September 22nd, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “people”

  1. they talk but don’t listen
    they smile but look away
    they stare at mirrors all day
    wondering if everyone else does, too

    By hollymarie URL on 09.22.2012

  2. they swarm. holding candles filled with lead, they pour molten thoughts into my life. all over my decisions. and each one tastes a little different. burns a little harder, maybe less, maybe more. i’m always drowning in the constant change of another’s burning wax, and sometimes i can’t really understand it until i’ve been completely shaped into someone else.
    sometimes i can’t understand it until there’s nothing left to understand but a new person.

    By Trey URL on 09.22.2012

  3. sometimes it feel like people that are in our loves only for a moment don’t exist. or that they aren’t really people. there is no way that one can know the lives of every person that they meet, and though it’s sad, that is the way the world works. Walking through life without knowing anyone in their entirety, we live without ever really seeing people.

    By Rebecca Prather on 09.22.2012

  4. people see what they want to see
    they see a beautiful girl and not the scars
    they see a handsome boy and not the sad eyes
    they see the beauty and not the pain
    they see the faux smile and not the flicker of doubt
    they see what they want
    nothing more and nothing less

    By paige URL on 09.22.2012

  5. People are weird. You trust them. They hurt you. They surprise you. You attach to them–admire them–believe in them. And then they turn your back and forget who you are. People are weird.

    By Dani on 09.22.2012

  6. People think. People tend to over think. I am one of those people. The people that cant just have an answer, they need to know if that answer has an answer, if everything that they’re doing is right. And being one of those people suck.

    By Antoinette on 09.22.2012

  7. Oh people… They’re a funny thing! One moment he’s ugly, the other the light in your world. Once she had an incredible doctor outfit, but the next moment he was acting like the most ignorant being I’ve ever known dressed as a hobo.
    She, He? Who could that be? They are people, they are us.
    There are all kinds for you to choose, just don’t let them go loose. Pick your small pet on the nearest store. Your synthetic twin soul, by People.

    By Ishimimoto URL on 09.22.2012

  8. People often confuse me. They go against their own best interests repeatedly while actively hating those that go against their interests. That means they SHOULD hate themselves, but they don’t even realize it. That it pretty stupid if you ask me. I dunno.

    By Devin Nease on 09.22.2012

  9. I am simultaneously in love with people and terribly afraid of them. At a distance, people seem wonderful. I love that guy’s hat, that lady is so weird, I want to be best friends with everyone. But when it comes down to it, when they are in front of me, I am stuck, lost. My mind goes blank and I have nothing. I’m pretty sure people think I am slow. I just wish I knew what to say.

    By Carrie URL on 09.22.2012

  10. “People of the nation, stand! stand up for what you want, what the country needs to continue on its rightful path to glory!” he said into the microphone. He stood, and then stared expectantly at the crowd, who all tentatively rose to their feet, looking around awkwardly.

    By adriana URL on 09.22.2012

  11. People they are often the source of one humans immense happiness and sadness. A human in isolation is not in the proper human state of mind

    By Harrison Bowers on 09.22.2012

  12. I hate people, people in general. But people aren’t ever what I think they are. I always hate people in general, but then I get to know a person. And persons aren’t people. I rarely ever hate a person, and I just sometimes wonder how I can hate people but love persons.

    By Judy Smith on 09.22.2012

  13. lie. They can kill you and make you the strongest people on the planet. While they make me want to vomit my entire life they make me want to relive every second. I can’t help them all, but trying is half the battle. We’re all just people, small, large, medium, yet judgement arrives at every door. I just want to be the best person for myself and not let other people affect the me I am. People will be cruel, but they’ll also be beautiful, because we’re all cruel beauties whether we say it or not and that’s what makes life wonderful.

    By Molly on 09.22.2012

  14. “People” is an interesting concept; it can mean a group or society; it is the plural of person. You can talk about several people or you can talk to people. An all-encompassing 6 letter word.

    By Angie on 09.22.2012

  15. i like people. i like them alot. each one has their own story. you never really know what is going on in someones life. its amazing how were all connected, how were all so different but all so the same. they fascinate me endlessly. people are good.

    By Alex Leigh on 09.22.2012

  16. People, can’t say that I like “people”, you know. Not “people” person, you know? I like you though. You’re not “people”, any of you, are you? You’re a person.

    By dani URL on 09.22.2012

  17. People are people. They are the way they are, and they never seem to change. Ignorant they are, ignorant they stay, and nothing can change that, or so I thouth until I met Jaqueline Merrero.

    By Margaret on 09.22.2012

  18. i hate people. they smell that look at things to much. people ovethink and they judge way to fast. They think they know everything about a peroson whenn their not even close. I hate that people eat all my food. I mean its my food. Stop eating it. But i love laughter and the feeling i get of making someone smile

    By Anna on 09.22.2012

  19. what can i say about people? i can say that they are irritating and rude, but i can also say that they are thoughtful and spontaneous. i recently read a bunch of short stories on a web site and most of them made me cry because of what people were saying and doing. all i have to say about people is that they are unique.

