February 21st, 2011 | 546 Entries

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546 Entries for “outlet”

  1. your mind is an outlet. ready to be plugged into and utilised. but not releasing it’s full potential until it is used. we are all an outlet. feelings emotions acts. everything comes from the same source. just through a different exit. we are all one. we are all individuals.

    By Amanda URL on 02.21.2011

  2. An outlet for creativity or an outlet mall. Different meanings, and yet both appeal greatly to me. My inner writer yearns for ways to write, much like this website. My inner woman yearns for the clothes.

    By Clarasaurus URL on 02.21.2011

  3. I plug my computer into an outlet. My computer holds my life. My life filled with music and pictures and useless hours on the internet learning more about other people than myself. Kind of counterproductive.

    By Meglaw URL on 02.21.2011

  4. She is his escape. He goes to her only when he can’t stand it anymore, when he’s unraveling; something that’s becoming frighteningly frequent. He seeks her out when life becomes unbareable, when his parents scream and his friends reject him, when he can never have the one he wants…when that one scoffs at him and averts his gaze. It’s probably disgust, but he sometimes tricks himself into believing it’s guilt.

    She is his shame, his weakness, his dirty secret. He doesn’t know what makes him feel worse: the shit he has to deal with, or the fact that she knows and says nothing -that maybe her life is shit too and she let’s herself be the outlet instead of having her own; that he’s too self-absorbed to ask.

    By Breanna URL on 02.21.2011

  5. I have an outlet, an outlet for writing, it’s WordPress. I can vent, complain, put out ideas on this blog. writingmatthew.wordpress.com I put drama, poetry, rants.

    By Matthew on 02.21.2011

  6. my writing is my only outlet for my writing. it helps me through a lot of things, because i can write myself out of sitiuations and write myself into other situations and write myself in different lives and as different people than the life i’m living and the person i am. if you made me stop writing,i think i might have to kill someone somehow. because you just don’t do that to me.

    By Lovee URL on 02.21.2011

  7. Writing is my outlet for stress, pain, and suffering. It relieves me of everything that bothers me, and without my ability to write, I’d probably be dead.

    By Henryk on 02.21.2011

  8. You know you hav eit bad when you have no outlet for everything. Zan has me, and i have her. i also have my writing, though. the outlet store, doesn’t ahve the sme effect that zan and my writing do. if you were to be in my shoes for five mminutes, you would see what i’m going through, what i’m feeling. i think i might love zan. i’m not sure.

    By Lovee URL on 02.21.2011

  9. His chubby little index finger, covered in slobber, slowly approached the electrical outlet. His other other index finger sat between his lips, as he nibbled on it in quiet anticipation, unaware of the consequences of what he was about to do.

    By Sarah URL on 02.21.2011

  10. tommy used to take pam outside, lube her up with corn oil and sodomise her. A fine outlet for any gladiator

    By ryan on 02.21.2011

  11. He was tired. He’d gone to the store and brought back the plug. The one thing that’d finish off his home cinema perfectly. He found the electric outlet and pushed the metal forks into the recessed holes. 244 volts later he was dead.

    By Mu on 02.21.2011

  12. wall, power, plug a cord into it. powers a vacuum. powers my computer. I stuck tweezers in one when i was 8 years old. came out of the bathroom with my hair on end and white eyes. looks like a face. better not get water into it.

    By Anthony conradi on 02.21.2011

  13. Its what the Americans call a Power Point. It’s a passageway to release – whether it be releasing emotion, a symptom, a type of waste. An outlet for my impatience is praying. An outlet for my creativity is coming onto sites like this when i really should be asking my boss if there is anything I can do – to be a team player :-) An outlet for my love is my husband although its not an outlet that needs to ‘get rid’ of something, that is an outlet for something never ending.

    By Angela McMurray on 02.21.2011

  14. There was no
    for her whipping

    By Arlene on 02.21.2011

  15. I like outlet stores. You can get good prices there. Especially if they’re designer outlets.

    By kitkat URL on 02.21.2011

  16. “I dont like DFO it always says that its an outlet store, but really the prices are just as high as normal places”, Simone said to her friend Jan.
    “Yeah but we arent going to the one at Southern Cross Station, we’ll go to the one at South Bank, the new one

    By AFK on 02.21.2011

  17. in and out went the push valve
    inlet sucking gasses
    outlet spewing fumes
    the earth was in the balance

    By fats URL on 02.21.2011

  18. Don’t stick your finger in the outlet. And that includes using other objects as a finger. I did it once. The doctor said my eyebrows would grow back, but it’s been 3 years now… I really want my eyebrows back…

    By rollinggnomes URL on 02.21.2011

  19. store. they sell stuff cheap. i enjoy shopping at outlet stores. theres a pass in basketball called an outlet pass. its very hard to master. i seen it in the 2011 nba all star game. i no that outlet stores r ussually in upstate new york for some reason and never in the city. i hate drving that far jsut to shop.

