June 2nd, 2012 | 342 Entries

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342 Entries for “necessity”

  1. Nesscessities are food and water. This word also makes me think about that song in the jungle book. except i’ve never really seen that movie, or really any other disney animation movies. at least not the classic ones. i saw tangled and i really liked that. i LOVE disney pixar though. pixar is awesome. anaaaaand i loved monsters inc. i have a game boy color that has a monsters inc game in it

    By Taylor on 06.02.2012

  2. Necessity. It is what I need. What I can’t live without. What I would die surely if it wasn’t a part of my life. I can’t go on throughout my existence if it were away from me. Your love. Drown me in it, and never save me. I need it. It’s a necessity.

    By ashleymarion URL on 06.02.2012

  3. Its funny to think of the things we need. I always say i need a news dress or a new pair of shoes. But are they all really necessities? What about the people who have nothing. The ones who give up everything for something. What are their necessities? We forget how much we actually have. In our crazy world it’s funny to think about if we actually need the things we think we need.

    By Bridgid on 06.02.2012

  4. Nec

    By Maria URL on 06.02.2012

  5. I’ve found through the years that, often enough, sacrifice is a necessity when attempting to reach any goal. No matter the ideal you have in mind, or the ways about you intend to accomplish said feat, it will require a cost of some sort. Whether in coins, in favors, in other assorted collectibles, in actions, or in any other unnamed payment form, you WILL pay. Such is the way of maintaining balance. Such is the way of the Fae.

    By Emily URL on 06.02.2012

  6. Some thing in life are needed.. Some things we thing we need in our lives. Those things are the things that most often are like rocks… rocks tied to our ankles as they all watch us fight to get back to the surface. As you reach to cut the rope in only pulls harder down.. Then when you break the surface you can breath and you inhale deep and choke on what seems like the freshest air you have tasted. Now that is a necessity. Living life is the necessity…

    By AmyMae URL on 06.02.2012

  7. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. It might hurt you, might hurt people around you but there is no choice. People will tell you that you are wrong, that you always have a choice, but then they don’t know what happened to me on July 12th, if they did they might change their mind.

    By Katy on 06.02.2012

  8. Arden didn’t think she was all that important at first. Just a girl in class that he knew and thought was pretty entertaining. He didn’t realize though…just how much of a necessity she would be in his life. Now he looks back on it and realizes just how much he would have missed out on if he hadn’t asked her out that night…if he hadn’t started talking to her.

    By Katy on 06.02.2012

  9. You’re a necessity. Meaning I need you. Trust me. If I didn’t, I would wanna be a part of your life. I might be a necessary necessity in your life. That’s okay. You matter, you effect me, and I appreciate it. I hope you know how much I love you. Seriously. I promise.

    By Mina on 06.02.2012

  10. needing. without hesitation. now. until received, parched, prominent within the mind. please leave. i’m much more satisfied without you.

    By Michayla on 06.02.2012

  11. What is a necessity? To me it’s something that you literally cannot live without. For me, a necessity would be food, water, shelter, but those are the bare minimums. After that I’d have to say tea, I cannot live without tea. Tea is my necessity.

    By Jessica Neko on 06.02.2012

  12. It is a necessity to love. Without love, our souls are sad. I know this from expeirence. If you do not have love in your life you feel incomplete and empty. Love is necessary. Love makes the world turn. But with love, there will always be hate. Light and darkness, the constant struggle.

    By Jessica on 06.02.2012

  13. something you need more than want, something you would die without, it makes sense that you have it in your life and it doesn’t make sense to be without it.

    By kathleen on 06.02.2012

  14. Is the mother of all invention. it drives us to great accomplishments, without necessity most of the world would sit around, doing nothing. Even without any context, it’s still a pretty word. the combination of the ‘c’ and the two esses makes it ring nicely in my head Necessity is what makes me get my chores done; sometimes necessity is my only motivation.

    By Elayne on 06.02.2012

  15. Shampoo is a necessity. But sex is only a delicacy. Us humans take everything as a necessity.

    By Dawn on 06.02.2012

  16. There is a necessity for spontaneity these days, everyone sees so structured. They say necessity if the mother of invention, how much need are we speaking of? lol

    By Leila Mohamed on 06.02.2012

  17. Something I need. I have love. I have family, friends, and happiness. I have a roof over my head and food on the table. But most of all, I have the air in my lungs. The only necessity for life. You just have to live.

    By Brittany H URL on 06.02.2012

  18. It was a necessity to destroy the human race with the plasma canon to my only regret that it was only in my dreams. it’s sad that everyone is a fuck-tard may we all go down a river of doom
    the end.

    By Nicko on 06.02.2012

  19. Something I need, I want or think I need. A way of life. Food, water, love, friends, joy all things good. Like breathing or planting a tree or taking care of our home, the earth.

