September 23rd, 2013 | 122 Entries

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122 Entries for “piano”

  1. I learned to play the piano when I was in elementary school. Just like everyone else I was sat down in front of a key board and told to be patient while the teacher went around. The keys I was supposed to put my fingers on were labeled with colors bright, giving me structure in the sea of black and white that swam in front of my dizzy mind.

    By Shanelle Benson on 09.23.2013

  2. His fingers swept throught the old keys his grandmother used to play. He remembered the lovely sound on those sunday mornings along with coffee and biscuits. Now he’d be playing for the women of his dreams, the mother of her children, the shoulder he’d lean on for the rest of his life. Each key was pressed with an infinite love and patience, the one you only know thought the years and the one you know you could only pass through the same insatiable love.

    By Andrea Ruiz URL on 09.23.2013

  3. sweet music…favorite instrument. Black and white keys played with fingers…wonderful

    By lee on 09.23.2013

  4. Black and white.

    White and black.

    It didn’t matter what the past looked like in the photos. Her parents’ faces stared sullenly from the cracked paper. There was joy in their eyes — the kind of joy that made Gwen wonder if something funny had happened just before the photo was taken. Or if they were simply as happy as Eileen with a cigarette in her hand.

    There was her mother, beaming, lips turned upward in the shape of a crescent moon. And her father, very much alive and thriving and so incredibly young.

    In the corner of the room, Levi plugged in the record player and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata filled the room.

    By Jacee URL on 09.23.2013

  5. The seemignly effortless tune flow accompanied her graceful hands. Her fingers dancing over the keys make the song jump and play. Simple, yet skilled fun yet dramatic, What is it that makes her music so entrancing?

    By Mark Turner URL on 09.23.2013

  6. It’s black and shiny. Like the surface of water. It’s scary because it’s so deep. I don’t know how deep it is or what can lurk inside it. What monsters it can pull out of the deep dark. Can music do to me what the sea can do? I want to be a musician. I love it. Just like I love swimming in the sea. It’s freeing. You can swim in the water. You can swim in music. You can play with it. You can discover yourself with it. You can make friends.

    By Aarabi on 09.23.2013

  7. Once upon a time – a long time ago – there was a cow. Now this cow turned into a piano. That piano is sitting in my office.

    By Caitlyn URL on 09.23.2013

  8. oh that damn piano, it sat there like a beakon of light, a constant reminder of the person i was in the past. Shiny and black. Thats who i used to be. I can’t believe that i’m looking at the reflection of myself in its polish when all i used to see was a smile. It’s a shame that i’ll never play again. it’s also a shame that i’m dead to i guess. Thats stupid piano held so many dreams in my life and now look at me, i’m stuck here; not dead or alive, just stuck in the middle staring at this damn piano.

    By Caroline Magee on 09.23.2013

  9. “I didn’t know you could play.” I said, taking a seat beside her.
    She smiled faintly but didn’t look away from the piano’s ivory keys. “When young, all ladies of the court learn one instrument or the other. To ‘please’ our husbands.” she rolled her eyes, offering me an indulgent smile as her fingers stilled. “I think that’s why I worked so hard to make my mother think I was a hopeless case.” she mused.
    “She doesn’t know you play?”
    “She doesn’t know I play WELL.” she corrected.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 09.23.2013

  10. Daddy bought Leslie a new piano, and it played a tune so flat that I could feel the floor level out beneath me as the notes pounded it. Flat, flat, flat. Leslie played it every day, though, and once Daddy hired a guy to retune the thing, suddenly the garish phrases became fairly elegant melodies.

    Leslie played piano until the day she died. A week before she succumbed to leukemia, she played for the entire country with the New York Philharmonic. Everyone applauded, whether on theater seats or couches at home. I cried. And when Leslie smiled, her teeth were perfectly flat.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.23.2013

  11. “You’re no good at this, you know,” I whispered as she plucked away at the black and white keys slowly, playing out the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb. A virtuoso, of all people, could not play the piano with grace, only the cello, flute, and so on.

    “True, but you’re no good at anything, from tying your shoes to scoring well on tests. Bingbadaboom roasted.”

    By marcie URL on 09.23.2013

  12. piano

    By davidturner URL on 09.23.2013

  13. It was a sort of integration,
    With blacks and whites together,
    Creating beautiful music,
    Long before prejudice existed.

