March 15th, 2012 | 529 Entries

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529 Entries for “pattern”

  1. bear, tree, goat, bear, tree, goat, bear, tree, goat

    By Katie on 03.15.2012

  2. A pattern is something that shows a certain or specific repetition using shapes, words, numbers, colors, etc.

    By Melanie on 03.15.2012

  3. Patterns are always fun to recognize. Usually when scrapbooking I like to create patterns. Using different color or shape patterns are fun to use when scrapbooking

    By Ashley Welding on 03.15.2012

  4. I hate patterns. i want my own road where I can make my own decisions, no one to guide me…to go where ever i want and if possible, to create my OWN “end of the road”.

    By Anca on 03.15.2012

  5. There are patterns everywhere. You see patterns in nature– in spiderwebs and such. There are sometimes really delicate patterns in things that you don’t notice unless you look at it really closely. For instance, if something is knit very closely, you only really notice the stitching if you hold it up close. Patterns are pretty!

    By Josie on 03.15.2012

  6. Humans require patterns to symbolize things. For example, stars, even though they are billions of light years apart, yet we still find patterns in them to help us understand the volume of the universe.

    By oli on 03.15.2012

  7. Pattern. What a word! :) Like the weird pattern of life. It seems like I always have a pattern that I can’t get out of! Let’s say I have a test on Friday. I have all week to study for it but I only study Thursday night. I don’t do well on the test. The next test I will study more, I say. The next time I have a test, I pull another Thursday-nighter. Or like when I have a boyfriend who is a lying jerk, and date another lying jerk after him. Or like when I wear a dress that annoys me because it always flies up and I wear it again. Or I tell myself I can get up in the morning if I go to bed at midnight and even though I don’t, I stay up late again. You would think I would learn better.

    By ashley URL on 03.15.2012

  8. repetitive, slump, routine .. why be in a pattern if you can break free of it? … simplicity and comfort? … maybe we should all get knocked out of our patterns once in a while.

    By dinah on 03.15.2012

  9. patterns appear in my life daily. everything falls into place the exact way it should, and then.. will mostly likely happen again. day to day life is so complex.. but everything has an order to it. patterns may present themselves to you clearly, so you can intervene & change.. or hide themselves in small little worries. you’re behaviors create patterns. so does the

    By kelsey on 03.15.2012

  10. The pattern of the butterfly’s flight intrigued her. It seemed to be approaching the stone, but there also seemed to be an invisible force keeping the butterfly away from it.

    By Ballerina Ninja URL on 03.15.2012

  11. The universe is one giant pattern …we just don’t understand it …yet
    But we can still appreciate the beauty of the bits that do look sort of understandable

    By Bimbleman on 03.15.2012

  12. I find patterns to be restrictive and silly. Why would a free being confine his or herself to something as prison-like as a pattern. Instead, move away from predictable.

    By Kurt Andresen on 03.15.2012

  13. Solid, quilted. A myriad of color and crisscrossing lines.

    By Brayden on 03.15.2012

  14. People don’t have personalities. They have behavioral patterns. You can be whoever you want to be. You just have to get past that mental “blockage” that says, “that’s not me.” It is you. Become the pattern that you are proud of. And you’ll be happy.

    By Kelsey on 03.15.2012

  15. The pattern on her silky dress was floral, it had little love birds and sweet pea blossoms all over it. She adjusted her delicate lipstick until it glowed from her reflection in the mirror. A smile spread across her face, she was ready for the date.

    By Taylor on 03.15.2012

  16. Can I resolve to close my eyes and let it envelope me?

    I guess it doesn’t really matter, anyway.

    By Network URL on 03.15.2012

  17. Life is full of patterns. like the pattern of how i manage to screw everything up one way or another – frequently and drastically. I don’t like patterns much. I wish life was less predictable.

    By Alice Merritt on 03.15.2012

  18. The pattern on the sidewalk, walking home from a one-night-stand, standing proud at the traffic light: lights, please don’t go out on me! Me – I keep falling into the same patterns. The pattern on the sidewalk, walking home from a one-night-stand.

    By Hafada URL on 03.15.2012

  19. Perfect today and every yesterday. I see it over and over in my eyes, a reflection of my love’s misery. Hope fades and is reborn. Like stripes it is a relentless pattern that will never fade no matter how cliche

    By bbkreitzer URL on 03.15.2012

  20. Where are you in the world, up, down, backwords? Where will you be in the pattern of things, the will of the way the in of everything? How will you define yourself?

