December 25th, 2010 | 276 Entries

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276 Entries for “obvious”

  1. It is really obvious. it means that it sis conspicuous and that it is easily seen like when women get plastic surgery on their face. Or too much plastic surgery in one spot, more like. And then you have people who want to be Not obvious and they are easily seen and would make awful spies. Can you belive those people? They don’t even compare to James Bond…Oh yeah.

    By michelle on 12.25.2010

  2. obviously the oblivious is centered in the mind. The necessary, an incumbent partner. Which to choose? Fallacy over fact.

    By Gregor on 12.25.2010

  3. It wasn’t that obvious to Ian and myself that we had a lot more presents than we thought; or that our combined families actually went out of their way to take care of our needs this year. But with the medical bills and everything else (plus the wedding earlier this year)… I am so thankful for both sides. Now, more than ever, I think it is obvious how much we are blessed.

    P.S. Yay, I got a vacuum!

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 12.25.2010

  4. It seems obvious that everyone is different, yet it is still a major problem for people to not assume that everyone else is just like them. “Merry Christmas!” they say, but do they really know that I am Christian and celebrate Christmas?

    By Claire URL on 12.25.2010

  5. Like everything with you is.It’s all in front of me, it’s all there shouting, telling me what we are, but no, i’m seeing it how i want it.Not how it truly is.
    My own fantasy life.

    By Lara on 12.25.2010

  6. It was obvious she like him. You could tell by the way she twirlled her hair around her finger, batted her eyes when he was around, and in how she carried herself in his presence. She was lovestruck. But did he like her back? That was the real question. Maybe he did. But maybe he didn’t. I guess she’ll never know, seeing that she was too shy to ask.

    By Andrea on 12.25.2010

  7. Tings are obviously not what they seem, but most of the time people think that everything s as simple as “I see it, so it must be real.” And “I don’t see it, so it can’t exist.” You know? It’s ridiculous, and very ill-minded of most human people. Personally, I believe you have to go deeper to know what life is like.

    By Brandon H. on 12.25.2010

  8. the obvious is hidden from the seeking eye, blinded the truth is incarcerated and infatuated with an inflated sense of worth, we pretend to ignore the caterwaul, we feed on the absence of intelligence because it’s easier to remain the dark then look into the blinding light.

    By gFDhafhadfh on 12.25.2010

  9. I thought it was obvious that things had gone wrong. The oven wasn’t working. The rest of the food was burnt. Whoever decided to have us host dinner was obviously out of their minds. We were not cooks.

    By athena URL on 12.25.2010

  10. It may seem to you that this is simple, uninteresting and perhaps even a bit stupid. But it is not. It is much more than that. I cannot describe quite how strange it was to see her lying there. You’d never think that you’d notice straight away, but I did. It was the water. It was completely still. So very strange. But then again, it should have been obivous.

    By S.C. Kelly on 12.25.2010

  11. isn’t it? its Christmas again and then its over. What are you going to be for Holloween?

    By LJ URL on 12.25.2010

  12. It should have been obvious. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen the signs. The social withdrawal, the mood swings… it was practically screaming at me. I sat down and put my face in my hands. What was I going to do now? How had I let it get this far? I laid down on the bench and stared up at the lofted ceiling.

    By LaurenJ813 URL on 12.25.2010

  13. It’s obvious when you love someone, It shows clearly on your face and through your actions. People around you notice and take note. There’s no way to avoid it, It just happens.

    By Nevaeh on 12.25.2010

  14. state the obvious. obviously captain obvious. it would be the obvious thing to do. obviously the door was open. when it became obvious the water pipe was broken, she turned the main valve off. could it be any more obvious?

    By janice wood on 12.25.2010

  15. She laughed and laughed.

    Each of these musical lilts hit the room and bounced around.

    Yet he couldn’t understand the nature of her mirth.

    Words could escape the constricting muscles of her throat, had she only tried to form the syllables.

    But she couldn’t fight the love that bubbled up from wells hidden in the most hard to reach places of her heart.

    “It should be obvious,” she thought. “I’m completely head over heels.”

    By tHG URL on 12.25.2010

  16. It’s pretty obvious for someone to realize that I’m really not going anywhere in life. I smoke, do drugs, drink, ect. I fail most of my classes and don’t even care about my education.

    By Anon on 12.25.2010

  17. It’s been sitting on the counter since the day she got back home. It was wrapped when she first got back, but it’s not now, and she knows it’s because her little brother unwrapped it. It’s a box, just black and small, and made of suede. It’s the box that holds what people called her destiny. But it’s not something she wants to open, because it’s impossible to tell him no, now. It’s the obvious choice, and he was the obvious choice…but nothing’s so obvious now that he’s dead.

    Marry me?

    By Lancir URL on 12.25.2010

  18. It was obvious he was watching her from across the dance floor as he casually sipped his drink, but the young flapper didn’t seem to notice. No, she was tied up in dances of the Charleston and the drinks men offered her. She was tied up in the jazz and the booze, but not him…or so he thought. A smirk formed on his face and he watched her his icy gaze raking over her body as she walked over to him and hopped up, sitting on the table he sat at. She smirked down at him, her green eyes sparkling. “Buy me a drink?”

