November 28th, 2012 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “past”

  1. Past, Present, Future. What is the most important of the three? Is it the past, with all of it’s lessons, experiences, and memories that defines who you are today? Or is what you are at this moment exactly that? Just a moment in the present and a snapshot that will change in the future. Or is it the future? Is it your hopes and dreams and aspirations that make you who you are?

    By Jenn URL on 11.28.2012

  2. deliver me from my past thats as vast as the oceans themselves.

    By christophher roper on 11.28.2012

  3. The past indescribably undeniable unwounding on your front door like a longwinded yarn that came from somewhere once, but we forgot to look for the end. So now we have this line of thread lining our lives following us around, marking out our footsteps. Who knows when it will end.

    By LaetitiaL on 11.28.2012

  4. What is past is done, but still weighs heavy on my back. The ache fills me, and I cannot be anesthetized with the mere fact that it is over. It is still with me.

    By Jenn URL on 11.28.2012

  5. Don’t hold on to the past. It is gone and there’s no way to bring it back, no matter how much you want to re-live those small, beautiful moments or change the wrongs you made.

    By krrosec URL on 11.28.2012

  6. It’s been a long time since that day. It’s long behind us, in the past. But it will live on in our minds forever.

    By Caoimhe URL on 11.28.2012

  7. The storm had begun to be only a thing of the past. A generation wiped clean in the floods and hail. The lucky one’s died in the blast that came before. Now the survivors huddled around what little heat they could find in the dank and dreary desolate waste that had become their world around them.

    By M on 11.28.2012

  8. the past is never completely gone. it shapes the present and makes the future possible.

    By corinnele on 11.28.2012

  9. Ghosts are always behind you, or just to the side, or maybe their hand is slipped inside yours and they’re leading you forward, always one step ahead. You can’t forget — you think you might, but they’re always, always there, waiting for you to remember them again.

    By quiet URL on 11.28.2012

  10. adventure sad pain true lies love hugs present future animals life try one kiss more less instinct prepared scared lonely only mountains river sand gone

    By Sandra on 11.28.2012

  11. Past present future. Sometimes life takes you to a new world and lets you realize that the past is the past. It cannot change you. Why let it if it’s the past?? Not the future. I’m tired of everyone thinking they are stuck in their past.

    By Shelby Moore on 11.28.2012

  12. these past few months have been so trying for me.. leaving all my friends and family behind. i lost a love. im still very much in love with by the way. i learned a lot about myself. this past year has changed me completely. i am a different person than i was in the past.

    By arieana on 11.28.2012

  13. He could not stop thinking about his past and how it would help him in this situation. Somehow everything always seems to happen when it snows and now it’s snowing heavily outside while they were all being held hostages inside by heavily armed masked men.

    By Deanna URL on 11.28.2012

  14. The past is a place you should never revisit. You have already been there. Some great things happened. Some crappy things. But if you go back and relive something and it gets better or worse, it will make it seem like the first time was pointless. I believe in living for the future and remembering the good things from the past only.

    By Joshua Mark Ferron on 11.28.2012

  15. I remember the Storm in August.
    It was the day my past ended.
    The day I tried to take my life.

    I took all the pills,
    chasing with liqueur
    and sweet sweet

    I remember the terror I felt
    to see lightening strike while
    In my room,
    Knowing I was alone.

    That month passed in pain
    But in time
    the pain
    it turned to dust.

    I tried so hard to forget the past.
    He is the only one
    who makes me

    And maybe this time, the
    past wont repeat itself.
    And all will be well
    and quiet.

    But that Storm in August.
    It changed me to who I am
    But then again
    Who am I?

    Am I not made up of
    the fabrics of
    the flashbacks in my mind
    that pulls me back,
    drawn further?

    The memories of my past
    are there somewhere
    and I’m stuck in the middle of it all
    As if I was 10 feet deep in a
    frozen over water,
    so dark.

    By AngelDuCiel URL on 11.28.2012

  16. The past. This word hit me with a rush of emotions. I would say it hit me like a train, but no–no one can really know what being hit by a train feels like. Or, I hope few can feel what it actually feels like. No, it’s more like a brief wave of tumultuous emotion, hitting you in a single moment.

    By Annie Yang on 11.28.2012

  17. the past is history but still in the making. you choose a path and from there you continue to make them, the choices that control your life destiny. destiny aint a thing but something they used to believe in. shit i dont know what i believe in. but i know sometimes i pray about the future of my world, my life. the reason for my living to see it through to the new beginning.

