January 2nd, 2011 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “notice”

  1. I waited forever for you to notice me until one day, I took the time to notice myself. I then decided I didn’t need you to notice me. In fact, I could find myself better without you.

    By onewordwasheard URL on 01.03.2011

  2. excitement; pressure

    By angie on 01.03.2011

  3. I am giving notice to the fact that I noticed you sitting there. Notice how I properly used the word notice twice. Have you ever noticed how most people don’t even notice what is under their own noses. I know I sometimes do not notice things sitting right in front of me.

    By tig6 URL on 01.03.2011

  4. Notice me as I walk across the room, pretending not to notice you. Noticing each other is of such importance, just as important as not being noticed noticing the other. The smallest thing that would brighten our day to know that we notice one another.

    By Anthony URL on 01.03.2011

  5. I noticed how lovely her eyes shone in the beautiful sunlight, it caught my eye, as it was a pale light blue, which catches you eye, with such intensitiy

    By Pat URL on 01.03.2011

  6. I noticed how lovely her eyes shone in the beautiful sunlight, it caught my eye, as it was a pale light blue, which catches your eye, with such intensitiy

    By Pat URL on 01.03.2011

  7. Powerful verb, subtle noun. So subtle I didn’t at first know what to make of it. So powerful it’s made me sit up and take. A pun and a joke onto itself. I’m done.

    By Unseen Flirt URL on 01.03.2011

  8. I stare at the door. There is a notice of eviction and suddenly my world ends. Right there, at the doorstep of my three room apartment where I had been living in for four years. Without notice, a tear escapes my eyes and I slide down to the ground, silently crying over the loss I knew would eventually come.

    By Ekilow on 01.03.2011

  9. Will you ever notice me
    really notice
    realize that I’m more than a friend
    will you notice my unbearable urge
    to make you mine.

    By carmen16 URL on 01.03.2011

  10. i had been given notice. That’s right. Notice was given and i was about to find my self without. Its scary to know that in a few hours time you would NOT have something you had possessed wholly and all to yourself for as long as you could remember.

    By Jody on 01.03.2011

  11. Notice her… notice her? She did all this just for me to notice her? Fee… if only you realised that there was and is nothing you can do to make me care about you, notice you. What you did was unforgivable.

    By Scarlet URL on 01.03.2011

  12. Sometimes I notice that very odd things are going on. Like gossiping, yelling, and people when people are acting strange. I also think that my friends are very strange.

    By Gabe on 01.03.2011

  13. A

    By Madison G URL on 01.03.2011

  14. A

    By Madison G URL on 01.03.2011

  15. he notices her as his eyes glance through the crowd. They stick on her as if a diamond spotted in a dark cavern.

    By Lawrence on 01.03.2011

  16. I notice very strange things. The only thing I don’t notice is when someone is talking behind your back. I always notice when someone is sick if they are near me.

    By Nick on 01.03.2011

  17. i notice that my computer is really slow. ice iosI ALSO NOTICE THAT IM WRITING IN CAPS. Notice can be a really good.

    By Bailey K URL on 01.03.2011

  18. I notice a lot of things. I notice all my surroundings and what happens around me. Sometimes i notice bad things and i notice good things. Noticing can be about all of your senses.

    By Kennedi on 01.03.2011

  19. i notice a lot of things that could be wrong. some of the things i notice are wrong and right. although some people think that a lot of the things that other people say about something could be wrong but some times that person could be wrong and had a miss judge meant.

    By ruffthe on 01.03.2011

  20. i noticed the red roses in the summer, all the winds blowing them over. The roses over the graves and making them look like there were people who loved them. Summer air, the heat, surrounds everyone.

    By Hannah D. URL on 01.03.2011

  21. i noticed the word notice and it makes me wonder what it all means. What’s the first thing you notice after reading such a word out of the blue? Do you think of colors?. I see rainbows in the sky and flowers blooming. butterflies flying and leprechauns dancing with their pot of gold.

