June 9th, 2012 | 364 Entries

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364 Entries for “nest”

  1. “Look!” she said, pointing.
    There, in the tree, it was. A little nest with four tiny eggs.
    “Who do you think built it?”
    “A mama bird”
    “Yes, but which mama bird?” I asked, hoping she’d make the connection to the red and brown cardinals who’d been hanging around at the feeder as of late.

    By Angele URL on 06.10.2012

  2. The nest is a fallen place the rise and fall of my childhood contained within. The former security it offered was lost now only an uncomfortable regret welcomed me.

    By Jacob on 06.10.2012

  3. there are birds and there are mothers of birds and these mothers of birds are the ones that carry us home., and to what home you might ask well that’s a good question. home is what you make it you like to see homos naked? I laughed and he laughed and then we all were quiet for a moment, thinking about the nest that we all had to leave sooner or later the nest being this world and then we started laughing again knowing that there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

    By Jake Wyley URL on 06.10.2012

  4. When she looked up, she noticed it there, in plain sight: a nest. She watched as the little birds gathered around the incoming mother, crowding her for the food she held. She thought of the little bundle of joy inside of her, and if she too would finally be needed once she had someone to care for. She laughed a little in wonder, then walked away.

    By Amy URL on 06.10.2012

  5. It occurred to him as he sat and tugged methodically at his pipe, the vast and peculiar way in which Nature mirrors our own natural state. He had traveled and seen, and conversed, and inspired and been inspired, but his feet were weary, his clothes tattered and his mind wander-some.

    The bird settled agilely in it’s nest with the product of it’s wanderings, he mused, and decided it should soon be the case for him.

    By natty URL on 06.10.2012

  6. A bird lays eggs in this. When they hatch they don’t leave it until they are able to fly. When they fly, they can build their own and call it home. and a cycle happens they have baby birdies and they can live there. It is a place of creation. A place of life.

    By T.Walker on 06.10.2012

  7. a mother bird tending to her young in the nest…kinda like that Nestle icon/company picture, etc

    By H. on 06.10.2012

  8. a nest isn’t just a nest, it’s a home, a cot. It’s a place where new life hatches, where new life begins. A nest gives people hope that, even though things might not be going their way, a new start and a new life is hatching out of it’s hard, tiny, little shell.

    By lily URL on 06.10.2012

  9. We made a nest of blankets and stayed in bed all day. The only reason we would get up was for food or to use the bathroom. We would whisper and kiss and cuddle.

    By Brittface URL on 06.10.2012

  10. it’s what she craved. to nest. stop, nurture. to feed and hold and stroke and love and need. to be vulnerable. all things must come to an end and do so in the meantime who are you going to care for? how will it work. do you know how can you know as a child that you will never have children?

    By julia on 06.10.2012

  11. I like nests. They are the coolest things ever. Its really cool how a bird can live in a nest and make it out of twigs. Birds needs nests to keep their babys safe. If i had a house i would want it to be a nest made out of lots of twigs and it would have to be big enough to look after my whole family. Birds are the coolests so are nests nests

    By Lana on 06.10.2012

  12. a nest is a place where all organisms, including humans or any animals that regard as home. Everyone has their own nest in there heart.Find your own nest whenever you are troubled and im sure it will be a relief.

    By Dafaq on 06.10.2012

  13. the bird made the nest to care for her babies. she builds a strong nest to help secure a good home for them. she hopes to have many baby birds in the nest to live a fulfilling life.

    By william armenta on 06.10.2012

  14. The baby bird fell out of his nest. He plummeted straight down to the ground with such force that he didn’t even have time to begin to flap a wing.

    By Morna on 06.10.2012

  15. Nests are made by birds. Nests are for when birds are in heat and have babies and make eggs to put them in. Nests are usually made from twigs and cotton and down and anything soft, really. I made necklaces that looked like nests once.

    By Mist on 06.10.2012

  16. birds have nests, they use them to repopulate and as a place to live. Nests can be made of many objects. the majority of nests are made from sticks and twigs, while some contain things such as bottles, cans, or barbed wire. nesting is the act of reproducing in or near a designated nest area.

    By Dalton on 06.10.2012

  17. Our little nest started almost 9 years ago, with a single look, a kiss, and a photo album. Since then, we have added a dog, 2 beds and a few different lovers. The nest will always remain the same. Two women, a kiss and a photo album.

