November 28th, 2012 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “past”

  1. I’m past it. Over the hump, beyond the hill. Past the past and now forward. Pssst, that past is past. Not too bad a thing to think about.

    By charmed URL on 11.28.2012

  2. yellow, but true, unforgettable, trully, memento, stay, be, await, see, future, smile, live.

    By A Human on 11.28.2012

  3. Sometimes the past can come back to bite you. Things change, people change, thoughts change, and emotions change. But the past will always be there. Standing behind you. Glaring at you through mirrors, laughing at your misfortune, and making you walk on eggshells. Gun it while i’m holding on but dont stop if i fall and don’t look back.

    By Tjrider93 URL on 11.28.2012

  4. I smelled something baking the other day as I walked through the shops. I found myself flying backwards through time on the scents. I was there, again. Right where I had been, just then.

    By LailaLCR URL on 11.28.2012

  5. It was much past the time she should have left. She could already tell that she was going to regret these next few minutes, but she couldn’t stop herself from turning around, couldn’t keep her feet from running towards him.
    “I miss you already,” she whispered in his ear as she leapt into his arms.
    He kissed her as a response. They held onto each other desperately and wished for the rest of the world to slip away.

    By Madi on 11.28.2012

  6. The past is something that can not be changed. Sometimes it is hard to get over the past. It is always there and will never go away. It is easy to get lost in your past mistakes and it will affect your present and future. I think understanding the past is a very important aspect of life.

    By Trent on 11.28.2012

  7. hurtful, cutting, scars, gate, dad, rain, crying, mom, falling down and getting hurt with nobody to pick me up, horrible school, horrible life, gone, done, history, hurt, pain,

    By Jordan on 11.28.2012

  8. it’s beautiful and disatruous at the same time. i love it and i hate it. it is my last life, the life that i never had the courage to face. the things that i can’t erase from my memory. i don’t want it anymore, but i so want it back. i don’t know

    By smalego on 11.28.2012

  9. part of my past that i remember most clearly was when my friend’s boyfriend had broken up with her at a big relay for life celebration. Me and my other friend were with her as she cried in the portapotty. i told her don’t worry it will just be part of your past one day.

    By Ellen on 11.28.2012

  10. It’s a trap!

    By Brandi URL on 11.28.2012

  11. It’s already over. There’s nothing you can do about it. Think all you want, but it won’t change anything. If you’re lucky the emotional pain won’t be as harsh anymore. It doesn’t always work like that though. Sometimes it just makes it worse. I don’t like to think about my past, but sometimes I can’t stop myself. I find myself drifting into a state of numbness, contemplating every detail of my life and what it might mean. It amounts to nothing though, and all I end up with is even more lost time.

    By Jessica on 11.28.2012

  12. Looking back she knew it was wrong. There were things that were out of her control maybe, but far more that were there lying in wait for her hands. To raise them up, to bring them down, or to keep them steady as they reached themselves toward the sky.

    By Catherine Grace URL on 11.28.2012

  13. It was easier then. Simpler. We didn’t worry then what we worry now. I wish I could back. Escape the worries and fears that haunt me now, and go back to the way things were. The past.

    By Grace URL on 11.28.2012

  14. It was easier then. Simpler. We didn’t worry then what we worry now. I wish I could back. Escape the worries and fears that haunt me now, and go back to the way things were. But that was then; we’re past then. This is now.

    By Grace URL on 11.28.2012

  15. I took a bath with milk and oatmeal and scalding water. I lay there for hours. I became dehydrated and dellusional. I was in the past; I was five years old and I was happy. I had two parents and a sister and a bed of my own. When I came to, the tub was empty. I was lying naked and alone, covered in oatmeal, and once more I wanted to die.

    By La Lune URL on 11.28.2012

  16. behind you regret memory history life gone relief death over never again move on

    By Rory James on 11.28.2012

  17. The past is like a book on the top shelf yo don’t always think of that book but every once and awhile you catch a glimpse of it. We all have different books on that top shelf, and they are either shared or kept to ourselves it depends on the writer.

    By Rylee URL on 11.28.2012

  18. i saw a little girl in the mall, she looked vageuly familiar. i realized it was a face from a girl in the gymnasium from my past. my past that i try to forget. it isnt horrible just coldly boring. i l

    By Alixx on 11.28.2012

  19. The past is something you can’t go back to, so why try ? I mean, it’s over, you have the future to look forward to. The past is gone, the present is fleeting. All we have is the future, so do everything in your power to make it count. Make it great. So when it’s the current fleeting present, you can enjoy it thouroughly. Don’t think about your past. No regrets. Everything you’ve done makes you who you are now. Someone likes who you are now. Don’t want to change your past. xoxoxxxo

    By Emme on 11.28.2012

  20. thinking about the past is a trip….a crazy whirlwind of a trip. brings me back, nostalgia, confusion, strength, weakness, depths. remembering, reflecting, using it as a tool to move forward into the beautiful future with.

