September 22nd, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “people”

  1. Why must we all be so stupid. we take out of others words what we want to hear not what they are saying. why must we be so cryptic and mysteriouse when being plain could save so many people so much trouble. i like to think that a lot of people will change eventually and realise that not only do we ruin ourselves but we ruin the word and etc etc. i know a fair few of them but i find it so facinating how in my lifetime i will not even meet half the worlds population. i believe it is one of the great mystic things of the world. we know people are everywhere and yet we may never meet them. just think when i walked through woolies today i could have met my future husband or the lady whos husband donated the sperm for my future children! it is facinating, and very unsettling i think to contemplate the fact that i might miss my future partner for some reason. i guess it always comes back to my belief that if it is ment to be it will happen, one way or another it will find a way to happen. xx

    By billiejane URL on 09.23.2012

  2. People in the streets, always moving, never stopping. Streaming endlessly by: a purpose to all, seemingly, a common mind, like a hive of bees with an allocated task to each. It’s all too easy to just blend in, follow along, march in time with everyone else.

    By charcoalbrumby URL on 09.23.2012

  3. i hope those people die. its better that way for the world

    By LuckyNo.13 on 09.23.2012

  4. their pretty coool sometimes like some can be heaps nice and cool and stuff but others can be bitches and stuff. I dont see how some people can be mean to others and send them death threats to go die and stuff its horrible and should stop cause people take it seriouly. although others can be really nice and will help you with anything. People are beautiful but some dont think that and even some people think that their not worth it.

    By Issy on 09.23.2012

  5. fascinating personalities, interesting stories, duality, experiences, goals, all as one

    By vlad on 09.23.2012

  6. People. They are very complicated creatures. WE, as humans, are complicated creatures. And WE, as people, together, are a mass of strange, sentient beings. People are defined through many different things: looks, culture, place of birth, and much more. And it is us people, who can change the world. Together, for the better or worse. Hopefully for the better though.

    By Miki URL on 09.23.2012

  7. bad good normal abnormal nice funny cute ugly happy sad emotional tall small honest liars loving nice weird

    By Mata on 09.23.2012

  8. People are really different at around different places of the world. Everyone has their different languages, different cultures, different rituals. These seems excellent, and sometimes, it seems that we are all connected to each other, the people of this green blue planet.

    By Hiren Gajjar URL on 09.23.2012

  9. One morning was all it took. From that day people, even random strangers, would see she was different. It wasn’t just the hair, the makeup, the clothes, it was the combination. She was going to live the in-your-face life, up front and personal, and she wasn’t going to let them ignore her again.

    By Meredyth URL on 09.23.2012

  10. i like them, i guess, but i don’t know. sometimes i get sick of them like i just want to be away from everyone but sometimes i just want to walk down the street and yell I LOVE YOU like i love the world so much, we would be nothing. people like everything else have the good and the bad and whati think is important is that we look for the ones who are good and would bring out the good in us. i love people. i am people. you are people.

    By Sabrina on 09.23.2012

  11. People are the same every way. They have the same desire and feel pain when they are hurt. But most of all they share one unique purpose and desire and that is to worship

    By victor URL on 09.23.2012

  12. are strange, oblivious things made of carbon material. They live, love, eat, sing songs and dance accordingly, while earth twirls like a ballerina round the axsies of a giant ball of flaming hydrogen.

    By roger waters on 09.23.2012

  13. people

    By Sandy on 09.23.2012

  14. everywhere. Moving hurrying rushing wandering. But we pass each other by never knowing where we are headed in relation to one another. We live together but separately. Only sometimes do we wonder what the others are up to. Maybe next time I will stop and see where a secret journey heads.

    By H URL on 09.23.2012

  15. In the class room, at work, overflowing the stores and gas stations, even at home. People. People everywhere. Both good and bad. Loved and hated. We live with each kind. Which one will you be?

    By Nicole URL on 09.23.2012

  16. sometimes you sit in a crowded room and feel completely alone. You can create this by closing your eyes on a crowded train and put on those headphones that cancel out the noise and listen to something restful. But when you wake from that moment you realise you are surrounded.

    By Kerry URL on 09.23.2012

  17. this world is full of people. there are all kind of people arround us. we dnt have any idea that with how many people we meet every day. we are surrounded with all kind of people.

    By neha on 09.23.2012

  18. People’s emotions are askew and little do we know about them. We deal with our problems and put up with one another. We try and fix each others problems but it may not always work. People are confusing just like everything else.

