June 14th, 2013 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “pixels”

  1. Very small little squares that can do so much as to show us quality and visual amazement’s. it may take millions but without one the art form they create is not complete!

    By Travis Eicher on 06.15.2013

  2. Cameras. My dad and brother talking about mega pixels and me thinking they are fancy and wishing i could afford a $100 camera and not be snobby and just enjoy the memories.

    By daniburr on 06.15.2013

  3. Are pixel’s made up of something smaller? Subpixels perhaps. Would that really change how we see things anyway. They are still only part of the whole, and the whole is all that really matters.

    By Emma on 06.15.2013

  4. I zoomed in until the camera captured nothing. Even my 17 px camera failed to capture what I had in mind

    By AllTimeScout URL on 06.15.2013

  5. Computers contain many pixels that allow for images and pictures to be seen by the human eye. Televisions also work in this manner, allowing for moving images to be seen across a screen. Pixels are small blocks of colour that make up each of these images. The word pixels sounds like ‘pixie’ however they are not at all similar and certainly don’t mean the same thing.

    By Monica on 06.15.2013

  6. Computers contain many pixels that allow for images and pictures to be seen by the human eye. Televisions also work in this manner, allowing for moving images to be seen across a screen. Pixels are small blocks of colour that make up each of these images. The word pixels sounds like ‘pixie’ however they are not at all similar and certainly don’t mean the same thing.

    By Monica on 06.15.2013

  7. I stare at the pixels in this silly little rectangle and decide that I will write until my eyes start bleeding from sleep deprivation. There just aren’t nearly enough hours in a day.

    By Drue URL on 06.15.2013

  8. Pixels are things that make up a picture and this is very important. Each one shows that tiny detail without which you cannot see the full thing,. Kind of like stones that make up a huge wall. Each one is very important. In its own right and together they bring the finished product.

    By Katerina Faulds URL on 06.15.2013

  9. Again this word which I don’t know too much about. So pixels are tiny little things that make up a picture. They can be the same colour or different colours and together they present a full picture. They are dots in a line or lines on a bigger image.

    By Katerina Faulds URL on 06.15.2013

  10. I have no real idea what pixels are. They are little pieces of graphic data, is that right? I’m 19 so I should know but don’t. All I know is the more the better! Unless someone gets their genitals out on TV. Then it’s time to drastically reduce the number of pixels, thereby ‘pixelating’…

    By Kristian on 06.15.2013

  11. Most of my life has been spent absorbed in pixels. I am not part of the generation that knows nothing but a screen, but ours is halfway in between them and and our parents. Pixels are the definition of connecting in so many ways, of learning, of laughing. We might be part robot.

    By Alyse on 06.15.2013

  12. I’m sweating, I’m next. I approach the platform. I hear a faint buzzing which grows louder. My body starts to tingle. Suddenly I’m scattered through the air. my body in millions of pixels. It’s over before I’ve barely realized it’s begun

    By Sarah on 06.15.2013

  13. Data dressed as pixels.
    Billions every second.
    Do you want to upload all of you?

    By !i!j!i!j! on 06.15.2013

  14. hmm. ,pixels was the name of maate group in college, dont know why, and yess, we do work on pixels, like one byte per pixel, 8 bytes per pixel and blah blah, the smallest unit to represent an image, which is a group of binary bytes

    By shivangi URL on 06.15.2013

  15. She couldn’t leave the bed for weeks that became months that became years.
    There wasn’t much to do. Watch tv, keep herself company with her laptop.

    She made friends, and read, and wrote, and drew.

    But in the end someone was always ready to remind her it wasn’t real, it was all just pixels.

    By CH☆M URL on 06.15.2013

  16. The photographs that I had taken at the fair looked good on the camera,but the pixels settings on the camera was wrong, and I was disappointed when I saw the prints because the images were not clear.

    By victor URL on 06.15.2013

  17. The pixels in your eyes
    tell me we’re just pieces
    particles woven together by
    imagination to become what
    we are and whom we wish
    and god forbid your pixels mix
    with mine and then what?

    What a mixed up
    imagination this world

    By HoldenLyric URL on 06.15.2013

  18. pixels ate the thing that completa an image and I don’t know what i’m writting about but i think about rainbows and burst of colors and thins like that what the heck i love this boy namend jovanni so much but i also think it won’t last but i kind of want it to last so do you see my problem?!

    By Karmina Liñan on 06.15.2013

  19. something about traducing comunivations and resolution on images on computer. As much pixels as more perfect it is an image

    By LenaDias URL on 06.15.2013

  20. His vision had gone all pixels: full of so many dots and he was too close to see what the picture was and his head hurt where he had hit it and he was suddenly tired, so tired.

