January 7th, 2012 | 170 Entries

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170 Entries for “oil”

  1. The first thing I thought about what spillage, and like in the comedy routine, God says to me once he gets here “Well, why did you take it out of the ground in the first place!”, and I say “I needed to go faster. I wasn’t going fast enough.” In the routine, God is mad because I am ungrateful. In my hopes, I imagine that He holds me instead, and instead of He, it’s her, and she says “It’s alright. I know your sorry, and that’s enough”.

    I don’t want to be without you.

    By Jack URL on 01.08.2012

  2. The moment I saw the leak I was terrified. Adrenaline shot through my veins, pulse quickened. I had to do something. Anything.
    He saw it too. A fraction of a second later than I did. The lighter as out in a flash. Before I had time to turn. Before I even saw the window.

    By Hotmedal on 01.08.2012

  3. I just ate noodles with olive oil, cheese, garlic, a little bit of oregano and rosemary. Well, literally, I ate it last lunch and now it’s merienda time. I’m hungry already.

    By snapthoughts URL on 01.08.2012

  4. Electric blue oil clogging into my heart, jack-starting my body. Bleeding violently with energy. Violently sloshing into my veins. Let it grizzly grill up and up against my skin so I can see it right . Let it turn me alive.

    By Mar URL on 01.08.2012

  5. привет,меня зовут Ваня и я неудачник.это ужасно хуево,хочу жить нормальной жизнью,я как бы все написал,но время ещё есть,явно похуй.всем пис

    By mertvye URL on 01.08.2012

  6. Oil was once upon a time my arch enemy, it would make my pores into heaping mountains of pimples and zits that would cause me to cake makeup onto my face and hate the way I looked… evil medicine cleared up the problem but the entire situation is one of the downplays of my whole life.

    By Julia URL on 01.08.2012

  7. He wipes his hands on his shirt before he even realizes what he’s doing, and in an instant streaks of grease mar his otherwise pristine white shirt. This is why he should change before working on the car, he thinks with a sigh.

    By lex URL on 01.08.2012

  8. I sometimes look at my reflection in the mirror and observe the curves and corners of my face and the tired sheen from the oils in my skin and wonder if anyone else will ever notice

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 01.08.2012

  9. breaks along its floor
    splinters soaked
    cracks and crevices
    filled with damp dust

    on the chair, its cushions plump
    with her leaked oil seeped into them
    she slouched with bones
    eyes steady and sunk
    a sedentary six months
    the letters, milk and her absence
    slowly building up

    By gsk URL on 01.08.2012

  10. So, this is how it is today. today, i don’t like her. I’m water and she’s oil. I know there are other days when we’re both agreeable and we are the same substance. It’s then i fall into the complacency trap, until one event – no matter how trivial – highlights once again, that we are not the same at all. Never have been and probably never will be.

    By Amimee URL on 01.08.2012

  11. It is one of the most valuable item on the marhet todat. oil that black liquid found in the earth, is of significant importantce to the develop world.

    By victor walkes URL on 01.08.2012

  12. Oil is such a useless fuel. Pertroleum that is. Vegetable oil is good and useful actually but Hydrogen is better even than that. I have no idea why were are so dependant on fuel when just a little funding and research could improve Hydrogen fuelling and save the planet.

    By Xanthe URL on 01.08.2012

  13. Traditionally oil is different from water. A lot of the time though they’re associated, which makes me wonder if they’re that different after all. In cooking oil and water are used together, for example.

    By zebra URL on 01.08.2012

  14. Down, down the slope the oil ran slowly. Making it greasy. Making it messy. Making it fun. He was just a little boy, but the goodies from mum’s kitchen provided hours of amusement and thousands of experiments. How fast would he slide? He could hardly wait.

    By Ruby on 01.08.2012

  15. the planes have got jet-oıl

    By derya on 01.08.2012

  16. Jet-oıl, a kind of oil which is necessary for plane. That is more expensive than the others.

    By gzl on 01.08.2012

  17. “It’s about oil!”
    Who hasn’t thought that when Bush entered Iraqui?

    By Fredda URL on 01.08.2012

  18. oily, slimey
    timey wimey
    sticky wickey

    By Domiknitrix URL on 01.08.2012

  19. Oil is gross. Nothing much else can be said really

    By Sienna Ogilvy URL on 01.08.2012

  20. i use to oil my hair regularly when i was child but it seems cumbersome today and hence avoid it as mush as i can. but oils soils your hair so who do keep up the good work

    By filza URL on 01.08.2012

  21. i use to oil my hair regularly when i was child but it seems cumbersome today and hence avoid it as mush as i can. but oils soils your hair so who do keep up the good work. I think olive oil is secret to my grandma’s beauty.

