January 3rd, 2013 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “placed”

  1. I think they should’ve placed Midna in Brawl instead of Toon Link. Midna is so cool! Toon Link is annoying, and we don’t need two Links.

    By Senya20 URL on 01.03.2013

  2. i was placed in mexico in 1999, my mom called it hell. She went on and on about how horrible this place was, but all i seemed to see was the hot sun that filled the air with joy. She didnt care much for the flowers on our lawn, or the shadows that the trees made at night. But I surely did. it was heaven.

    By Melody Melo on 01.03.2013

  3. You placed your hand in mine.
    “You’re ready?” You asked me. I nodded (well, what else I could do?).
    And we jumped.

    By bluepaint URL on 01.03.2013

  4. i just got this word and this is a bit hard to write endlessly without thinking, away with the wind, going with the flow, feeling whats right, just doing it, bitting the bullet, taking it on, sucking it up, going, forward, done.

    By victoria URL on 01.03.2013

  5. I stand on this ground
    I breathe this air
    I smile at these faces
    I hear these stories
    My body is here
    This place is called home
    And yet my soul
    mis –

    By Rachel Kirven URL on 01.03.2013

  6. It sat perched on the edge of the table. The dog’s eyes shifted from the handle of the pitcher to his owner in the other room. It pondered if it should take the Arnold Palmer and even where the name Arnold Palmer came from. “What a dumb name,” thought Poochy.

    By Jesse URL on 01.03.2013

  7. I’ve been placed on house arrest for the next six months. I can’t go anywhere without someone taking me. It isn’t that I have done anything wrong, i am sick or they think I am. They are crazy.

    By Sheila Good URL on 01.03.2013

  8. You sit, well-thought out and smug. Unmoving, immovable. Rock-like and annoying. Your smile suggests that you’re happy, but really you’re just waiting me out because you know it infuriates me the way you don’t do stuff.

    By Tehlanna URL on 01.03.2013

  9. I placed the vase on the table and gently arranged the flowers within to look their best. Tulips were Mary’s favorite and I couldn’t wait for her to arrive home and see them. She was due any minute.

    Heading into the kitchen, I checked the roast in the oven and put wine glasses on the table. There was a knock at the door. Frowning, I opened the door to see two police officers on the stoop.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 01.03.2013

  10. I was placed as of only a few days ago, before the new year and new moon. I look at it differently now, like I look at myself. Like I look at him. I am no longer placed. I am moving continually like the eternal life I read of.

    By Katy Rea URL on 01.03.2013

  11. what a word to have placed here here what a place for a word to appear in a place like this and a word like that what a place and a time

    By jaime on 01.03.2013

  12. It was placed on a shelf for the whole world to see. a small and unique little trinket waiting idly by. as time kept moving, as its paint began to fade, and its gear began to rust, it kept on waiting idly by

    By ghost URL on 01.03.2013

  13. She was put there. She didn’t get anywhere else, because she spent all of her time trying to figure out who put here there and why. Was she not good enough? She felt abandoned, lost, and alone. She fell into regret and suffered the consequences (the painful consequences) that took their toll on her mind and body, and that was all she needed.

    By Ev Ping on 01.03.2013

  14. Gently, is how I believe that should be… were I spawned in the native era, grown in the pastures or the broken down porches of unspotlighted lands… perhaps I’d have much better things/ to focus on/ than where/ a thing/ should/ be placed. Perhaps, indeed, I’d worry about/ myself.

    By Saudade URL on 01.03.2013

  15. She was placed, though selected was probably a better word. She didn’t know why, and she didn’t know how, but she felt abandoned and lost, worthless and unwanted, and the toll of this ripped at her mentally and physically as she starved herself everyday, slashed her wrists and tried to hide her dissociative borderline personality, trying to be perfect, trying to prove that they should have never let her go.

    By Ev Ping URL on 01.03.2013

  16. The Space between us
    Trying to reach out to a reality that’s slowly drifting away
    And merely becoming
    A figmented dream from which my mind won’t stray
    Directive lines are placed to yesterday
    Because I can’t become what I once could become
    And now I’m floating in a sea of limbo to tall to escape
    Out of place

    By Perri URL on 01.04.2013

  17. We are all placed somewhere different. Some of us are placed in more fortunate places than others. Some of us are placed in the cold mountains. Others are placed in the warm sand. But we are all placed exactly where we are supposed to be. No one gets placed anywhere by mistake.

    By kaylie URL on 01.04.2013

  18. somewhere deep inside me, an alter ego resides. a woman who wants to be placed where she rightly belongs, with a man whom she deserves, the life she is destined to live without any reserves. a woman who wishes to be placed on a pedestal, loved and adored by her man and people who matters to her the most.

    By greengabberglob URL on 01.04.2013

  19. I placed the faces of the people in my life in front of me and I told myself that if I do not know how to be grateful for this then I don’t know anymore

    By Jac URL on 01.04.2013

  20. Ok i think i’m placed at the wrong place right now, i think i’ve been resurected by aliens in a parallel dimension full of secrets and a surreal reality.

    By Polo on 01.04.2013

  21. Placed. I am placed wherever I go. There is no if’s, and’s, or but’s. It’s merely a competition to see who can be placed first. I hope I am. I really hope I am.

