June 6th, 2011 | 621 Entries

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621 Entries for “painted”

  1. I painted my body with memories blue
    Sprinkled the laughter of now to make them true.

    I took a blob of dripping red
    And let it fall over your dull head!

    I crayoned pink lips for all the kisses,
    And the glitter of stars for the misses!

    A pocketful of grey and white and black
    For black & white moments for the stale minded Jack!

    By Harvinder URL on 06.07.2011

  2. The joker painted the walls in his room the color of sand. He let the speckles float away, like so many particles. They joined together again the next morning – all was forgiven.

    By Beth on 06.07.2011

  3. When painted, an object acquires a veneer, but loses none of its underlying substance. Though only its surface has changed, the new conceals the old.

    By Ryan on 06.07.2011

  4. Life is like a painted picture. It could be colorful and bright, filled with the most beautiful things. Images pour out gold and glitter and happiness, spreading smiles onto faces. Other times, it wreaks of pain and terror and darkness. And all the black and red come crashing and slashing down, clawing like a mad beast. Other times it is sadness, and all you can see is blue. Dark blue. And tears. But these things, every stroke and gesture, create one gigantic masterpiece. And that is life.

    By Kastra Kaster URL on 06.07.2011

  5. if i was a paint i would like to be painted. is that beautiful instance where the brush and the hand make one. i that perfect moment to be free.

    By chuy on 06.07.2011

  6. “starry starry night, painted palette blue and grey… ” painted, paint your, painted, paint your… painted.

    By orangymiff URL on 06.07.2011

  7. nails, red always warm fingers

    By usershame URL on 06.07.2011

  8. glass. the painted glass next door looked amazing as the sun reflected off the tints. each one flickering like stars in the sky. i was so amused by the way the light played with the colours. it was a dream within a reality, the paint vs the sun.

    By penny on 06.07.2011

  9. His paintbrush moved swiftly against the rough stone wall, leaving a slick trail of shiny white behind it. Blowing a strand of loose brown hair off his face, he dipped the brush back into the large tin sitting on the floor next to his feet, and kept painting.

    By Emily URL on 06.07.2011

  10. From the breast of the land the hills rose into peaks, the culmination of indescribable lengths of time and forces unseen acting without audience. Sparse shrubs and naturally stunted trees found homes in a mandala of colors emanating from the flying birds and the ever present winds. The sky and ground danced their eternal dance as the brushes of nature acted out their scene and the great director instructed from upon the unseen chair. The hills found themselves the subject of the greatest work of art imaginable, scrutinized only by those that existed within them.

    By zachmichelini URL on 06.07.2011

  11. Embrace me,
    Colour me deep, dark and delicious.

    I always want to smell of your touch.

    By Aditi URL on 06.07.2011

  12. it was in a dark, dark cellar that Maria finished her masterpiece. The old man (her father, the blessed insane man who taught her everything she had to use) stumbled into the pitch black, hollow room.
    “See it?” she asked.
    “No,” he said, “For it is dark in here.”

    By jeffrey on 06.07.2011

  13. The painted walls were a shade of sadness and cringes filled the air. She was broken without repair, i guess he left and nothing«s ever gonna be equal or match what they had, she was the princess in a castle and he, the prince who left.

    By M.S on 06.07.2011

  14. the rain was dripping down from the roof outside. how depressing. depressingly beautiful. man I miss her.

    By Ida from Idaho on 06.07.2011

  15. Colors red yellow pink purple walls clown face makeup red black fence run fly India artist rapper singer dancer wet thick paint

    By Maya on 06.07.2011

  16. Her rosy red cheeks were painted with a shade of crimson too dark for her complexion. Shyness or abuse; it’s a fine line to tread amongst so great a company. She smiled at the painter anyway, as he took the portrait in a blink of an eye.

    By Kendrick Ong URL on 06.07.2011

  17. Her face stood out in the crowded park, she was a warrior ready for battle, as she waited for the suitors to come calling.

    These are my eyes, my lips, my cheeks. They are painted in this way to remind you to pay homage to my beauty. Approach me slowly and provide an offering at the seat of my power, and if it so pleases me, my black rimmed eyes will tell you I am yours.

    By Laura Mary URL on 06.07.2011

  18. painted a picture of you it was beautiful. i miss your eyes your lips your kiss and i dont know what to do with out you. i wish i could paint myself near you so my dream can come back to me i miss you dearly and hope one day you remember me for who i am and what we were. forever in my heart xo

    By diane on 06.07.2011

  19. painted faces painted walls
    all the colors disperse and fall
    painted flowers painted roses
    i’ve fallen in a dizziness
    i’ve painted my mind with the designs
    red green blue yellow orange

    By Sandy L on 06.07.2011

  20. “Painted,” I looked painted, he said. As he threw his keys on the table, he couldn’t resist one last opportunity to scar my sole.

