June 20th, 2012 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “persons”

  1. Will person or persons unknown, please return the wheelchair to where you stole it. The person who owns it needs it desperately and you, you coward, cannot possibly think that you will be able to get sufficient funds to buy whatever it is that you seem to think you need!!

    By coramie URL on 06.20.2012

  2. There were so many persons in the room. Persons? Does that make any sense? I guess not — people is the correct noun. Well, anyway, the people were currently ticking me off. More and more stuffed into the tiny library, to the point where I could almost not breathe. Just as I was going to scream out in panic, the last person walked in and shut the door behind him.

    By Zoe URL on 06.20.2012

  3. There are about 7 Billion persons on Earth.

    Maybe it is not so strange after all that the one I find nearest & dearest to my heard lives 5000.000 miles away…

    But we are more than numbers …

    By noway on 06.20.2012

  4. Many person are living throughout this world. At least that’s what we have always been told. If you are here on this earth, you are automatically living. But that is not always the case. Sometimes, in many cases, many persons are dead. Dead inside, always.

    By Rylie Shoop URL on 06.20.2012

  5. People. Loved ones, family, friends, lovers, ex-lovers. All a part of our wonderful lives. To make us better and stronger by building us up or letting us fall. All are here to teach us lessons.

    By Tiffany_A on 06.20.2012

  6. Out of all the persons in this room, he caught my eye. He wasn’t spectacular, though. Rather opposite of that, actually. His lanky body was easily pushed aside from the tougher, buffer guys, and he reeked of cologne. His glasses were falling off of his nose, and his hair was slick with sweat. And yet I found myself walking towards him, rose in hand.

    By Amy URL on 06.20.2012

  7. People. Loved ones, family, friends, lovers, ex-lovers. All a part of our wonderful lives. To make us better and stronger by building us up or letting us fall. All are here to teach us lessons. More than just persons but a part of our souls.

    By Tiffany URL on 06.20.2012

  8. The British usually come in two or more persons. While Americans come as people. Indians come as persons also. They were a British colony at one point. Like Americans but with less beef eating and less industrialization and more pollution and more vegetarians.

    By -Stan- URL on 06.20.2012

  9. How are persons different from animals or are animals also persons? I always wonder what makes people persons and animals not. any thoughts?

    By salem on 06.20.2012

  10. There are many persons in this world. They are all different. Some are complex. Some are stupid. There are so many different ways to describe people. Tall, short, ugly, pretty, fat, skinny, fluffy, cute, amazing, brilliant, and so on. But if there is one thing that my husband is, he is simply Love.

    By Mary on 06.20.2012

  11. I hate people. But there are certain persons I really love. I’m really thankful to them for being there by my side so far. That’s why I’m gonna be rich and make them all kings and queens

    By dg URL on 06.20.2012

  12. Persons are sad, and mean. Missing persons. Id like if people would go missing. im missing my mind is missing. where is my mind? youve met me at a very strange time in my life.
    persons just make me sad. they touch me and expect me to love and like them back, show emotion the same way they do. i don’t like that. i dont want to get emotionally involved in anyone. i want persons to go away and die. i want to go away and die. i want to go away and die.
    psychopaths intrigue me. the go away and kill and go away. what strange persons. i want to be numb like them. i am numb like them. i am a psychopath. i want to go away and die. i want to go away and kill.
    it’s 221am and im not very well tonight.

    By Katrinia URL on 06.20.2012

  13. i cant think and im drawing a blank
    i didnt want that to rhyme
    my laptops dying and i think my brothers crying.
    this has nothing to do with the word persons.
    ive done this before daddy just slammed the door
    were back in the same old routine…

    By Katrinia URL on 06.20.2012

  14. How do you qualify people from persons? It seems to me like saying y’all and all y’all, only those who have grown up using the terms truly understand the difference.

    By Natty Hope URL on 06.20.2012

  15. any one whom you have contact with or see, it could be your neighbor or a stranger in the street. Be nice and kind to persons, it reflects who you are as a person. Show compassion and respect.

    By brittney on 06.21.2012

  16. They came yesterday morning for her things. I don’t know who they are, I didn’t even ask. Didn’t seem like much point. People like them don’t answer.
    They just stare through their dark sunglasses with their nice, crisp suits and say, “Sir, please cooperate.”
    Rain came down on the sidewalk as they left. I hope they drown, the clean-cut bastards. I hope the streets become rivers thick with the taint of their toxic fucking aftershave.

    By Vercengetorix URL on 06.21.2012

  17. of interest. on their persons. hmm…i so rarely hear the word “persons” used in a sentence.