    By Jeremy Culhane on 01.04.2013

  22. I placed the vase down carefully. “Exactly….how old is this Mr. Barker?”
    He glanced over, “Multiply your age by about a hundred.”
    My eyes widened and flickered over to the vase sitting innocently on his desk. “But…but…” I sputtered
    Mr. Barker sighed in annoyance, “But what exactly?”
    “Why do you have it?”
    His nose burrowed deeper into his book, “It has certain….sentimental value.”
    I knew when to back down, and even though my curiosity was starting to whine in the back of my mind I left Mr. Barker to himself.
    But back in my room was a different matter. I paced the floor endlessly, new questions popping up with every step I took.
    Just how old was Mr. Barker?
    Sentimental value?
    If he was going to ask everything of me didn’t I have some right to knowing something about him?
    When-if ever-was I going to be able to perform the magic he told me I possessed?
    I realized how blind I had been when walking into this arrangement. But what choice did I have? It was the streets or a beautiful house where I would want for nothing.
    Yet another question, where did Mr. Barker’s seemingly ceaseless fortune stem from?
    I plopped very unladylike face first on my bed. Sleep. I needed rest to figure any of this out. It was a job for tomorrow.

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 01.04.2013

  23. She place a glass tea pot on the antique oak table. With a smile on her wrinkled lips she brings the cup of steaming earl grey to her lips. A sigh of happiness escapes her breath. Peace. Sunshine. Warmth.

    By Brooke on 01.04.2013

  24. I have no idea which words could be placed in this space, i could totally place a hundred words, which would be useless. My choice is to place as much placed words as i can

    By TAEL URL on 01.04.2013

  25. She placed it gently, fearing that it might just break or crack. It has been many months of hard work and anxiety. She would never ruin it just because of a moment’s carelessness or sloppiness.

    By jeanne on 01.04.2013

  26. She placed the knife on the counter. She chickened out again. She thought to herself “why can’t i end this life i’ve hated for so long?” She piked up a gun in place of the knife and pulled the trigger. Her spirit flew away and she was definitely not enlightened. She could feel the gravity pushing her away up into an atmosphere full of lost souls

    By Hopeless-jpg URL on 01.04.2013

  27. Many nights, like tonight, I wonder why I have been placed upon this earth.
    I am not intelligent nor beautiful.
    I have no special talents.
    Sure, I participate in a few sports and arts, but I don’t exceed in any of them.
    I’m mediocre.
    I’m ordinary.
    I have nothing to offer.
    I’m just a waste of air, space, and time.
    Tell me then, why has someone like me been placed here?

    By tiffany n. URL on 01.04.2013

  28. She grabs the razor blade and places it on her wrist.
    She slides it across her already scarred skin.
    The feel of the cold metal slicing through her epidermis.
    The river of red forming along her forearm.
    Instant gratification.
    Finally, she feels bliss.

    By tiffany n. URL on 01.04.2013

  29. i am placed in a way that i don’t understand. it’s been annoying but sometimes relieving. i wish this summer i’ll be placed in east indonesia!

    By peachtea URL on 01.04.2013

  30. Placed. Didn’t win. Just got ‘placed’. Just another word for ‘lost’ really. There are no proses for runners-up. Well, ok, there are, but nobody really cares about that do they?

    By Andrew on 01.04.2013

  31. I knew I was placed here for a reason. You where here too. I wonder why. Come to see me fail at the salvation of the world? Or is that too profound for you? Maybe you just want to see me burn. Like a pyre.

    By Jack Dean URL on 01.04.2013

  32. This word translates intention. if something is placed somewhere, it is not simply abandoned or left for dead, it is carefully and lovingly “placed”. Maybe to gather dust in the following years, maybe in someone’s back, but there is intention.

    By Claire on 01.04.2013

  33. misplaced things, are the most annoying thing I can do. too often it happens! i wish this would not be, oh well working on it daily is a most.

    By sylvain on 01.04.2013

  34. Placed. A word I hate, always being “placed” somewhere. Whether it be in society, school, a job position, always being placed. Whatever happened to choice?

    By Chelsea on 01.04.2013

  35. Not yet!

    By Piyu URL on 01.04.2013

  36. I placed my whole being into your hands and you just
    Let it go.

    I dropped. It hurts. You are a dumb stupid best friend of mine who doesn’t want me in your life anymore. Any idea how hurtful I felt? Haha.

    It’s your concert tomorrow. I’ll make you flowers.

    By Akatsuki Kiara URL on 01.04.2013

  37. The parcel was placed in the wrong place when we delivered the items to the store. It was mistaken for an illegal substance and the police were called in. It was one of my most embarrassing moments as I tried to explain the true content of the in the bag.

    By victor URL on 01.04.2013

  38. My body was placed in such an odd angle that breathing was becoming difficult at this point and sharp cramps were beginning to form in my stomach. Was it really worth all of this, hiding away in a box as if that would solve all of my problems? Was grand father right? Should I fight for what I truly and rightfully des

    By Moosecat URL on 01.04.2013

  39. I dont know if im placed in the right place at the right time. i got a sensation i have…but yet…i am not that suure…well…anyways at least all these great people are placed perfectly around me and i feel so happy…it feels good writing about one holy word :D

    By fatjon on 01.04.2013

  40. i am placed here in a cage of silence. The mirror is transposed to a rhythmic scale of misplaced patterns and aliens and monsters of a kind i could never have imagined. Please let me be. Let me find out what it is. Extracts from a bluesy subdivision of raincoats.

    By Matias on 01.04.2013