August 13th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “near”

  1. I wish you were near me. At. This. Very. Moment.

    You tell me how much you miss me, and you have no idea how much I want to see you. I reply with an “I miss you, too”. But it just doesn’t fill the gap that I feel when we’re apart. You’re 2000+ miles away. Just like a year ago.
    But we can do it, babe. I know we can.

    Until next time.

    By misscardigangirl URL on 08.13.2011

  2. Near or far. It didn’t matter…I knew he’d always be there for me. Battling his way through war zones in the 80’s and 90’s, he was never more than a phone call away. I remember standing on the tarmac waiting for his plane to roll in, to see his walk, his gait coming towards me.

    By Jamie on 08.13.2011

  3. near you i hope to be forever i dont want to lose the colour in your eyes i want to cuddle with you and hold you when times are bad i want to be always near you and the unusual and strange scent you give off i love you and everything you are why wont you tell me that you love me so?

    By DASSDADSDSAD URL on 08.13.2011

  4. near. how near? sighs IDK how near. you are so near and yet so far. my dream boy, dream occupation. dream course. how am i to get to you? IDk. someone please help me get to it, i’m lost. i want it so bad. but i cant strive for it. loser.

    By yourself on 08.13.2011

  5. I couldn’t feel farther away from anyone at that moment. I could talk to a few people about my predicament, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I wrote about it, and when that didn’t help, I knew I was in trouble. Writing was supposed to fix everything. So I took to crying under the stars for a few nights. It didn’t do much but make me feel tired and lonelier. I just tried to put it off of my mind. When it was brought up, I felt numb and distant. No one likes to cut friendships. It’s just a part of life.

    By Marissa URL on 08.13.2011

  6. I just want you near, close to me, by my side. I just want you. Only you. But I don’t even know if you think of my in that way. I don’t know how you could. I’m a horrible person. I’ve done terrible things. I’m sorry.

    By Michelle URL on 08.13.2011

  7. close to me yet so far away i hate not having things near me you always seem to lose the remote control to the tv and my phone all the time i can never find my phone when i need it drives me insane! i cant stand to be without it and the funny thing? whenever im not around it everyone decides to text me but when i am? nope no text.

    By emily on 08.13.2011

  8. near? why so. it’s not hard to go far. why stay. there are adventures waiting to happen, but if you stay near…what’ll you do? It’s scary i know but it will be fun, just go, run with it, live and be ALIVE!

    By Jessica G on 08.13.2011

  9. near far wherever you are. Titanic has been my favorite movie ever since me and my ex best friend watched it together for the first time when i was in fourth grade. I love everything about it, the romance, the parties the elegance of the ship. It’s the foundation of everything I could ever want in a romance. and it stemmed my obsession of the actual titanic disaster. I’m fascinated by it, I know tons of useless facts and I must have gone to the exhibit at least six times.

    By Lauren on 08.13.2011

  10. it is near what I am thinking, it goes since it goes. How nice for it to be so close, how nice it goes. I think it is closer, feeding me, that’s alright, it is soft and I invite it. Caress, it is welcome, come nearer now.

    By Ness on 08.13.2011

  11. i am near you. You are very far away. I will never find you. We are not near enough. Your soul is near mine, Where are you? I can feel you in my veins.How can you be near me and far from me at the same time? Come save me, please! I need you to be near me at all times.

    By Julia on 08.13.2011

  12. i am near and i am far, i’m everywhere you are and everything you wish to be. i wish you’d be nearer to me, because you never left my heart. you always left a part, and i guess i’ll be fine, but maybe we can spend some more time. i love when your smile is near.

    By Quinton Grady URL on 08.13.2011

  13. i wish you were but it’s really complicated, so perhaps it’s best youre not. i wouldn’t want you as much if you were. nearly all the time that’s the case. near is nothing absolute though. and perhaps your new love isn’t so absolute. maybe our love is absolute, even though she’s near… and i’m far away.

    By morgan on 08.13.2011

  14. Near. All I think of when i see the word ‘near’ is that I want someoneone to come near to me.

    By Char Adams URL on 08.13.2011

  15. I was once near a creek when I noticed a man staring at me,
    he seemed disturbed, so I wondered what was wrong.
    I drew close to him and saw that he was crying
    “What’s the matter?” I asked
    He said, “The last time I saw something this beautiful was when I noticed you standing there”

    By Michael on 08.13.2011

  16. Near is close to but not quite close enough to be on or in reach of something. Near is also a short time away in regards to time. If a date is near another date, it means that it is close to but it is not on the same date.

    By Jennifer on 08.13.2011

  17. We are all near each other but in spritiually we are worlds apart. I am near some very beutiful turistic places, some famous museums that I have never visit even once since I have moved here.

    By gcerezci on 08.13.2011

  18. I’m not close to being alive. I’m not dead either. Not yet, at least. There must be a word for that space between life and the afterlife. Will I ever be alive again? I’m too much near death.

