June 2nd, 2012 | 342 Entries

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342 Entries for “necessity”

  1. Breathing. Love. He was her necessity, the one thing that would keep her alive no matter the fallout this world would bring. So when he left, the thing that sustained her, she was lost, alone, and confused. What would she do now that the one necessity, the one needed thing in her life was gone? She ran. She ran far and long and wide with a sense of freedom she had never felt before. Yes, she ran.

    By megan URL on 06.02.2012

  2. I don’t need you. I don’t need your love to survive. Your love isn’t a necessity to me – nor is a mother’s love really a necessity to a child.

    But it nourishes me. I cannot deny this. It makes me happier than I would ever conceivably be without it. And I don’t want to lose it. It may not be vital to my existence, but it’s still very much desired by me.

    By Chelsea on 06.02.2012

  3. Love is a necessity. Just like food, water, shelter. Nothing is more important than love. Love will get you through anything.

    By Kelsey on 06.02.2012


    By Laura on 06.02.2012

  5. Necessity is the demise of self-reliance. When some material becomes a necessity in life, you know you have lost. Necessity is priority.

    By Kathy Baillargeon on 06.02.2012

  6. What makes something a necessity vs a want? Can we live without it or do we not want to? A necessity is only the things we don’t want to live without.

    By Katherine on 06.02.2012

  7. Needs. They define us. Your life is a succession of needs, wants, desires. These things aren’t necessities of practicality but necessities of your emotions. So what defines necessity in your life.

    By Shyla Davis on 06.02.2012

  8. Things we need, things we think we need, food, water, shelter, makeup, clothing, jackets, sunscreen, sunburn really really does hurt. I have it all over my back. Hey, i also need aloe.

    By Ruth on 06.02.2012

  9. Its the bear necessities, the simple “bear” necessities, forget about your worry and your strife! i mean the bare necessities, da da da da da da da da Idont remember any more of the songg. THis song reminds me of…. hakuna matata! what a wonderful phrase!

    By Katarina URL on 06.02.2012

  10. Water, bread, an egg. Sleep, personal interaction, alone time.

    By Joe Caputo on 06.02.2012

  11. Its a necessity to breathe, to live. To live is to have experiences, to enjoy life. Enjoying life is about getting out in the world to have fun. Enjoying what you have is necessity.

    By Dani Romig URL on 06.02.2012

  12. Necessity. There are many necessities in life. ohkay… i done.

    By Roooonnniie URL on 06.02.2012

  13. necessity is what some people call the bathroom. It is a necfessary thing so it stands to reason. there are lots of necessities, food, air, water, warmth, privacy clothing.

    By Jeannine URL on 06.02.2012

  14. I have none. I Wish I had one. It’d make life so much easier, more fulfilling. This lack of motivation will be the end of me. angsttttttt.

    By Annabel URL on 06.02.2012

  15. Brianna left only because it was necessity. It is not like she could take care of her sister on her own, she was only 15 years old herself. Too much responsibility and pain at this age already can only let a person do so much.

    By Vittoria (: URL on 06.02.2012

  16. Neccessity is commanly confused with want. People want something and they think it is a neccessity. Their is a very big difference between those two things and its time people start paying attention and seperating them.

    By lifegoeson URL on 06.02.2012

  17. Love. The number one necessity on the planet. Everyone wants it, but few realize it’s what life is all about. Nothing in life can be completed or even started without some form of love. Even more than simple things like food or shelter. You can go nearly three days without eating, and plenty of people prove that homelessness is survivable. But love. Without it life isn’t nearly worth living.

    By Tim Byerly on 06.02.2012

  18. You’ve got the bear necessities, may mother nature rest . . .
    “Would you turn that stupid show off.”
    “Nooooo.” *stomp stomp stomp* “Katieeee. Don’t.” -click- “I hate you.”
    “Love you buttface.” *rustle*
    “I don’t hate you anymore.”

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 06.02.2012

  19. is the mother of invention. However, what we often think is a necessity is merely a strong desire. What we truly need is God, love, food, air, security. I’ve heard it said that all that is really necessary to be truuly happy in life is someone to love, something to do and something to hope for.

    By Caroline URL on 06.02.2012

  20. Necessity is probably defined many places as things vital to human survival; water, food, shelter, etc. However, if “necessity” is something you couldn’t live without, then isn’t it different for everyone? Could you, for example, live without love? Or could someone with diabetes live without insulin? What really IS necessity then? It’s whatever each of us, each person decides it should be, isn’t it? But then what about all the times our human brains classify something that we perceive as a crucial desire- a “necessity”- which is really just something we strongly want?