    By Reese URL on 06.07.2011

  21. tell me how to be painted by your love. i’m a blank canvas. everything else that is used bleeds all over me. your touch is just right. your strokes are flow down the curves of my body. I never want to auctioin you ouff. you’re my original masterpiece

    By sheida on 06.07.2011

  22. The walls were splashed Jackson Pollock styled and when I walked into the room I fell in love.
    I was floating on a cloud. It might have been the turpentine.
    It might have been the god awful week i was having; it might have been that I just could not care less anymore; it could have been that I was done with all of it; finished.

    By Shalaka Ghiara on 06.07.2011

  23. Es war gemalt, es war nur gemalt! Und es sah so echt aus, so lebendig! Das alte runde Haus, mit den bunten Bleiglasfenstern, und den alten Holzbalken, die den Lehm hielten. Sogar Vögel flogen an den Wänden entlang, sie warfen Schatten, die entgegengesetzt zur Sonne wanderten.

    By Eli URL on 06.07.2011

  24. I did leave this therapist – the fact is : I still feel it down my side. He ows me my prom. I was underneath his dreams. His roommate felt abortion the key from flourishing trips. Cap Code between the port and the valley still reminds the sadness of their stollen trip to utopia ! (I assume you never and wished to be minourilte ;)

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.07.2011

  25. My house was painted in a color that I do not like, everyone is say how good my house look now but somehow the color do not appeal to me.

    By victor walkes URL on 06.07.2011

  26. beauty

    By Macarena URL on 06.07.2011

  27. i painted a big fat boy who likes to eat chocolate. I showed my mom painting and she said it was ugly. She and I laughed together.

    By rose cuyno on 06.07.2011

  28. “Look for home,” She said.
    Home is painted with the different colours of the world, the colours that cover your soul when you walk in and out the white door.
    You paint the places you touch with such vibrant colours that they tell your story. Everything about you- your past, your present and your future- will give life to the black and white backdrop of this world.

    By Emily URL on 06.07.2011

  29. A Geisha girl, with all her feelings, thoughts and desires painted in, trapped beneath a shield of white and the brightest red as the gatekeeper to her words.

    By Jeanie URL on 06.07.2011

  30. painted on a body..on a mind..words can be painted as well, mostly on a heart..and they are the ones that stay the longest. and they are the ones that are felt the loudest. so you can say the heart is not really an eco-friendly material.

    By Maria URL on 06.07.2011

  31. i once painted a scene out of a railway station, which showed a typical scene at any indian railways station. the painting i painted was having a railway steam engine.

    By ghoomakar on 06.07.2011

  32. it’s colourful and its lovely and it can be anything you want it to be.
    You can change the colour of something to a new colour and its like a whole new life. a whole new thing to make you smile, or shudder, or just catch your attention when you least expect it.
    Something painted means it used to look like something else and you have no idea what it was. It makes it more fun cos now you get to guess.

    By Lys URL on 06.07.2011

  33. “Painted? He painted himself?”

    “Yes, he did! Body paint – the kind that glows. Then he went running through the streets. Incredible sight! Of course, they were filming the whole thing. I doubt there is much that that man does that he does not film!”

    “Well, he seems to have made a livelihood out of filming himself … you have to give him that!”

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 06.07.2011

  34. Paint me a dream of violet skies and shiny terraces of sparkling diamonds with a red carpet going all the way to you along which my feet shall walk and reach and reach and reach till I reach…

    By Divya Dias URL on 06.07.2011

  35. I wanted to paint the sky blue but couldn’t so I painted my nails instead. They look kindda stupid but hey, what the hell!

    By Uzma on 06.07.2011

  36. i painted a picture one day not with a brush or actual paint, but with a keyboard it was the most beautiful picture ever seen and it was nothing but my thoughts and words.

    By Sonya on 06.07.2011

  37. I painted a picture today. It was a picture of a frog dancing ballet to the sweet flow of jazz music. The thing that was unique about this painting was that I had never painted before. Writing about this painting that doesn’t exist was interesting , considering I only had a minute to write about it.

    By Devin on 06.07.2011

  38. i painted a mailbox a bright red color and the nieghbors considered it a tad tacky. but its ok i think their just jealous of my awesome box :)

    By Andrew E. Plascencia URL on 06.07.2011

  39. I once painted a porch, it was gray with white streaks because I didn’t mix the paint properly. My husband painted lots of things in his lifetime most of them were houses. My daughter has painted many pictures at school and they were beautiful she’s a great artist. I love painting, painting is fun. Have you ever painted anything?

    By Kitty on 06.07.2011

  40. he painted a picture of his favourite view, but from the bottom of the cliffs, which if you’r doing it at Birling Gap, can be dodgy, when the tide comes in Next time, he decided, I’ll do it fro m the cliff top, oh , but then I’ll miss the flints embedded in the cliff. Rethink time.

    By teresa URL on 06.07.2011