February 6th, 2011 | 509 Entries

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509 Entries for “pills”

  1. You’re only supposed to take two, but I take a handful and swallow them sans water. This is a celebrated feat in my house; I could come home with straight A’s and a student of the month award and never get congratulated the way I do when I swallow those pills plain. They help me get through the school day, help me sleep, help me breathe. There should be a pill for everything, a pill for a better life, a pill to eradicate sadness and anger, a pill to cure cancer and AIDS, a pill to bring world peace. There should be a pill that sends me to everlasting dreams. I could swallow it plain and my family would cheer me on as I fell asleep.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 02.06.2011

  2. pills, pills, everywhere pills. I wonder why people take so many pills. i take too many pills and i’m only eighteen. i wonder if these pills really help. i don’t want to take them anymore. most of them aren’t serious, but why do we rely on pills so much now, when x amount of years ago, we didn’t and people seemed perfectly fine? to live longer? what’s the point if you’re just always on pills?

    By Rhiibby URL on 02.06.2011

  3. little white aceteminophen caplets
    that taste like
    stale sour cardboard grape nuts

    ease the small pain in my calf

    i have been dancing too much
    and now i want to go to sleep

    is good for this, sleep without pain.

    give me naproxen sodium, give me acetesalicylic acid, give me ibuprofen

    i am self-medicating
    i am doctor-guru
    i am like you.

    By ford.baklvon URL on 02.06.2011

  4. So last year was the year that I first had to take serious pills. Pills that almost killed me. They didn’t do it on purpose but they helped my depression like they were best friends. Anyways, I want them back. I’m scared to ask though.

    By Sophia.Emily. URL on 02.06.2011

  5. Aren’t a bad thing, but are a terrible thing. Too many kids, or teens get in trouble and pop them to make themselves get a high on life, and they realise that their problems won’t get solved by just taking pills. They think that they’ll never be able to get help. Even though they will, if their ready to give them up.

    By Katie on 02.06.2011

  6. Ecstasy. Drugs. Dopamine. Cutting. The doctor. Scar. Red. Bad dreams. Not bad, just strange. The pyramid, the slides, the dresses that are too short to cover the scar. The dizziness, the rushing in my ears…

    By Julia on 02.06.2011

  7. Pills are said to help you. When in the first place, your body didn’t even need them. People become dependent on them, and they can destroy lives. At the same time, they can save lives. For things so small, they have a large effect.

    By Kelsey URL on 02.06.2011

  8. I used to take a lot of pills for pain for my spinal surgery pain relief, until I realized they made me depressed. Now I take vitamins, and feel much better.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 02.06.2011

  9. I have been taking vitamins lately, I want to be healthy so they are helping me. I’m not really into taking medicine but it helps. I picture pills in an orange bottle. You can count pills in Haiti for a service project. Amanda Campbell did that, they counted ab

    By v on 02.06.2011

  10. she took the pills, even though she had no idea what they were. they were just lying there loose in the bottom of the gym bag she had stolen from the train station. the dude was preoccupied with his stupid ass paper, something about a sports team that he was way too involved with.

    By Jules on 02.06.2011

  11. things that people get addicted to. Some people use them for self healing, myself included. But you never know what the possibilities will be once they’ve become necessary. I love the new me, and i could only say that because of my medicine. Antidepressants, i no longer have the fears and doubts i used to. Others might disagree, but god knows i’m a better person for it.

    By Dylan on 02.06.2011

  12. Pills are tough. I never remember, one pill in the morning it’s that simple, but still, I never remember. Without my pills, I will become ill, which is why they are a cure!

    By Kristen Hooker URL on 02.06.2011

  13. Pills. That’s how she would do it. They were supposed to help her; help her to not feel so sad and to not be so hyper. But they didn’t do anything. The ADHD pills made her sad and the depression pills did nothing. They could do something though. They could end this whole thing and free her from the energy and sadness.

    By Jessica Houser URL on 02.06.2011

  14. Pills are tough. I never remember, one pill in the morning it’s that simple, but still, I never remember. Without my pills, I will become ill, which is why they are a cure! I still to this day remember, my father, and his pill bag, the noise, the sound, it’s somewhat haunting. No one likes the sound of pill bottles, it reminds you of a pharmacy, or hospital, neither are a good place.

    By Kristen Hooker URL on 02.06.2011

  15. Yellow.
    Sunshine peeking between our curtains.
    Butter on toast.
    Your favorite sweater, remember that one?
    The one that you hugged me with.
    Held me.
    Kissed me.
    The one you wore when you died.
    Yellow pills.
    400 milligrams of happiness.
    Is it worth it?

    By Shelley on 02.06.2011

  16. over the course of my life i have eaten more pills then the average human being will ever have to . not by force , or because i was sick , or in pain but because i was addicted to feeling something other then reality . and i am only 19 yrs old.

    By danica jo brozowski on 02.06.2011

  17. Pills. Medicine chests full of outdated pills, maybe aspirin, maybe Tylenol or Advil. Maybe medicine samples from drug companies, like for asthma, though most of them are not in pill form. White pills, pink pills, pills that score easily, and pills that do not.

    By Emily on 02.06.2011

  18. drugs. small. digestible. cure. curse. addictive. transformative. one. many. handfulls. dangerous. healthy. psychoactive. mental. dissolving. spilled.

    By airick on 02.06.2011

  19. “You take drugs?” Deviant asked curiously as she watched Angela pop the tiny pills into her mouth. Angela blinked at the older woman before laughing.

