June 14th, 2013 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “pixels”

  1. Squared off. Boxed in. Locked out. Sunk. Alone. Sitting under the table and waiting. Silence.

    By Ruth URL on 06.14.2013

  2. Squared off. Boxed in. Locked out. Sunk. Alone. Sitting under the table and waiting. Silence.

    By Ruth URL on 06.14.2013

  3. Those things in computer screens, cameras, images. I don’t really know how they work. They use them to block out faces and secret information on tv, so they’re a sort of shield. There are more and more of them as technology gets better. How do they all fit in?

    By Bee URL on 06.14.2013

  4. pixies! little magic people that cover us with their little maic dust makes me sneeze
    what do you believe – that we are composed of thousands of tiny spots? – we a afterimage of tiny things as is everything.

    By jonathon URL on 06.14.2013

  5. Pixels pixels, they are everywhere. I never should have signed up for this computer class. I should have listened to my mother. ‘Don’t go to computercalss’, she said, ‘get a real job’. Ow, how I wish I had listened to her.

    By Wouter Drucker on 06.14.2013

  6. Pixels are little square dots that make up pictures. They come in many colours, all of which hurt your eyes if you look at them for too long.

    You can buy new pixels at the store, in large cardboard boxes to help you refill your screen.

    By Peritract on 06.14.2013

  7. I couldn’t put you into words by typing about you in pixels
    hand written letters do you no justice
    no part of written or typed language does you justice
    only the whispers and gasps stuck on my lips when you kiss me gently.

    By Megan Elizabeth on 06.14.2013

  8. hiding behind tiny little pixels,
    talking only when you chicken-peck at the keys
    who hurt you, dear?
    who sent you running to the computer out of fear?

    By Alex URL on 06.14.2013

  9. Little cubes that seem to have all the power in the world. they control our sight and direct our thoughts. what a beautiful collection of coulerdly objects that make so many more, objects

    By Jesse on 06.14.2013

  10. I draw a lot of pixels of black women I would like to come more creative with my drawing so i am practicing doing it

    By sumica williams URL on 06.14.2013

  11. they are in pictures and they usually make everything either look good or grainy depending on how many there are and how good they look. megapixles are good if the number is higher like 16 megapixles on a phone is badass as compared to like 3.

    By Ria on 06.14.2013

  12. The pixels were still visible, and I shook my head again. It wasn’t good enough. To pass through security, you needed the highest resolution picture on your port screen, and visible pixels just wouldn’t do. My fingers flew across the keyboard as I tried again.

    By Kristina URL on 06.14.2013

  13. The more pixels the better sharper clearer image you get. Applied to everyday life the more details you put in the better results you will get. Do the little things well and you will have a life well lived!

    By Tracey URL on 06.14.2013

  14. pixel(s): noun. tiny elves who live inside computer screens. They represent different shapes and images by arranging themselves accordingly and by wearing one of three coloured hats: red, blue or green.

    By catbeazle URL on 06.14.2013

  15. I see pixels. Pixels make up this screen. Pixels make up these words. Pixels make up all that we see on the internet. Pixels make up all that we see in any digital environment. Pixels are amazing.

    By Tyler Cortez on 06.14.2013

  16. the pixels in my computer screen.
    light up as I type this message here.
    little tiny dots making up a picture,
    for me to take in.

    to observe.

    By fizzingSmile URL on 06.14.2013

  17. I don’t know much about ixeks ubt I thin they are tiny lil squares. lots. that make up one big pic.
    Alll colors next to one another. Not sure if they overklap or not.. hmm/

    By Kandii URL on 06.14.2013

  18. they are tiny lil squares. lots. that make up one big pic.
    All colors next to one another. Not sure if they overlap or not.. hmm

    By Kandii URL on 06.14.2013

  19. dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmb

    By Fooku on 06.14.2013

  20. Billions of pixels on the wall stood out sharply, yet blended together to make a splendid mural of a mountain sunset. The true sun was setting just behind her through a length of broken windows. All at once she was back home, in Montana, where the sky was an endless blue and the crickets sang in tune to the winds. That was before the fall, though, when life was simple and living it was sweet. She closed her eyes to savor the memory, but it faded away just as quickly, in a waft of smoke and ash.

    By Ashlynn Fox URL on 06.14.2013

  21. the tiny pixel of my heart —where the pain resided was more visible than i had assumed. it seems they were exapnding at sight—becoming mre pronounced—more difficult to ignore in hopes of seeing the bigger picture. the pixels expanded as did the pain-til there was nothing left to see except that.

    By Safon URL on 06.14.2013

  22. I actually was just dealing with pixel problems a moment ago. I just started a new album on Facebook, all of photos I took with my mom’s phone at different moments in which I didn’t have mine. Some of them are much less attractive than others because of how pixel-y they are, and I can’t figure out why!

    By Sophia on 06.14.2013

  23. There were about seven hundred twenty thousand pixels in the photo, and I hated every last one of them.

    By Emily on 06.14.2013

  24. camera
    go pro
    pixels are funny when you edit something. they are also super annoying.