    By Olivia Blanchette on 06.02.2012

  21. it ws a wanting but more than that, she started at the cool glass of water, droplets clinging to the glossy sides. it would be refreshing she told her self she needed it . she took the vodka and gulped it down, her first time off the wagon. and it was beautiful and tragic and the liquor burned and writhed and later she cried about it, but it was beautiful.

    By Brisa on 06.02.2012

  22. My necessities are my friends and my loving fiancee. I love them so much. I need them in my life to be where I am today. with losing my mom and everything. It has been hard. But thankfully they have helped me in so many ways. :D

    By Katie on 06.02.2012

  23. It is such a necessity to eat, breathe, and drink in order to maintain life. At least, this is the case with most organic, carbon-based life on the planet Earth. As humans, we fall into this category of creatures requiring such a sometimes difficult necessity. In many parts of the world, water or food is scarce.

    By Andrew Kaz URL on 06.02.2012

  24. Ok, she didn’t need it. she didn’t. no, she could walk away. that doughnut didn’t hold a candle over her. she didn’t have to eat. she didn’t want. she DIDN’T need it. but… but she did…. it was a dark thing and later. with crumbs on her face and frosting coating her fingers in delicious sadness, she contemplated suicide.

    By Brisa URL on 06.02.2012

  25. I don’t think most people understand the meaning of this word. I know that I don’t. “Necessity” is a good word to contemplate and ponder. I think that understanding it can relieve a lot of needless stress in one’s life. Once you understand which people, events, things, and ideas are truly necessities to you, there are a lot fewer worries to fill your mind.

    By khakicat URL on 06.02.2012

  26. Something you couldn’t live without, and it would interfere with your every life if you didn’t have. It’s like a roof over your head or shoes on your feet. Sometimes it’s love or a certain person. You’d KNOW if you didn’t have it, and you’d wish for it.

    By Abbie on 06.02.2012

  27. My basic necessity is love. Without it i could not have anything more. Its pretty much evrything i ask and seek for. The necessity to live beyond this world wiht only one feeling.

    By Giselle on 06.02.2012

  28. Every one has them. Sometime people feel like it is a necessity to find love, but really, sometimes it’s better to know yourself instead. It is a necessity to love yourself in all ways possible because in the end, you are the only one left.

    By Mandy on 06.02.2012

  29. The fine line between need and want, as humans we must differ between what is needed and what is desired. As American’s we are materialistic and believe everything is a necessity instead of questioning its value as an object.

    By Autumn on 06.02.2012

  30. I’m glad I never trusted you—you aren’t essential to my existence. I can survive; no matter what you may think, your very existence is superfluous, not a necessity. You disgust me, and frankly, I can do better.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.02.2012

  31. you are a necessity. like the air in my lungs or the purist of water. I hope you know that I need you. I’ve come to the realization that this is unrequited but know this, if I’m ever a necessity, then I’ll be at your doorstep

    By Julia URL on 06.02.2012

  32. water is necessary
    love is necessary
    a lot of things aren’t necessities
    having a shore house and 3 cars isn’t necessary
    but it’s really cool
    many people take advantage of their luxuries

    By Sara on 06.02.2012

  33. Necessity is all based upon perspective. Some people think that a lot of money is a necessity while others think that all they need is love and family. Necessity is not something that can be defined the same by everyone.

    By Zoepunk on 06.02.2012

  34. I don’t need air i’ll just die… Wait what?

    By Tim URL on 06.02.2012

  35. relative term,one does not know true necessity until they have lost what they think to be necessities. necessities are not tangible and require reciprocation. love is a necessity.

    By jamie on 06.02.2012

  36. The thing that is most present in my life is necessity. Everytime I go about daily life I find that I need something. I need to feel loved, I need food, I need something to do, I need appreciation, I need sleep. Living and life itself revolves around necessity. Everywhere I go and everything I do.

    By Ashlee on 06.02.2012

  37. if you think about it, what really is a necessity to living? I mean sure, being successful seems to be a necessity of kids my age, but what really matters? I know for sure, family is always number one. After that is where the line blurs. Education, for however, is easy to choose. After that is when it gets hard.

    By Benit Meyer on 06.02.2012

  38. What I need is not really always what I want. Sometimes it is even hard to know what I need, I just have in mind what I want and I deal with that in any way that I can. Or want. I need to grow some balls. I need a little bit more determination. I need to gain back a life, but I don’t really know how to go back to the life I had before.

    By cleo on 06.02.2012

  39. Food, shelter and clothing are just some things that we badly need to survive. Necessity is something that determines our survival.

    By Jeron URL on 06.02.2012

  40. The necessity to go. Always being on the move and getting away from where I came from and the necessity to get where I am going. The burning desire inside of me to get away from my past, forget those who have pained me and find someone who can love me, accept me, and cherish me.

    By Jordan URL on 06.02.2012