    right there, where it was always supposed to be.
    that’s where she put it.
    right where we agreed upon,
    right where we last said “i do”
    and “I love you, too.”
    right where
    she last had her keys.
    Right there.
    Where we placed it.

    By NuSol URL on 01.04.2013

  12. She placed a hand on his shoulder. “This is your home now,” his sister murmured, and he nodded, thinking of other places but longing for them no more.

    By mimosa eyes URL on 01.04.2013

  13. Placed what? Placed where? It isn’t even capitalised properly or anything. Honestly, I don’t have much of a connection to this past-tense word to really write intensely on it, but I do quite like the number of words within it like ‘lace’ and ‘ace’. I do enjoy having words in words that aren’t related to that word.

    By Vishal Bala on 01.04.2013

  14. Well, I did just write about this, but I can do some of it again, I guess. Placed what? Placed where? This word does very little on its own, doesn’t it?
    I quite fancy how it has words in it like ‘lace’ and ‘ace’. I enjoy finding words in words that are completely unrelated to the original word. It’s one of those interesting connections between things.

    By Vishal Bala URL on 01.04.2013

  15. She placed for a plaque only to placate her parents.

    By Marianne URL on 01.04.2013

  16. She placed her purse on the table as she entered the house. But something didn’t appear quite right. She walked slowly down the hall toward the bedroom. She felt as though she were being watched. That’s when she saw it. She didn’t scream, she didn’t panic, she just stood still.

    By Audrey on 01.04.2013

  17. I was placed in a part of the hospital where patients are held for 48 hours and observed as they demonstrate to qualified staff the extent of their insanity.

    By truly smith on 01.04.2013

  18. Estaba en el lugar correcto, en el momento correcto, tal como siempre la había imaginado. Fui yo quien nunca apareció.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.04.2013

  19. Mom! I have been placed at the job I have wanted since I was 5!
    I will now be santa claus!
    The red suit, the reinderrs, the toy factory, the decision making about lump of coal or oranges- all mine!
    And wait till you hear the benefits- not only do I get a beautiful fur lined red suit and quirky shoes, I also get my own sleigh with a red-nosed reindeer to guide through the skies.
    I have a whole year to train and then on december 24th- I am going to demonstrate my skills.
    Wish me luck!
    And be nice!

    By Andie Sri on 01.04.2013

  20. Placed in life with expectations to grow, succeed and surpass. Placed in school, told to sit, stay, roll over and learn. Placed in life with all the “training” you need, but are you really ready? Are you able and willing? Yes, but are you ready? No. Placed in life with so many ideas placed in your head yet do you have place enough in life for what found its place in between?

    By Kevin Sullivan on 01.04.2013

  21. A word that refers to an object mostly. It represents the state of the object, more accurately, the position in space that it occupies. It is a two way word as it links the one that does the action with the one that is acted upon. Thus, John has placed a flower on the sill

    By Andy on 01.04.2013

  22. I placed hand over my heart
    rising with the music
    golden swells
    whisper of wings beating
    gentle drummer

    By sarah kalen on 01.04.2013

  23. The dinner was set by the time Eve got home, flowers placed at the center of the table, showing how happy Phoebe was that her girlfriend was finally, finally home from another of her long business trips. The days always seemed longer, the nights impossible, but it was these days that made up for it, the days that Eve was home and back into her arms once again.

    By Spencer URL on 01.04.2013

  24. As usual, at 6pm Zoe placed a glass of Nowhere on the garden table and sat down to contemplate it. It was full of emptiness, ultimately. What a pity Nowhere was so perfectly fruity, not like a dessert wine, more like a sweet Riesling but better. Zoe reached tentatively for the stem of the glass. With two fingers and a thumb she raised it to eye level. Isn’t emptiness itself a lie? Certainly Nowhere’s bouquet was full with melon, lemon, minerals and oh mercy, the promise of spice, of verve, of being invincible! The rim of the glass was just there, so close to her lips. She shouldn’t. But she succumbed, as usual.

