June 2nd, 2012 | 342 Entries

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342 Entries for “necessity”

  1. Something I need so desperately I can feel it down to my bones. Every time my sleeping form shifts across the sheets and all I want is you burning up in me. I wrap my fingers around air and cloth and pull you that much closer but it’s never near enough. Light me up.

    By Cassie URL on 06.02.2012

  2. Necessity is a word that means like Toothpaste is a use it!!!!!!! Rawr!! >.<

    By Mariah on 06.02.2012

  3. Necessity, something that is needed. As in air, food, or drink. A place to live, and clothing on your back are also necessities. As can be family, among other things.

    By Amanda Caroling on 06.02.2012

  4. necessity is the mother of invention or so they say but i think that necessity is what drives people mad because they think and stew and ponder over why why why necessity exists and what they have to do with it and in the end they come to resent this mother and her invention and nobody gets anything done

    By zeke on 06.02.2012

  5. Necessity, as in a need. Like air, food, and drink. All are necessities. As is clothing on your back, and a roof to sleep under. Though not all of us have that. Some also consider family as a necessity.

    By Amanda Caroline URL on 06.02.2012


    By KP on 06.02.2012

  7. My brain is mush. I can’t think of anything to say other than my only necessity at the moment is sleep having endured the SAT and being out all day. Sadly, insomnia has overtaken my conscience as I lay awake and ponder the universe and why pregnant was used to describe a telescope in one of my readings on the SAT.

    By Wyatt on 06.02.2012

  8. I do not want this.

    I… I hurt. There’s no blood, but… I can feel the wounds, the stains. My fingers poised so pristinely above your chest, filled with all the love of those moments we held together, once. Now they’re cold, recalling only those miseries we clasped to our hearts like threadbare blankets — they sufficed.

    But I have to. Coexistence is impossible. Your neck and these so-cold fingers have an inexorable destiny together.

    It is

    a necessity.

    By Sheol on 06.02.2012

  9. Necessity. Like, I can’t breathe, can’t sleep. Can’t stop movin’–just keep…pushing that feelin’.

    By Ash Raine URL on 06.02.2012

  10. nececssity is the important need for something. so water is a necessity for survival as is sleep and oxygen. also a lot of society believes love in a necessity of living. i also think this.

    By April on 06.02.2012

  11. he’s is my necessity. i need him. he seems to need me. i think i love him. i can’t think of anything else to say. he’s all i think about. ever.

    By April on 06.02.2012

  12. the things that will benefit your life and your goals are necessary. Which is why i view money as nothing when purchasing things in line for my dreams and aspirations. Happiness Love and Universal Understanding are Necessities.

    By ajani32inaja URL on 06.02.2012

  13. The necessiy to be the best. Always competing with you to be at the top. To be noticed and to be heard. The necessity to win. To be the one, out of the two of us, who survives.

    By Jordan URL on 06.02.2012

  14. its a necessity to bathe every day, eat, sleep, drink water, and love to all the abilities that you can. Necessity is a word that scares a lot of people, but when you think about it there are not a lot of things that are actually necessary.

    By Elaina on 06.02.2012

  15. what really qualifies as a necessity? is it something tangible? or is it more? to me, a necessity is something that fills your soul, not your life. it’s not material objects. it’s not useless things. it’s family, it’s love. it completes who you are, in a way you can only achieve internally.

    By Emily on 06.02.2012

  16. What is necessity? Is it that snack every few hours, or that extra bit of cash to get that new pair of shoes that you must have? what has necessity become.

    By Mike URL on 06.02.2012

  17. The need to eat had to be ignored in order to survive this week without betraying the feeling of hopelessness within me. I had to stay strong and pray Wednesday came sooner, and my check bigger than expected. I was tired of being so alone, so hungry, but mostly of being poor. I was ready to do anything in order to forget what it feels like to have nothing.

    By Ruben URL on 06.02.2012

  18. She thought of it as a necessity, going to his office to see him. She wanted to talk to him so bad, wanted to hold him close like yesterday. She wanted to know if things were still the same for him. The only thing holding her back was the thought that to him, it didn’t matter. He didn’t care about her anymore.

    By Cha URL on 06.02.2012

  19. like water and food
    but love all the same
    it whispers
    it claws
    and what we see and we know
    but do we really know
    or is it just a day dream?

    By Lindal on 06.02.2012

  20. It was a long day. A very long day. And it was hard. So, so hard.

    What he was doing? It was a necessity. Like the air he breathed, the tears that shed… an inevitability. It was going to happen sooner or later and right now he needed this more than ever.

    The pain blossomed across his forearm and he breathed deeply

    By elinmacrae on 06.02.2012

  21. This is a necessity. You have to have chap stick and extra panties in your bag, everywhere you go! If you don’t, who knows what will happen? You could find a cute guy you just have to kiss, or pee your pants!

