December 29th, 2012 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “officers”

  1. Officers seem to be very important persons. But, in fact, they the same as all od us, with our feelings, weaknesses and dreams. Lets love them !

    By Magdalena URL on 12.29.2012

  2. It was strange, but they scared me- tall men in blue jackets, with stern faces and loud voices. I was terrified, at first, yes, but slowly I got to know them and really, they were in personality just as terrifying as in looks.

    By R on 12.29.2012

  3. I like to deal with my bank officers.
    It helps that they know me and can help with my finances
    even though they keep wanting me to invest in risky ventures.
    And yet, they always seem happy to see me.

    By Robin on 12.29.2012

  4. they work in offices, computer, boss, papers a lot of document, you have to be good at maths to get a job like that. they may work with a lot of money

    By fabio on 12.29.2012

  5. It was alright. It wasn’t like I planned on this being a regular thing or anything, at least that’s how I justified it to myself. The officers outside the hall were loud, smoking and joking in the dark winter air. It was hard to distinguish the cigarette smoke from their dragonlike, frosty breath and the only light was a lamp above the doorway, but its sulphur yellow stream didn’t reach far. Its beam painted the head and shoulders of the people standing around, all else was in darkness. The unlit lower bodies gave the illusion of floating heads, a ghoulish army at play. They laughed and slapped each other’s backs, standing in yellowy, glowing epaulettes that jerked up and down as they laughed. It was no effort at all to sneak in unnoticed.

    By rhyme79 URL on 12.29.2012

  6. The sailors were walking down the street in their uniforms. I could tell they were officers by their medals. Hey Officers, I shouted. What are you doing in our small town? Came to honor a sailor, Mam.

    By mapere225 on 12.29.2012

  7. sharp patterns cut in crowds
    black sticks, black belts, blackened eyes
    turning the tide of the ocean
    beating back the sea
    pouring away the rain in a drought

    By lapseofgravity URL on 12.29.2012

  8. people that are in an office all day just working, with desks, computers and other things, they are always bored but the only reason of why they are in that work is because they win money.

    By madelaine on 12.29.2012

  9. Once upon a time
    There was a little boy
    Who dreamt of being big and strong
    So he became an officer
    It wasn’t as easy as he planned to be

    By Isabella on 12.29.2012

  10. People that is always in offices, with desks, computers and all that stuff, they are with formal clothes and they aree always bored the only reason of what they are there is because they win money.

    By madelaine on 12.29.2012

  11. the police are the worst. all they do is intimidate and discriminate. I can’t help but feel the irony of how the people that are meant to protect us end up being the ones that hurt us the most. I remember thinking that the police were meant to keep us safe but when I’m around them all I feel is scared.

    By Abby on 12.29.2012

  12. In this day and age our officers are often met with resistance and difficulty. They are stared at cruelly and hated just for doing there job. We as a people need to treat them with respect. They put their lives on the line day in and day out to keep us safe. We should respect them.

    By CG on 12.29.2012

  13. Do you want your boring protagonist to seem like a bad mu’fudga in a Hollywood blockbuster? Kill us. Scores of us. Mindlessly. Seldom for a good reason; less often for any reason at all.*

    * Success ratio for this actually working withheld; pending approval from Warner Bros. Inc.

    By Liam Johnson URL on 12.29.2012

  14. The officers grabbed her by the wrist. Their tinted orange fur stuck out of their uniform at the seams and their foxy tails stuck up in the air as they dragged her over brush and fauna.

    By giselle URL on 12.29.2012

  15. They were probably from the same background as the officers; farmboys, far away from the fields and hearth where they had grown up, now thrown into ‘the real world’, which was what Sergeant Compton called the sandy lawn outside the barracks.

    By Ichabod123 URL on 12.29.2012

  16. I could be hard to follow an officers orders but sometime it’s for the best. Because they are officers of course. You can become one too. It’s not easy but even the dumbest people can be officers I think. You just have to do your job well. I realized that this ,akes no sense but I don’t care. Police officers. .

    By Daniela on 12.29.2012

  17. Power. Abuse. Big Brother-1984. Teachers. Riot vans batons. Human Rights. Protectors. Law. Privileges. Enforcers. Peons. Drones. Sashes.

    By Maeve O'Neill on 12.29.2012

  18. The people who protect us. The ones wearing their suits and shiny silver badges. They call it their duty. Watching over the citizens. Keep them from harm. Bringing imprisonment to the bad. But that bad seems to be creeping in all of us. Slowly taking control. The unspeakable evils lurking through our empty thoughts. What really happens behind closed doors.
    Who’s to protect us then? No one is safe.

    By JaneDoe URL on 12.29.2012

  19. Police officers swarmed the scene, their blue suits and hats glowing in the red half-light of the sunset. It was, she recalled later, terrifyingly beautiful.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 12.29.2012

  20. Wenn ich an Soldaten denke, dann sehe ich steif dastehende Uniformierte mit roten Mützen, die verlegen lächeln, die heimlich grobe Witze reißen, die immer wieder sagen, dass sie gerne bei der Armee sind, aber wenn niemand hinschaut, da zählen sie die Tage, die sie noch überstehen müssen, bis sie wieder ins normale Leben zurück können.

    By Eli URL on 12.29.2012

  21. Protectors, life-savers, heroes. Officers protect and serve others, going places most wouldn’t dare and doing things most would find impossible.

    By Destiny URL on 12.29.2012

  22. When I see the word Officer I think of police men patrolling the block, looking for a new way to annoy the public. They don’t have any guns because I’m not from America but they look big enough to take on a gorilla. They have horrible looking uniforms and always look sour.

    By Aine Moreland on 12.29.2012

  23. Once i was arrested by an officer and it was probably the scariest time of my 17 years. I am not completely sure why, maybe it was the authority he held, and maybe it was the idea that i might never see light again down in there.

