December 2nd, 2012 | 349 Entries

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349 Entries for “object”

  1. What is the object of my existence? Or is it objective? Oh, go a different way . . . The object of my attention changes from moment to moment. News to Pinterest to old movie to family to the doorbell. Not very focused, am I? It’s called multitasking.

    By Sheila on 12.02.2012

  2. of my affection of my desire d’art is just an object I am not just an object don’t objectify me what lovely objects these are so unusual and small
    not abject, object i don’t object to that I am rather agreeable

    By Elizabeth Cullen on 12.02.2012

  3. the object of my desire, I cannot object to your beauty, your good-natured cavorting, your denial of everything good and right and real in this world. My love, my heart, my all-time.

    By Adam King URL on 12.02.2012

  4. I object the idea that misanthropy is practical or acceptable. I once saw a guy in his early 20’s playing in a pile of leaves. He started to pretend to rake when he saw me. We both broke out laughing and then I continued walking and I will never see him again. I don’t know if people are inherently good or bad or if that even matters. I do know that loving is practical. I object the idea because you do yourself a great disservice by assuming people are shitty.

    By Luna URL on 12.02.2012

  5. Such a simple, material thing. A tangible creation, meaningless in the scope of the mass of the world. But to me, ah, this object has great meaning. To me, it means anything and everything–it reminds me of you. Of those days we’d drive to the lake or stay in melting our brain cells with mindless television.

    By DanielleDuBois URL on 12.02.2012

  6. The object on the pedestal glowed with a pulsing light, briefly illuminating the faces of the children huddled in a circle around it. I felt the light penetrate my mind, washing out all the memories I have ever had.

    By Iam Me URL on 12.02.2012

  7. Okay, sure he said reasurringly. I will do it.
    But, you have to pay me. Even though I
    Just can stop my self from doing it anyways.
    Everyone knows that.
    Can’t you see?
    Tell every one.

    By R.T. Jackson on 12.02.2012

  8. Every object tells a story. And just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    By Caoimhe URL on 12.02.2012

  9. Such a simple object. Objection. Objectification. What changes a view.


    By lizzieaudreyy URL on 12.02.2012

  10. it’s a party with the dead
    at a yodok prison camp
    80’s music’s gloomy beat
    is for hours, hours played
    at this whorehouse

    their souls so ill they start to rot
    their bodies dancing to tunes
    that never changes

    the objects colored gray;
    that life is colored black;
    their friends already dead;
    as everything will be in time

    By pounding_sea URL on 12.02.2012

  11. The object of the game was simple: win, nothing else. But how quickly the rules blur when hearts and minds get involved! I could no longer remember what was mine, or his, or anything else. I had lost all notion of my former self, not to mention the rules of the silly game.

    By Kait URL on 12.02.2012

  12. That to which we have no access as contingent cognizers in the world of appearances. That to which we feel as though we have complete understanding

    By Danny on 12.02.2012

  13. love
    is evrything i just want to find it and be happy

    By youssra on 12.02.2012

  14. An object can be anything. A table, a pen, a bus. The “opposite” of object is subject.
    I love more the subjective perspective. It is more humanly, intimate. It’s a problem I shall solve!

    By Sophie on 12.02.2012

  15. Object. This, that. Objectives. Goals. Points on the way to the end of everything. Everything has objectives.

    By Emily URL on 12.02.2012

  16. Inanimate, animate, what does it matter? an object is an entity, filling space as a function of time. What is the purpose of an object, if at all? I object!

    By Ryan FB on 12.02.2012

  17. it sat
    quiet and still
    until it drove me mad

    chilling it froze
    like winter in the fall
    i stood in awe

    By Kayleigh on 12.02.2012

  18. it was huge. it looked like my aunt and grandma morphed together. i thought i was going to throw up. it looked sticky and slimy. i don’t know how it got there but i was scared and disgusted. what am i going to do? how will i get rid of this. i’m scared for my life.

    By bailee on 12.02.2012

  19. Objects don’t have to be disappointed. They just sit there, alone, waiting to be used as they were created. It is so much more frustrating to be sentient, to be conscious, to have to deal with the great disappointments that come along. But I suppose there is always consolation, and always something else to do/

    By Lena URL on 12.02.2012

  20. It was pretty, I think. Sort of sitting there alone. The light danced off of it as she spun it in her hands. Yet I didn’t know what it was. I had never seen anything like it, really. The object she held was a mystery to me, yet I wanted it badly.