    By DevinSkye URL on 12.25.2010

  19. Obvious is a word that means simply to be very straightforward. If something is very obvious, it is supposed to be very easy to see, yet some people miss these things.

    By PZ on 12.25.2010

  20. it always is, isn’t it? I think that if people spent a little time just looking below the surface of anything, absolutely anything, from a shrug in response to an ‘are you ok’ to a report on the news the world would be a much better place.

    By Katharine URL on 12.25.2010

  21. So Obvious , How You Do Her , So Obvious . She Doesnt Even relize It , And You Dont Even Care , Its Disgusting , I Cant Belive You , The One Person Who Said They Werent Like That , And You Do What You Do Anyways , Psshhh ! You Really Digust Me ,

    By Kailynn on 12.25.2010

  22. it’s not clear why i hate her. i mean, there’s the obvious reason, that she was the one he cheated on me with. but the thing is, it’s two years later and i’m still writing about her, not thinking about him.
    i think what made me hate her so much is that she changed him; we could have been together forever and she took that opportunity away from me, she erased that possibility from my future.

    By lynn on 12.25.2010

  23. Well everyone thinks that things are obvious. It is society and the stereotypes that tell us the predictable way that things will go. That is what obvious really is, duh. NO. I have decided to think things differently. I am alive. I don’t follow. I don’t expect. Obvious is just a word.

    By Annuka on 12.25.2010

  24. You are obviously wrong on the matter. You never seem to understand what is going on around you. You are completely oblivious of the world around you. Open your eyes. There is a lot to see and you are years behind the rest of us.

    By Chris on 12.25.2010

  25. Nothing.
    We are simply nothing but we are also something.
    Look, watch, pay close attention.

    By KatherineEmm URL on 12.25.2010

  26. well its plain and simple to see isn’t it really…blatant even,what more could i say, without stating it,this is why i love you because you are simply the one i want and need always even if you are out of my reach

    By adrian weeden on 12.25.2010

  27. Its obvious I have no idea what I’m doing. This is one of those moments where you go with the flow and don’t even think about what your doing or what will happen when you get there.

    By Na on 12.25.2010

  28. I have many thing to say thati don’t even know where to start. I wish things where Easter to say

    By Beatriz on 12.25.2010

  29. its the choice you think of subconciously. there’s no steering wheel for what needs to be said..done…your heart or your brain just takes direction. its not always the best choice, but its seldom the wrong one.

    By Sara on 12.25.2010

  30. I don’t like when things are obvious. But maybe I do. What I don’t like is being aware of obvious flaws with myself. What I like is to know exactly what my goal is. I feel my mind is confused. I wish it felt like things were more obvious.

    By Kristine on 12.25.2010

  31. When a friend is in need, it’s obvious. Do you notice?

    By Melissa URL on 12.25.2010

  32. clear and transparent behaviour or meaning
    something so clear its ridiculous

    By Eleanor on 12.25.2010

  33. Something I should have seen coming.. It’s odd that it has a negative connotation but strangely comforting that it does. When “Obviousness” comes into play we are highlighting our oversight or stupidity in something we should have seen or known instead of realizing the obvious

    By nikki on 12.25.2010

  34. It’s obvious that this is not the only place i am. I see places of sugar and wealth. I see many monkeys but none seem to care about me. It’s obvious i’m elsewhere. My female hero fills me with brown sugar. It’s obvious that i’m unending.

    By Kalle Kromann on 12.25.2010

  35. It’s obvious that I have no idea what to write about sense I’m writing about what I don’t know what to write about. I could write the definition…but what’s the fun in that right? Oh well It’s also obvious that I am really tired and don’t know what to say. (:

    By Erica Judy on 12.25.2010

  36. Well, it wasn’t obvious to me at all. It just didn’t add up. How come everyone around me just didn’t see it. Were they blind? I didn’t know how to convince them that these visitors were not human.

    By Helen URL on 12.25.2010

  37. obviously everything is not as obvious as it seems. Obviously I’m here writing about this word, but it’s hard to write because there are so many other distractions. The voices, the noises, chatter, chatter, I obviously don’t care what you are talking about. I’m obviously typing something vigorously.

    By Darling on 12.25.2010

  38. Seeing him, I know the truth. His hand tucked carefully into his pocket. His eyes wandering, afraid to make eye contact. And yet… He catches my eye, stares deeply into my soul. I can see his thoughts laid out clearly. I can read him like a book. And I’m loving every thought I’m reading.

    By Joann on 12.25.2010

  39. it was so obvious, but it took me 4 months to see it.

    when you realize you are just tired of being with someone. when you think that it isn’t worth it, when you don’t want to fight for it anymore, maybe it’s time to stop.

    By james on 12.25.2010

  40. I think that it must be obvious that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I mean, come on, I struggle with communication and interpersonal relations. People MUST think that SOMETHING is wrong. But they think I am just strange…

    By Stephanie mayberry URL on 12.25.2010