May 9th, 2012 | 132 Entries

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132 Entries for “outgoing”

  1. She stood alone,
    Letting the crowd pass her by,
    She watched as each face passed,
    Not there, or there,
    Nor there either,
    Was this right?
    Was this the door
    To heee dreams?
    She looked again
    At the sign above,
    It read

    By Kira URL on 05.09.2012

  2. Today in the outgoing box was a letter from my brother. I am not sure what it was to mean. However I know that it had to be important because the word important was on the envelope.I tried my best to make sure that it reached it’s destination. I ran across the isle into the mail room and exasperated told the mail room person it had to be sent out right away.

    By silas URL on 05.09.2012

  3. Give and go,
    Never look back,
    Always move forward,
    Always be

    By Kira URL on 05.09.2012

  4. I am sometimes but not always outgoing. I really don’t wish I was more outgoing. Not something that I think about very often.

    We are all sometimes more comfortable in one situation than another. This is completely normal. As for me, the one situation that I choose not to be outgoing is in situation where a bunch of people sit around a a

    By Kevin DI PALMA on 05.09.2012

  5. The girl was outgoing. At least, that’s what she made herself up to be. In all truth, she resented her company. And most of all, hated who she had become. Outgoing wasn’t /her/.

    By CJ on 05.09.2012

  6. I knew that Eva suffered from a personality disorder the moment I met her. There was something in her eyes – a silver glint. “Histrionic, without I doubt”, I thought to myself. She referred to herself as ‘outgoing’.

    By Duchess URL on 05.09.2012

  7. It had taken forever to get to this point, but now she could almost pass herself off as being that happy-go-lucky, outgoing and bubbly person they all she was. If truth be told, deep in her heart, she knew she wasn’t that person. Not one bit. But to keep the piece and to stop the questions, she had to perform this daily charade for all to witness and clap at the end – yes, what a good girl she was.

    By Amimee URL on 05.09.2012

  8. She was always outgoing,
    her words flowing out,
    I wondered if anything ever settled in,
    could she intake,
    or was it always out…

    By Nightsong on 05.09.2012

  9. My best friend Emily is very outgoing and short. So is my neighbor, she talks very loud and always is going up to other people she doesn’t know and starts having a conversation with them. I wish I was more outgoing sometimes.

    By mickellen mcinerney URL on 05.09.2012

  10. Outgoing

    Most people think I’m that. I guess I just see meeting people differently than others. They’re a person, I’m a person… unless I see a reason to not treat them like a person, I will. If they seem un-human in some way, then maybe I won’t. Or maybe I’ll approach them anyway just because I’m curious…

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.09.2012

  11. ingo
    we know
    how to grow
    the reflo
    let’s go!

    By Clarity URL on 05.09.2012

  12. She was the kind of girl that always had a smile on her face. It wasn’t a particularly pretty one–her teeth were tinted and crooked, and her mouth was too big for her face, but that never stopped her from flashing a grin at everyone she talked to. It wasn’t that she was always happy, but she always made the effort to make others feel warm and invited.

    I loved her for it. I hated her for it, too.

    Because I hated and loved her, I couldn’t stand to be far from her side. From the shadowy corners where the light of her smile barely touched, I soaked up the feeling of friendship she exuded from every pore. I never tried to reciprocate her warmth; in fact, I cringed away from most interactions with her. She reached out to me despite the fact that we were polar opposites, she pulled me out of the depths of my personal abyss and she kiss away the isolation.

    It made me uncomfortable at first. She’d rubbed me against the grain of my nature; she never tried to change me, but just by remaining near me and turning that smile in my direction, change me she did…

    By RachelHugsALot URL on 05.09.2012

  13. He was never considered particularly outgoing, in any respect. No advanced classes, no clubs. An Irish-Catholic mother kept him at home. So, then, it was a great mystery to everyone who had had the privilege to know him (back then, when he was so young) when he, to his mothers despair, suddenly got up one morn and, packing not a thing, walked out to the sidewalk and north, hands in pockets, to not be seen again for 10 – something years.

