December 29th, 2012 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “officers”

  1. officers are stupid i hate police officers especially the ones here. the officers in the hunger games are the worst. off off off see it evens sounds like a bad thing. GETT OFF ME OFFICER! seriously officers are scary i dont like themm. ther creppy and like to hit people.

    By hallawarner on 12.29.2012

  2. “Hello, officers!” crooned Farley from the rooftop. “How’s the weather down there?”

    “Oh, geez, not another one. You know, I was hoping this would be an uneventful night.”

    “Shut up, Ronald.” Jane raised her bullhorn to her lips. “How are you, Mister Farley?”

    “Euphoric! Thanks for asking!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.29.2012

  3. Officers come breakin down my door
    cart me away wont see me no more
    thought Id committed the perfect crime
    left no evidence had an alibi
    but somebody saw me late that night
    now I movin on out for life
    murders a game you can never win
    some say guilty pleasure, others dirty sin

    By That guy that's high on suicide on 12.29.2012

  4. There were several dozen officers running frantically around the still erupting crime scene.

    By Nicole on 12.29.2012

  5. Officer eh? Wellaintthataneat word for today? What to say about them? Well i could write some lame story about them like so many others have today for this word, or i could continute to write my awesome story about officers. I think i will do that insted. So as we all know most officers are pretty lame so in my story this officer will be name Timithy and he will fight justice on a Unicorn around town. They go on many adventures together and of couse fight a lot of crime. They also stop for the occasional dounght but that is not relivent to this story. Anyways on day they were fighting crime when the villian ( a rabid racoon) bit off the Unicorns horn. He could no longer fight crime with the officer, which made the officer sad and he resinded from his current job. He then became a stock broker and went on to be a billionar. So the moral of this story dont trust sales men.Have a fantastic day!

    By wellaintthatneat URL on 12.29.2012

  6. corrupt, police is that matter, they seem to feel above the law and ordinary citizens must obey there power. we must fear them. there is no bounderies for the most part. people fear them. i fear them. they can make any situation work for them and against you. at any moment in time they can make you a criminal.

    By joe on 12.29.2012

  7. I hate some of them. all black uniform. stupid. finds reason to write tickets. need to find REAL crime. some are cool. i know some do illegal things. normal people like us.

    By Anida on 12.29.2012

  8. Officers, I can explain, I was just trying to get to the office, I mean, home, I mean…I’m meeting a friend from the office at their home. No, no weapons in the car, you can search, it’s totally fine. Really, there’s nothing to see here, please don’t, I know I was speeding, I’ll pay the fine right now if that’s okay? Oh what’s that in the bottle? I don’t know, that’s…that’s not mine.

    By Andrea URL on 12.29.2012

  9. The officers were lined up, shoulder to shoulder, like tin soldiers. Their white blazers festooned with gold medals and bars. Like clockwork, their arms moved in unison as their bodies stayed erect, charging their weapons with a crisp click. With one voice, their bullets soared to the clear sky above. A tribute. Life taken with one bullet. Life celebrated with one bullet.

    By Rachy URL on 12.29.2012

  10. The MP officers were all really attractive, like my husband for example. Actually, my husband was the only attractive MP, because I only look at him. Well, actually I look at his butt too :)

    By Rachel on 12.29.2012

  11. The officers were in plain sight as we pulled over to the side of the road, overcome with the urge to press our mouths together frantically. Waiting until we reached the building was not an option, for this passion was the build-up of over a month apart. At least they got a good show.

    By Jess URL on 12.29.2012

  12. policemen cops fuzz people getting chased in alleys arrest burglers robber killer murderer law keeping the law in order safety love

    By shelby on 12.29.2012

  13. The robber rushed down the alley, stopping at the dead end where the dead rats and dumpsters lay. “Freeze!” The cop yells and he turns with his hands up. “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law.”

    By shelby on 12.29.2012

  14. officers are terrifying from time to time but you know, they are supposed to be good. Its like they get ego crazy and make me nervous. Just heard about this woman who got cavity searched on the side of the highway in TX. Thats not okay. Thats what makes me fear them.

    By Megan on 12.29.2012

  15. sloppy writing.
    that’s what we are, basking in the sun, little cliches kissing each other, lips-to-cheek, mine or yours, it doesn’t really matter, i suppose; it’s a control imbalance that compels me to lose identities, where i stop and you begin, just like paragraphs on the page bumping into one another, so casually formless, i don’t think it’s a good thing
    but i’m not stopping my lines from bleeding.

    By robyn URL on 12.29.2012

  16. police cops pull over teen drivers drunk donuts coffee. good bad cop; arrest. good people leaders; justice; state; local; federal; can be bad. mostly good. cars; sirens; help. for good. help one another; keeps city clean

    By kelsey on 12.29.2012


    By JENA on 12.29.2012

  18. He stood erect as their prisoner was pulled forward, his pleas ignored and his cries unheard. He was slammed to his feet as the female hunter pulled his head back, exposing his neck and face. Tears trailed down his cheeks and his mouth was a bloody begging mess. He gasped as the first officer to his hair in a tight fist, muttering a sour “Good riddance.” There was a wet _snick_ and the body fell to the ground with a wet slap.

    By Owl URL on 12.29.2012

  19. My mom and I really don’t have that great of a relationship. It’s a long story. But over the holidays, to my pleasant surprise, we were decently getting along. And it’s all thanks to the Saucy Officers. Legit. We named our rock band and pirate ship on an old game after them, which allowed us to actually work together on something.