    By Hannah on 06.21.2012

  18. Persons are the things that make us want to change ourselves, when really they should adjust to our persons. Contradictory, no?

    By afton on 06.21.2012

  19. “How many?”

    Five. I wanted to say five. It was always five. When had it not been? I couldn’t remember a time. Say anything different was insolence, I knew that. Why do they have to ask, must I be reminded constantly? Apparently.

    “Four. There are four in a our party.”

    By natty URL on 06.21.2012

  20. The persons settled in the parlor were far different than the guests I was accustomed to on a weekly basis. Many of them were far older, yet they harbored a youthful glazed look in their eyes as if setting a jewel in deep, thick oil. Their teeth were battered but flashed with a childish mirth. Their beards thick, their cheeks still red and ruddy like a schoolboy’s temperamental face.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.21.2012

  21. persons? That doesn’t even sound right… How could i use that in a sentence? I just don’t know.

    By Alli Lynn URL on 06.21.2012

  22. Persons. Such a strange word, or so it used to always seem. “Persons.” It just didn’t seem correct or proper when I was younger, compared to “people.” As time passed, the differences in usage became a bit clearer, but the fog of confusion still has yet to completely clear up.

    By kf. URL on 06.21.2012

  23. Funny. That this word is persons, because I was just thinking of Peoples. J. Peoples. I was wondering if I drop a line now and move home in five months if we might just fall in love this time.

    By Holli Downs on 06.21.2012

  24. a crowd is made of many persons. persons with fears and joys and above all secrets. annie liked to drink coffee and guess secrets. she didn’t believe she even owned one.

    By katharine keller on 06.21.2012

  25. there were three persons in this relationship, there always had been. She thought she didn’t mind as Aimee had almost become a friend, but now she was wondering if she did mind

    By kirsty booth URL on 06.21.2012

  26. So many beasts and creatures would love to be considered persons, that it almost makes one want to cry. The law has so many rules about personage, you would think it was their primary function.

    By Moot on 06.21.2012

  27. What does “persons”exactly mean. I always think of the word “people”.

    By Abinaya on 06.21.2012

  28. the people who participate in everything. court. stevo. four points and 250 dollars. shopping spree. mall. victorias secret. forever 221. cotton on. americas favorite cookie. pac sun. love culture. h&m

    By justine URL on 06.21.2012

  29. person is a form of a noun. a person can b male or female. a person is an individual. a person has the ability of the 5 senses and many more. a person can choose to be different.

    By deeki on 06.21.2012

  30. Individuals. Indescribable. Unique. Different. Wonderful. Terrible. Loving. Hating. Together.

    By Kirk on 06.21.2012

  31. Are people. Sounds like incorrect grammar to me. Reminds me of that scene in ‘The Muppets Take Manhattan” with the old cook guy saying “Listen, I tell you what is. Peoples is peoples

    By Leah URL on 06.21.2012

  32. All persons interested in the work of the elderly were sadden to her of the death of one of the practician of our community. what make it worse is that the lady had recently received an honour.

    By victor URL on 06.21.2012

  33. Persons are really important in my life. Some are good and some are bad. But, I only care about those good persons as they play significant role in my life indirectly or directly.

    By vivek narayan on 06.21.2012

  34. curahkanlah kasih itu kepadaku,
    bagaimanapun caranya, akan kucoba tuk mengerti
    tak peduli, hanya satu halangan
    ego ini

    By yulia2 URL on 06.21.2012

  35. but,, i can’t hear it..
    please.. say again!!loudly!!
    say if you need me :(

    By yulia2 URL on 06.21.2012

  36. there are various types of persons on this planet.Each has its own attributes and characterstics.

    By Kabir Singh KAng URL on 06.21.2012

  37. My family are all persons. I love them very much. Why is this so hard? Persons. What does it mean to be a human being? To be a person? There is something distinctly different about us compared to animals. The ability to love? Maybe the ability to communicate that love effectively? Persons are of great value. They have inherent value. Value is inherent in persons because they are made in the image of God.

    By Daniel Moore on 06.21.2012

  38. sometimes you simply look at a person and you can’t help but wonder what’s going on inside their mind. what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, what they wonder when they look at you. sometimes you simply want in to know, but most times you know it to be far too dangerous a place to enter all on your own. simple curiosity can be a dangerous thing.

    By a URL on 06.21.2012

  39. persons is wrong grammar! People is right!

    By Windy URL on 06.21.2012

  40. persoane şi măşti, unele sînt false şi altele adevărate.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 06.21.2012