    By Miss Alister URL on 01.04.2013

  25. We all though this truth too well
    The meaning of life is distant
    The purpose for this all is so blurry
    Why are we here?
    What are we meant to do?
    What am I meant to do with this life I have been given?
    The answer is unclear
    It can never be easy
    We struggle thoughout life, but
    When can we just live?
    When can we own what occures in life
    When can we enjoy this life we have been thrown into?
    The answer can be hard to see,
    but maybe the answer is not as hard as I imagine it to be
    Lets make it simply
    We can live the lives we have been placed into
    If and when we choose to live them

    By prettyravegurl21 URL on 01.04.2013

  26. I am misplaced. I don’t belong here, I belong nowhere. I have been placed in the wrong world, as I am alien to everthing human.

    By soph on 01.04.2013

  27. I placed the book on the table…after wanting to read it for a such a long time, I finall gathered the courage to pick it up..and failed.Why could I not let go of past demons? Or why were the demons not letting go of me? It had been 7 years, and yet, the book carried all of those memories like it was yesterday. The cover looked just as new, and even without the tantalizing smell of fresh print, it held the appeal, the allure of opening up a whole new universe, in parallel to my existing one.

    By Mekhla on 01.04.2013

  28. The young girl carefully placed that diary she spoke so openly, freely and darkly too under her bookshelf, a place she was sure nobody would find it. She would never allow anybody to know her true feelings on things. If she did nobody would ever look at her the same. She would be an outcast. Unwanted. Unloved.

    By Molly O'Meara URL on 01.04.2013

  29. she knew it was impossible , only seconds ago she had placed the key to the lost city on her desk but now it was missing. was it possible that her rival the god of war had taken it?

    By maha mohsin on 01.04.2013

  30. to trust is to wrap someone else’s hands around
    your throat,
    show them a shortcut to your pulse,
    and close your eyes.

    to love is to dig your nails into their throat in turn
    and hope
    you kill them first to spare them from
    the pain of losing you.

    By h. b. URL on 01.04.2013

  31. With all the madness of the 21st century, the shine and squalor, more often than not Steve feels that he’s been dropped into an alien world, abandoned by the guiding powers and forgotten by everything he knew; it’s Tony who suggests that maybe it isn’t an accident, maybe he’s been placed right where he needs to be.

    By Lisa URL on 01.04.2013

  32. we get placed in various situations and we tend to learn how to deal with it. some are easy to deal with, some might take a little more effort,patience, but probably in the end it will be worth it.

    By navera on 01.04.2013

  33. she was placed in a darkened cell. She wanted to be with her sister but they wouldn’t let he. Why couldn’t she just be with her sister? She could handle being thrown in there if she had her sister.

    By Nadia URL on 01.04.2013

  34. He looked at the carefully placed note on the now shinning counter top. Everything about the note and its surroundings reeked of careful planning.

    By Emma Knutz URL on 01.04.2013

  35. thought for once
    that it would work out slightly better
    than it had before
    but, what’s the definition of insanity?
    doing the same thing over and over
    and expecting different results?

    i guess, in that completely incorrect definition
    i’m insane
    but the big question is
    why do i expect change
    when everything is neatly placed
    and doesn’t want to budge.

    By Matty M. on 01.04.2013

  36. When you are placed somewhere, you now belong there. Be it your schools, your home, with your friends, at work. “placed” brings with it a sense of belonging, as in having a place

    By Kayla on 01.04.2013

  37. He placed the dark and cold piece of iron on the mantle piece. He never thought it would come to this. How on Earth did this ever happen? What did he do wrong? He had never really questioned his actions until now. He just always assumed he was right.

    By Laurel B URL on 01.04.2013

  38. What placed the book on the table. Was it Maggie? Was it her husband? Was it her child? Honestly who cares, the book was there when I walked past.
    Sliding past I would of never noticed it if the fresh flowers were not sent out on top of the high oak table. Slamming the palm of my hand onto the surface I stopped myself dead, floating in mid-air. I must of tripped over the step.

    By Scott Mac URL on 01.04.2013

  39. And with that, i had arrived. It hadnt seemed like i had been in the car at all long, certainly not long enough to have arrived. I looked around with foggy eyes, i can’t have fallen asleep? I don’t remember dreaming.. maybe this was my dream?

    By Flick on 01.04.2013

  40. Today I placed a rabbit on the counter. It was very furry, and quite cute. It reminded me of my uncle for some odd reason, perhaps the name on it’s collar that said “James”. I don’t know why someone would buy their rabbit a collar, oh well.

    By Alexis on 01.04.2013