May 9th, 2012 | 132 Entries

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132 Entries for “outgoing”

  1. Lively, likes to socialize, active, bright, funny, wants to meet new people, connecting, friendly, makes friends easily. Easy to talk to. Participates in activities. Unafraid to stand out.

    By Erin on 05.09.2012

  2. Robert Gregg became a very outgoing person who’s hand about fell off after his high school teacher made him write the Fifth Amendment five hundred and fifty, five weeks in a row. He was the one responsible for shorthand; the system of pen stenography that gained popularity in the United States in the early twentieth century.

    He’s not alive anymore nor is his dog who was (out going) pee when he died. The dog then died becaued he could not get back into the house.

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    By vanhaydu URL on 05.09.2012

  3. He was an outgoing man. That is to say, he went out. He met people, and they met him, and some of them were alright. Most weren’t. When he went out – outgoing man that he was – he’d always bring a few base necessities: leather gloves, a knife, a garrote and a bottle of water. You know, in case he got thirsty.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 05.09.2012

  4. outgoing being the spirit of choice to actually get something done right. im trying…..how far must i go?…….

    By Mr.584903 URL on 05.09.2012

  5. I’m an introvert, unlike him. He is so sociable and active. I love to be with him. He always brings me out of my shell and makes me do things I’d usually be afraid to do. I’d like to think I’m good for him too, making him a bit more aware of his actions. Opposites really do attract I guess.

    By Beatrice Amaro URL on 05.09.2012

  6. I wouldn’t call myself outgoing. I am just the opposite. I am very shy. Not good around new people.

    By ambie URL on 05.09.2012

  7. He was the complete opposite of me. The life of the party. The one who could draw every eye in a room just by entering it. Maybe that’s why we could never last.

    By tori URL on 05.09.2012

  8. it was sallies birthday party and her mother wouldn’t stop planning and getting ready. “she was way to outgoing” sally would say,” oh i wish i could just have a small birthday party like every one else!”

    By shelby on 05.09.2012

  9. Sonic was always the most outgoing person the young fox knew. He just had a sort of knack for talking to people; he was so confident and ready to put himself out there. In a way, the fox envied him for this. He would give anything to have that burst of energy Sonic seemed to always gave off.

    By rockets URL on 05.09.2012

  10. She looks up at you and smiles, and it makes you blush, look down at the floor, trip over your words.

    I can’t make your cheeks that shade of pink.
    I can’t make your head turn direction.
    I can’t steal the words from your lips.
    But maybe I could tomorrow.

    By Laura on 05.09.2012

  11. Leaving gone one not there going away run forever leave not there any more

    By Miguelperez on 05.09.2012

  12. Tha word is a crazy ward and I don’t like that ward
    But sometimes I like it

    By Jacob young on 05.09.2012

  13. It means thats you are cool and awsome

    By Julie on 05.09.2012

  14. My teacher told me I did an outgoing job on the test.
    My brother is outgoing in sports.

    By Nitza on 05.09.2012

  15. Out going means you talk a lot

    By Jonathan Chavez URL on 05.09.2012

  16. Outgoing means to talk with someone that is asome

    By April williams@mcallen.net on 05.09.2012

  17. Talkative, special, nice, smart, speaks to alot of people, talks to srangers xD , very caring, there not afraid to talk to anyone

    By Daniela Garcia on 05.09.2012

  18. Outgoing.
    I’m going out.
    To meet people and go places.
    Friendly smiles on their faces.
    I’ll strike up some talk
    Or just go for a walk
    Or pick some flowers to put into vases.

    By AlmondJoycie URL on 05.09.2012

  19. not caring and only doing what they want. not fearful. loves to talk and has a lot of friends

    By Connor Robertson URL on 05.09.2012

  20. if you are outgoing, you do a lot of things, and you arent afraid to do a lot of things.if you are outgoing, you do dares.