    By nick altieri on 02.21.2011

  20. The outlet sparked.
    “Oh,” I remarked to myself, “that can’t be good.”
    Stupidly, I knelt down on the floor to get a better look.
    I don’t know what I was thinking.
    It sparked again. This time one of the sparks hit my nose.
    I cried out, expecting pain.
    But it didn’t hurt.
    In fact it kind of tickled.

    By Jackie URL on 02.21.2011

  21. hello my name is stefan and i want to have under may shoulder a girl like C.c because is amazing and inteligent

    By STEF on 02.21.2011

  22. Standing on this stage
    Sea of souls soaking up alcohol
    I tell you all my secrets
    without saying a word
    you see it in my face
    and i am alone

    By kyler URL on 02.21.2011

  23. I needed an outlet for my thoughts. So I bought a journal… a small little notebook that is basically my mind dump. In only three months I’ve told it so much; it’s a part of me, I take it with me wherever I go. It hasn’t replaced you… I think it’s only made me more comfortable with you. I think it has allowed me to accept things more readily, to think more closely, to really get to know who I am.

    By Clara URL on 02.21.2011

  24. Music is my outlet for inner peace! Especially this year, that I’ll have to be very focused on studies for college… and listening to music helps me o lot; it keeps me relaxed and calm, open-minded.
    Either I can think about outlet as that thing where I plug my computer, which is also where I listen to music or talk to my friends, no matter where they are.

    By Francielly URL on 02.21.2011

  25. The outlet was put in upside down, and when the electrical inspector came in to inspect the condo, he looked at it a gave the worker a dirty look like, really?

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 02.21.2011

  26. freedom. let go. venting emtions. feel again. breath agan. Here I am, just I. I am going to release all underlying feelings, and sing an unrestrained melody. I am going…going…gone.

    today was a bad day, tomorrow will be better.
    yeah, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow. Is there?

    By Keiko on 02.21.2011

  27. Shopping or the person/place you can discuss all your problems. Maybe if you’re thirsty you could get something drinkable from here. Maybe a river has traveled a long way

    By Rob H URL on 02.21.2011

  28. He was her outlet. She told him everything. But it wasn’t always good, and he hated her for that. Of course, he’d never let on to this heavy detail. Anything she said, he listened. He listened, but that didn’t mean that he cared. Because he didn’t. She thought he did. If she’d known he couldn’t give a fuck, she would have died.

    By Margot URL on 02.21.2011

  29. A power outlet. Careful don’t put your fingers in it or you’ll get a shock. If you want a better outcome bring your credit card and purse and get going to a shopping outlet. A deal is a deal. Sometimes the outcome is better then others but getting shocked or getting a good deal on clothes will definitely both create a reaction and emotions, things that are sometimes needed to remind yourself your alive.

    By megan on 02.21.2011

  30. is something my dad is taking a shower.

    By grace on 02.21.2011

  31. traveling towards
    the portal
    finding your way
    through darkness
    the path to light
    the direction of out

    By david hood on 02.21.2011

  32. i knew the stream system better than anyone. it wasn’t diffult to guess which route he would take. I followed a parralling stream and waited at the outlet. I win again, I thought as I leaned against a fallen tree trunk and looked for signs of his approach.

    By ina URL on 02.21.2011

  33. sometimes people need an outlet to talk to about their feelings. an outlet understands and will listen and provide honest feedback. an outlet isnt judgmental. an outlet has respect for the person that they are talking to and wants to help the person.

    By lauren on 02.21.2011

  34. the outlet grew bigger and bigger the longer he stared at it. He could hear the rushing of the water, the outlet was broken. Oh god, he bagan to run, faster and faster he ran but to no avail. The water came from the outlet and drowned him.

    By Jooplar on 02.21.2011

  35. I was hanging out in the outlet the other day with a bunch of friends. THe day was cloudy but still enjoyable. We always hang out there, do nothign and maybe drink a few beers.
    But that day was different. That day I met her.
    She was the most amazing woman I have ever met. Older than me, in so many ways.

    By Gabriel on 02.21.2011

  36. She stared at her painting. It was her outlet, her way of escaping the horrors that she had done. What she was still doing. It was her only way to stay sane. Right now, she was painting a nature scene, from when she was a child. Oh how she loved it there.

    By Luna URL on 02.21.2011

  37. And then there was a door, a big blue door behind which there was something absolutely terrifying. You knew there was but you didn’t know what. If you opened the door just a crack then you would see the outline of something blurry, nothing more.

    By Rosemary on 02.21.2011

  38. I can’t stand the outlet in the wall. Its electricity courses through my veins everytime I look at it. Every single cell in my body despises the outlet in the wall. It hates me too. So I took it off the wall.

    By Gabriel Romero URL on 02.21.2011

  39. you put one thing into another, life is created. sparks, fire, electricity, cool, necessary, looks like an anime face. great invention, good intention. you find them everywhere, sometimes you can’t find any. they’re cool.

    By Holliann on 02.21.2011

  40. Outlet Malls, my family used to go to one all the time when I was little. It was pretty much all outside and we would walk around as if it were a normal mall, except everything was outside. I loved going there, always made me smile, but it was always A LOT of walking.

    By Kendra Knoble URL on 02.21.2011