    By Angel URL on 03.15.2012

  21. She pat down the pattern of rings of Saturn.

    By Marianne URL on 03.15.2012

  22. I felike I alwafall into the same pattern. Everything and everyone I know does. ndering round and ’round. Like ending your dain a ish bowl.

    By Andreas on 03.15.2012

  23. Predictable patterns rule my world. Wake up, live, sleep. Life, death, renewal. It’s the predictability that gets me, though. Why must the world seem so filled with choices when so many patterns are absolute?

    By Tappanoff URL on 03.15.2012

  24. This is too much pressure!!! i cant think of anything related to the word :/ umm, patterns are pretty. Different color patterns are the best looking. I love striped patterns on ties. especially bow ties :)

    By Nicole on 03.15.2012

  25. There are patterns in our lives that mark us forever. Patterns that we will wear, patterns we will forget, patterns we will follow, but no matter how pretty those patterns are, yours is the most beautiful pattern you’ll ever have.

    By Nina bm URL on 03.15.2012

  26. A pattern is a group of related objects, shapes, or colors. It generally is a sequence of items that is repeated to form a specific order. Generally patterns are used in art and architecture.

    By Connor Allen on 03.15.2012

  27. used to crochet or sew things, a pretty repetition of motif, things that repeat in a sequential order, found in clouds, clothes, life, nature

    By Elizabeth Taylor on 03.15.2012

  28. she woke up with the texture of his sweater imprinted on her face and wondered whether this was love. It felt somehow wrong, since he wasn’t wearing it at the time, but he always left parts of himself behind, it was his pattern.

    By emmystrange URL on 03.15.2012

  29. repetitive patterns are always obvious, when a detailed eye takes a peek. the word pattern itself has repetition in it, the way we memorize things is by thinking in patterns. I think in spirals. Patterns are important so that as humans we can relate to what we see, feel a connection by feeling grounded and not like the very only one.

    By graciela URL on 03.15.2012

  30. The set of things that allows to follow
    each step
    and forward
    till we find our way
    jump off the pattern darling
    sometimes its not the best place to be
    and sometimes it takes you exactly where your meant to be going
    love live love live love live love

    By Emily on 03.15.2012

  31. … and then Amy started noticing it everywhere: in restaurants, on trains, in her work, at school, on the policemen and the charity shop workers, on the people passing by.

    It was a pattern. A pattern on everybody showing that they didn’t know what the FUCK was going on.

    By Ross Menzies URL on 03.15.2012

  32. What if there is more truth about the eternal nature of our existence that has been hidden from us for too long? What if knowing this knowledge would liberate you from the patterns of mental slavery that have kept us bound to the pre-contorted ideas of our ancestors? What if there was an idea so powerful that it ripped a hole in the edges of reality, revealing the Great Field of Probability? What if you had a choice to know?

    By Oz Nolem URL on 03.15.2012

  33. whats a pattern, its a continuous habit something we dont shake off ? what is a pattern easier to start then rid. its a circle. It something we must break free from.

    By Jillian Rivera on 03.15.2012

  34. there are many types of patters. varying from polka dot to stripes to even plaid. patterns can be seen in nature and also in man made objects such as clothing and material objects. in nature they can be found in hives or rippling water.

    By Katelyn on 03.15.2012

  35. Jensen lay there trussed like a Christmas turkey and contemplated the situation. Clearly, a pattern was being followed, a pattern in his life that said suffering, humiliation, redemption in a chaotic cycle. He just lay there comfortable (?) in the knowing that something was sure to occur and that he’d, this time, just ride it out and view it from a 3rd person standpoint, his own personal movie.

    By chole URL on 03.15.2012

  36. Targetting a pattern is the object of the procedure. Certain thresholds will indicate the intensity of the removals. However, much of the organism must be removed.

    By X on 03.15.2012

  37. pattern
    patternpatternpatternpattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern pattern

    By logan on 03.15.2012

  38. Patterns. many things come in patterns. For example, the top of the pie ( criss cross) is a pattern. when i make a poster the background has either stripes, checkers, or some other pattern. patterns are used in daily lives, maybe you just don’t notice them as much .

    By Roooonnniie URL on 03.15.2012

  39. pattern. dangerous. comfortable. easy. content. nice. every day. never ending. my routine. cycle. the sheets on my bed. the fabirc my dress if made out of. the way you act. the way i act. this life. need something more.

    By Megan on 03.15.2012

  40. This one mom! She picks up the pattern of the dress she wants and shoving the picture in my face. Hmm. That’s kinda short I think.

    By Taylor URL on 03.15.2012