    By filza URL on 01.08.2012

  22. Doesn’t like the cheap stuff, that lady. Always comes in look for hundred dollar olive oil. I tried to tell her we’re not that kind of shop. I mean, we sell packaged ramen for Christ’s sake — the kind you can microwave. But she thinks she’s in some boutique manhattan gourmet bullshit or something like that.

    By Hacked Writer on 01.08.2012

  23. why is the “one word” of the day still oil? I thought they would’ve changed it by now, seeing as its sunday, not saturday any more. can we have an update so i can post something new and creative for today? please?

    By SJP on 01.08.2012

  24. The oil seeped from under neath the old whining car, creating a black and rainbow pool of the stuff soaking in the hot July sun.
    “Call a tow truck,” John said, his suborned face becoming even more flushed at the sight of his decrepit car.

    By Alli URL on 01.08.2012

  25. Her skin was damp and oily, having visited the Dead Sea numerous times. Being very religious, she found her calm where her heart met with nature. She liked to kneel in the water and pray, downward facing dog. She exhaled and inhaled slowly.

    By Leonna URL on 01.08.2012

  26. oil flowing down the road in little burst of that beautiful machine in the valley grunting its way downhill.. oil streaks, their smell marks the road of my love

    By Gaurav Joshi URL on 01.08.2012

  27. Heard there was a major oil spill from a tanker off the coast of New Zealand–one of the most pristine places on the globe with bird life and sea life and milky white beaches. When will we learn not to destroy Earth, ourselves and other life?

    By Robin on 01.08.2012

  28. oil is a pool of black. Beautiful yet the cause of much destruction. As is what we are. humans. Beautiful yet we have the capacity to kill and destroy. a single drop can kill like a knife.

    By Avery on 01.08.2012

  29. Little green and tan herbs swirled around in the cup of olive oil. I dipped the fluffy, warm bread with a crisp crust into it and had a delicious snack.

    By k on 01.08.2012

  30. So I sit down on the chair and like take off my shoes one at a time, you know in that cool way Travolta seems to place them down in Pup Fiction just before dancing, and then its the pants and the button down and I debate a half second on the drawers before getting naked and under the sheet. She knocks to come in and I’m already half gone with the music and that slight little breeze they kick at you, though it tends to get a little cold and then I’m thinking embarrassing thoughts on that sheet in a cold room, but she comes in and she’s at me right away with the oil and the hands slicking down my back and the hands are big and all and then I’m thinking they’re giant and they’re like the biggest hands of any girl I know and it’s only half over when I’m getting turned to over onto my back I see this guy holding the sheet above me and smiling.

    By DMM on 01.08.2012

  31. oil is a liquid got from vegetables, grains or nuts; it is got from fish; it is drawn from oilwells in deserts, sea Oil for cooking and as feul.

    By pavalamani pragasam URL on 01.08.2012

  32. Oil. What a strange word to write about. Maybe oil is just another natural resource to be mined by humans, stolen from the earth, to be used and abused by us. We dig it up, taking what we only claim to be ours (“finders, keepers”) and contaminate the beautiful world with harmful products. Why? Because we can.

    By Jenny URL on 01.08.2012

  33. life-giving blood
    to the nomads of the desert
    turns out world upside down
    resource wars with no body count
    just price per barrel
    the source of light and heat
    the source of the extinction of the planet

    By Rose on 01.08.2012

  34. wd 40 smells distinctively of garages, mended bicycles and garage floors. Oily rags and crates of rusty tools. Where is the glamorous ‘Fonz’ on his bike, I ask?

    By marlibar URL on 01.08.2012

  35. the oil in her hair showed how little they actually paid attention….gosh, what had it been? maybe 2 or 3 days since a shower? maybe not….it was probably just lack of knowing. why bother to teach when you never intend to give her any opportunity to have a productive life.

    By More Everything URL on 01.08.2012

  36. Without life, there would be no oil.
    Yet, with oil, there might be no life.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 01.08.2012

  37. He was a nice enough guy, but his hair… uhg – the oil!

    By Tracy URL on 01.08.2012

  38. The seagull dove head-first into the school, oblivious.

    By Nuno Nogueira URL on 01.08.2012

  39. I don’t wash my hair often, like it should be by society’s standards, but when I don’t – I get fab hair after straightening it. Oil is good for your hair’s health. Don’t strip it.

    By rachaelroyce URL on 01.08.2012

  40. Es schwimmt auf dem Wasser. Es bildet schillernde Kreise. Gelb, grün und lila. Es ist nicht gesund. Es ist. Es verhindert, dass das Wasser Sauerstoff aufnimmt. Alles, was sich unter dieser bunten Schicht befindet, geht zu Grunde. Langsam aber sicher. Und dann kommt der Schnee.

    By Eli URL on 01.08.2012