    By Cait on 09.23.2012

  19. peope are differsrent ZXR7THBUYGIYFDGFDEH

    By ADITI MITTAL on 09.23.2012

  20. travel, travel, all over and what do you find besides beautiful landscapes, rivers, oceans and lakes? You will find people., all kinds of people. Especially on the coast.
    We are in the outer banks of North Carolina right now in our travels and the people here are very friendly and polite, unless you are driving too slow, then some people aren’t very nice at all. Don’t slow down, go faster!

    By eyeinthesky on 09.23.2012

  21. Some chill. Some don’t know what to say nor react.
    I don’t mind. They don’t matter to me because in the end I die alone.
    Nobody care and I won’t care. No. Not anymore.
    So long.

    By Princessium URL on 09.23.2012

  22. And they all moved together, in this giant synchronized dance, on the pavements of New York. They bustled and hustled past one another. Side stepping, doing the side-walk shuffle. This giant group of people, so alone but together.

    By Blue on 09.23.2012

  23. People are dumb. People think that just because they have a tag of happiness that they can do whatever they want. That’s dumb. You can’t do whatever you want with, you have to have rules. Maybe that’s where government or religion comes in place but even so that’s run by dumb people.

    By Sami URL on 09.23.2012

  24. there are too many people in the world. when you think about it, there’s one, more than one born every minute, yet we spend so much money on healthcare and trying to keep people alive. why do we do this when there are too many people? that is why i do what i do. a hitman helps maintain the balance.

    By Harry Steele on 09.23.2012

  25. As I began down the street, I observed the people passing by. Multiple human beings. All had one place in the world to get to. They had to get to their destined place then and only then. How many people did I pass before I finally realized the place in my head was gone? I had gone through the crowds, investigating each and every one’s confused faces, until I remembered. Not only did they have a destination, but I did as well.

    By Kayla URL on 09.23.2012

  26. People are all unique. But if they’re all unique than in the end they’re all the same. So when people say that’s a very unique thing you’re doing, they’re saying, “it’s been done loser”. Unique is a cool word. People suck. That’s just my opinion. Thank you. Yum.

    By Sami URL on 09.23.2012

  27. I’m taking the lid off of my head, pulling out thoughts. I’m tired of the people, always fizzing around in there. Tired of the self doubt, the confusion, the empty hallways that tell me nothing of what I need. I want to be better.

    By genahtastic URL on 09.23.2012

  28. People are the worst thing to ever happen to the planet. We are greedy, reckless, and dangerous to all other forms of life. The world would be a better place without people. Some people are worse than others.

    By Ryan URL on 09.23.2012

  29. they walk the world. they have dreams. they have desires. but do they tknow that this might all disappere, well let me tell you something truly terrifying. the world that we live in will end very soon and guess wo will destroy it. people!

    By ragas on 09.23.2012

  30. People come in all shapes and sizes. People are unique in many diverse ways. Being different and sharing their identity, likes and interests with other is kind and caring. At times, people act foolish, just ignore them People are beautiful because they are unique.

    By Dana Arevalo URL on 09.23.2012

  31. Why do people still make me so nervous? As a child and then a teen I was so painfully shy and hated being around people but in college it wasn’t so bad. Now? Now I’m all nervous and shy again around people…

    By Deanna URL on 09.23.2012

  32. I like people. I really do. I enjoy having friends, I enjoy having accomplices. People are fun. My two best friends are people! I wish I knew more people I could trust though. Maybe one day I’ll have that one amazing best friend that I can count on whenever and he can count on me. Someday.

    By Ignas Damijonaitis on 09.23.2012

  33. People: The origin of extreme ranges of emotion powered by soul.

    By Chezrobin URL on 09.23.2012

  34. People are different. They are short, big, serious, funny. People come in all shapes and sizes. There are alot of people in NY and not so many in the mid-west.

    By Eileen Murray on 09.23.2012

  35. People see us as a couple. But they don’t know. They should’ve known. We are not together as a couple

    By Nadhira on 09.23.2012

  36. people are stupid. most people dont realize how stupid they are, or how stupid most of these people around them are. and how mean and misjudging people can be. people are just so stupid, especially beacause they dont know what they’re talking about, so blind to the world around them…….. Like why are people so ignorant and disgusting and mean, the ratio of actual good people to bad people is probably unacceptable.

    By John smittywerbenheimerjensen on 09.23.2012

  37. people are awesome, there are no bad people in the world, just bad experiences that make them do bad things, people are the most complex beings, vr amazing, we can lie, invent stuff, create stuff and even make milk!

    By Devesh on 09.23.2012

  38. P-retty

    By Chezrobin URL on 09.23.2012

  39. people are very good . people should help each other. people are democratic. people is a crowd of humans . people celebrate things together.

    By Ramneek on 09.23.2012

  40. kind elaborate silly annoying funny excessive angry lots many all-sorts different yet the same society groups

    By Mellon on 09.23.2012