October 13th, 2013 | 94 Entries

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94 Entries for “parachute”

  1. I’ll use you as a parachute
    hold tight
    I’ll still fall as a drunken puke
    slower plight
    I’ll survive impact to boot
    perhaps alright

    By Aley URL on 10.13.2013

  2. the parachute failed to open. i felt my body plumeting to the ground. there was nothing i could do. i tugged harder and faster on the cord, still nothing happened. cold air whooshed across my face as i tryed to stop my self from hitting the hard ground. it was futal

    By em on 10.13.2013

  3. Open you damn thing I screamed. It did of course, but there is always that second as the ‘plane gives birth to you, as you rush and tumble into the void, that you wonder if it’s going to open.

    By Angus Rose on 10.13.2013

  4. Sometimes I wonder about that one book. You know the one. The book that asks what color your parachute is. I’m not really sure what that’s even about though. What color is my parachute?? I have no idea what color it is or what the significance would be. Most parachutes re bright colors. Probably so airplanes don’t hit you. It’s important for them to be able to see you.

    By Kaylee on 10.13.2013

  5. The soldier did a free descend with his parachute. He was holding a stern and using this killing tool

    By ASIM YALNIZ on 10.13.2013

  6. Flying high falling air plane clouds free breeze trust heaven eagle gravity weightless air danger

    By Meredith Puryear on 10.13.2013

  7. parachutes, orange, silk, men falling from the sky, people being rescued at work, parachuting in to save the day, the office, dull gray, bright white outside, trees blowing int he wind up high, getting caught, flashing, rustling thats it times up

    By missingtrees on 10.13.2013

  8. the parachute kep me from falling. Great frankly i cant thing of something i woudl less rather write about. Oh wait yes i can: Hear of darkness. (fyi i strongly considered capitalizing that entire title to show my anger). Anyways fun fact im boredo out of my mind, primarily because most of my morning was used to fantasize about the two door cinema club leas singer. SO i havent finshed any of my work, I am craving tons of dresses form free poeple and wish i were rich but not instead i am dead broke, cant spell three owrds in a row and realy want time to be up. Of there it comes.

    By Josephine on 10.13.2013

  9. when i was younger
    i would wear plastic bags
    like backpacks, and jump
    off the arms of our tattered furniture,
    as if attached to a parachute,
    and plummet deep into the
    ocean’s unforgiving waves —
    sometimes, i would land on
    mossy cliff sides of Peru and
    occasionally skim the canopy
    of forgotten rainforests.

    By Destroyer of Man on 10.13.2013

  10. I dropped out of the sky with a parachute and below the Earth I stood
    My shadow and all that was left of the animals in their kingdoms
    The little mermaids in the deep blue sea beyond the land
    I could see it all from where I was
    Like a ghost of itself, there was nobody hanging on to me.
    I was free falling and until I let out my parachute the ideas came and went like lightning bolts.
    And then I was still, floating in free space and descending into an abyss that I usually called home, but this time it looked much different.
    It look like it was heaven… Earth.

    By Anthony Ross - URL on 10.13.2013

  11. I went sky-diving one day even though I was dreadfully afraid of heights. My mom had to literally push me out of the plane! I screamed for a period of 60 seconds, yes I timed it, but after I pulled my shoot I had the time of my life. The view was absolutely incredible.

    By Sara URL on 10.13.2013

  12. Last Saturday I went skydiving with my mom even though I’m terribly afraid of heights. Some actually had to push me out of the plane I was so scared! I screamed like a crazy woman for a few seconds.

    By Sara URL on 10.13.2013

  13. I strapped my parachute to my back getting ready to jump. There are several things that can make me jump from a site. Oppression of my first amendment rights, overt or underhanded homophobia, rudeness, or being poorly run.

    So now I am sitting here and waiting to see if I jump (and warn my writing friends) or if I stay and sing praises. Only time will tell.

    By FairyNiamh on 10.13.2013

  14. A little parachute of hope is found up there, where the clouds scrape the sky and her, standing there in her aqua blue suede shoes. She fingers the turquoise necklace she wears as the wind catches her hair revealing the sea in little opalescent abalone earrings; it’s always the blues with this one. What she needed was a tinge of pink, like a floating cherry blossom wafting in on the breeze, carrying the weight of realization into her palm.

    By Intuition URL on 10.13.2013

  15. parachute means that you are free. but it also means that there’s always something to save you from falling too far into despair. maybe your parachute is a person or place. but theres always a way back out. you are always free.

    By shannonsacco URL on 10.13.2013

  16. Parachute, gently gliding through the brightly lit sky. Without a care, effortlessly soaring through the heavens. It’s pilot entangled in a cloudy reverie, as I wish to be.

    By WhoisRGL URL on 10.13.2013

  17. to to the
    for before

    with into
    on to at

    in for by
    for to with

    in at to
    into on

    from of on
    to against off

    by on at to

    By Volodymyr Bilyk URL on 10.13.2013

  18. parachute was inveted by Stefan Banic from Slovakia, but I don´t remember when, once I wrote it on my Facebook page.

    By Renata on 10.13.2013

  19. Totterish pa’s of the par
    Collared by the thunder
    For the tray to shoo
    It’s chute
    And Remnant Roar below.
    Decaying as a cliff of ramp
    To be the trough for closet spoiler.

