June 14th, 2013 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “pixels”

  1. pixels are very tiny little squares which together to the human eye make full shapes. if something is very pixelated the pixels are visible e.g. on the television. this can be blurry

    By Helena Anderson URL on 06.14.2013

  2. Monet put everything together to create beautiful scenes,
    Captured with realism the paintings of the world,
    And Brian thought he could do the same through MS Paint.
    What an idiot.
    That was the only comment on his final art exam,
    And Brian decided to give up.

    By Siege URL on 06.14.2013

  3. tiny portals into another world that create a larger image. its within these portals that smaller moments in life are captured but only the ones involved in the larger image know of these moments, all others just see the one in hand.

    By charlotte crammer on 06.14.2013

  4. Pixels are something that men seem to be more interested in than any woman alive. Whenever a movie or show comes on, it is more about the pixels, the quality, and the settings than the show itself. While this is odd, its not exactly bad. I’ve just noticed that they see pixels much more than I do.

    By KZ on 06.14.2013

  5. Pixels. That would be a decent name for a cat, or maybe a hamster. “Hi there Pixels”, “Bad pixels!”. I don’t know what else to say about that. Maybe I’m not cut out for this stuff.

    By Random Name on 06.14.2013

  6. The tears fell down my face with the trickle of a fountain. It somehow reminded me of pixels. Small pieces of me gliding down my cheeks, as they slowly destroyed me as a whole.

    By Annee on 06.14.2013

  7. Pixels are small elements of technology consisting of three colors. A multitude of these tiny image components make up an electric, eccentric and vivd image. They are gorgeous renders of photographs and facilitators of photography and cinematography.

    By Rachel on 06.14.2013

  8. pixels of the past flood way to my soul, alone I feel beside you. I yearn for colorful arrangements of life, i need the exchange, I need freedom, and trust but can you have one without the other?

    By Chante catt URL on 06.14.2013

  9. the pixels of the computer screen was off so it looked like to cat on the screen was a funny looking clown that was about to kill someone. Little did i know that it was just a cute cat that was jumping to catch a toy. The pixels were important when i was trying to find a computer so i could use it for a few years.

    By Lauren on 06.14.2013

  10. i lose myself in technology, fold myself up in the cogs of this intangible thing on my screen, it is odd how i cannot hold any of this, but i feel myself wrapped inside it, i feel like it is connected to me in this visceral way with each pixel buzzing in reaction, or in ‘sync’ with my body.

    i do not like this word. writers romanticise a time before the internet, yet it is my best tool. i still write in a notebook.

    By Katia URL on 06.14.2013

  11. “So what about accessories; you said it was some kinda deal, right?” I asked, raising the camera to my eye in order to test the weight, the feel. That was always the most important thing to me.
    “Well, besides the reduced price it also comes with an AF-S 18-55mm VR lens.”
    “This price is reduced?” I gazed at the bold red $699.99 price tag. “Seems…steep.”
    “A little but, in my opinion, it’s worth it. I mean, this is your job, right?” she said, hefting the camera. “You should have the best.”
    “It’s still just…it’s a lot.”
    She nodded. “Yeah, it is.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 06.14.2013

  12. pixles floating in space determining how this world is shaped. We dwell on your presence and the knowledge you posses. shape me back together from this shattered mess.

    By erin on 06.14.2013

  13. Pixels are the pixies of the computer world. Just like pixies in the real world they are magical and grant wishes to whichever small children come upon them. Unfortunately the fact that this only applies to small children has led to a great deal of jealous and a revolt against youth. however it was discovered that any children actually small enough to visit with a pixel are also too small to use a computer until new technology is developed. Meanwhile, hundreds of children were left homeless by jealous parents telling then to “Find a pixel who will feed you”.

    By Thomas Stacy on 06.14.2013

  14. and the n there were pixels and eggs and men without hats all beyond the fragrance trees, a peanut, a caravan a horse with five feathers, a turbulant miscreant bulldozer of death ended my life.

    By Neil Robertson on 06.14.2013

  15. I knew nothing of design or picture. Yet I knew more than anything that I wanted to animate for a living. Writing stories wasn’t enough. I needed to be the one to lead my stories to the media. To truly orchestrate their telling and consumption. I needed to make sure they breathed the way they were meant to. Not the way some other artist’s hands told him they were meant to move.

    By Ruben URL on 06.14.2013

  16. My life is filled with millions of pixels I mean that both literally and figuratively. Every day, I spend hours at my computer screen. And for what? I’m a writer who doesn’t write and I’m a person who forgets to live in the moment.