    By Don on 01.03.2011

  22. I thought it could escape my grasp, but it popped into my mind like that. A dandelion on the side of the road so often escapes, but I couldn’t help but to notice.

    By Meagan Kochel on 01.03.2011

  23. Notice. Notice is kind of a weird word because people don’t use it often. You often use see or a word like that. But sometimes I do use notice. Notice can be used in many different forms.Some example sentences may be “I noticed I had a different shoe on each foot!” or ” I notice a lot of things.”

    By Kaitlin on 01.03.2011

  24. I notice theres a pickle on the counter-top. i noticed that they are very obnoxious and stupid. i noticed how loud they are. They try to be noticeable but they’re failing to be what hey hoped for.

    By EliTheGreat URL on 01.03.2011

  25. i’ll notice all the time that you’re looking. i notice. you notice. we all notice. i notice that you’re eyes have green and brown in them. i notice that your breath smells amazing all the time no matter what you’ve eaten. sometimes i smell your breath in the morning when i wake up.

    By bea encarnacion on 01.03.2011

  26. I got the notice a few days ago, I’m still not into it! I’ll read just a bit, Happy New Year!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 01.03.2011

  27. inextricably

    By carmen galea on 01.03.2011

  28. I saw the notice in the shop window I didnt pass much remarks of it as it said that the store did not give refunds but as I was in China Town in New York City I didnt think that it was out the ordinary other than the fact that it was in a bright red colour a with falshing neon lights more Las Vegas than anything else.

    By xxsandy89xx URL on 01.03.2011

  29. Take time. Take a breath. It is a glance. It is simply the power to notice. It is the moment before you stop. The moment after you’ve started. Nothing more.

    By H URL on 01.03.2011

  30. I notice the little tiny things that happen in people’s lives. Sometimes I’ll remember what a friend ate for dinner two weeks ago. It can be creepy sometimes but I think it means that I care about people enough to notice the minute details of their lives. I might forget your birthday but I remember the color of your socks!

    By Cortney URL on 01.03.2011

  31. notice letters are what came to my mind. a notice telling me that my bills are overdue. a notice telling me that im going to be out of electricity soon.

    By tsy on 01.03.2011

  32. She got a notice that my lights were about to be turned off. Why? How did this happen? She searched through the mountain of papers on her desk, leveling it like some coal min process until she could extract the statement from the power company. There it was in big red letters: PAST DUE!

    By Andie on 01.03.2011

  33. I’ve noticed that this is the same word as yesterday.

    By Jo Bell URL on 01.03.2011

  34. i do notice sometimes but don’t let on that i noticed as noticeing something can get you into some serious problems like noticeing an accident give hours of paperwork, and noticeing a murder is even more time consuming, so i choose what i notice, a nice sunset is good to notice and some things that are pleasureable

    By andy on 01.03.2011

  35. I notice you. The way you stare at me. I can only hope you’re interested and this feeling isnt’ unrequited.

    By Amanda URL on 01.03.2011

  36. Notice is a weird word it means you see something and kind of pick up that it’s sort important. That’s why i think it’s a weird word but sort of cool.

    By Drew URL on 01.03.2011

  37. Notice is just a word. Not an object. Just something people say. I can’t really think of anything to say so I’m just saying something random!

    By Brittany on 01.03.2011

  38. notice like post it note, those always make me notice something. I don’t know why, whenever i hear the word notice, i just think of the word post it notes. Post it notes are sticky and stacky. Stacky, meaning that you can stack them on top of each other. Just kidding, i just made that up.

    By Ali on 01.03.2011

  39. see

    By Marqus B. URL on 01.03.2011

  40. I noticed something yesterday. I noticed that i babysit everyday, and i hate it. EVER DAY. I don’t even get paid. It sucks. I’ll yell at my mom for it after school. I at least want cash!

    By Abbi URL on 01.03.2011