    By Crystal on 06.10.2012

  18. Her fingers flew up to the nest of chestnut curls honeyed in the sunlight, rearranging bits and patting down others until at last, the mirror reflected back perfection. Now she just had to wait six more hours until the dance began.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.10.2012

  19. 17 years her nest had been full.
    Her little baby boy was now approaching the end of his senior year in high school.
    “let the empty-nest syndrome begin” her friends would tell her.
    As her little boy walked across the stage she was proud.
    He became a man.
    Then she was left with an empty nest….
    and no one was there to fill it.

    By Alli Lynn URL on 06.10.2012

  20. Empty. Like the birds have flown. No longer a home. Twigs fall aside and are not attended. Gone. Winter?

    By Natalia on 06.10.2012

  21. nest in a bedroom of sunshine and fluffy clouds with you next to me, dreaming about our future together. a soft kiss. a tight embrace. that’s all i need.

    By PJ URL on 06.10.2012

  22. Sometimes like I feel like the cuckoo in the nest
    I never really belonged here, but I stick out here the best.
    Just keeping growing, just keep faking until my life’s a mess,
    Feeling like a cuckoo in the nest

    By KelseyPR URL on 06.10.2012

  23. The soldiers moved forward in a straight line, blocking off the paths through the forest. Above them, unseen, was the nest of a small family of birds. As he passed, a soldier hit the trunk with the butt of his gun. The nest fell. The soldiers moved on.

    By thelonehuman URL on 06.10.2012

  24. it took me awhile to figure out where the birds were hiding their nest this summer. every year i look forward to watching them build their home. my cat stays up for hours sitting so patiently just gazing at them, being teased and taunted with not a chance in the world of every reaching them. i hope he never does. i miss my cosmo

    By Abra URL on 06.10.2012

  25. The nest is like a safe haven for birds who have lost their way. I often think we people also need a nest to go to when we’re in doubt or trouble.

    By anne on 06.10.2012

  26. A place where one feels welcome. Not an actual location, but a place in time. With friends and loved ones, without lies or deceit.

    By Joey on 06.10.2012

  27. A nest is a place in time, not space. A place one can rest. Stop thinking. Or maybe stop for a chance to think.

    By Joey on 06.10.2012

  28. birds build nest. building nest is an art it is very skillful one wonders how the birds do this

    By arunarani on 06.10.2012

  29. We nest. Or, at the very least, we try to. We want to settle, want to sit and wait with that person we love. We want to know that we have something, someone to come back to. Somebody to care for us, for who we are. One cannot, after all, nest alone.

    By KellyH. on 06.10.2012

  30. The bird nest fell to the ground, and a little bird could be seen in the bottom of it. I tried to rescue it, but I failed.

    By victor URL on 06.10.2012

  31. nests have various connotations. It can be the home of a bird, a safe environment from the evils of the worlds. It can allude to hibernation, perhaps in a relationship where one day it will fall from the tree.

    By CKeyn on 06.10.2012

  32. family is my nest
    i have a nest bun
    birds make their own nest

    By Claudia on 06.10.2012

  33. Every morning the 3 of us cuddle in bed, somedays it’s for minutes some an hour. It’s our time, our nest, where we plan our days and figure out our flight pattern out into the world.

    By Alwaysjoy URL on 06.10.2012

  34. Nests are homes to birds like the two outside my grandmothers house, but since I am a bird I suppose my home is a nest as well. Twigs of memory and love and family all combined to make a home that I can be proud of.

    By Bailey on 06.10.2012

  35. A nest is something everybody should have, a special place where you can forget about the world around you, where you can relax and rest your mind. A place that is a safe haven and preferably shared with that spacial one with whom you would like tot share your life.

    By Mario on 06.10.2012

  36. nest is a place in which birds live. the birds make their nests themselves. the size and type of it depends on the bird itself, it protects the bird and provides shelter.

    By Saurabh Sainani on 06.10.2012

  37. the nest up in the tree represented hope for the little birds.
    And that’s all i needed right now.

    By Elly URL on 06.10.2012

  38. Home. I wish I were home. I guess home is where you make it, but, sadly, I am here in Seoul, South Korea, all alone, working a job a really don’t care for, and wishing I were back in ol’ Virginia where my father and mother are (divorced).

    By E on 06.10.2012

  39. Three friends went to China to watch the game in the world-famous Bird’s Nest. It was amazing as ever. At the end of the game, they got lost inside the stadium and found a dead body. Then and there, their adventure begins.

    By Sweet Tooth URL on 06.10.2012

  40. Nestled atop a high mountain was a small house that gave shelter to an equally tiny man who secretly had magic powers. One day, when the small man was nearing his death, a traveler crossed his path. Then, the small man gave his powers and died.

    By Sweet Tooth URL on 06.10.2012