    By marie URL on 09.22.2012

  20. Sometimes I don’t like people. When I get lonesome, I look for them, but when I want to be alone, sometimes people are everywhere. I am an introvert so people pull all the air out of the room. I need quiet and sometimes people aren’t quiet.

    By Rachel on 09.22.2012

  21. A million stories
    On a black page with
    Double yellow lines
    A thousand colors
    And beautiful words
    Flowing and interlocking
    Leaving their families and
    Stories and

    By alias URL on 09.22.2012

  22. people give up. they move on. they grow increasingly distant until they are no more. not a part of your life. not a part of mine. not a part of anyone’s. to be a part of anyone’s life would mean getting too close. maybe losing a part of themselves. maybe losing all of themselves.

    By Marina Holmes URL on 09.22.2012

  23. i just closed my window tightly. why? because of the people outside and all the truly terrible noises they make. i cannot think, concentrate with such close neighbors. playing beer pong of all things! arggg.

    By Nix URL on 09.22.2012

  24. people are just very unpredictable,they can be annoying or great or ebil or sympathetic. They remind me of who I am and that I am one of them, their tratits i am made

    By Cynthia on 09.22.2012

  25. People wear jeans and drink pepsi. They don’t understand what it’s like to live in trees, pluck mushrooms from the earth, raise a child to understand that all energy is only borrowed. According to the first rule of thermodynamics in physics, all energy on earth is finite. It cannot be created, only change form. That is what death is like, I think. A changing of energy.

    By Amanda La Valley URL on 09.22.2012

  26. people are alright. negros are awesome. dont ask me why. i think that people hwo are different should be respected. the minority group of nigros in this world should be respected. and maybe that is why i think they are awesome. but i dont really know. im just a 13 year old girl in New Zealand. what would i know?

    By Michaela Dresel on 09.22.2012

  27. sometimes, people are just fickle people. Something about the way they move, the way they speak the way they procreate. There’s something in the way that they just are. Sometimes thats just the trick. To be. Not trying to find yourself in the way of being one way or another-just being. Existence is hard enough, but then throwing in greed, vanity and all the other blights upon a human consciousness and you’ve got a pretty hard job.

    By Roxanne on 09.22.2012

  28. i think im alergic to people. Honestly, sometimes i dont think i belong with anyone. People are vain and full of faults yet i am no better. My life is full of mistakes. maybe that is why nobody likes me. Do people at BOSS even relalyy like mme?>

    By aik on 09.22.2012

  29. People, diverse creatures, working together for peace. People have to learn that we come from different cultures, and diverse back grounds. Once we understand that we can begin working together for a better more peaceful and love filled future

    By Tiare Valentin on 09.22.2012

  30. people suck basically. i mean, what the fuck is wrong with them? what’s their problem? why are they all retarded? what’s the purpose of their life? what are they doing with themselves? what is the point of their existence? they’re just so ignorant and full of stupid bullshit. blah..fuck em.

    By Eric on 09.22.2012

  31. people are cool. i generally like them, unless they are people stupid. i love walking in crowds of people who know how to walk in a crowd. I generally enjoy their company. Some people are amazing while others just suck.

    By Taryn on 09.22.2012

  32. All the people in this world. So many of them you haven’t met. Did you know that every person that’s been in your dream you either know or have seen some random time in your life. Your brain can’t make up new people. THe world has too many of them for that.

    By Robot Lilliput URL on 09.22.2012

  33. They are selfish.

    By Purgatory on 09.22.2012

  34. ”People come and go.”
    I get it. But why does it have to be people you care about the most?

    By abigail rae on 09.22.2012

  35. People are selfish and rude, they dont know how to properly react to bad things. They are unstable and in some circumstances, can be highly dangerous as such.

    By Purgatory on 09.22.2012

  36. People make me nervous. I prefer to be alone, but yet in nature we need each other. Its a conflict I have within myself. I need the people I love, that is for sure. I would rather stay away from everyone else though. I enjoy my time alone too much to be out with everyone all the time…

    By Sam on 09.22.2012

  37. some people. you can’t judge a book by it’s cover… well, you’re not SUPPOSED to. but that’s nonsense if you ask me. the cover is the greeting, the opening, the appetizer. if you don’t like the cover, why try what’s inside? have you ever picked up a menu and thought “none of this sounds good”? .. yeah.. it’s kinda like that. you can look at some people and just know… “huh uh.. not for me”.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 09.22.2012

  38. people are dumb. theyre so annoying i just cant even. i mean like.. were all so selfish. we do what we want, and we only take into ourselves into consideration. other people are suffering but nooo that doesnt matter. money. pride. power. its disgusting. PEOPLE SUCK ok i just can even.

    By Angel Yogan URL on 09.22.2012

  39. People EVERYWHERE. His head pounded as the sheer volume of noise they produced drilled through his eardrums and straight to the cent of his forehead. He frowned ferociously, and pressed hard against his head as if that would stop the pounding. He was fooling himself though, and the pounding continued as the flow of people continued around him. He stumbled through them, mumbling pardons, as he tried to find some place with LESS PEOPLE.

    By just URL on 09.22.2012

  40. Are snoozing in my living room. Just covered them up with snuggies. People. <3 :)

    By alina on 09.22.2012