December 29th, 2012 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “officers”

  1. pulled me over 3 times for speeding.
    third time was not the charm, it was a $200 speeding ticket.
    plus traffic school.

    By Rachael on 12.29.2012

  2. Officers, we have many different types within out social complex. Some of them are officers of the law, or the government, and others are self proclaimed officers of peace, and humanistic rights, yet we shrug them off like crazy people, and let their ideals rot away.

    By Chcobo on 12.29.2012

  3. we are all officers, we protect our hearts and fight against those who break it

    By stephaniewrites URL on 12.29.2012

  4. Officers.
    I really don’t know what to write.
    My mom gets really nervous around police officers.
    I’m not quite sure why.
    She hasn’t done anything wrong.
    Has she?

    By tiffany n. URL on 12.29.2012

  5. Officers are the shitty bureacrats which inhibit good. new and ground breaking things from happening. The worst kind are police officers, which never do what they’re actuall supposed to. Instead do shit.

    By mayara URL on 12.29.2012

  6. “What the hell are they?” he asked, looking them up and down.
    “Officers,” replied his wife. “Officers… of GROOVE.”

    The policemen threw down their hats and began to hand out glow sticks. Truly, it was a Christmas miracle.

    “You have the right to remain funky.”

    By StochasticOoze URL on 12.29.2012

  7. Law,
    A concept to keep us all in order
    To keep us safe and let us color between the lines.
    Sometimes you have to color outside the lines to know how to color between them
    Sometimes officers have to give us the chance to learn by ourselves.

    By Robin URL on 12.29.2012

  8. Scary. Don’t hurt me. Guns. Tazers. Pain. Black-out. Waking up in a cell with some creepy guy. He smiles at me. Calls me “lovie.” I want to smack him. The officer comes, in a crisp uniform.

    By Rebecca on 12.29.2012

  9. “Please, Officer, do you have some change?” The man rattled his empty purse. “Hmm, no, ma’am.” He rattled it again as proof – only it was no longer there. Looking up, the woman was gone. “Heathen!” he shouted to the crowd surrounding him.

    By Sydney on 12.29.2012

  10. The officers took her away. She had done no wrong. But they didn’t know that. they lifted up her skirt and frisked her looking for a gun. But they found none. They knew she was a runaway, they knew she weas young. They didn’t care, they beat her anyway. She couldn’t stop them. And she felt she has caused it somehow.

    By Marie URL on 12.29.2012

  11. they stood on the corner. buttoned up collars, dressed completely. i wasn’t sure how to proceed. i mean, they were intimidating. looking like the world and everything in it–all movement, breath, thought–belonged to them.

    By beck1189 URL on 12.29.2012

  12. jail police what th heck is going on dance team home police again sheriff off is here cerebral cortex things that are scary fiscal cliff giraffe fall and autumn

    By beck1189 URL on 12.29.2012

  13. They’re helping Taylor finally. Getting robbed and threatened with a gun. Too bad they didn’t help the way they should have when he got the shit beat out of him 7 months ago.

    By morgan on 12.29.2012

  14. Officers are all bastards. They think they are the shit in their navy blue uniforms. Well, nobody likes that shit. Nobody likes being bullied by blue men. And, yes, I call them blue men because it isn’t about their skin color. It’s the uniform that changes them.

    By Quinci Bachman on 12.29.2012

  15. police men stopping people for speeding.Officers give out fines to people. I like their uniforms…very sexy…makes me like people in positions of authority…I’d like to have one of these uniforms in my house ;)

    By dm on 12.29.2012

  16. I need a hold on my reality and my mind
    But it isn’t through the abyss that I must work
    but through purity and clean thoughts
    My positive smile brought you to my side
    and I will not let my dark frown push you away
    For you
    For us
    For me
    I will become stronger and overcome
    I will have faith in us, even when the red string eternal seems pulled
    so thin
    So please, don’t let me feel the tough love because right now
    I just need your arms
    and I’ll be whole again

    By Spark URL on 12.29.2012

  17. I just have to tell you that what’s in the glove compartment isn’t an illegal substance and that’s not a gun under my seat.

    By cjolin URL on 12.29.2012

  18. the officers do their overtask,
    as what salary did they ask,
    the right always waiting behind,
    makes their eyes turn blind,
    who is the boss,
    who is the staff,
    throw away the dross,
    with his magic gaff

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 12.29.2012

  19. The officers surrounded the building, and the tension was palpable. The more experienced men were restrained, but a few young, fresh-from-the-academy guys were raring to get in there. After all, it was the only day of the year that the donut shop did a half price sale!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.29.2012

  20. All in a row made of glass. The paint had chipped but that hardly mattered. It was night when he finally put them down and stopped playing, and only then under the lure of a homemade dinner freshly baked. Ageless they sit, and generations have been served. The tiny officers all in a row, protecting whomever’s imagination, vigil and true.