    “Ah, well, it’s pain killers, I have a killer headache.”

    “Ahhh,” Deviant murmured, looking at the pill container with slight curiosity.

    By Ninja URL on 02.06.2011

  20. I couldn’t stop her. the bottle was tipped over into her open palm and they kept falling out. one blue one blue and red then red red red red. red. I could only see her red lips parting as she tossed them back on her waiting tongue, through her esophagus. why couldn’t i move? my neural connections seemed severed. where would they go, in her body? could she move?

    By kendra URL on 02.06.2011

  21. Pills are something that I take every single day. Hopefully they are what is keeping me healthy, and not taking over my body, and handing over my soul to horrible people in the industry. God Bless pills. They get rid of headaches, and I am glad they exist. You know?

    By Timothy on 02.06.2011

  22. Pills. The girl stared blankly at the bottle, wondering what would happen if she took one. If she took two. She considers it, then sets the bottle down. She gets up and walks away from them. She doesn’t have time for that kind of thinking today. She has to get ready for her day.

    By Allison URL on 02.06.2011

  23. my mom actaully takes quite a lot of pills. I feel as though our house had been filled with warnings such as “if you see something and you think its an m&m don’t eat it!” Her room is full of bottles, and her purse is like a walk in clinic.

    By RedHott on 02.06.2011

  24. pills eff you up
    pills are addictive
    pills are life saving
    pills are destuctive
    pills kill
    children and pills- why are they perscribed to young children, it is terrible how much the USA depends on western medicine

    By Sanna Prescott on 02.06.2011

  25. I like pills because they are good at healing people and sometimes get you feelin a little good if ya know what i mean

    By johnathan on 02.06.2011

  26. Swallowing all the pills in the world wasn’t going to make him love me. Being everything I had always wanted wasn’t going to make me love me. I really didn’t have a choice. I could keep drinking and keep doing this or I go back to the start. Leave.

    By Sam URL on 02.06.2011

  27. Pills are unfortunately becoming a large part of the American way of life. Most adults over the age of 30 are on some sort of regular pill regemin. The pharmaseutical companies must be having a field day. They are teaching Americans that every facet of their life can be fixed so long is there is a chemical cure to throw at the problem.

    By Lori Beth Harris on 02.06.2011

  28. red one, blue one. big one, small one. grandma had many pills. each one had a different pain to relieve but what kind of pill could relive this? i didnt know what to do. how to help/

    By natalie treavor on 02.06.2011

  29. Pills! I love to pop those pills or pure delight.
    “We popped our first pill when the music was shit, we said f**k dancing all night but then that’s just what we did.”
    Ever so true this is. Pills pills pills, too much to say about pills.

    By Verdi Maynard on 02.06.2011

  30. there they were, just laying on there on the night stand, they haunted him, so close to a decision that would change his life forever and they were just a bunch of pills. What power they held.

    By Kari URL on 02.06.2011

  31. Pills….going down the drain. One by one as I see my life washed down. What will be my escape now? First you were my escape, then I needed another escape. Maybe the knife today..maybe not.

    By Amber URL on 02.06.2011

  32. Pills – the bane of cheap druggies everywhere. They’re easier to get, and their effects are different from weed, that drug that everyone got over the first time they smoked it. Fucking retards.

    By Tkot on 02.06.2011

  33. Cold. Hard. Round. Empty of feeling. Of thought.
    I could be just like them – if I ate enough of them.
    You are what you eat, and sometimes, I would like to be a thing.
    Not a person.
    Not an animal.
    Not capable of thought, or emotion, or pain.
    A thing.

    By garrett-tyler URL on 02.06.2011

  34. I’ve been taking birth control since i was seventeen, it always fucks with me. It’s not a big deal or anything, but I only get my period like every 3 months and I have heart attacks every month thinking that I’m going to have to deal with having a baby during college.

    By Ramp on 02.06.2011

  35. theres a tightness in my chest i can’t get rid of. a fear. i took them so i could feel no pain and in the end i have more? Ohhhh the irony. if i could remove them.. every single one… would i?

    By Lynn on 02.06.2011

  36. i picked up the little bug and it curled its body into such a small ball. pill bug. thats what my brother called it. theyre so strange yet i felt like i could relate. wanting to curl up into myself when lifted by some unexpected thing.

    By natalie treavor on 02.06.2011

  37. Pills for you Pills for me, plenty of pills yellow or green. Pick your pill, not that one dear, you don’t suffer from pain in the rear. Pills are large and pills are small, just remember it’s not so great, bad last rhyme I know.

    By tyler miclean on 02.06.2011

  38. Pills are bleak. Pills are relentless. Pills are cold and unforgiving. Pills are whatever.

    By C.C. URL on 02.06.2011

  39. i’m a liar
    i’m a thief
    i’m a shadow
    i’m a weirdo
    i’m a puppet
    i’m a hypocrite
    i’m a nightmare
    i’m an idiot
    i’m a lunatic
    i’m a bitch
    i’m a waste of space

    i am not worth it
    i am no good for you
    i am certain you’ll find true happiness elsewhere, in your new life
    i am starting to lose hope again
    and you

    maybe these will help.
    maybe not.
    probably not.

    i take them anyway.

    By aldila URL on 02.06.2011

  40. its strange because i’m not normally sick and now ive started this whole ordeal and im going to need to start. pills, little pink pills which will seem to rule my life from now on. I should have been smarter last night but of course theres a pill for that too.

    By Auden on 02.06.2011