    By mrsmig URL on 06.15.2013

  21. His prickly blue eyes were like lock picks in the way they sneaked up on you. When his gaze bore down on you those two tiny cyclones would silently work their way into yours and down through your pulse, creeping with each beat, quietly unlocking the chambers of your heart without you so much as realising. Only after he is gone do you realise that your heart has been left open and your soul is pouring out in a long slow trickle that follows him down the street. The underside of your skin buzzes with pins and needles.

    By Perri URL on 06.15.2013

  22. A lot of pixels are on my screen.

    By qwTomek on 06.15.2013

  23. On their own they are meaningless bits–existing out of on context. Together, they join to form a picture, to impart meaning, nuance, and an image possibly worth remembering.

    By GRonan on 06.15.2013

  24. everyone has their own guardian pixel.

    By Dd URL on 06.15.2013

  25. Pixels are small squares that build up a picture on a digital screen. The colour yellow when viewed on a digital screen is a mixture of tiny green and red pixels

    By Matilda Harding on 06.15.2013

  26. She stared hard at the screen as the pixels slowly went from low to high definition, turning the picture from a blur into something that actually looked like it might be coherent. Or at least, it would be, were it to actually make sense. She could see the man now, but there were so many other possible suspects in that single frame alone.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.15.2013

  27. cameras pictures, baby pixies colour shapes shards lights rainbows composition lights shining balance hues

    By janet dunphy on 06.15.2013

  28. My camera only has 2 megapixels. I hate it because it doesn’t have the capacity to capture every tiny detail of you – your freckles, the slight dip at the corner of your mouth as you smile, the chocolate chip flecks in your brown eyes. It just blurs the little things out. It’s sad really. Because it’s the little things that got into my head and made me realize how much I love you.

    By shesokaye URL on 06.15.2013

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    By Christmas URL on 06.15.2013

  30. The world shattered into a myriad of pixels, covering my mind in preverbal ash. I fell and scream and cried, but no one heard. Because sometimes the world can’t hear what isn’t there.

    By Aly URL on 06.15.2013

  31. The pixels on her screen faded as she turned her computer off and went to school. She knew what was ahead and wasn’t fully prepared for her journey. Today was the day that she had to go on school summer camp… The dreaded time of year where you were made to leave home and stay with your school for a whole week! She couldn’t believe it! She’d never been away from home before. She cried, trying to get her mother to let her pull a sickie but no, her mother was too tough for that behaviour. She had to go.
    “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” She cried but her mother was too strict.
    Meep… can’t think of anything else to write…

    By Matilda the awesome person! on 06.15.2013

  32. i cant see her face too clearly. The pixels are not clear enough. The pixels are pixels, what is making it blurred is not them, but the photographer’s intent.

    By Lee URL on 06.15.2013

  33. 12 or 24- it didn’t matter. The smaller they were, the more insignificant she looked. The larger ones exposed her flaws. She scrapped them all, and put up a fake picture instead.

    By Soft URL on 06.15.2013

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    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixels :)

    By Roxy Ricat URL on 06.15.2013

  35. What are they? Little dots that make up a picture… How many pixels does one really need before tey become redundant? I remember when digital cameras first came out and i was certain that 4. Megapixels were enough. Now the numbers are into the double digits. The same with spf factors for sunscreen. I used to think that 30 was enough but now you get into the triple digits. Are all numbers destined for inflation? How does it affect the quality of our lives?

    By Mari URL on 06.15.2013

  36. Pixels are the smallest things in digital graphic displays.
    They come in 3 basic colors: red, green, and blue… but can be combined into many more colors than the human eye can display.
    They are part of the digital revolution in America.

    By dr3adlok on 06.15.2013

  37. I don’t know much about how technology works. I’ve had two boyfriends try to explain shutter speed to me and I guess I just wasn’t listening. I do feel like the curtains are drawn back on the whole show somehow, like the moment where the great and powerful Oz is revealed, whenever I zoom into a picture far enough to see the pixels.

    By Camille URL on 06.15.2013

  38. when you first see it..you’re like what could probably those mean? as in,..it’s what you hear when you talk about tv etc. and they’re just those tiny little dots you see of the three primary colors. well, that was all technical stuff. in terms of literature, they’re the basics of anything.

    By Ice on 06.15.2013

  39. umm. pixels.(what could they probably mean?) if you look at it technically, they’re the small little miniature dots that make any picture on the television. in terms of literature, it’s pretty deep stuff.

    By Ice on 06.15.2013

  40. Pixels. What could they probably mean. as for me, they’re the miniature little dots that together compose the picture of a tv. they’re made of the three primary colors. in terms of literature, they can be used in a variety of ways.

    By Ice URL on 06.15.2013