    By isabel on 06.14.2013

  25. they make up everything online. Don’t trust them, they make up every thing.

    By Evan URL on 06.14.2013

  26. The pixels fluttered as I struggled to focus my vision. Until. The most beautiful sight I have ever seen. We were entering Las Vegas and it was sure to be a long night.

    By em URL on 06.14.2013

  27. Art has pixels. And then the pixels have pixels. And those pixels have pixels. And so on. They are all made up of each other. It’s sort of beautiful in a way. They support each other. They build each other. They would be nothing without each other.

    By the antagonist URL on 06.14.2013

  28. Wind whistled around the corner of my building, raising to a howl as it rounded the corner and rushed past the balcony. Suddenly, it began to pour. I glanced out my 17th floor window and saw a flash of lightening. Grimacing, I turned my attention back to my computer screen. In the seconds when I had looked away, my screen had now become a mess of pixels.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 06.14.2013

  29. Pixels are found in picture on a computer. The color of the pixels and the size of the pixels affect the image as a whole. People claim that large pixels make a grainy image with a low quality. Pixels remind me of pixy dust and fairies, I’m not really sure why. Small pixels are my favorite because they make high quality images that look real and professional. I think it’s interesting to study the affect of slightly changing pixel color on an entire image. Does it change the image as a whole, or not?

    By Keri on 06.14.2013

  30. That’s not going to help you now. His face, in pixels on your iPhone screen. He is miles away and he isn’t going to hear you screaming for help. Begging for someone to stop you from doing what you’re about to do. I wish I could help, but I am just the writer. The voice in your head narrating your life. You are all alone now.

    By Madi URL on 06.14.2013

  31. This TV is a whopping 4000×4000 pixels! It is the brightest, crispest and clearest TV created by man. Only the Koreans could come up with something as magical as this!

    By James R on 06.14.2013

  32. She had often stared into the yes of the picture of her mother, the only one her father would let her have. The shot was old, grainy, scanned from a very faded photograph. She would stare at the blurred pixels, trying to see who it was in there, trying to connect.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.14.2013

  33. Little squares that define the amount of space on a screen. Tiny. They form a picture on a screen. Teeny tiny things. Imperceptible to most of the human eyes. Inside of the space of a screen on a phone, laptop, etc. Camera. MP = megapixels

    By Jade on 06.14.2013

  34. Pixels. They are the cells of digital life, the building blocks of everything you could see, on the screen, on the phone.
    Like bacteria, they are good and bad. Pixels form beautiful pictures, the more pixels, the more teamwork, the higher the resolution and beauty. But some pixels turns to the dark side, they form horrifying images that scare people to no end, nightmares to haunt.
    But the worst of all? Ad(dick)tion.

    Candy Crush Saga.

    By Mary Chua on 06.14.2013

  35. Pixels usually remind me of computers, but I know a girl who has a cat named Pixel. I think it’s because she’s into photography and likes her cat. So naturally, it’s called Pixel. It’s a rather cute cat. It has a sort of pixelated black and white face, so it fits.

    By Victoria on 06.14.2013

  36. The map, I’d decided, was going to be 2000 pixels high by 4000 pixels wide.

    It describes the world, which has no name, and has a nice character in that the sea is currently black and the continents are mostly red.

    I have ocean currents and wind currents mostly figured out… all I need are the monsoon sections, but I don’t quite understand how to PLACE a monsoon location, because no one seems to know either.

    But neither am I going to plop it down in the middle of the ocean, because that’s lazy.

    By Maria URL on 06.14.2013

  37. My father equates objects to memories. His sentimentality has piled up in the form of boxes filled with wires that no longer have hookups, useless documents from the first job he held at seventeen, crushed Christmas ornaments, misplaced Monopoly pieces, eyeless dolls, fake musty flowers, a broken keyboard, cracked plant pots I bang my hips into when I go downstairs to get the laundry. Just today I found my first computer, still plugged in. When I turned it on I had to wait half an hour for the startup screen. It took nearly fifteen minutes to open “My Documents”, and another fifteen to open a folder filled with thumbnails of photos from my childhood. I didn’t bother to expand them, but squinted at them for a while. Then I shut down the computer. I spent another twenty minutes ruminating about how very different the “me” shown in those pixels was, because the computer was too ancient to remember how to shut down. Eventually, I just pulled the plug and went back upstairs, thinking that I should throw that computer out. One day.

    By Bry- URL on 06.14.2013

  38. pixel, pixel, pixel…. i just drew a picture. MINIMUM EFFORT FOR MAXIMUM AWESOMENESS. what do you think about super mario brothers?

    By Red Kelevra URL on 06.14.2013

  39. how many pixels in a screen. Seems like a million sometimes. can you count them. i know i can. but who knows. no one can ever tell.but there are so pretty when there all together.

    By Candice Dean on 06.14.2013

  40. He stared back at me. His hand behind his back as if he were hiding more than a secret, more than a wish. He leaned in and whispered in my ear “I’m not real.” I shook my head in denial, but he repeated “I’m just a pack of pixels.”

    By Aurora on 06.14.2013