    By mccrazy URL on 05.09.2012

  21. me thts the only definition u would need if u knew me haha

    By epiclysiver URL on 05.09.2012

  22. Outgoing. I haven’t heard or used this word before. I also have a sword.

    By Re-Vamped URL on 05.09.2012

  23. She is very outgoing in sports. She is outgoing in the classroom also. OUTGOING!

    By eberly URL on 05.09.2012

  24. its like out… and going.. outgoing… going out.. outside and going… going but outside… outdoors… going… OUTGOING! :)

    By sarah URL on 05.09.2012

  25. some people are outgoing and when they are some people think they are wierd.

    By bayleigh URL on 05.09.2012

  26. Some people are outgoing and I am one of them.

    By chickaboo URL on 05.09.2012

  27. Outgoing is something that means you tend to be very active and always know what’s going on. I’m not very outgoing. sorry.

    By Jamie URL on 05.09.2012

  28. Outgoing is when you do more than you need to do.

    By basketball08 URL on 05.09.2012

  29. I’d like to be outgoing, but usually it takes me a while to warm up. I’ve always loved outgoing people who make me feel warm and welcome. I try to emulate them. But I recently learned that being outgoing doesn’t always mean that you’re genuine.

    By Amy Clarke Moore URL on 05.09.2012

  30. She wasn’t very outgoing. She still isn’t, but she’s changed quite a bit. When it all first started, she wouldn’t have dared do many of the things that became everyday acts of affection for us.
    She definitely wouldn’t have even considered telling her mother that she had fallen in love with another girl.

    By Megan URL on 05.09.2012

  31. out going somewhere, dont know where. drive around town aimless. outgoing out going to the store to buy some things i dont really need. i wish i was more outgoing.

    By fiona on 05.09.2012

  32. I am so outgoing you won’t believe your eyes.
    I am not outgoing. I hide between the walls.
    Outgoing, incoming. Watch out.

    By teeda URL on 05.09.2012

  33. They said she was an outgoing girl. I would call her something else, but mother taught me to hold my tongue.”Be polite. Don’t talk out of turn. Don’t gossip. It isn’t lady like,” she said.

    By Sheila Good URL on 05.09.2012

  34. I can be be very outgoing at sometimes in my life. When I am with people I know I can be outgoing. When I am with people I dont know I can be very shy and not talk. outgoing to me is

    By DanRiley URL on 05.09.2012

  35. He was outgoing. No one could deny that. He would jump into any conversation, any situation if he felt like it would help break the ice. No one really knew him though. They could all just say he was outgoing.

    By Faith URL on 05.09.2012

  36. How is a person like mail – it’s a personal thing – that is what you are receiving – does it take that into account. everything outgoing must be received. if something is outgoing and is NOT received does it could as outgoing? I think not. So for everything out it must also have an in. Freud said that.

    By Jasonl URL on 05.09.2012

  37. The door, both straight and curved
    leant againts his elbow as he brushed past
    a ghost, with a tired view
    leaving only a gap where life had been

    By gsk URL on 05.09.2012

  38. “Be outgoing, but not nosy. Be courteous, but not too polite.” I replayed the words of my spy mentor over and over in my head as I blended in with the crowd.
    Men wore suits, ladies danced in ball gowns, and the musicians were at their best.
    This was my mission. I clutched my purse tight as I greeted another couple. I just needed to find the person I was assigned to dance with. “I’m going to be outgoing,” I whisper to myself. My eyes catch that of the man I’m looking for. “But not nosy.” He appears younger then I expected and I grin. This should be fun.
    He was my mission. And nosy or not, I was going to find out what he was up to.

    By KenzieB19 on 05.09.2012

  39. In the final seconds we are all outgoing. Our spirit goes somewhere like a sheet of cold paper into an inbox of heavenly space. there is no back in for us.

    By Jasonl URL on 05.09.2012

  40. The introvert’s guide to being outgoing. That is the challenge I find myself with. The workd values the extrovert. The world listens to those who can talk a good game but don’t necessarily have good ideas. They are entertaining. They distract from the mundane. The things is, does an introvert like me try to become more outgoing? Does he work to change into some other louder and more boisterous version of himself? Perhaps. But my essential nature is not that of the loudmouth. So it goes.

    By Kevin G URL on 05.09.2012