    By T. on 05.09.2012

  14. He didn’t ask for this.

    “I didn’t ask for this.”

    Regardless, it had his name on it. Plan, wrapped in brown paper. A double cross of twine, affixed with a deep crimson red wax stamp with the letters “LT” on them. It had to be for someone.

    By Cody on 05.09.2012

  15. i like outgoing people. they are the ones who break the ice and get the conversation going. however, i hate overbearing outgoing people. i hate the people that are just obnoxious and talk over the quiet ones. newsflash… the world doesn’t revolve around you.

    By Kailey URL on 05.09.2012

  16. Outgoing is not how you’d describe him. He guarded every bit of information about his life from all but his very closest friends. No one knew what he was afraid of until it happened.

    By Margaret on 05.09.2012

  17. My mom is a very outgoing person. She always helps me when I am up late working on a project. She also helps me bake brownies and cookies. she always is there for me.

    By Arthur on 05.09.2012

  18. Bajo mis pies los cimientos de mis recuerdos se desvanecen
    Siento la rápidez del viento que roza y corta mi rostro
    Cierro los ojos y me calmo
    Todo terminará cayendo
    Todo terminará descendiendo
    Todo terminará llegándo al infierno
    Quemándose en sus llamas, quemándose y burbujeante los pecados se desmonorarán

    By Tohe URL on 05.09.2012

  19. I am very outgoing when you put me in an amusement park with a Ferris wheel and Ferris Bueller is riding it because he was mistaken for N and now he is treapped forever in a circle of death that is in the bathroom because it’s the toilet and you know IN THE BATHROOM like the Great Mighty Poo. Hi, I’m Daisy!

    By yugimew URL on 05.09.2012

  20. Friendly, popular, and extraverted. Lots of people, all talking to each other and having a good time. The focus flies everywhere, not sticking to any particular topic. Schools are full of loud, outgoing people. These people are generally more seen and heard than introverts.

    By Hobbes on 05.09.2012

  21. I’m not very outgoing in the sense that I can’t seem to tell my friends how I feel.
    One of them has been upsetting me lately–and I’ve been having a hard time with everything lately.
    And if I felt comfortable enough I would be able to tell him why, but the sad thing is he doesn’t see that something’s wrong.
    And if he can’t support me at my worst then he certainly doesn’t deserve me at my best.

    By raella URL on 05.09.2012

  22. this is what people say I am. But what they don’t know is that i live inside my mind. Talk, always talking and reflecting and judging, inwardly. not outwardly. I feel like I am a one man show for my students, my friends, my love, but what they don’t know i how much I value silence.

    By Kendra on 05.09.2012

  23. She wasn’t a very outgoing person. In fact, she was quite shy. It was hard to get her to string three words together in a class discussion. But that was when she was just a freshman. By the time she was a senior, she spoke articulate, beautiful thoughts in front of the whole class. And people listened to her.

    By KAO URL on 05.09.2012

  24. I’ve always been outgoing- at least, I used to be. Lately, I don’t quite know what’s happening to me. Maybe I’m growing up? But I thought we were supposed to get, I don’t know, better as we grew up. But I’m not. I’m sinking into a deep abyss of loneliness and confusion. Fuck.

    By catyeah URL on 05.09.2012

  25. I was never the outgoing one. I have always been very reserved. I love being alone most of the time.

    By Cindy URL on 05.09.2012

  26. friends come and go but friends that are outgoing always stay becuase they make this life easy and laughable

    By Diana on 05.09.2012

  27. I never have any reason to call you, so I wonder why I purchased all these free long-distance outgoing calls. Let’s just say our relationship is tenuous. Let’s just say that I often pay more when you call me.