    By Emaline URL on 08.13.2011

  19. a little bunny is near the top of the screan how do i get it off how my mother said it would go away but its still there what the hell?????????? she sees a das

    By Emily on 08.13.2011

  20. close by, cerca, proximate, almost, near to death, nearly, nearest,

    By Carmen on 08.13.2011

  21. She wasn’t sure if she was nearsighted or farsighted and, therefore, referred to herself as “nosighted”. Karma got mad at this pathetic attempt at wit and so the girl was hit by a falling lamppost and became blind.

    By Olesya URL on 08.13.2011

  22. He was near her. Elia could feel his arms around her, holding her frimly but not uncomfortably to himself. His bare chest pressed into her naked back, and she blushed when she felt his legs shift and intertwine with her own. The rush of heat was not embarrassing, but, rather, just a simple reaction of being so close to Rio. She did her best to detangle herself from him, turning around and slipping her arms around his neck as her chest pressed into his.
    “Wake up, sleepyhead…”

    By Holly on 08.13.2011

  23. it’s nearing completion, but not near enough… nearly drunk but one beer off being near to completion… my drawings are not nearly as good as i thought they were but i try to get nearer to perfection although sometimes it’s nearly harder than touching the stars with the moon.

    By denise on 08.13.2011

  24. The only thing I’ve ever wanted is to be near the one who is supposed to be mine. Never seems to work out that way.

    By Kris URL on 08.13.2011

  25. There was a creek near my home. It babbled silently throughout my childhood and was part of the soundtrack of my daily life. It comforted me in times of great sorrow and provided great fun when I was surrounded by friends.

    By Adair on 08.13.2011

  26. Instead of having you near I just push you away so hard that now I feel you closer than before, still I hate it, circles are tricky, why can´t we live on a line?

    By Lors URL on 08.13.2011

  27. As the stranger approached, the dark sandstone walls on each side seemed to get colder. A man had retreated to the alley way after a long hour of haggling the merchants for the various trinkets he’d bring home to his wife and children. The cranny shaded the light of the sun and there was a crate. “Probably empty,” the man though, sitting down on the wooden resting place. And now, the stranger towered over him letting out a single command, “get up.” He wished he’d chosen a different crate.

    By Aaron Delcourt URL on 08.13.2011

  28. I am near to finding out my path in life. I feel near to unlocking who I am and who I am going to be. Yet I’m near. Not there. Just near and it’s an anxiety ridden place to be. I also want to be near to my family yet at the same time I want to be far away.

    By tegan moss on 08.13.2011

  29. across the room, through the window, all i can see is you. nothing is in my way, but everything is stopping me. f.

    By monica on 08.13.2011

  30. something that’s close to you

    By alisha on 08.13.2011

  31. he came closer, near to her. His breath scarely brushed her cheek and whispered. She chuckled, laughing at the cheeky comment and blushed behind her fan. Shaun was always such a horrible flirt. But she knew she loved being near him.

    By Mysti URL on 08.13.2011

  32. i was close to her at the time. near wouldn’t quite describe the way we were. my hands fumbling over her patient body, skin heated and head buzzing.

    it was a short time, it was drenched in carpe diem like utterances. her lips across the back of my neck, a short goodbye. a long forgetting.

    By britt on 08.13.2011

  33. Close by…
    dear to me….
    my school’s near to my house.
    the bird is near the window.
    a four letter word

    By Parul on 08.13.2011

  34. I have a wonderful friend. they are very near to my heart. but are they really near? as near as i would like them to be? No. At the moment, I feel far away from them. I don’t feel near to them at all. Its a shame but I know that that’s just how things are right now. Its quite disturbing, since we used to be pretty much inseparable. but things change, and there is nothing we can do about it. both sides have to be motivated to change back and i don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    By Lance URL on 08.13.2011

  35. my boyfriend is going away to college and i wish he was going to be near me but he’s going to be a long drive away and i wonder what im going to do without my other half. i wonder what im going to do without the love of my life minutes away from my house. i need to make sure this works and that the person i love will always be there no matter how far or near

    By megan on 08.13.2011

  36. Near the hearth of curiosity, we find ourselves foolish and innocent. Near the edge of naivety, we find ourselves selfish and regretful.

    By Lora URL on 08.14.2011

  37. far or near you should never fear. Once near and now so far it’s hard to get back. It’s strange how you can be so near and yet so far. Once near and yet now near means nothing and its only away. Nearly eight years and we can’t even sit near each other. Once so close that you couldn’t seperate us. Oh near how I miss you. Please come back near and make far go away.

    By Andrea on 08.14.2011

  38. Near are the feelings I have for you.
    Near is your presence.
    Near is my fear.
    Near, you find my heart.
    Near is your life.
    Near is mine.
    Near is the distant we see merge ourselves apart.
    Near is my mind.
    Near is confusion.
    Near, where are you?

    By Zachariah URL on 08.14.2011

  39. I wish that you were near me all the time. Your hand in mine. Without you next to me it seems hard to breathe. I look at the world and all i think of is you.

    By Ruth on 08.14.2011

  40. NEAR my home there is heaven… guarded by the angels..

    By anonymous on 08.14.2011