    By Volodymyr Bilyk URL on 10.13.2013

  20. Parachute fabric. Great for big people. Parachute in. Golden parachute out. Normandy landings.Germans did the first airborne invasion. Parachuted hundereds of troops onto Crete in WW2.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 10.13.2013

  21. I take a leap to fall. I’m dropping! Dropping! Dropping! Bump! … Wait what’s wrong? I’m now going slower. Falling graceful; not rapid at all. I took this leap expecting to plunge. Now I’m flying slowly, no falling at all. I turn on my back in the air; there’s a parachute there.

    By Denise Watson URL on 10.13.2013

  22. i knew it was gonna suck. i knew it was gonna be horrible- but i did it because he wanted me to. my dad wanted me to parachute with him and i just had to. i hated heights, but his puppy dog eyes got me into it. and now i was at 100 ft. nice! i just hope i live to see tomorrow.
    a story by Dakotah.

    By Dakotah on 10.13.2013

  23. I think about falling. I wonder if it will open. Hurling through the air. What if it doesn’t work. The earth is fast approaching. Why would people want to do this. Skydiving what are people thinking? Isn’t life about safety nets?

    By Erica URL on 10.13.2013

  24. “Open your parachute!” I screamed at him over the rushing wind. “Pull the tab!”
    He looked over at me, panicked. “Pull the tab!” I shouted again, making the motion with my own arm.
    He fumbled for it, yanking hard. The parachute unfurled.

    By Kristina URL on 10.13.2013

  25. Jumping off the plane, the colorful parachute was ejected out of her backback. Her fall slowed down, as she drifted over the seemingly endless stretch of land below.

    By anonymouse on 10.13.2013

  26. Jumping off the plane, the colorful parachute was ejected out of her backpack. Her fall slowed down, as she drifted over the seemingly endless stretch of land below.

    By anonymouse on 10.13.2013

  27. When my parachute’s broken and gravity’s pulling me down, all I need is you. You, the wings on my shoes, my own personal Hermes, will keep me from death. From heaven and hell, from judgement and absolution.
    Because all my running did was bring me to the one thing I couldn’t run from.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 10.13.2013

  28. It was like a dream, soaring over the patchwork quilt. He felt weightless, as if he was floating before heaven’s gates above the clouds. To his dismay he continued in a downward descent, his imaginary paradise disintegrating as reality took over. He was reluctant to leave his state as an observer, to once again mingle with the fragile system of humanity.

    By anonymouse on 10.13.2013

  29. The parachute refused to unleash itself. I pulled relentlessly at the chord, willing it to grace me to safety. With the ground quickly approaching, I knew I was running out of time.
    I’d thought about killing myself. Hell, I’d tried it a few times.
    But this? This was wrong. I didn’t want to be remembered like this.
    My brain became frantic. Ben’s face came to me, as did Colin and Bobby’s.
    What would they do? How would they react?
    I didn’t want to find out.
    The ground was getting closer.
    I mustered all the strength and adrenaline I had left and tugged at the chord. There was a deafening crashing sound.
    My vision gave out.

    By Neta Shikoba URL on 10.13.2013

  30. “Don’t let me fall! I don’t have a parachute!”

    “Why didn’t you get one?”

    “I was trying to, but then I slipped!”

    “This is the worst skydiving trip ever!”

    Harold desperately cling to his brother Bob’s hand as the plane they were in continually descended, the pilot knowing full well that Harold could let go sooner than thought. Other skydivers in the plane tried to help.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.13.2013

  31. an angel without wings
    spread her arms wide
    carried by the parachute
    glides across the sky
    giving to her
    the illusion of flight.

    By anonymouse on 10.13.2013

  32. parachutes are just a way to avoid from falling from high places and dying. Some people use it for fun by base jumping.

    By quince on 10.13.2013

  33. His parachute expanded open as he dropped, almost appearing like a cloud. And then he began to drop more slowly,

    By Baylee on 10.13.2013

  34. I think I need a parachute some days to keep me from falling from atop the wall of all my lies.

    By Leah URL on 10.13.2013

  35. I guess it’s the one thing that will keep me from falling fast to the pavement. The parachute of my family’s sadness.

    By Leah Yvonne URL on 10.13.2013

  36. Falling from the sky. I saw a man and woman holding each other’s hands bracing themselves for their close descent. Tears were flowing from each other’s eyes. They knew it was coming but can they accept the fate that was to be given to them?

    By Cat U. URL on 10.13.2013

  37. There can be few people in history as courageous as the man who invented the parachute. That is assuming, of course, that he tested it himself. Even if he did not, it takes courage to ask someone, in all seriousness, to jump from a height with only a well folded sheet to protect them.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.13.2013

  38. Take that proverbial leap of faith. Suck in a breath deep enough to fill your belly with cold fire, then jump from the plane. The air, the wind rush round you. You drop hundreds or more feet per second, the air like a cyclone around you. Then, you land, gracefully on your feet if you prepare, on your face if you’re caugh off guard. But the important thingis you took the chance and reached the end.

    By Ashi URL on 10.13.2013

  39. The parachute opened slowly- slowly enough that Alex had a moment to panic. In that moment, she wondered how she had come to this point in her life- this point where she would jump out of a plan for a thrill. After she had reached the ground she had time to reflect, and the question would not leave her mind.

    By Audra H on 10.13.2013

  40. Free…I’m sorrowing through the air eyes closed, as the wind hits my face,
    I’m scared I say, and at that moment I’m not sure if it’s the danger or the thrill I feel.
    I raise my hand, reaching for my parachute latch; I wonder where I’ll land–In a sea of utter
    abyss Or in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the land and it’s pretty pretty trees
    then it hits, this, my moment of clarity; I open my eyes and look at the beauty of it all,
    experiencing, appreciating and feeling it all for the first time, I let go…

    By lee on 10.13.2013