    By Shelby Weathers on 12.29.2012

  24. “Liz!” The panic filled voice sounded familiar, yet far away. I smiled sleepily. Just another one of those dream voices talking to me, I supposed. But then the voice cried out my name again, closer this time. I tried to open my eyes but my lids were heavy. I tried to sit up, grabbing the cold metal bench I was lying on for support. I groaned, louder than I had intended, when I realized there was a pain in the back of my head. I put my hand there, not feeling my normally silky smooth hair. Instead, it felt sticky and hard, like I had too much hairspray applied. That was funny, I thought to myself, pulling my hand back. I never wore hairspray. Suddenly, I stopped moving. The scent of blood, both fresh and old, filled my nostrils. I gulped. Blood had always made me uneasy. I closed my hand, pressing the tips of my fingers to my palm, and felt a wetness. I forced myself to open one eye, and squeamishly squeezed it shut again after getting a glimpse of what was on my hand.

    I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Yes?” I squeaked, still disgusted by what was all over my hand. “Oh my god. Guys, it’s her!” Relief washed over the voice which had just spoken, the same one which had been filled with panic minutes before. Suddenly I felt a cool breath just above my left ear. “You better be careful, Elizabeth Sutton. One more crazy night out at the pub, and the next time someone has to come looking for you, you won’t be alive to hear their calls.” The voice left my ear. “Yes officers, she’s right here.”

    By Natalie URL on 12.29.2012

  25. They gathered at the scene. All of the officers were stumped. None of the evidence added up. They knew a crime had been committed, but where was the victim. Or was it victims? They just didn’t know.

    By wgirl URL on 12.29.2012

  26. Police officers are amazing. my brother is a Massachusetts state police officer. I love him sooo much but I hardly get to see him because of the crazy hours he has to work. I just saw him for Christmas but he had to leave that night because he had to work 12 to 7. my bro is the coolest, he protects everybody and he’s like the officers in criminal minds, csi, and without a trace. my brother is my hero forever and always. <3

    By Janaye on 12.29.2012

  27. The officers were at the door.
    “Open up it’s the police!”
    I couldn’t do it again. I couldn’t go back there again.
    “I didn’t do anything wrong!”
    I didn’t do anything wrong.

    By Victoria URL on 12.29.2012

  28. The officers had no idea where he came from, how he’d escaped from their grasp. They were so close, but his men just shot them away. He took the knife and held it to the commissioner’s face, slowly inserting it into his mouth.
    “Have I told you…how I got these scars?” He asked.

    By Shelby Fluhr URL on 12.29.2012

  29. I watched helplessly, there was no way I could have let them know, it all happened too fast. The officers had no idea where he came from, how he’d escaped from their grasp. They were so close, but his men just shot them away. He took the knife and held it to the commissioner’s face, slowly inserting it into his mouth.
    “Have I told you…how I got these scars?” He asked.

    By SimplyShelby URL on 12.29.2012

  30. Police officers suck. Prejudice. Whatever. Some have hearts. Most don’t. Think about all the police brutality. People that have been killed just because they are black. No other reason or specification. May God forgive them, and may the lost souls find guidance in this cruel world. No one can judge me but God.

    By Rachael on 12.29.2012

  31. Sometimrs officers are good, sometimes not. They can be law enforcement people, or members of a board of directors. All have important jobs.

    By Lori on 12.29.2012

  32. THey held my hands tight, there was no way they were letting me out of there grasp this time. I was too cunning, to smart. They new they had me and they couldn’t make any mistakes today. And sadly I knew it, those officers were taking me to the one place I’d avoided for 15 years, prison

    By Dani Coco URL on 12.29.2012

  33. They’re at the door, illuminated in a thorny halo of tension and foreboding. I can feel it coming off them in a wave, can see it in the tug at the corners of their mouths. They say they are sorry and suddenly they’re far away. Bright fluorescent green, blurs in amongst a whirl of grief.

    By F on 12.29.2012

  34. You are safe, you are safe, you are safe.
    Never mind the downpour out the window, the smell of dead skunk, the tired officers congregating at the Starbucks waiting for the mellow crimes. The beating heart of a book is waiting for you. Dive in.

    By Myona on 12.29.2012

  35. The law. Harsh and unforgiving. Not for the faint of heart. Not for the out of shape.
    Not for those who don’t have rights.

    By Mouse URL on 12.29.2012

  36. police officers? I dont think I like officers of ay kind all that much… i dont know. some are kind of nice, most are on some kind of power trip which means that they are actually horrible people. People who work in offices are nice though.

    By Kristen on 12.29.2012

  37. The police officers studied her up and down. She was wet and cold – and terrified. She ahd never seen men with such angry looks on their faces. Where she came from, everyone was happy and cheerful all the time. She didn’t know how to respond to this feeling that had never been expressed towards her before. It was weird.

    By Julia on 12.29.2012

  38. people who dedicate there lives to save other peoples lives. or some of them are just dicks who shouldnt have been able to become it! some let u go without any meanes and some dont. I dont wanna be an officer!

    By Bree whitten on 12.29.2012

  39. I think it’s sad how everyone competes using nepotism to try to be as many officers of clubs as they can. It’s all a competition in our high school, and I feel like barely anyone actually cares about the clubs that they join anymore. It’s all just one more thing to put on their college app.

    By Jason URL on 12.29.2012

  40. Officially and royally pissed off is he as he stands at his post: a lookout of sorts for his mistress as she runs back through the apartment hallways to snatch up their pair of Broadway tickets. He runs a thick, gnarled, veined hand through his hair as two officers pace nearer and nearer the cement block he leans upon.

    By dertoetenprinzessen URL on 12.29.2012