    By Nykkia on 11.28.2012

  18. what is it about it that becomes the single most consuming quest of our lives? It is gone and doesn’t exist. Gone and doesn’t

    By Sandra on 11.28.2012

  19. The past enters mostly my dreams, but also my thoughts during the day. It evokes memories that sometimes gladden and sometimes sadden me. The past also sometimes prevents me from moving forward. It feels like a trap . . . sometimes.

    By Sheila on 11.28.2012

  20. is what is left when you suddenly realise that you are living in the present.

    By Teresa URL on 11.28.2012

  21. The past to the present. The time that I know. Looking back it has passed so quickly..

    By Nick Brobst URL on 11.28.2012

  22. the man was from the past
    the past is behind us
    just leave it in the past
    you have to stay down stairs till the storms pasts

    By kyle URL on 11.28.2012

  23. in the past i was young
    i lived in the recent past just leave it in the past

    By Sam URL on 11.28.2012

  24. The past keeps running through my head today.
    Hindsight is 20/20.
    I’m so utterly and unbelievably grateful for what i have today.
    No regrets.

    By Anna URL on 11.28.2012

  25. in the past me and cash got into a hudge fight and he was so hurt because i punched him in the face

    By tanner URL on 11.28.2012

  26. in the past i have seen things that I wish I had`nt.

    By skyler jayne URL on 11.28.2012

  27. My past is rich in emotion and memories, gilded in rusted gold. My past is laughter shattering windows, motorcycles, bookstores, lonely. My past burns when I think of it. Get it away, bring it back: memory.

    By Samantha URL on 11.28.2012

  28. peanut butter. with coco pops. that’s what i ate this morning. this morning is technically the past. how cool would it be to travel to the past? no, the future. waaaay better. i would see

    By Sarah on 11.28.2012

  29. i ran past the store as i ran to school.

    By sterlingm URL on 11.28.2012

  30. torture,

    By ardent bowel URL on 11.28.2012

  31. There’s no such this as a past is an opened present. Past is the anticipation of present. The past isn’t present anymore, and the present will soon be passed along, to somewhen else, and then the present becomes the past and it’s all very simple really.

    By Krushna URL on 11.28.2012

  32. In the past, I was a cook.
    I have a very long past.

    By andrewk URL on 11.28.2012

  33. In the past I use to liv in Phoenix and before i came to show low my past school’s were Blue Ridge and East Fork and the phoenix school.

    By siena URL on 11.28.2012

  34. The past, was well, past. The abortion had happened, and she put it behind her. It was time to not be so selfish anymore. Marion moved back in with her mother and began helping around the laundry again, and she began designing her own clothes and selling them for a pretty penny.

    By GloriousClio URL on 11.28.2012

  35. A lot of crazy things happened in the past. The future is what’s important. It’d be nice if things were as good as then but I’m afraid things change. I’m not sure I like it. But hopefully someday a good change will come along. I will continue to hope for that day.

    By Deanna on 11.28.2012

  36. The past. Its something you sometimes should learn not to dwell on. Sometimes, perhaps you should. Learn to throw the bad memories, all your wrongdoings into the trash, but not the lessons within them. Keep the good memories up front aside them. – the past :)

    By Kara :) URL on 11.28.2012

  37. The way I’ll always remember those lost years is like that night- driving down the highway in a darkness punctuated only by orange circles of light. The moon was behind us but I strained round to see it. It was the reallest it had ever looked to me, a silver pomegranate that I was sure I could have plucked. The clouds held it gently, grey-green mountains streaming away behind us.

    By F on 11.28.2012

  38. this time last year i was a mess. i didnt know where to go with my life. i was unfulfilled. i was in a bad relationship that kept hurting me. my past has made me a stronger person. i will never regret anything i have gone through during my past.

    By arieana croom URL on 11.28.2012

  39. The past is in the past, that’s how it should be. Look at the future you have the rest of your life to live. Why spend it living in the past, yes you should cherish the moments you had but they are memories now. You need to move on a create new ones. you need to meet new people and live your life.

    By adam on 11.28.2012

  40. Stop living in the past. Be present in this moment. Be aware of the astonishing life that is around you and start living. Forget the past. The past doesn’t matter any more. Dont look ahead to the future, but live and be. here in the present

    By Caitlin on 11.28.2012