December 4th, 2010 | 230 Entries

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230 Entries for “nail”

  1. I love Kristin very much! I miss her and I want to be cuddling with her right now. I hope that she will read this and like that I am taking the time out to send all this love towards her. I hope I can stop biting my nails soon…. had to write about the word…

    By nunya on 12.04.2010

  2. I have bitten every one of these nails. I have cauterized the very attempt of keeping them neat and tidy. Polish sweeps and slides but it cant cover the raw skin

    By jenna on 12.04.2010

  3. You hit the nail on the head. You knew my motivation, my flaws and my aliases. And you loved my enough to call me out. You spoke gently, yet with authority and revealed your knowledge of me. You called me by name. I am yours.

    By cegr76 URL on 12.04.2010

  4. I had a nail stuck in my left foot, but I couldn;t figure out howit got there.

    By Rose on 12.04.2010

  5. I want to tell you all about nails. They are super cool? They keep up my paintings and posters and stuff! Oh yeah! My house uses them too, i mean screws help but they really keep it together. LOL

    By jordan cohen URL on 12.04.2010

  6. The nails on my finger grow indistinctively. I have no control. I bite them because I hate them.

    By lauren URL on 12.04.2010

  7. you pound nails. i have finger nails. ummmm they are hard. they are steel, they go in steel. they hurt when you step on themm,.

    By haley on 12.04.2010

  8. The cold hard steel, only to be beat repeatedly. Swing after swing after swing after swing after swing after swing after…

    By James on 12.04.2010

  9. There’s a man rubbing his woman’s feet after she had a long, exhausting day at work. He truly cares for her and wants to take their relationship to the next level. The only thing that’s holding him back is the fear of rejection. He does not know how she will react to him proposing. But he knows that deep inside his soul she is his soul mate and he won’t live without her by his side.

    By Ashley Graham on 12.04.2010

  10. To say that the nail hurt would be an understatement. As I was walking down the street to my friend’s house I stepped on it and dropped down to my knees, the pain hurt so bad. I then

    By Bianca on 12.04.2010

  11. Hang nails I rip off with my teeth that bleed everyone and hurt worse than the burning intensity of 100, 000, 000 suns. That’s intense as fuuuuuuuck. Also horse penises.

    By Grace on 12.04.2010

  12. Nails are pretty. They can be painted. They can be chewed. I like painting my nails. I like my nails short. Sometimes when I cut them too short they hurt. I think long nails are ugly. Especialy the ones that are brightly painted. I wish I knew how to paint nails pretty. Nails are clear.

    By SEA URL on 12.04.2010

  13. the nail on my window sill was starting to bother me. it was sticking out and i did not know what to do about it. i wanted to take it out, but it was too far in to bother trying. i couldn’t close my window because of it, and this was really getting on my nerve. i was cold and bothered, and i did not like this at all.

    By Mika on 12.04.2010

  14. Tooth and nail – what does that even mean? You hear the expression, “I had to fight tooth and nail.” Does that mean that your effort required you to exhibit cannibalistic behaviors? Do you have to fight with your teeth and your nails, like some crazed savage?

    By Kaitlyn on 12.04.2010

  15. I have a hammer. With it I nail notices for the black plague upon people doors. With each quarantine notice I know that I have killed another person

    By Corey Protin on 12.04.2010

  16. Nails. blue nails, green ones, black and blue, colorful. nails are like hair that you can decorate, accessorize at such a low price. it’s just so much more accessible. i love nails. i just love them. who doesn’t?

    By Mika URL on 12.04.2010

  17. The cold hard steel, only to be beat repeatedly. Swing after swing after swing after swing after swing after swing after…

    By RyanJames URL on 12.04.2010

  18. Chipped and pale, they stare back at me with…well…blank stares. My nails. A forlorn sigh wells up in my throat. While they were once a symbol of carefree happiness, all they do now is remind me of her. And that’s not something I’m willing to think about.

    By Haley on 12.04.2010

  19. I once stepped on a nail. I was setting up a home-security network because of fear of robbers in home alone. I found a board with a nail sticking out and thought it would be a clever trap. However, 30 minutes later, I heard the ice cream truck and rushed out the door. To my own downfall, I forgot about my clever trap. The end.