    She pushed down,
    Pulsing through her fingers,
    Seemingly at random (for it was never something she could control),
    And dissonant harmony blossomed from those perfectly slender fingers.

    By Siege URL on 09.23.2013

  14. The piano played softly in the background like the music you would expect to hear during a romantic scene in a movie but there was no romance in the air.. Far from it. The player and the listener were at odds with each other the argument from this morning still consumed their every thought.

    By Tracey URL on 09.23.2013

  15. The hammers and strings rest beneath alabaster tentacles.
    If I’d pour myself into you, will you sing me a pretty song?
    I’m a conjurer of sounds, and you are my marionette.
    You bend and furl, at my command,
    put on a nice face when the curtains are drawn.
    You summon nostalgia when we’re behind closed doors;
    jolt me with shivers and goosebumps, in the night.
    And how I’ve always loved you, and considered you a friend,
    my angel-kissed music box, my Wurlitzer.

    By Marissa URL on 09.23.2013

  16. Fingers pressing down on the beautifully handcrafted ivory keys. Music swirls throughout the air making the people sing and the birds chirp in the air.

    By boss2680 URL on 09.23.2013

  17. There is a piano in the old house next door.

    I went into the house once. Everything was covered in cobwebs and dusty white sheets. The piano played happier tunes while I was there, different from the slow and mesmerizing tunes I hear from my open window in the night.

    Strange though; that the keys move even though no one sits at the bench.

    By Kendra URL on 09.23.2013

  18. I like music. It made me feel alive. Playing piano is so much better. I would also like to play guitar and other music instruments. When I was little I had piano classes. My grandmother enrolled me on that one. I learned a lot. Music notes, staff, etc, etc. Until now I still knows how.
    I signed up for piano class at school. It refreshed my memories on piano playing and now I can play chords and other things. We also sang beautiful songs with the piano.
    Piano I think is the one classic musical instruments combined with guitar. Those two make great music. It is also sophisticated. Some has really good piano playing and they end up on the music industry and make songs and make good money. They are really talented then. It became their job writing and making music.
    Pianist and singers and dancers have their impact on viewers especially younger ones. But they also have to take care of the music they make. Careful on anything else.

    By roze_princess URL on 09.23.2013

  19. Scores are dancing around my fucking head ! my fucking heart is beating next to the rhythm…rhythm whispers, saying he wants to make love with me. Surely I accept to make love with music !

    By Greya URL on 09.23.2013

  20. Slender fingers run through it.
    A pleasing sound fills the room but no one is there to hear it.
    He still hears the chant of people that isn’t there.
    An applause for the anonymus musician by the non-existent crowd.
    A short vow and then the notes die down.

    By nicole URL on 09.23.2013

  21. the pianos keys glistened a bright white,they make a beautiful sweet sound with each stroke. Loud through out the banquethall, people sit queitly in ahh of the beautiful notes coming from the frail pianist on the bench.long skinny fingers hit aggressively,the sounds get more and more intense.the shy but beautiful girl gracefully flows over the keys as if telling a story in wordless song.

    By kali Proffitt on 09.23.2013

  22. Playing the piano was my goal when i was a kid. It would always amaze me to see the pianist make those stravigant sounds and musuc just sitting on that stool or bench.

    By Trevor Janssen on 09.23.2013

  23. i use to love playng the piano. I was such a slow learner though. and my teacher did not like that. She mad my life so hard . Ummmmm i am glad that i got out of that and when i did i descovered ballet. My new love, Just to dance to piano music was fun. I really enjoyed my childhood growing up as a artist.

    By Shay on 09.23.2013

  24. Pretty ,Beautiful, lovely ,awesome, musical, black,white, music notes ,loud,classic ,classical, Music is art i kind of wish i had talent like most artist or song writers .Piano is a beautiful instrument that i one day want to learn how to play.

    By LaShanta on 09.23.2013

  25. I atually took piano lessons when i was younger. I was in the chorus in high school and it helped me with my singing. Everyone said i had perfect fingers for the piano because they ere so long. Playing the piano took alot of practice but was fun. I wish I would have kept playing but with time passing I lost interest.

    By Gennaro URL on 09.23.2013

  26. The keys were dirty and chipped. Ivory was a word long past expiration. When I pressed down I only heard a dull thud, like a melody had fallen silent. I looked around for my brother, but he was still deep in the cobwebs, scattering mice shit and searching for…I don’t know what. I pressed another key. Another thud. It was like all the life and light had vanished from the room, taking music with them. The hairs on the back of my neck raised and I turned.


