February 11th, 2011 | 415 Entries

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415 Entries for “needle”

  1. A needle can be found in a haystack, or not in a haystack. I guess it depends how hard you are looking. Or maybe you’re looking too hard and find that it is right in front of you. But that would hurt to step on it. And you may be really unlucky and find that the needle is facing you with its point, thats the smallest part of the needle. If this is the case, you are very unlucky indeed.

    By Heidi URL on 02.12.2011

  2. The tattoo needles are slowly slicing into her skin. The pain was more than she can bear. I want this, she thought to herself. This is my catharsis, I need this to forget you.

    By Nadine Isabel URL on 02.12.2011

  3. “Surgery!!” my 3 year old cries
    showing my her pink pony
    missing both eyes, leaking stuffing
    glaring at our big brown dog Odin
    I sigh go to the sewing drawer and get out my…

    By svsavage URL on 02.12.2011

  4. Today’s word is needle? Wasn’t the word yesterday needle? Well, that’s terrible. I’m out of creative juice to think about the word needle. It’s sharp, it’s pointy, it injects good and bad things. Like medicines, or drugs, or maybe apple juice. I’d rather write about something else though; like a phone, perhaps.

    By Alice. URL on 02.12.2011

  5. He pricked himself. Blood flowed from the tip of his index finger, and almost as an after thought, the pain started as he drew the needle away and tossed it to the floor.

    By John Hetzler on 02.12.2011

  6. There once was a lady who desperately wanted to sew her granddaughter a baby dress but the needle was too small and she couldn’t thread it. She got her husband to make two giant needles out of elm wood and so knitting was born.

    By Indigo on 02.12.2011

  7. Ow. I’m terrified of needles. (I don’t want anything to break the skin).

    By Jess URL on 02.12.2011

  8. Sharp, poking.
    But still able to create a masterpiece.

    By kitkat URL on 02.12.2011

  9. Needles. The way they break the surface of my skin and swim in my veins, sucking up all the blood in my arm like a leech–searching for answers, and almost never finding them.

    I suppose I’ll see a lot of them in the next few days. I mean, did I expect the illness to go away? Did I expect the lump in my breast and the one on my jaw to go away because I didn’t like it? I’ll let the needle decide for me come Monday.

    By Kate URL on 02.12.2011

  10. he took the needle from the wrapper and put it into place.his hands shook with a nervous excitiment that always came, every single time. he knew the feel that was coming and he couldnt wait.

    By jessica on 02.12.2011

  11. My heart feels as though its been punctured by a needle. a slow, stabbing pain,increasing with every puncture. Out spills my soul, so small and vulnerable. Hurt by this small and delicate needle, meant for good, causing so much harm.

    By Samantha K. on 02.12.2011

  12. Pulling through the thread. It’s what can keep your world together, yet with just one wrong poke, can tear it apart. Isn’t that something? So many things in the world are like that. Even someone you love.

    By Briana URL on 02.12.2011

  13. and thread… this hobby seems so silly to me, it should only be used for practical things such as mending clothes and shoes. but as a full time entertaining recreational hobby? needlepoint, knitting, crochet… ive tried all these things before and it does absolutely nothing for me.

    By Jessie on 02.12.2011

  14. Once there was a needle lying on the ground. I walked right by it and I stepped on it. I cannot explain the pain I went through, but then I realized it was not the needle’s fault that it was so sharp. So it was okay.

    By Improv Guy URL on 02.12.2011

  15. whenever you touch me it feels like needles puncturing me skin. I know that it’s wrong but the pain feels so good that i don’t care anymore.

    By jessy URL on 02.12.2011

  16. Needles=BLEH.

    By Harry Potter. URL on 02.12.2011

  17. space needle, sexing item, used for stitches as well. A dirty needle actually cause my friend to have an std. it was an injection type needle, but a sexing needle found on the bathroom floor that someone stabbed him with. now he has an std. needles are pointy and can be seen as phallic.

    By James URL on 02.12.2011

  18. Pointy sharp, it stings when you touch it. But only after a little while. I once talked about thimbles, because my grandmother can’t get my friend’s name right. And I forgot what a thimble was. It isn’t a tack. It’s the opposite. It prevents you from getting poked by a needle. Thimbles and needles.

    By Lung on 02.12.2011

  19. I used to enjoy sewing. But the real seamstress was my great-grandmother, who sewed shirts for gentlemen, and used the money to pay for all nine children to go to school. it was her effort that laid the foundation for a love of learning in the family.

    By joey URL on 02.12.2011

  20. A needle is something that’s small. It is used for many things such as sewing or medication. A model is similar to a needle, very long, yet thin. A needle hurts.

    By ellen on 02.12.2011

  21. Pointy that thing is very pointy. I remember when i got my flu shot the other day, they said i would feel achey or i might feel some of the symptoms in the following hours that i got it. I didnt feel any different, but today I am very achy I just feel bleh, my head hurts and my body aches tremendously.. It so uncomfortable. I keep drinking water, hopeing that will help but i dont think it will.