    By ScatteredFootsteps URL on 12.02.2012

  21. the object nessus held in his hand was small, much smaller than what he could have imagined for all the hard work that it took to acquire. months of traveling with companions he did not trust or care for. on many occasions if it were not for the powers manifesting in him he would surely have been dead. now that the artifact was his there was no need to continue on with these dangerous mercenaries he could now find his way to his destiny or what feels like inexorably drawing him towards the mountains of the gods away far to the east. few have been known to attempt the journey and none have returned.

    By robert on 12.02.2012

  22. I had something to say but then you wanted me to stop. And I didn’t know how. So I said it anyway, here we go again, so now we’re in separate rooms. This is life and I object.

    By anonnymouse23 URL on 12.02.2012

  23. the thing in a sentence. what women become to many; what wars are fought over. too much priority. we’re all victims, we’re all the reason for this. too important, impossible to be rid of completely.

    By Clarice on 12.02.2012

  24. the thing that rules society. people become one, women, men, all cold fake plastic objects. the reason for war, the keystone to success, the goals of lifetimes. too much power in such insignificance.

    By Clarice on 12.02.2012

  25. The object floated. Or did it dance? I saw it one moment, and it was gone the next. It’s memory lightly stayed inside my brain, as I processed it’s transient nature. What was this thing, this strange creature of the air?

    By Archori URL on 12.02.2012

  26. The object is to object to the object because if the objection to the object is funny then we will never be objectionable but be practical but if the object is to be sad …

    By Bill Archibald URL on 12.02.2012

  27. like an object, im use every day like one by you and by everyone around me. fake friends backstabbing me with their bullshit. trying to embarrass me in front of people.

    By Gabriel on 12.02.2012

  28. I am a piece of porcelain. In a thousand years they’ll be digging through ancient burial sites and when they crack open my coffin they will find a thousands shards of white stone. Nothing more. Because I am cold and impenetrable and I will never truly die.

    By F on 12.02.2012

  29. the thing you hold. Inside or above or beside. To objectify, and see a person as a thing. To see a thing as a thing! I would objectify the hell out of you, you beautiful human being, but only for a moment. I want you to turn back then, and be you, but maybe I don’t actually want to objectify you at all.

    By chrism25 on 12.02.2012

  30. Those two words hold so much power to ruin her wedding, “I object,” I only hope she remembers this on the day and finds a way to keep them at bay.

    By Anisah URL on 12.02.2012

  31. An object can be a lot of things. Maybe you want to classify a person as an object, but it is not. A ball is an object, a plant too, but isn’t like a ball, a plant is alive, like a person.

    By Laura on 12.02.2012

  32. Objects are things that we can only understand in our very narrow sense of space and reality. There are no “objects,” only things we perceive as such. Life is short. live for more.

    By Nic Barrett on 12.02.2012

  33. I object your becoming the president

    By Tolga on 12.02.2012

  34. There is an object sitting on the table. How did it get there? How much is it worth? An object could really be worth a thousand words. No one said it had to be just a picture. Yes, it could be worth the world to someone.

    By kkessler16 URL on 12.02.2012

  35. many people don’t understand life, myself included. but we all have an object, or something we have to get at. mine is hapiness. some might agree or disagree with me. but what would life be like without happiness. hapiness.

    By kathpine98 URL on 12.02.2012

  36. objects can be foreign or domestic. countless objects get lost in space and are now known as space debris.

    By kenny on 12.02.2012

  37. An object can be anything which is a solid substance, which can be handled.

    Eg, A candle is an object, but water is not an object because it cannot be handled unless put in a cup, which IS an object.

    By Vaila on 12.02.2012

  38. I would say that you’re the object of my affection, but it sound quaint and outdated, and well, objectifying. That isn’t my intent, so I’ll just say that I think about you all the time.

    By Rand on 12.02.2012

  39. there is an object on my shoe
    something borrowed
    something blue

    not sure just what to do
    with this object on my shoe

    it goes away when i am sleeping
    but comes right back when im awake

    something to take

    By dan_dan URL on 12.02.2012

  40. An object. That’s all they were to him. They smiled, twirling around his life like a thousand toy tops. He didn’t care about a single one of them. They were constantly around him; draped around the furniture after parties, curled around himself after a long night.

    By Savanna URL on 12.02.2012