    By Erin on 12.29.2012

  21. The officers filled in. Not one by one, but in a huge ball of evil. They stormed the streets shoving innocent people aside destroying everything in their path. They had no remorse and showed no signs of mercy. It was their duty, and everyone had tunnel vision not caring about what was left behind.

    By Lindsay URL on 12.29.2012

  22. The officers stopped her and gave each other suspicious looks.
    “Have you been drinking ma’am?” one asks, his partner’s blue eyes locked on the woman’s lovely brown hair.
    She hiccuped and wiped away her tears.
    “Just a little.” She sniffled

    By Syeda Lee on 12.29.2012


    By SOFIA on 12.29.2012

  24. I cannot believe that i once went to a website and i clicked a random button, and IT DID NOT GIVE ME A RANDOM ANSWER. So i called 911 and i was like oh my gaah. I cannot believeeeeee. And they were like blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. And i was like supah, no. You will come here and ARREST THEEEEEM. Um, your highness, i cannot believeeee you aren’t here yettttt. Wow.

    By driston on 12.29.2012

  25. My dad is a police officer, so I kind of hate it when people are so much hating on them for being lazy/overly watchful, what have you! :( They rock, man! (Sorry, really tired today)

    By Maddie URL on 12.29.2012

  26. The officers looked at the young girl with surprise. How could a girl as small and fragile looking as her do so much damage? They had picked her up for supposedly beating up the 5 built guys that now lay, knocked out on the floor. She must have been a black belt in karate or something.
    “It was in self defense, officers. They attacked me first.”

    By Sabrina URL on 12.29.2012

  27. “Officers! Officers, come quickly!” the young man shouted, dashing down the street. Rain fell steadily. It wasn’t a heavy rain, just enough to fill dips in the cobblestone streets and create puddles for the worried men to stomp through. The young man led the officers to the scene of the crime where a young woman lay breathless, her dress slashed open by a blade just over her heart.

    By Olivia URL on 12.29.2012

  28. The officers blocked the road =, signs in hand. The riot had broken out suddenly. There were people writhing in pain on the ground and fire was everywhere.

    By Laura URL on 12.29.2012

  29. blue edged with black; the colours of grief. men, broad-shouldered and lined, utter the truth. it has come and it has gone, and they are passed. may we take a look in the bedroom please, ma’am?

    By Kirsty URL on 12.29.2012

  30. officers wear blue and help . they stand and sit and ride though not as efficient as others. the security guards wish they were officers. care to tickle them and see if they smile? watch for the baton or tazers.

    By tajoom on 12.29.2012

  31. protect and serve, look so good in uniform, abuse of power, intimidation, fear. where were you when i needed help? how can i trust that you’ll help me, believe me when i need it. just human after all…

    By Carla on 12.29.2012

  32. He is in control but unwanted. She is timid and afraid but listens to his demands. His fist is like a steel hammer to her face. It is too much to look at him, she looks away.

    By sturmzie URL on 12.29.2012

  33. Officers are awesome some are goodlooking others are not generally they smell and sweat alot.done.

    By mangi on 12.29.2012

  34. Arresting me flashing lights dazed confused abused lost andunenthused shit I failed again it’s off to the pen. Thrown down and out. I scream I shout. Lost and broke. Misspoke a token of lack of self esteem. Gleaming against a wall of blue and black give it all back off track and lonely again this should be a sin.

    By Kory on 12.29.2012

  35. People of law. People of order. Their ways are not always so easy to understand. Walking the fine line between just enforcement and petty abuse is not an easy path to take. Go too far in one direction and you’ll never forgive yourself. Go too far in the other direction and they’ll never forgive you. Of course, some will hold it against you no matter what you do. Sometimes that’s how you know you’re doing it right.

    By terradi URL on 12.29.2012

  36. The lights were flashing in my rearview mirror. I knew there would be trouble. Sighing, I pulled over to the sighed of the road- or I should say.. swerved. We were drunk. Terribly drunk.

    By Shannon on 12.29.2012

  37. Officers with their shining guns and boots and worn faces.

    Robin learned to shudder when they passed him in the trenches. He would do as they asked of course, but the trick, he learned, was not to be noticed so he could not be asked at all.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.29.2012

  38. Officers. They are brave. They are terrifying. They can kill. They can save. They are mysterious. Wondrous. Frightening. Many things but they can save people. That is the most important thing. They can save those in need if they are the right type of person. They can strong and needed.

    By Alison on 12.29.2012

  39. Sarah watched the officers walk leisurely past her vantage point from the pantry. They sat at the table and from the crack in the door she could see they were a senior rank, which meant trouble.

    By mogumba on 12.29.2012

  40. she hadn’t been afraid of the police until that day. The day the two officers decided she was an easy person to play with, to abuse there authrity with. It was because of them that she chose not to pull over that day, to keep driiing

    By Mareesa URL on 12.29.2012