February 12th, 2011 | 348 Entries

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348 Entries for “charge”

  1. CHARGE! screamed the captain. There was a rush of movement around me as the army ran towards enemy lines. I wondered why I was there. I had never even heard of either of these countries, and yet here I stood in the middle of a battle…

    By rollinggnomes on 02.13.2011

  2. charge is a pokemon move that electric pokemon learn after leveling up to, what, level 10? i dont even remember. my shinx learned it once. but its one of those moves that doesnt inflict damage and it just lowers the sp stat of the opponent or something. freaking lame move, dude.

    By melina2134 on 02.13.2011

  3. chargechargechargechargechargechargechargecharge

    why do i keep getting the same word to write about? this is the fifth time i’ve gotten charge. are there NO other words?! if you haven’t noticed, i’m a n00b at this.

    By melina2134 on 02.13.2011

  4. Everything was runing toward me. Swords at hand. Screams and battle cries. The electric feel just wire through my body giving me a jolt.

    By Alyssa on 02.13.2011

  5. credit, forget it!

    By unknown on 02.13.2011

  6. replaces ever and its ready o use and wor charge to work!

    By Devanshi Patel on 02.13.2011

  7. To take hold of something. To grasp something with full intent of succeeding. Just do it. Become something great. Take charge of your life. Hold fast to your dreams. You will be anything you want to be. You can do it.

    By Emily Beers on 02.13.2011

  8. So I’m standing at the any store check out line and I realise that I’ve forgotten my bank card . I proceed to apologise and look around in a panic for a solution. The lady behind says charge it not realising that I have long since discarded the cards, in a fit of a desperate demolished credit rating.

    By sean peter on 02.13.2011

  9. The field is empty waiting to be filled with men ramming each other in the head and gut. The large space has many faces but with only one creative intention.

    By Suzy URL on 02.13.2011

  10. When I’m bored I charge my phone so it doesn’t die when I’m using it. Charging is good. Do you have a charger? You should get one. Electricity also has a charge to it.

    By Susan on 02.13.2011

  11. there’s things in life we don’t really think about everyday, which i’d like to show my appreciation for in this paragraph. for one, i use my phone charger all the time and never really imagine what it’d be like without it. but if my phone died and i didn’t have my charger, i’d be flipping out that my phone was dead and i couldn’t charge it. my computer, camera, ipod, nintendo ds, psp, ipad, etc etc. we don’t take into consideration that without the charge of electricity- we would be without all these wonderful things that we use in our everyday life. there’s also charge in people. the surge of electricity you feel when you see someone you really love. the charge of energy that bursts out of you when adrenaline pumps through your veins. i wish i could charge my body like i charge my phone…but actually i can. sleep! sleep is the natural charger that we use every night (or day for you night owls) to rejuvenate our bodies. so i’d just like to say “thank you” to all the chargers in the world- because really? we wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

    By Molly URL on 02.13.2011

  12. if i could charge all things i really wouldn’t i’d choose specific things to charge, like my face cause lets face it it falls apart too, or my refrigerator (sorry if its misspelled) because nobody likes saggy fruit or maybe even a lamp, flashlight or phone for we need light..why charge? i don’t know, i just feel like it and my fingers are doing the controlling right now.

    By Peter Antonio on 02.13.2011

  13. Into the valley of the shadow of death rode the 600… A cavalry charge of brave men and horses. Those horses electrocuted at Newbury won’t be charging anymore. Being part of a charge is exciting wind in your hair flying past your ears, the pounding of hooves filling your ears and the elation of being part of something bigger than your self.

    By Holly URL on 02.13.2011

  14. The charge of the Light Brigade- no idea why that popped into my head. The headlong charge to destruction, driven to certain death by ignorant generals. tho maybe somethings don’t change. sending soldiers out to die never seemed the best idea to me.

    By joey URL on 02.13.2011

  15. She thought she was in charge. She criticized everyone’s work. She bossed people around like she ruled us. She thought she was in charge.

    But she wasn’t.

    By Paige URL on 02.13.2011

  16. Just a touch with those hands, and she can feel her whole body warm up. Liquid heat seeping through her veins, melting her bones and her thoughts away. Only for a moment though. She never allows herself to feel the heat for too long.

    It already has been too long though and when realization charges at her and hits her so hard she comes crashing she doesn’t know what to do. Just tries to brace herself for the impact when she hits the ground.

    It doesn’t matter, she never even touches it. Those hands are there to catch her. The smile spreads across her lips and for once she doesn’t bother chasing away the warmth. Maybe, just maybe, she could let herself get used to it.

    By Alma URL on 02.13.2011

  17. Falling crashing burning, down forget me. I wont let you. I am here for good and don’t you dare leave me. I am coming wait up, slow down. Don’t forget. Please, don’t forget me.

    By carter URL on 02.13.2011

  18. go forth and seek. Run and fly, search your heart and stay true. For there, within rests your hearts desire.

    By Andrew David on 02.13.2011

  19. Take charge! Take charge of your life because you only have one life to live. If you do not take charge you will become a bumbling fool and you will grow old and regret your decision not to take charge.
    Also, charge your cellphone FULLY before you leave the house. Otherwise it will die and you will lose communication…

    By Aiden on 02.13.2011

  20. the men ran, their bodies wrecked by blood, time and bitter pain.

    By andrew david URL on 02.13.2011

  21. The word charge makes me think of credit cards, which makes me think of my dad because he gives me an allownce on a credit card that is fifty dollars a week. He takes this credit card away from me when he’s mad at me which is really annoying. Currently he has taken it away and is not giving it back for seven weeks. Thats a lot of money.

    By jordan on 02.13.2011

  22. In charge
    Waiting for the gauge to fill
    Innocently perspiring in the morning light
    Accidentally performing the illicit moonlight songs
    And forever dying from the outside in.

    By John Tasch on 02.13.2011

  23. The price for you is a trembling happiness and a chest pangs.

    By MONO URL on 02.13.2011

  24. Charge. Charge the credit card. Charge enemy lines. Charge an iPhone. Charge.

    By Tyler URL on 02.13.2011

  25. “They’re charging me with trespassing and posession” When Taylor heard the words come out of her little sister’s mouth, her heart sank into her stomach. Never, did she excpect to hear something like this from her baby sister, she didn’t know what to think.

    By Jordan URL on 02.13.2011

  26. I know the “one man in charge”. The last LOST episode. But i think it´s a bad thing, i don´t like the word.

    By Nevermind on 02.13.2011

  27. i need to just charge in there and not think. cant think about anything. i just need to write, write , write, right? right. not sure what to write about, just know i’m not supposed to think, let the words just flow from my brain to my fingers and see what all i can get down in sixty seconds about just one word. one word, that word is charge. seems ive gotten a bunch in sixty seconds.

    By Ashley Tenney URL on 02.13.2011

  28. My battery on my phone dies all the time and my computer battery is completely dead. Must be bad luck for me? I need the ultimate charger! Like ones they would use at NASA or something. Or the ultimate battery? hmmm…

    By Lucia Bollini on 02.13.2011