December 2nd, 2012 | 349 Entries

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349 Entries for “object”

  1. The object is just a matter of mass, time and space. It forms the universe we know, the items we use. Think about it for just a second. What would you be without ?

    By Wolf URL on 12.02.2012

  2. deny your right to put in your word
    take out the pudding
    mix in the milk
    grainy objection to the liquid
    and your words
    bad kitchen
    yellowed counter
    smells like Jell-o vanilla
    and your buttered bullshit

    By Ciara on 12.02.2012

  3. I couldn’t help but stare at the object. More like a trunk actually. It’s smooth, glossy mahogany covered in chains, hiding thousands of mysteries. It forced my imagination to swerve crazily among the maze of my mind. So much so that I actually spent hours sitting by it plotting the day I would finally tear the chains away. It got to the point where I actually spent more time in the dreary basement where it resided, than with my friends and family. Even with this intense passion I never ventured to break into the trunk in real life. Perhaps it was due to fear of the punishment my parent’s would inflict on me, or to save the immeasurable treasure the trunk had grown to contain inside of my head. I guess we’ll never know now…

    By Kerry URL on 12.02.2012

  4. i am not the object of your affection. i am the object of your abuse. you tell me not to call it abuse but it is. i feel like you hate me. like im a disposable object that never mattered to you and never will. but its over now and im happy. so fuck you. and i hope your never happy.

    By alyssa on 12.02.2012

  5. The object of your affection. The shimmering sparkle in your eye. The crooked smile upon your face. The slight raise of your left brow. Is this all because of me? Do I make you happy? Do I make anyone happy?
    Do I make myself happy?
    That is the real question.

    By Meghan URL on 12.02.2012

  6. its sharp, and every time i look at it I wonder if its really for cleaning teeth. Its so shiny, and no one seems to notice how terrifying it looks except me.

    By Jesse Saunders on 12.02.2012

  7. What defines an object? Is it simply just a thing that takes up space and matter? Or is it defined by how we relate it in real life? An object can be multiple things, anything actually, until we define it with a word and make that connection in our brains.

    By Madison Marie on 12.02.2012

  8. I am an object. To sit below you and stare up, unfeeling. I am an object. To do your bidding, most efficiently. I am an object. To make your life a little easier. I am an object.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.02.2012

  9. Rain crackles against the roof, bursts of thunder beat oppressively against the walls, rattling windows in their frames. Through flashes of lightning, I see him standing solitary and unbowed, anger and desperation coalescing into the audacity to object. Harshed by the strain of a thousand fearful whispers, his voice thunders defiance while I can only stand to cower.

    By chii URL on 12.02.2012

  10. is something that i see every day around me that can help me know whats good for me or not.hint for success and for a calm and peaceful life but in at many times ignored in my part.

    By oscar omar saldaña on 12.02.2012

  11. The object of life is to live. Isn’t it?
    Or is it to die?
    Whatever the object, I don’t care.
    I’m here. I’m breathing. I’m me.

    By C'est la vie on 12.02.2012

  12. A thing. What is it? Something that we perceive through our senses, only defined by what our perception tells us and only existing in the way that it is perceived to exist, otherwise undefinable to someone else.

    By Sirmeris on 12.02.2012

  13. objectification of objects. a water bottle is a water bottle because we tell it it is one. but what can a water bottle be when its not busy being that thing we tell it to be? what can it make what can it create and be made into?

    By andi_pandi URL on 12.02.2012

  14. If I object to everything you give me. What does that give me?
    If I object to everything you say to me? What does that say about me?
    If I object to the way you look at me? How does that make me look?
    If object to the way that you kiss me? How could you tell I’m hooked?
    Truth is I’m scared to accept all your gifts, though it would do me good.
    Truth is I cry when I hear your words, they give me confidence.
    Truth is your eyes reach to the darkest pits, and bring me back to life.
    Truth is your lips steal away my breath and I slowly watch it drift…away
    I object to rejecting you, I object to living like a corpse.
    I object to rejecting love, I object without any remorse.

    By C'est la vie on 12.02.2012

  15. She couldn’t object.
    His hands were like clamps. They were sweaty, hot. Crisp against her olive skin. Like irons, they steamed and flattened her body against that rotting oak tree. The screams were laughter in his ears. Bells. Just instrumentals to the pleasured task he breathed. The girl was underneath his bulbous weight and could not snake her joints from the fat that compressed her already watered-down entrails. His sweat and her tears mingled like old friends.
    Old friends. That’s what they had been. He was the fat boy, the awkward. She was the pretty girl, the tender fawn who was nice enough to lend him a hand in friendship. The only one. If only she had known. If she had only seen the hunger in his eyes whenever she looked away. But he was always looking. Always lusting. The girl was as loving as she had always been, a Snow White and a Huntsman. But this boy was not eating her alive for someone else. His pleasure was all for him. Back and forth he cursed her petite, beautiful body. And she was prey. Prey. She was prey. Tricked into his snare. Tricked into his snare.
    I will not be tricked again.

    By Miss Hannah H URL on 12.02.2012

  16. There are objects everywhere. Some hold purpose and some hold no purpose at all. Not everyone sees the an object the same way as someone else. Some objects hold sentimental value to one person and mean nothing to others. It’s all about how you view something that makes it special. Objects can be special depending on the person who views it.

    By Victoria URL on 12.02.2012

  17. an object is something that you can feel, something that’s there. Sometime’s it’s desired, others, despised. It often is what we as humans let define us, though it shouldn’t be so.

    By rya on 12.02.2012

  18. I looked down at the object glistening with fresh blood in my hand.
    I still don’t rightly know what it was, maybe a paperweight of some kind. All I know is one second he was raising his hand, prepared to strike, and then my love was on the ground. Still and dead, blood flowing from the wound on his temple.
    He shouldn’t have hit me.

