December 25th, 2010 | 276 Entries

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276 Entries for “obvious”

  1. So many things are obvious to people but they choose not to address them. Or is it really that obvious? Are people’s best case scenario in their minds more likely or their worst? Determining this defines how they choose to act.

    By Daniel on 12.25.2010

  2. Obvious is obvious. I hate people that state it. What is the need? Other than to express your own idiocy. Obvious is boring. Obvious is inside the box. The only thing good about the word obvious is that it is quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    By Hanna on 12.25.2010

  3. It was obvious then. Her deepest desire hung in the air like the thickest fog she had ever seen. The older girl took a single step back, clearing her throat. Her shorter and younger friend stepped forward, that glint in her clear blue eyes.
    “I can’t…”
    “Why? Why can’t you?”
    “I just…” Her words were cut off as lips captured her own.

    By Haruka URL on 12.25.2010

  4. excitement and joy at the airport arrival gate. it has been decided that it is one of the worlds happiest places. I think its obvious.

    By PollyAnna on 12.25.2010

  5. totally dude
    it was so obvius what that chick was doing.
    i mean seriouslly girl whu do u think we are????
    a buncha goats?!?!
    people these days seriously dissapoint me …
    i mean where’s the friggen class?

    By Terminator on 12.25.2010

  6. It is obvious that I must be very bored if I am on Oneword on Christmas day. Such a tragedy, just like my only Christmas present, socks.

    By Dana URL on 12.25.2010

  7. Its out there, in your face, cant you see it? Its not hiding in the smallest corner in the room but rather its the elephant sitting on top of your face.

    By Sinead on 12.25.2010

  8. It’ s obvious that we are on earth. Earth is such a beautiful place. if there’s noi wars… That’ s obvious. You know… How much time do we need to understanad this?

    By Helga on 12.25.2010

  9. Nothing is obvious since you
    Can’t seem to make up your mind
    Or stick to a decision despite
    How obvious I have been about
    My feelings for you so
    I suppose it’s more than
    Obvious that you were never
    Ready for anything and it
    Won’t be clear till I’m obviously

    By Amiee URL on 12.25.2010

  10. nothing is ever obvious.
    clearly confused.
    so much simpler,
    loss of that special element,
    if and when everything is obvious.
    less keeps things a mystery.
    keep hidden the obvious.

    By Lorena URL on 12.25.2010

  11. you know, you should’ve realised it before i did. but, somehow, you can’t see the gauzy veil covering this simple fact. fine, fine, i’m telling you…
    i’ve never loved you. period.

    By jennysweetie on 12.25.2010

  12. It is so obvious what you have to do here. There is really only one option. You have to go. No matter what, no matter who you leave behind. This is the time. The time for you. The time for change. What you will find you may not see, but you must believe…

    By Stevie Love on 12.25.2010

  13. obvious, i’m thinking of obviously. Really? Well duh, the name says it all…! Does it really now? It should be an onomonopia. I don’t even know what that is or how to correctly spell it.

    By Erin O. Bundra on 12.25.2010

  14. it was rather obvious wasnt it? the balloon deanded to be free, the wind blew it around so much. just let it go, it’s demands are obvious. It strives for freedom, grant it and go. She closed her eyes, and released her balloon to the sky.

    By Alicia Smith on 12.25.2010

  15. .

    By Chris Bundra on 12.25.2010

  16. It was obvious to all those in the room. But the people it truly mattered it to were completely and utterly oblivious.

    By Luhan URL on 12.25.2010

  17. it was quite obvious that she was badly hurt.She was losing blood,that was for sure.She would have a scar,that,too,was obvious.But nothing vital was cut.This took seconds to identity.luckily rick~ject was thrashing another area vainly looking for her,”come out,come out where ever you are

    By The Fake Dann URL on 12.25.2010


    By SARAH on 12.25.2010

  19. It’s OBVIOUS that you are just pretending to like me. It’s OBVIOUS I’m not loved. It’s OBVIOUS that I shouldn’t live. But you think that obvious is just a word, and you seem to make everything secret. But, it’s obvious that you are obvious to figure out.

    By Paige URL on 12.25.2010

  20. the obvious is what we believe that everyone know. we assume that. but how can we know. people are different so they can never know what another knows. people that state the obvious are called”Captain obvious.” also things may seem obvious but something might be hidden. the new question is how much of the obviuos can you actually see?

    By Frosty URL on 12.25.2010

  21. it’s obvious that you’re in love with me. can’t you see? you make things so obvious it hurts. i love you too though…isn’t it obvious? we’re meant for each other

    By rebekah on 12.25.2010

  22. well that’s obviously obvious…i am a cat. said the cat…that’s obvious. i am a rug. said the rug…way to be obvious. i am a daffodil said the daffodil…OBVIOUS. i am obvious. well obviously!!!!!