    By Halsey on 06.02.2012

  22. A necessity is something that is required. You have necessities when you go on a trip and you must bring them. There are different things that are necessities to girls compared to guys.

    By Jenna on 06.02.2012

  23. It is a necessity that we meet again. Not just me and you, but me and them, and them, and them, and most importantly, they. I cannot simply go away without seeing their faces one last time. I refuse. I will not and can not.

    By Shoo on 06.02.2012

  24. “Why would you think that? I have never said I needed you.”
    “Necessity is the driving force behind survival, and you need me to survive.”
    “I am here because if I wasn’t you would be alone. Your arrogance and malice has upset and pushed away everyone. You think I need you to survive? Being with you proves I am a survivor.”

    By Meredyth URL on 06.02.2012

  25. apathy, need, desire, consciousness, giving, forgiving, go forth, life, water, food, time, work

    By manika on 06.02.2012

  26. oncoming train; phosphorescent light, grown over with ivy on a dark street. a run in my pantyhose over banged-up knees.

    By startrump URL on 06.02.2012

  27. gave invention, gave luxury, gave more needs, wants became necessities again and came more. if we only knew what we truly needed and what was just ….

    By manika on 06.02.2012

  28. Necessity.
    It means what you need.

    What you need to survive.
    “Survival,” he told me.

    Breathe, I told myself.
    Think, think of the ways to survive.
    Think of the ways to get yourself breathing, think.

    But thinking isn’t a necessity itself, is it?

    So I let myself succumb to darkness.

    By ollie URL on 06.02.2012

  29. the mother of all invention, thank you for this earth. the rain drops silently, ever flowing down, bringing reality and rejuvenation. Let the plants grow strong beneath the sky.

    By Callum on 06.02.2012

  30. The necessity of keeping her head above water was driving her to distraction. The knotted cord around her wrists dug deep into the flesh as she strained against it, tightening further the more she struggled. The water was cold on her bare skin, exposing every centimeter to a freezing dunk that made her nerves shriek with pain. There would be no escaping from this.

    By Mairead URL on 06.02.2012

  31. necessity why does everyone get the word necessity? i was reading teh colorless and everyone had the dang word necessity what the hell god. anyway necessity is something you need did i just spell it wrong? no i did not. i need food cause i’m a human and i need shelter and everything else humsans need which is like other stuff like i cant thibecause i’m concentrating so hard onNOt hinking and spelling everything wrong. necessity necessity. i need ummmmmmmm music cause it’s awesome has it been 60 seconds yet? this is a long 60 seconds. there once was agirl who needed a rainbow cause she liked the colors only she was blind where the fuck is this going it doesn’t make any sense oh goodness i am gonna do this again :} how long has it been???????

    By brittni on 06.02.2012

  32. What would happen if it were all to stop? She didn’t want to think about it as she swayed through the crowd of scandalously dressed “young adults” – aka, her generation. She didn’t look directly at anyone of them, as though they were contagious. She didn’t even look away from the floor until she arrived at the front of the crowd. This was her “spot”, her home away from home. And, as she began jumping to the beat, she refused to admit she was dependent on this song, this beat.

    By Kristen on 06.02.2012

  33. whe you need somethig, carity

    By jak on 06.02.2012

  34. there was a girl who needed food. to food she was addicted. she couldn’t help it: every thought smile was for food. she was . she got made fun of. something was wong with her. she NEEDED food she felt like if she wasn’t always shoving food in her

    By britt URL on 06.02.2012

  35. the feeling of knowing that you are someones only
    the feeling that you will never be lost without them

    By william on 06.02.2012

  36. referred to as the mother of invention.the greatest motivating force behind some of best creations,be they items that help us in our everyday or a fantastic food opens up our minds and our gives birth to some of the most interesting works of art.

    By Raven D on 06.02.2012

  37. A necessity. Something that you need. Something that you can’t live without.
    You are a necessity of mine.
    I don’t like to think about it often,
    but we all know that it hurts to breathe because you’re not here.

    I can’t live, breathe, eat or sleep without you by my side.
    Come back.

    By katelyn URL on 06.02.2012

  38. Some think that the most high tech, fancy, expensive items are necessities.
    That’s so over-rated. You don’t need the most up to date items to make yourself happy. You don’t need the new i-phone just because it’s new. You just need a place to call home with clothes on your back and food on the table and water in your glass. That’s all you ever really need.

    By Alli Lynn URL on 06.02.2012

  39. necessity is what you must have in life. you need it to survive. such as clothes, shelter and food. humans and all other animals develop all keen senses to obtain necessity, in order to preserve their kind. necessity is what we can’t live without. necessity may varies from person to person.

    By eric2 on 06.02.2012

  40. necessity, to need something so bad you might burst without it. air, food, love, we need these things in order to live. it is a necessity that i breathe and that you love me.

    By vicious on 06.03.2012