    I stood up from the bench of the piano and walked around the body of it. It was scratched and dust lay thick on all its surfaces like a dirty wool blanket. It made me sad to see an instrument meant for music and gaiety so bereft of anything but dirt.

    By Karen on 09.23.2013

  27. piano was what i heard when i walked into the party, when i got closer it was a kid playing.
    It wasn’t just any kid, he had down syndrome but that didnt matter, playing the piano was his passion and he showed it through his music, when he was playing there werent any issues.

    By silvanna on 09.23.2013

  28. i dont know how to play the piano when i think about it i think of beautiful music and the black and white keys and soft and classical music that you hear and learning how play and sitting up concentration remebering the key notes to play and then i think of a piano falling from someones window on to a cartoons characters head

    By sutton on 09.23.2013

  29. Piano? Really? I tried to learn how to play the piano once back in middle school. My grandmother showed me the basics and I started learning how to read and play notes. It didn’t last long. I don’t play it now and I have no clue how to read lyrical notes. I should have joined the jazz band. But, back in those days I didn’t have any interest.

    By Michael Spelman on 09.23.2013

  30. Music is life and it shows that you have a beautiful soul and a strong heart. It shows that you know how to learn and feel the music and good hearing. The piano has a good sound and it is a very soothing sound.

    By Diamond Epps on 09.23.2013

  31. when i was little i lived next door to the best op-iano teacher ijn town. Every kid in the neighborhood tookm lessons from Mrs. White. She was a tall, thinnish woman witha an aristocratic bearing. Every afternoon I would hear the off rtune practices of the kids in Mrs. White’s students. Unfortunately, my oarents couldn’t afford to give any of their elven kids piano lessons from Mrs. White.

    By BettyJo Bialowski on 09.23.2013

  32. Piano is very bid usaaly black musical instrument. Ray charles played the piano . The piona has keys that are usuall black and white. They sound good. its ussualy played in the sympony. at church i hear the piano alot that is used very much in the church. It sound good when u play it wit the beat

    By Marcus on 09.23.2013

  33. Is a lovely intrument that plays music about love and effection. It keeps you calm while you play the keys. The sound comes out so beautiful that you will cry and share all your emotion. It creates a vision that no other can see but yourself.

    By Jasmend Upshur on 09.23.2013

  34. Piano? Well for one the piano is an interesting instrament. I like it because it actually creates different sounds that are very useful in my music aligned mind. The piano is very soothing when played by the right person. Examples: Beethoven and Alicia Keys are just two examples that come to mind. I wonder who created the piano? Genius in my opion. Whom ever’s reading this what do think about the piano?

    By Aaron Alexander on 09.23.2013

  35. piano, people peas pink purple pumpkin, person,paints pan pain plan plants pork pig plum push pull poke pinch press pump punk pin pen pan phone

    By kandace76 URL on 09.23.2013

  36. A piano is a very beautiful crafted music instrument it comes from standard to highly priced. Alot of our famous mugisions first started on a piano i have heard that it was one of the eisiest instruments to play .I my self have taken piano lessons and to this day still dont remember how to play it. another form of piano is the organ they both look alike but the organ produces a deeper sound.

    By Kirk jackson on 09.23.2013

  37. wood and steel, ebony and ivory, simple and dry mechanics come together and give birth to a child that exists in a completly different universe, a short life the child hass only for a few seconds, but each note after eachother immortalizes it’s brother and sister by creating a masterpiece that’s one of a kind.

    By Jake Fultz on 09.23.2013

  38. I don’t know how to play the piano. When i think of it I can picture a stadium full of people . I am playing this piano while everyone sits there listening to the soft melody. There a quiet stare at this moment. As I come to a finish the crowd stood in cheering. Joyful tears in there eyes.

    By Keonte Allen on 09.23.2013

  39. ummm the sound of those black and white lines flowwing into these ears of mine…..

    By Shay on 09.23.2013

  40. I decided to buy a piano from overseas,it cost me $35000 dollars. I ask my boyfriend to be home so when the delivery people drop it off someone could be home to open up the door. When i got off work the piano was outside i was angry

    By Keondra Jones on 09.23.2013