    By Sammie on 12.29.2012

  20. sometimes officers in my area are so rude. they treat me like I’m a horrible person but they don’t even know me! one time someone stopped me in my car as i was driving to work. they said i was speeding but i wasn’t/ i got so mad that i punched the guy in the face. he called reinforcements and it was a huge fight but turned out the be a dream.

    By alyssa on 12.29.2012

  21. Officers are a great thing in life. They keep everyone safe, but for some can mean trouble. That’s usually because they are trouble themselves. My brother is a police officer and protects a lot of people from harm. Being an officer is a great duty that is full of responsibility.

    By Taylor Richardson on 12.29.2012

  22. Officers..Disorder. Chaos. Heroes. People that make up our world today. Normal people saving everyday lives. saving you, saving me. Putting other lives before their own.

    By sam URL on 12.29.2012

  23. petty officer, pig, tickets, hot cops, porn,sex, doughnuts, ucmj, navy, military, sir, captain, o1-o10

    By Emmanuel Shirley on 12.29.2012

  24. officers walk around the park arresting people and drinking sausage. Where are the wild things? nobody knows where the officers go. Don’t get arrested. Be a good boy. Where is my hairbrush? Why is this a game? Who is your daddy coats of rainbow colors are beautiful.

    By Ethan Nimrod on 12.29.2012

  25. “What? No” She looked at me, nostrils flared. Indignant. “For the hundredth time, I wasn’t the one who called the officers!”

    By WearyWater URL on 12.29.2012

  26. They are the most honorable people. No holidays no rest yet they do there duties with fail. May God bless them with might and strength. Once upon a time I wanted to join Navy and serve my country but it was not my destiny. My father was an army man and I am proud to be his son. I need to learn so much from him.

    By Hemu URL on 12.29.2012

  27. It was a cold night. I was at my desk while my partner was out chasing some tail. He’ll never settle down. Why should he? He’s young, he’s handsome. I only wish I had those qualities. Nobody wants to date an old guy like me.

    By A Pocket of Words URL on 12.29.2012

  28. I stood there. Horrified.
    I watched–physically afar, but mentally too close for comfort– as my father, whom I trusted more than I trusted myself, was handcuffed and taken away by the officers. Time slowed, but the shock spread like wildfire.

    By Jahred on 12.29.2012

  29. Officers tend to have authority over me and that bothers me. I don’t like others having power above me. I can do what I want so long as I don’t endanger others but all the world wants is money. Sorry, officer, did I do something wrong? What a silly thing to ask. I just want to live life as I wish and not have to deal with officers of life. Gosh. Too difficult.

    By Megan on 12.29.2012

  30. The first thought is the officers that brought my roommate to me in the hospital. She had her hands and feet bound and was labeled ‘homicidal’. “Fantastic,” was my first thought, another homicidal roommate in the insane asylum for me.”

    By Lovie URL on 12.29.2012

  31. Officers I always think of as strong, sometimes scary. Enforcers of the law.
    Why are they called officers anyway? do they work in an office? No, they do not.
    I always think of police officers when I hear officers but they also could definitely be so many other things right?

    By Mary on 12.29.2012

  32. Police officers are the worst. They like to give you tickets just so they can ruin your day. They’ll pull you over if you’re even slightly going over the speed limit. It’s very annoying, but there’s not much we can do. Also I forgot to mention that they’re assholes. They’ll break your heart.

    By Sarah Carranza on 12.29.2012

  33. of the law. The Man. Keeps on’a pullin me down.

    Man, I said myself, ” I’m tired of hearing you complain. Change your additude, cause it’s all about perception.

    By Colton Adrian URL on 12.29.2012

  34. Officers I need your help, my husband has just been shot! Screams the lady on the recorded audio playing the courtroom. We all sat there stunned by her chilled voice.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 12.29.2012

  35. Officers I need your help, my husband has just been shot! Screams the lady on the recorded audio playing in the courtroom. We all sat there stunned by her chilled voice. We all couldn’t even fathom this case as it was and this was just the icing on the cake.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 12.29.2012

  36. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it at first….
    The whole idea made me feel a little corny….
    But when he pushed me up against the wall spread my legs with “his gun”
    I was sure playing officers in the presence of the camera with the bright lights shinning down on my fair skin…. This might not be such a bad idea…

    By ldydai22 URL on 12.29.2012

  37. tend to put their lives at risk…and sometimes i ask for what? Yes to fend and protect but how can someone be so selfless? These are the things i ponder on a day to day basis.

    By Elaine Montenegro on 12.29.2012

  38. “Hey.” He sighed as he sat down beside me. The quiet cut through my body, and I was angry and yet relieved at the presence of another human being. He said nothing else, and I never replied. Far off, we heard the sirens of police cars, reminding me that the world was still there, waiting.

    Waiting to tear us apart.

    By Marissa URL on 12.29.2012

  39. They are brutal, some are kind, a lot are not.
    Power hungry, Crude.
    Not the way they’re meant to be.
    Who watches the ones who watch us.

    By Lindsey CruzCates on 12.29.2012

  40. The most dangerous thing in the Army is a 2nd Lieutenant with a map. Without the platoon sergeant’s careful guidance, who knows where the LT will lead you, into a swamp, over a mountain, through an ambush, or, worst of all, nowhere at all?

    By Chris Clow URL on 12.29.2012