    By drodi URL on 12.02.2012

  19. Objects are everything around us. They make up the world we live in and make it what it is. Think of all the things in your life. All of the OBJECTS that you need? That’s right. The word is more powerful than you once thought. We’re all just objects in someone else’s world.

    By Adrien Blanchard on 12.02.2012

  20. Folly’s object is to objectify that which could never
    Each object falls off of me leaving me
    forever myself.
    In these objects we place
    riddled with fear,
    and then we wonder,
    “When the dust of our objects is blown away,
    will anything

    By t44 URL on 12.02.2012

  21. Am I to be treated like an object to be put on idle?
    Am I to be lonely,
    It’s my fault
    for needing him and falling in love in the first place.

    By AngelDuCiel URL on 12.02.2012

  22. Everything has its own purpose. One thing may be to make you happy, one may be for the temporary fulfillment that consumes us so often. But we must realize, everything is just an object, not life.

    By theMakaykay URL on 12.02.2012

  23. She stared at the sleek red paperweight
    She wondered
    Would anyone ever purchase
    A ridiculous thing?

    By Chelsea on 12.02.2012

  24. Nászút

    By erlorincz on 12.02.2012

  25. To her I am:
    A chair.
    A lamp.
    A convenient store.
    A couch.
    A blanket.
    A mistake.
    An accomplishment.
    A friend.
    An enemy.
    A stranger.
    I am everything but what I want to be to her. I am everything and more.

    By DavidRyanM URL on 12.03.2012

  26. we are possessed by this word than nearly no one thinks about. Object, and object, a load of objects, they are the things we want, and think we need. We buy buy buy. To gain more objects. Even when we don’t need them

    By Lydia on 12.03.2012

  27. object is a word we can understand in two ways. object is a thing, something materialized we can grab hold of. It is also one of the most important or should i say well known sayings/words in the practice of law. With “I object” we depict our non-agreement with the lawyer or party of the opposite opinion.

    By rok on 12.03.2012

  28. …to the way others treat you when they wish they’d treated themselves better. Object to the things people say that they wish someone had never said to them. Object to the things you’ll do only because you wish you’d done something else and one day there was nothing else left. Object to everything that could have been better or could have meant more.

    By Ettie URL on 12.03.2012

  29. Object leads to objections and objectivity which is an art of relating the environment with the knowledge of physical products present as our mind is limited to the picturesque view of the world.

    By Anupam Katyal on 12.03.2012

  30. the object of my affection
    sitting across the room
    looking away at the sky
    not knowing i stare openly
    i am here and he is far away
    dreaming of someone else
    can i sit and cry at the stars
    knowing he will never see me
    loving him with my sad eyes
    he the object of all the attention
    seeing them all and ignoring mine
    a heart without love is not a heart
    his is there glimpses rendered immortal
    i walk away letting them take his hands
    silently i grieve my solitary existence
    step by step leading to the object of hate

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 12.03.2012

  31. I have spent my days
    longing for the open wind—
    For a time when
    I will no longer be
    an object.
    But time passes me by,
    as clouds rolling overhead.
    Time cannot be grasped;
    Its sand leaves my hand,
    carried on the breeze.
    Now I’ve come to realize:
    I will always be
    an object.
    So I choose to be a kite string,
    slipping through someone’s fingers,
    ascending to the open sky.

    By None So Lovely URL on 12.03.2012

  32. An object was sitting in a room. It had an obscure shape, one with no real definition. It was sharp and dark, sitting in a shadow with only its silouette visible. The object was more precious than anything I previously owned.

    By Kathryn on 12.03.2012

  33. i have six fingers
    sticking to the silence
    between your ribs.

    there are words for this
    but i do not want
    to know them

    ten years ago you said that a human
    was more than an object

    but here, with a cloth squeezed
    between these four fingers
    not touching the object
    that you’ve become

    i find i cannot

    By Lili Leader URL on 12.03.2012

  34. It was an object of passion which lost the glory, with each moment that passed by…

    By Jayakumar K URL on 12.03.2012

  35. An object is an amazing concept. it can be created, it can be observed, it can be destroyed, it can be visualized, and the list goes on. an object to me is limited to the confines of my imagination. IT can can quite literally be anything you want it to be. And yet, it does not define life. no aspect of life can be considered an object. Instead, life is an experience, and emotion really. not something inanimate as an object. That is what makes life beautiful. It is ever changing, and ever progressing. unlike an object that will remain constant for eternity until life goes about and changes it.

    By Harry on 12.03.2012

  36. maybe i am just an object for him. like any other fun object. something you can keep, you can give away.
    maybe they are objects for me.
    maybe true love never exists.

    By Offrampq URL on 12.03.2012

  37. Are you the object of my affect?
    Abject of all I recollect?
    I know now not, but soon shall see
    Solutions such as evade me.

    Should I object the search effect,
    Would all terms alter all?
    Or would instead my spinning head
    Allow the well owed fall?

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 12.03.2012

  38. An object can create an identity, as well as take it away. For the Jews, objects were what separated them from the beasts-those in concentration camps-yet was ultimately what they too would become. It is unfair? Absolutely. Is it a reality? Undoubtedly.

    By kate on 12.03.2012

  39. an object is anything that can be objectified, like an apple, a flying saucer a tamborine. i would like to play tamboirnes the musical jingles blasting through the air enthralls a vision of happiness and tikmes better had. if there were no objects there would be no imagination

    By nick lawson on 12.03.2012

  40. This object doesn’t fit in your hand. This object really doesn’t even have a shape. This object isn’t within your grasp, or ever in plain sight. Where do you find an object that has no origin?

    By CEC on 12.03.2012