November 8th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “patent”

  1. Patent. The obviousness. Like streaming sounds from my beating chest screaming out for recognition. As if it could tell someone else what I refuse to hear. Ignorance is bliss. Wondrous in silence. Terror is the only friend of the open-hearted.

    By Mark URL on 11.08.2011

  2. fake maybe not real
    like a company
    patent pending
    you are waiting for something fake to happen like our world
    we live off of fake things
    patent is money
    our world survives on money, no longer are we sustained with food and love we are reliable on money
    patent like an organized fake consumer

    By Haleigh on 11.08.2011

  3. Her words were of no consequence but they were spoken over mine. Mine were of no consequence either. Her lack of manners and self-obsession was patent as the other conversationalists found the ceiling to be of great interest. No matter, I’d not expect any different.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 11.08.2011

  4. Patent leather shoes
    never could see any reflection
    who holds the patent for the leather?
    Is it really leather?
    I don’t think so.
    It’s patent leather.
    note: look up etymology

    By Bill G URL on 11.08.2011

  5. he worked through layers of blankets and electrode-loaded water-based “nutrient-rich” vitamin-supplements and his frail fingers dug through layers of papers that were not yet digitized. through layers of glass he viewed the world, distorted in an eerie way, and under a layer of secrecy, he kept working.

    By Jessica URL on 11.08.2011

  6. patent pending was a band my brother would always listen to. i remember he always loved going to shows with his friends. he was a typical little high school punk that went outside of the norm and inside to underground music. he kept up with the music scene. cool kid.

    By Ed V on 11.08.2011

  7. I dislike this word because I think that people patent too many things. What happened to a free world? It’s free…unless it was someone else’s idea first. Right. I like free people.

    By Molinda URL on 11.08.2011

  8. Do we have the right to patent free flow thoughts. For is it not true that the best ideas are stolen by time. We who are last to cross the line still see the views along the way but the gun shot at different times

    By Jack on 11.08.2011

  9. i don’t really know much about a patent. how a patent works or whatever. it doesn’t really mean much to me, but who’s to say it doesn’t mean something to someone else i guess? my boyfriend says he needs a patent for his “invention”. i say he just needs me (;

    By Allison on 11.08.2011

  10. “If I wanted it to look like that other article I would have said so. But I didn’t, did I? No. I said I wanted a scissors that was capable of cutting left-handed, upsidedown and underwater, yet you have given me one that cuts left-handed water upsidedown. How am I supposed to patent that? The iScissors me arse!”

    By Santa Monious URL on 11.08.2011

  11. First of all, i don’t know what this word means. Don’t criticize me, i’m not that stupid, i just don’t know what this word means. Second of all, they always give me boring words like these.

    By E.T. URL on 11.08.2011

  12. patent? i dont really think i know what this is. but i looked it up just now, and its a official document giving rights or privileges? but anywho, this brings up much debate in government and society.

    By Katelyn Arabie on 11.08.2011

  13. Many different definitions- can mean obvious, but can be ‘patent pending’ for an invention. I think of it mostly as the second one. I believe it’s also something to do with leather. Not many people know the word, and it is not used as frequently. I wasn’t too sure what it meant a while ago but I suppose I do, but the length of this post, haha. That’s all I s’pose. (:

    By paige URL on 11.08.2011

  14. leather chairs
    all mine
    all yours
    our leather chairs

    are ruining
    our leather chairs

    this was a really bad word

    By Helen URL on 11.08.2011

  15. I’ve gotten this word like 6 times now and I’m not sure how to rid myself of it. Perhaps if I explode, the remnants of my body will force out a new word for me to manage. If only…

    By Molinda URL on 11.08.2011

  16. When you want to invent something, you must first get a patent, that way no one will steal your idea and take credi for it. my faggot ex-boyfriends brother wanted to get one for some stupid invention he THOUGHT he came up with.

    By Jessica on 11.08.2011

  17. If only there would be patent for every person. So that shitty persons would lessen. This world would be heaven then, or maybe not. Wishful thinking.

    By Claire URL on 11.08.2011

  18. so unique
    it has a patent
    Daddy’s bacon beer

    By haikusue URL on 11.08.2011

  19. Patent is like Paris Hilton trying to get the phrase “That’s Hot” patented. It is tried and true. It is owned. Patent is also the type of shoe that I can wear that sometimes gets scuffed. I used to hate patent leather shoes as a child. They meant dress up shoes
    that were always too slippery to walk in.

    By Kim on 11.08.2011

  20. Oh boy, here goes this word again. Patent is the first word that I got when I came to this website, so I hope it changes. It reminds me of the scientific legal term that gives you ownership of something. Paris Hilton. That’s hot. NOT. It reminds me of patent leather shoes as a child that were too slippery to walk with. I couldn’t run with.

