November 8th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “patent”

  1. I can’t patent my love. I just wish I could. If I had the patent on the heart that won’t stop loving, I’d have it all. But I don’t.

    By Simon Cornell on 11.08.2011

  2. To come up with something on your own is a truly wonderful thing. Creativity leads to innovation and with that comes a new respect for beauty and art.

    By Shelby on 11.08.2011

  3. Did you apply for the patent on that idea yet? No? The way things work is that ideas are out there, for anyone to develop. If you want to fly with an idea under your name, you really need to patent it, and you really cannot afford to wait.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.09.2011

  4. An idea in which belongs to an individual. To have a patent on an idea justifies that it was yours and you are its creator. To have a patent would seem like a huge deal but sometimes patents can be something very minimal in any scale of life importance and yet the idea is still given birth.

    By Trevor Middleton on 11.09.2011

  5. I can patent a thing. I can patent many, many things. But I can’t patent you. In all your perfections and beautiful flaws, there is something untamed. I love it.

    By Simon URL on 11.09.2011

  6. diamond. encrusted. chocolate. balls. that’s right, chocolate balls. with diamonds on them. i patent that shit. i patent it, and i receive all the profits. this is flawless.

    By dustyfoot URL on 11.09.2011

  7. the legal right over the company.

    By radhika on 11.09.2011

  8. i dont really know what patent means. it makes me think of patent pending. so that must mean it has something to do with owning words or phrases, something like that. i think if you have a patent on something others can’t use it to make a profit. i guess i do know what it means.

    By lauren on 11.09.2011

  9. intellectual property

    By radhika on 11.09.2011

  10. Those heels! She stared through the window wistfully, something in her aching – jealousy, lust, envy…
    No. Just no. Not today.

    By Kat URL on 11.09.2011

  11. Should that say patient?
    because I don’t know what patent means.
    Or maybe… Parent?
    pah-tent. pat-ent. pate-nnnnnt. I don’t know.

    By Amelia G URL on 11.09.2011

  12. He has a patent on that phrase. Whenever I hear anyone else use it I feel almost sick. Like they’re betraying him. Who do you think you are tryin to charm me like that? Don’t even think about it. Only he can say that, call me that, be like that. And isn’t like that anymore so you can’t be either.

    By Brittface URL on 11.09.2011

  13. What is a patent?
    I gotta go see the dictionary!
    Sorry, but I don’t know!
    It sounds familiar, though…
    Hmm…where have i heard it??

    By Krizia Marie Millanes URL on 11.09.2011

  14. The work was well done and it meet the approval of all those concern, however, I made one big mistake in not get the patent for the new designs, and was warned that i risk getting my work stolen, or claimed by someone else.

    By victor walkes URL on 11.09.2011

  15. he had toiled at it week in week out and finally here he was standing in the rain outside the patent office. His greatest invention to date would revolutionise how people would eat heir toast each morning with their breakfast

    By Amimee URL on 11.09.2011

  16. technical ownership enforced by the law.

    By Maddy on 11.09.2011

  17. I just had an epiphany if i keep writing, without really thinking, then i will fill up this space rather nicely. Although my actually topic will lack content i will still have been using the word epiphany and that is good, hell its required. At least there is spell check as well eh?

    By asd on 11.09.2011

  18. i want a medicine to be patented in my name . i woul;d give it my name and make myself immortal. it will be a life saving drug and earn me a lot of money. but i need to research for that . big money requires big idea and a lot of hard work

    By Sonam Doshi on 11.09.2011

  19. manifestation of the best music of my caliber. i wanna be the best producer and produce the greatest music and have the best artist that i bring the best out of. that can represent themselves and me with clas followed with talent. i want to go far. i want to be successful. i want to make it beyond my capabilities at this point.

    By Ladell Preston on 11.09.2011

  20. Finally, the flesh reflects all the madness within, just another malice. I am drifting.. but not to sleep. Here I can shake the views of the world and find myself. History will absolve me. Time is askew. And I am in it. I am what’s wrong… I am still alive. The world is dying, and it is my fault, and I can’t bear it another day. You are forgiven, always and entirely, forgiven. I promised not to lead you into this darkness alone, and I kept my heart to that. We are both lost, and we won’t be found, for this world is not your home. The future is not yours, the policies rule you. There is a patent on freedom. Have not love, for I am nothing, but just another malice.