    By lexy rouse on 12.25.2010

  23. It is obvious now that I never meant anything to him. He has let me end things through written mail without a fight. My heart is broken.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.25.2010

  24. Isn’t it obvious what we must do? To love, to show the world what it truly means to love, is the only way to live life. We must be one another’s Imannuel.

    By J.A. Wright URL on 12.25.2010

    She screamed it at me with such terror I was almost more afraid of her voice then the dish she threw at my head. It shattered into the million pieces they obviously would had anyone thrown it, however there was something unique to her anger that made this one dish’s firework of glass look so much more beautiful. Obviously, I still had feelings for her.

    By alexander on 12.25.2010

  26. I blinked rapidly, trying to comprehend what she’d said. “You… know? But how?”

    “You don’t exactly do a great job of hiding it, Aez,” she said, giggling. “Don’t worry about it. I couldn’t care less what gender you like.”

    “Well, everyone in Alteralatus could…”

    By Juliet URL on 12.25.2010

  27. it is quite obvious that someone loves you and yet you cant see past your own nose that person that had so much compassion
    obviously you are blinded by i don’t know what

    By she53lly URL on 12.25.2010

  28. If it was only that obvious.

    By Skäila URL on 12.25.2010

  29. its so obvious, this life we’re living in. i lump everyone and everything together, but are we really all the different? the constant disconnection makes us all hate each other so much. its not the holidays or world news or any other touching moment between friends, we need to stick together and include everyone. stop being so selfish, its obviously someone’s last day, so lets make it count.

    By alphabetown URL on 12.25.2010

  30. I couldn’t be any more obvious. Neither could you. But that’s ok. Until we all get back to our lives and the shit hits the fan and it all comes crashing down. But until then, it’s ok.

    By Louisa URL on 12.25.2010

  31. “Obviously I am bored, I’m here aren’t I?” he stared at me in disbalief.
    “You’re wandering around the castle at night, because, your bored?”

    By The Freak in the Corner on 12.25.2010

  32. It’s obvious that you haven’t been listening to a single word that I have told you. I can tell by the way that you sit and nonchalantly sip your martini. Do you think this is some sort of a joke? Maybe that’s a possibility. I just don’t get it though, how does a mother react in such an uncaring manner? Maybe he was right when he said you wouldn’t care when you heard he was dead.

    By IsaacNoble URL on 12.25.2010

  33. I thought I made it pretty obvious last night. In fact, I KNOW I made it obvious last night. It was obvious that I cared about him. It was obvious that I worried about him. It was obvious that I liked him. Very much. How much more obvious could it get?

    By A Bananie URL on 12.25.2010

  34. This is so obvious I can’t believe I didn’t see it. It’s Christmas and I’m all by myself and now I see it’s obvious for a reason. Why didn’t I see it before? I guess I didn’t have eyes yet. Does that sound weird?

    By Tahni on 12.25.2010

  35. It would be obvious to many that I am miserable in this relationship, in that relationship and I am great or somewhat great in living the moment with my children. And what is the most important? Loving my kids or having a man who compliments me, you know, like a left hand compliments a right hand. I wish I had that, but I would rather have a couple or three great kids, like I have who won’t leave me for a newer model.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 12.25.2010

  36. it seems that when something is obvious, there is no need to mention or say anything about it. It would just be wasted breath. Things that are obvious are generally obvious to everyone. But who know, maybe it is only obvious to one person, not anyone else. You decide!

    By Daniel on 12.25.2010

  37. Obvious. Humans are so very oblivious to the obvious. I saw a video once where the viewer was told to count how many of the people in the white shirts caught the ball that they were tossing around. Funny, halfway through the video, a man in a gorilla suit walked by. The viewer, for the most part, doesn’t notice.

    By Noor on 12.25.2010

  38. “Obviously, that’s not the case here.”

    It was her favorite word. As if everyone in the entire world always knew what she was thinking and agreed with it wholeheartedly, and she was just vocalizing her thoughts as a chore. I found it incredibly annoying, but I couldn’t mention it to her — people don’t take kindly to criticism.

    By vish URL on 12.25.2010

  39. Its pretty damn obvious that im very bored since im here writing about this stuff, now my brother is asking wth are you doing, though he can see it, so its very obvious what im doing!!!

    By kristian on 12.25.2010

  40. obvious oczywiście ale co to do diałba ma cholera nzaczyć i w ogóle ciekawe czy tu jezyk polski obsługują pczywiście obvious pewnie nie fuck i 16 s trwa tak dlugo???? no bez jaj

    By anna on 12.25.2010