    By Rex on 06.02.2012

  20. gee gee gee gee baby baby baby gee gee gee gee ba ba baby baby

    By kira URL on 06.02.2012

  21. The necessity of doing the cleaning was becoming quite obvious….the dust was gagging as was the smell of mustiness. The dishes were appallingly icky and just not something that anyone would want to deal with on a regular basis!

    By coramie URL on 06.02.2012

  22. It was a necessity, it was as important as eating, or sleeping, or McDonald’s fries were to Aunt Sue. I needed that car to leave the god forsaken town and it was my only way out. It was my way to escape and this flat was about to fuck that up.

    By Ellen URL on 06.02.2012

  23. The need to have a relaxing work enivnroment is a necessity for optimal performance in achieving organisational strategic goals.

    By Jamal on 06.02.2012

  24. people think of necessities in terms of food and shelter, but I think of art, music, theatre and film as necessities. they provide hope. and people need hope. it is necessary for life to continue.

    By Anonymous on 06.02.2012

  25. out of necessity, she did it. she didn’t want to, she needed to. skulking about, peering around corners, she was stealth incarnate. she didn’t want anyone to know what she had become.

    By Cara URL on 06.02.2012

  26. Necessity. Nothing really is a necesseissty. If you think about it our world is so scheduled so organized in some places and some places not some people say things are a necessity but those people come from scheduled places

    By georga on 06.02.2012

  27. The one thing that we think we need, we truly don’t. Wants are not necessities, they are WANTS. Nothing more than a short lasting feeling of gratitude will come from that want, it won’t keep us living. Necessities will keep us living. things like food, water, and shelter are necessities, not that 800 dollar car, or that brand new sports car.

    By Danielle on 06.02.2012


    By Traci on 06.02.2012

  29. Something that I need, can’t live without. Something that runs so deep that it’s rooted within me…I can’t live without it if it’s rooted in me…I wouldnt survive…

    By TraciGirl URL on 06.02.2012

  30. Necessity. A word that very often loses its real meaning. What does the word “necessity mean? To most people, its a phone or a laptop or a pair of shoes. These people feel that in order for their lives to be a truly enjoyable experience, they must clutter themselves with objects that have no meaning to the world but somehow mean the world to them. But honestly, whats the joy in gluing your eyes to a screen all day until they burn to death? The word “Necessity” should mean something that you absolutely cannot live without. Food, water, medicine. These are all necessities. But More theoretically, friends and family are absolute necessities. Throw your cell phone into the ocean, you’ll survive just fine. Throw your family into the ocean, live an unhappy life.

    By elana on 06.02.2012

  31. In our world, we’ve lost our grasp with necessity. When we sit infront of a computer for 3 hours, or abandon those we love, we have lost touch with who we are as a society and as an individual. When will we find this again? Maybe never, but I for one am loved and know it.

    By Noah Stephens-Brown on 06.02.2012

  32. home and husband family and friends food and shelter love trust honesty and valor

    By Jennifer Waters on 06.02.2012

  33. The need for something, the absolute need for something that you cannot live without. It is a necessity to have water, food, and love. Without it you do not live.

    By Lauryn on 06.02.2012

  34. Necessity isn’t as important as people seem to think. It is a mere bonus to life. Who needs a big tv? Or a smoothie maker? There is no need for these things but we, as a human race have come to depend on them.

    By Craig URL on 06.02.2012

  35. Love. My cats. Family. Dave. Dave. Dave. Maverick. Children. Exposing Monsanto. Organic food and free range hormone free meat. Calm. Hiking. Photography. Drinks with friends. Friends. Love. The sky. Travel. Laughter. Seeing the best in things. Staying positive. Wine. Great food. Sex. Dates with Dave. Lazy mornings with Dave.

    By Ama URL on 06.02.2012

  36. Food and water are necessity. Necessity includes things you cannot live without. Structure and medicine can be a necessity. Needs, not wants or desires.

    By steph on 06.02.2012

  37. Necessity versus desire? Do we even know the difference? Or has desire turned into necessity? Our culture is ever expanding into one of material and superficial values; it’s a downward spiral.

    By Angela Merrill on 06.02.2012

  38. Necessity is a need. Necessity is often confused with want. I graduated yesterday and went to a girl’s open house today that’s in my class. Her house was a small trailer. Not many people were at her party. And she had on really old clothes. I had on a new dress at my party and tons of friends were there. I am really blessed. I don’t need new clothes or more money. She does.

    By Nelly on 06.02.2012

  39. I needed to get something. I needed it more than anything else. Once, there was a time when I didn’t have these needs. Now, I do. I need love. I need to be told “I love you”. I tell them but they won’t say it back. I need them to say that. It’s tearing me apart inside. It’s ripping up my soul not to hear it.

    By Laura on 06.02.2012

  40. Food, shelter, water. We think of these biological needs as “necessity.” But we’re only human, governed by our feelings. When we attach ourselves to others, they become “necessity” as well. But still, we need some distance.

    By Ashi URL on 06.02.2012