    By Kortnee on 05.09.2012

  28. i took a personality assessment at work and they determined from that that i have an extroverted personality. that’s not news. i am what some people consider a “people person”. i’m outgoing, personable, chatty. i can start, strike, engage and involve myself in any and all conversations near me. odd.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 05.09.2012

  29. Your hair was kept long not to correspond with a particular style, but to serve as a shield. Long dark locks served as a curtain for you to peek through. A hiding place. If situations became too difficult for the likes of a true introvert like you, you could always retreat back into your shell.
    And words could not describe how much you always envied those pretty, outgoing blonde girls who never once needed to hide.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.09.2012

  30. I’ve never been very outgoing. I think it’s because I was an only child. I learned early how to be my own best company. Even today, when I am able to spend time with others, I often find I need a day or two of recovery after a particularly social day.

    By Susan Wells Bennett URL on 05.09.2012

  31. “I speak no lie!” The small apple worm yelled, outgoing from his juicy abode and into the unknown air. “Avast thy lips and read forever true, I am the worm who has come to save all!” This was a weird entry.

    By StatiKink URL on 05.09.2012

  32. He could feel the sand beneath his feet dissipating as the ocean water receded back into the surf. Of all of the sensations he experienced– the warmth of the sun, the salty taste of the air, the cry of children as they chased each other in and out of the wave, this was the most significant. How long would it take for the outgoing tide to remove all traces of his presence, for the low tide to remove all evidence of his presence on the shore?

    By Molly URL on 05.09.2012

  33. your outgoing text message will be read by the entire world. this is for your personal safety. don’t worry. you’ll be okay. even if you’ve fucked up. you’ve fucked up. you’ve fucked. and fucked up. but not illegally. just morally. you’re fucked up and you’ve fucked morally. don’t fuck with the wrong person. especially one who likes to play frisbee with his dog…i can’t do this to you.

    By Nina URL on 05.09.2012

  34. he’s a ball of energy. watch him go. beaming with personality. he’s everything everyone wants to be. and everything he had always planned to be. a bubble of positivity, a canister of good, the clear cut definition of ideal. but when he’s alone, he’s quiet. he find solace in silence…peace alone. then he breaks down. before he heard the knocking on the door. he puts on his mask again. let’s go.

    By sayla URL on 05.09.2012

  35. She seemed like an outgoing person, but that was an assumption from the distance. IF you really talked to her, you would realize that she’s shy, terribly shy. She couldn’t even formed a complete sentence without making a stutter or two. It seems you can’t judge a book by its cover.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 05.09.2012

  36. he’s a ball of energy. watch him go. beaming with personality. he’s everything you’ve wanted to be. and everything he had always planned to be. a bubble of positivity, a canister of good, the clear cut definition of ideal. but when he’s alone, he’s quiet. he finds solace in silence…peace, all alone. then he breaks down. they start knocking on his door again. he wipes his tears, puts on his mask. let’s go.

    By sayla URL on 05.09.2012

  37. i guess i’ve never really thought of myself as outgoing. I’m usually very quiet and reserved. I suppose if you get to know me well enough i can be sort of outgoing…maybe.

    By Tori R. URL on 05.09.2012

  38. I wish I was more outgoing.
    My mom is outgoing.
    Outgoing people seem fun.
    Outgoing mail.
    Outgoing people seem to make shy people more balanced if there teamed up.
    Outgoing people are funnier.
    Outgoing is the opposite of introverted.

    By Kevie Lui on 05.09.2012

  39. She was outgoing in a way that made things awkward more often than not. She lacked filters and any sense of other people’s personal space. She was, in fact, so ‘outgoing’ that it ceased to be a positive trait and became a negative one.

    By AkoyaMizuno URL on 05.09.2012

  40. I believe that being outgoing is the genreal outline for how civilizations rise and fall. Why the world is what it is, and why I can write this on a computer and not a rock wall. It’s how I am who I am today.

    By Colton URL on 05.09.2012