    By Marie Barranco on 11.28.2012

  21. i regret my past sometimes, i don’t even know why.

    By alondrav123 URL on 11.28.2012

  22. Feeling like an afterthought.

    That’s all there was to it. I hated him, and yet I didn’t really care. I knew I was supposed to feel angry about our past, so I did. But it wasn’t a true feeling; it was a feeling out of the knowledge that I should feel in the first place. So I hated him. And that was that.

    By Marissa URL on 11.28.2012

  23. the past is a big part i nthe furture. it takes the past to make the furture see if you become a vampire in the pastin the present it will haunt you

    By krystal on 11.28.2012

  24. There are things in my past that I don’t like. I don’t necessarily agree with them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t regret them. I really believe that every mistake, action and success that I did when I was younger lead me to where I was today. If I didn’t do any of those things, the past 4 years of my life may be completely different.

    By Kevin on 11.28.2012

  25. forgive
    move on
    leave it
    fucked up

    By Derick on 11.28.2012

  26. and every day I feel something different. it catches up, the smiles, the laughter, all the good that i overlooked. why now? why when i’m trying my best to let it drift off into nothingness is everything invoking smiles and random revelries? I wanted them so bad…I hope it never happens again…

    By Trey URL on 11.28.2012

  27. the past should be left in the past. who likes to visit it and who really needs to.. move on and be proud that you made it and you are now living in the present and ready for the future, who cares about the past! live and let learn baby!

    By owlixx URL on 11.28.2012

  28. The past is painful and full of regret. But in the end we can’t change it. It will sit there judging us; peering over our shoulder constantly to remind us of the memories that happened long ago. It floods our mind and the dwelling is sometimes too much to bear.

    By Ashlyn on 11.28.2012

  29. present and future. This time is moving on and going all too quickly. Past the gate and around the corner, down the dark and deep dank garden. Eliot is waiting.

    By Joe on 11.28.2012

  30. It’s something we put to much weight on. Everything is about who you were and not who you are. I’m different than ten years ago, from five, from two, from one. I’m not her anymore. She’s her. I’m me. Take me as I am not who I was. Then you will truly know me.

    By Katie on 11.28.2012

  31. my past is not complicated
    even though i want it to be
    I want something/ someone/ some event/ some place
    to collect some of my emotions,
    but there is only me alone
    everyone goes past, my eyes cannot make them stop

    By Emma on 11.28.2012

  32. they say the past is the past and that you should get over it. But what if you can’t? What if no matter how hard you want to forget the past you can’t let it go? Like a boy you want to get over but no matter how many times you tell yourself you deserve more you just can’t let go of him

    By Erin on 11.28.2012

  33. I’d like to think of each day as a freshly cleaned blackboard. But really, day after day, it’s as if my life is a blackboard never washed, with faint, bothersome, painfully present traces of the past. But to wash the blackboard would be to lie to myself, to others, and to the experience of living.

    By typoh URL on 11.28.2012

  34. i ponder as a gallow rises on the peak
    my past is close behind me
    and the fourteen lovers
    i once had in jest
    have figured out the quartered song
    i sang to keep them close to me.
    o how can i be this way,
    how can i remain?
    with certainty i can proclaim
    my friends and family,
    do not fret or wonder where i’ve gone
    it’s times like these i thank my mother
    for never holding me

    By anthony on 11.28.2012

  35. There was this moment in the past where all she could think about was getting home, yet here she was in on the verge of getting home and all she could think about was the past she didn’t want to leave behind. Her eyes were stinging and her throat was tight with anguish that ravaged a body her family would no longer recognise.

    By Fox on 11.28.2012

  36. There’s something about the past that always comes back up in the future. It sometimes goes undetected for years until someone realized, like de ja vu , that they’ve felt that feeling or known that person. They’ve been there and done those things. It’s always there.

    By Baylee on 11.28.2012

  37. Every thing that has ever happened in the world is in the past. We should learn from the past mistakes made, but we don’t. We should remember all the good times but we are stuck in the present and thinking about the future, eventually forgetting the past.

    By Maya on 11.28.2012

  38. in the past, i’d been fine with my lonely-in-life status. but that brief moment of togetherness, the second of inseparability, left me lost in the world. i couldn’t stand a moment of singularity, let alone another lifetime of solitude.

    By emily on 11.28.2012

  39. His past was grim and stained red with the images of his mother’s lifeless body laying in her bed, body slashed to ribbons, and those cold amethyst eyes staring skyward with a look of shear pain and maybe regret etched into her face. He expected fear, but he’d known his mother better than that; there was no fear in her eyes that had beheld Death.

    By Fox URL on 11.28.2012

  40. Dark times. Always trying to move forward. Learn from your experiences. Move forward. History. Antiques.

    By Debbie on 11.28.2012