    By Kaylynn on 02.12.2011

  22. i sew sometimes in art. a needle is helpful for that. it reminds me of a twig…don’t know why but it does. my dad is a custom tailor and uses needles all the time. i hate it when i get pins and needles in my foot and it feels like lead and if you move it you’ll die

    By Hill on 02.12.2011

  23. needles are used for many things. to sew. to pock. to inspire the imagination.

    By samantha johnson on 02.12.2011

  24. I’m diabetic, so I encounter needles about twelve times a day. Most of the time, it doesn’t hurt. But sometimes it does, and my mom feels really bad and looks like she wants to cry. I got diabetes ten years ago this Sunday.

    By Abby URL on 02.12.2011

  25. a needle is for sowing. my grandma is really good at sowing. I can sew well when I need to. I’ve been spelling “sew” wrong. oops. I had to sow a lot of things while I’ve been at college. dresses. shoe racks. you name it. I sew it. yeah.

    By Liz Pense on 02.12.2011

  26. needle in the stack. Hurts you but for some it doesn’t. A lucky man would be able to avoid this

    By Rockwell on 02.12.2011

  27. Needle, in the haystack. That’s what I want to be. I want to be the one everyone is looking for and no one can find. I want to stand out and be hidden simultaneously. I want people to notice what I do but not want to find my personal life. That’s what I want.

    By Savannah Lee URL on 02.12.2011

  28. Pricked my finger repairing a pink tulle skirt. Blood doesn’t stain nylon.

    By degna URL on 02.12.2011

  29. Needles are great. I do not have a fear of needles. Unfortunately, my body still doesn’t respond too well to having them jabbed into me. I fainted upon all 3 occasions that I went to give blood, and I would love to give bone marrow someday, but something tells me this might be a bit of a pipe dream.

    By El on 02.12.2011

  30. There I was, sitting once again on the bench in the pediatrician’s office. I knew this wasn’t going to be pleasant. “Getting a shot in your ass is the worst,” Becky had exclaimed. I grumbled, slowly scratching the angry spider bite on my arm. Why did I have to go camping that weekend?

    By BlairBoswell URL on 02.12.2011

  31. I had a needle when I was a baby and I couldn’t help but stick it in an eyeball. I love eyeballs. And goldfish. I love goldfish and my baby brother. Needle, Salad Fingers, summertime. I’m dying. Are you okay? The Shining, The Sixth Sense.

    By Rey on 02.12.2011

  32. I think that I shall never see
    a poem lovely as a needle
    for poems are made of substantive things
    but this is as silly as tweedle.

    and a poem of tweedle can never fully be
    as lovely as ever a poem should seem
    but seeming so lovely, this needle of mine
    I accidentally stuck in my eye.

    By rachel on 02.12.2011

  33. A needle pierces things without a second thought. Scratch that, it doesn’t have a choice. it is controlled by the person handling it, it has no will, no volonté. But then again, the needle is also pierced. It is pierced when it is a rod of silver that need the hole for the thread to go through, and then pierced again when the thread goes through. Then it is strung up callously. It’s violated and it can never be undone.

    By Sruthi on 02.12.2011

  34. Very pointy, hurts badly, shiny , sparky, very painful but uselful too. is a good help whn pp ltruble you must keep for girls in cities

    By jyotika URL on 02.12.2011

  35. I always use a needle and thread when my own clothes are in need of repair due to the large amount of damage they accumulate when I go out to do some heavy work in the blistering sun. I never have to pull out my needle and thread on Sundays, however. Why? Because I do not work on Sunday; in my Christian world, Sunday is a day of Sabbath, so no work is required, hence no need for my needle and thread.

    By Nicole on 02.12.2011

  36. Needles. People are scared of needles. They come big, they come small, but people still find them scary. They are almost always needed. Stab stab. I think that’s why people are scared of them. I’m not scared of them because I’m brave. And in most cases, if you’re brave, you get lollies. Mmm, lollies! I like lollies.

    By Chelsea URL on 02.12.2011

  37. Life is not easy. Every day you need to make decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life. How do you know which one is right? Most of the time I feel like I am searching for a needle in a haystack, only my goals are the needle and my everyday is the haystack.

    By ennabeatriz URL on 02.12.2011

  38. sharp, pointy, accurate, painful. I specificity of a needle scares me. It strikes the truth without any context. And the truth within itself scares me. Specificity. That is all.

    By Michelle on 02.12.2011

  39. a needle goes through thread. doesn’t matter what color. needles stab and repair. they exist in duality. if you can pierce my heart like a needle, can you not also sew it back together?

    By Michael Campbell on 02.12.2011

  40. Pin pricks leave
    blood welling
    all over dusty skin.
    Stars on that tan sky
    dance and glimmer
    (ruby constellations).

    By jenpen URL on 02.12.2011