    By Kim URL on 11.08.2011

  21. He developed it, knew it was good, and tried to keep it to himself. The patent was so difficult to obtain. Nearly impossible, they said. And God knows why anyone wouldn’t want to share such a beautiful thing. But he was selfish, and he knew he was selfish, and honestly he didn’t care about anything or anyone else. He just wanted the credit, and wanted something to be his, truly his and no one else’s.

    By Karen URL on 11.08.2011

  22. The inventor took off his smoke-stained spectacles with an expression of awe and supreme satisfaction on his dusty face. :) “I’ve done it,” he exclaimed, “Look, by golly, Robogor, call the patent office! “

    By Antsandpants on 11.08.2011

  23. Patent and new, that’s what the man told me. Tch. If only I knew how the marketing business worked before all this. Now I’m broke, starving and homeless. Why did this all happen to me.

    By Rain on 11.08.2011

  24. I think of drug patents and how unfair they are for AIDS patients in the third World. As the companies have patents, the drugs cant get to the people who really need them. I think they are good sometimes but at other times they are racist.

    By Gabi on 11.08.2011

  25. i dont kno whow to say this word well i could probly figure it out but i didnt have time so yah lol :P i like this website and yah almost out of time and almost there and pretty much done yup im done

    By Jennica on 11.08.2011

  26. I want a ptent for my idea. I think its a good idea, and because it hasn’t been patented yet, I’m not going to tell you what it is. You’re going to have to guess.

    By Cleo URL on 11.08.2011

  27. patience pending!

    By rapunzel URL on 11.08.2011

  28. I wish I could patent half the things that pop into my head. As it is, I’ve only ever patented one thing, But it’s a doosie. The Popcornulator is going to revolutionize the modern kitchen for years to come.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 11.08.2011

  29. i bought these patent leather shoes. I wore them to the party last night and this guy came up to me and stole them. I told him to give them back but he wanted them to be a part of his collection. The things that can happen when you wear patent leather shoes!! I just wish i had them now so my feet can be warm on the cold gravel..

    By Carla on 11.08.2011

  30. they made me sign away the rights, got straight to the point, right in my face. So there i was, alone in this room, just me and the rest of my life on a blank piece of paper. The beginning of the end. This is where my story starts…

    By Sion Lidster on 11.08.2011

  31. Bleh boring, so boring. Funny word though, kinda makes me smile… for personal reasons obviously. Idk, idk what I’m writing about. Why this word? Why patent? Not that interesting. Bleh. Oh well.

    By aj on 11.08.2011

  32. sometimes things that are official aren’t always fair. wonder if people get patents on patents, wouldn’t that be something. it’s making me loopy thinking about. Ha, patents. Maybe I’ll have one on day.

    By Joe on 11.08.2011

  33. patent means something only you can use, something only you can own. The first thing it brings up is right. Just like copyright, you can not use that without a permission, and it’s owned by somebody. Patent is owned by someone, someone who can use it and let is become useful

    By Yang on 11.08.2011

  34. obvious, blatent, real,

    it was patently ovious what the answer was. I have a patent for my idea.

    By Peter Williams on 11.08.2011

  35. Patent leather shoes running down the wooden stairs. Giggles, as she slides around the corner. Our little girl is growing up, babe.

    By travelingalisssa URL on 11.08.2011

  36. Patent? What the hell? How was I supposed to come up with a patent? I’d never been creative in my life. It’s why I went into accounting. True, in my heart I was a painter, but you needed talent to do shit like that and I didn’t have a creative cell in my body. And now this? A patent? What was I, an inventor? Not at all…

    By Ben Tracy on 11.08.2011

  37. Patents have become completely obsolete in the modern age. As companies scoop up patents on idea after idea in order to simply levy law suits when someone gets around to inventing it, it discourages the innovation that made this country great.

    By Robert URL on 11.08.2011

  38. A patent is one of thooose things, right? Like a copyright. I’m pretty sure. I suppose if it is, then they must be pretty necessary if you want to be published. Can’t have people stealing others’ work now, can we?

    By Emily URL on 11.08.2011

  39. I wish I could patent so many things, but my ideas are so silly. I think that’s okay though considering a lot of people patent stupid things. Makes no sense.

    By A.J. URL on 11.08.2011

  40. I have no patent because there is this ridiculous price; 600 bucks for one patent.? For a mere parking space; i dont think so.! more like six bucks, my little friends. and that’s if i can gather the six from the little jar where i keep all of those pennies and quaters…no nickles nor dimes of course.!

    By de.ja. on 11.08.2011