    By Jesse on 06.14.2013

  17. Dead pixels show up on the monitor. I can’t let them die out completely. Not yet. There’s still so much left to do, so much that needs to be accomplished. I must hurry, the monitor is quickly fading. I have to –

    By Sam on 06.14.2013

  18. Breathing out, he reveled in his new surroundings. His universe was complete. He had created this, and he would rule.

    Nothing could stop him now. This was his game.

    By Sharon on 06.14.2013

  19. dots that make up an image on a screen, most people don’t understand them, they just see a screen. they don’t realise that there’s dots, and if they do they don’t know that they’re called pixels. people are really dumb sometimes. yknow?

    By john ahern on 06.14.2013

  20. The little pieces looked unfamiliar. They fit well but the photo was unrecognizable. She would never be the same again.

    By Eetta URL on 06.14.2013

  21. The pixels dissolved. I stood there, dumbfounded. There goes my fate. Into the garbage, and I’ll never know. Technology ruined my fate, the pixels held the answer.

    By Julie URL on 06.14.2013

  22. They’re no longer made of skin, the kids. They’re made of pixels. Their world is no longer a stage and they are no longer players. The kids are merely artificial colors on an artificial screen in an artificial world.

    By Grace URL on 06.14.2013

  23. It’s a pixel, not a dot.

    By Jason URL on 06.14.2013

  24. I remember Lara Croft got two huge ones. That’s what I spent my childhood watching. Talking about the real world though, I think they’re called atoms. Or something. Don’t ask, I’m sleepy.

    By humanode URL on 06.14.2013


    By serena URL on 06.14.2013

  26. pixels. the thing that pieces together our world. we use them on our tvs and computers and cameras. it is how we see, how we process in a sense. Pixels. tiny blocks of different colors.

    By Haley Smith on 06.14.2013

  27. From the pixel to the landscape. That was the goal.

    By stumbler URL on 06.14.2013

  28. . that is a pixel. many things are pixels. its how you perceive it. its your choice.

    As i stood there waiting as the screen downloaded the contents onto my flashdrive. i thought of all the tiny pixels among the screen. the little tiny worlds that led to a bigger picture. my thoughts were consumed with it.

    By Nicole on 06.14.2013

  29. Small, tiny frames of colors that make up a larger picture. We have pixel moments in our life. Small, seemingly insignificant moments that ultimately make up a bigger picture of our life. Without these small moments, we wouldn’t have our bigger moments. We need them to be able to see the bigger picture of our life.

    By Jaycee on 06.14.2013

  30. Pixels are like pixie sticks. They all stick together and form an image.Pixie sticks,you pour them in your mouth and melt to give you a lift. A pixel and a pixie stick go hand in hand at the fair.

    By evasantiago310 URL on 06.14.2013

  31. One by one, right next to each other, put together, controling humans. So easy, so ignored, so undetected. All hail the new icon!

    By Cydoniac URL on 06.14.2013

  32. Tiny tiny tiny pixels. MAke up pictres?? ahhh can’t spell. dammit. ummmmmmmmmmm. What else?

    I give up, can’t do it.

    By Michael on 06.14.2013

  33. small squares on a computer that give you colors. I think that is what it does. it remind me of pixies and those are fairies. i like that word because it is fun to say.

    By Grace on 06.14.2013

  34. small squares on a computer that give you colors. I think that is what it does. it remind me of pixies and those are fairies. i like that word because it is fun to say.

    By Grace on 06.14.2013

  35. small squares on a computer that give you colors. I think that is what it does. it remind me of pixies and those are fairies. i like that word because it is fun to say.

    By Grace on 06.14.2013

  36. small squares on a computer that give you colors. I think that is what it does. it remind me of pixies and those are fairies. i like that word because it is fun to say.

    By Grace on 06.14.2013

  37. small squares on a computer and they are tiny and if you look real close you can see them. It reminds me of pixies and those are fairies. it is a fun word to say and I really like that word.

    By Grace on 06.14.2013

  38. We were alone. Darkness. The only sound we could hear was our own breaths. Then some pixels started to appear in the middle of that black view. They started to join and formed a face. His face.

    By Bianca Casetta on 06.14.2013

  39. everything distorted, nothing clear,
    it’s hard to tell them all apart
    when I start to disappear
    millions all around me they dance in unison
    I wonder if they’ll notice when my pixels
    start to smear

    By Lola URL on 06.14.2013

  40. I had been staring at them for hours now. My eyes were grainy and I wasn’t blinking enough, but I needed to finish this. Needed to get this done. It was that, or fail, and that wasn’t an option. I couldn’t fail. Not again. I wouldn’t. Sighing, I cracked my fingers and went back to typing.

    By Maeve MacTire on 06.14.2013