    By Saskia URL on 11.09.2011

  21. I can’t even think of what that word means. Doesn’t it mean like not allowing someone else to uh use or steal that idea or they have to pay you? maybe I should google it. I feel that would help me. I dunno tho. I’m pretty sure that’s cheating. Oh no tikme is runing out! ah! make it sto

    By Alex on 11.09.2011

  22. Patenting the mood is becoming it, one and whole with emotion, denying the technocratic influence of the world around you to grab and claw at you, giving you the number. Creating a fluid stream of amiable movement of thought allowing the openness of conversation and thoughts to ensue.

    By Rory O' Connor URL on 11.09.2011

  23. Patent pending. I have an idea. I don’t want sheisters to steal it. So I patent it, of course. It’s a mechanical, technical idea. It would suck if people could patent creative or emotional ideas.

    By Si on 11.09.2011

  24. The patent leather boots really classed up her look, he thought to himself sarcastically. But still he was here, talking to her. Was he flirting? No. No. She was probably a whore.
    But still here he was, buying her a drink, smirking at her.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.09.2011

  25. He created a patent so potent it held the potential of praise from the parliament and people alike

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 11.09.2011

  26. The patent shoes clicked together. Nothing. Exactly nothing happened. They clicked again, concentrating on bringing the heels together. Nothing. So it really was a matter of colour!

    By Nathalie (@spacedlaw) URL on 11.09.2011

  27. patent pending they always go crazy about it one dragons den although it’s always patently obvious they are not going to get any cash.

    By Henry on 11.09.2011

  28. The patent laws need to be revised and made so those of us who don’t use legalize can understand them. Make it short and simple. Then we know more about the process of getting a patent on our miraculous invention.

    By spartica URL on 11.09.2011

  29. since

    By alice on 11.09.2011

  30. Patent leather opera shoes, the same as were shined brightly the first day of classics class. The same as decorate the feet of someone far ago and long away. Or something.
    Patent leather…
    Heh. Amusing, isn’t it?
    I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere, about un-patented leather opera shoes, but I can’t be bothered to find it quite now. I’m off to see the wizard, see. The wonderful wonderful wizard who fixes things so I can stay.

    By Lancir URL on 11.09.2011

  31. pending, shoes, leather, patient without an i.

    By CMH on 11.09.2011

  32. She was smiling with patent insincerity, I could bear it no longer.

    By leah URL on 11.09.2011

  33. hier bin ich in meiner welt in dieser welt in der welt einzigartig nur ich allein hier bin ich und ich schreibe ich schreibe also bin ich also schreibe ich meine welt in dieser welt meine welten in einer welt der phantasie und der wörter ich schreibe

    By blinddarm on 11.09.2011

  34. The patent clerc looked at the papers handed to him, these sums and writings on the documents looked confusing, yet he felt he had some connection to them, he pourred over them through the night, this would be his future

    By Andy on 11.09.2011

  35. idea for an invention to make not allowed to coppy

    By survivor URL on 11.09.2011

  36. Patent, ich bin patent. Onkel Harry, der seine Patente angemeldet hat wie andere Leute sich an der Tankstelle aufhalten, hat immer daran geglaubt, dass ich eine Patente bin. Bin ich ja auch, irgendwie, nur keiner glaubt es mir sonst.

    By blinddarm on 11.09.2011

  37. A patent is a document that protects an invention created by an individual from others using it for themselves. Patents cost different amounts of money and require government recognition.

    By Gagandeep Lall on 11.09.2011

  38. Pygg strapped on his patent leather shoes in preparation for the Winter Storms Waltz. Outside, the wind cursed the windows and whistled in hollow stems.

    The radio came on. A band, a string instrument of ill-repute at the fore, and Pygg took the first step.

    In his arms, the ghost of Autumn followed his lead, circling and looping around the shadowy room. Finally, the spectre crumbled at the last strains of crashing crescendo, leaving Pygg alone, again. And Winter took its place.

    By RS Bohn URL on 11.09.2011

  39. what you need to do business with something cool and new. Don’t know were to get it, but know that you need it. that way no one else can steal your ideas. its yours and its cool.

    By lpfaff on 11.09.2011

  40. Loving kind girl boy together wait hold Wait holdon longer note more date hoax hope

    By Babygurl on 11.09.2011