    By Trent Crofts on 12.04.2010

  20. Her nail was chipped. She stared down at the finger, put it to her mouth, and looked overhead. The city seemed to be at peace (if you could even call it that) and that gave her an opportunity to rest. To take the whole world in.

    By brittany on 12.04.2010

  21. “I’d rather be a hammer then a nail” The immortal words of Paul Simon. There is alot of truth behind those words. I for one, would rather be a hammer as well and not stuck forever in one place, unable to move or have any adventures.

    By yax51 URL on 12.04.2010

  22. wtf
    that sucks
    wow i think this is messefd up AOOOOOOOOO

    By howie on 12.04.2010

  23. Nail in the coffin of my brain. It’s finals period and it’s like nails on a chalkboard at the library with all the self-pity. No more, no more, no more. Ready to be done and go home. Once finals are over I will cut my fingernails but right now that’s not a pressing concern.

    By Emily on 12.04.2010

  24. nail in the coffin
    all of your beautiful nails in your beautiful coffin
    you will live fast
    you will die young
    you will leave a beautiful corpse
    with beautiful bright pink nails
    that you paid more for than they were worth
    is it worth it?

    By Hailey Chay on 12.04.2010

  25. nail again…okay. Lets see. I never thought i was going to have nice nails. I used to have a fear that my nails would always be short and gross because i would bite them all the time. I was envious of the kids who had nice nails, but couldn’t stand the people who got fake names. My mom and older sister Sasha used to get fake nails put on and I remember they were my worst enemy. I could stand the way my mom’s nails would scratch my head every time she would dry my hair with a towel after every shower.

    By al on 12.04.2010

  26. Mine are wide, glowing red. Shinny. They are strong but look fragile. Mine.

    By Monica on 12.04.2010

  27. hello, i am in a sticky situation
    or rather, a set, stuck
    clunkety trapped position!
    jesus please, i didn’t think we’d suffer the same fate.
    [oh, but you were so noble,
    and i am a shameful, filthy imbecile,
    unworthy to worship.]

    By helen on 12.04.2010

  28. I like getting my nails done but only with my friends. I hate not being able to do things the way I normally do them. I always feel so confined. But they are pretty and I always feel more girly so that’s kinda fun. They hurt like HELL when you take them off though!!

    By AlyssaYoung on 12.04.2010

  29. nails are the top of my finger. usually they are dirty, but i try to keep them clean cause that’s really gross if you don’t keep up with them. they are usually really short cause i have a nervous habit and always bite them. i don’t usually color them cause they always seem to chip quickly. i wish i could afford the upkeep for them cause i like to look at them and see that they look good. i’m sure my boyfriend wouldn’t mind. when i was younger my mom told me if you bite your finger nails you will get cancer and that always scared me.

    By parisa on 12.04.2010

  30. “nail’ is the one word that is repeatedly used and misused in phrases, puns, and in idioms to drive home point, or to objectify persons or simply, to drive the nail home.

    By Pranav Karnad on 12.04.2010

  31. The hammer pounds hard on my head. And no matter how much it hurts, it’s getting me into the spot i need to be at. I hate the pounding, but is the hammer actually doing me a favor? does the hammer see the bigger picture, or yet the picture I am meant to hold? does the hammer know my purpose better than I? sometimes, we need a good pounding in order to adjust our lives and see the bigger picture more clearly.

    By Amy Woodruff on 12.04.2010

  32. I bite my nails. Always have. And when I say bite, i mean chew. And when I say nail, i actually mean the skin surronding my nail. Particularly my thumb nail. Call it a habit. Call it a learned coping devise. My mom does it. My grandma, my aunts. Strangely enough, not my sister. But the rest of us, we all bite. chew, really.

    By Rachel Pfennig on 12.04.2010

  33. I had a nail stuck in my foot, it’s sharp point stabbed right through my jandal as i walked over the hot iron laid scattered on the ground. We had grown up in a poor part of town, debris was often the decoration of our humble existence.

    By rebecca on 12.04.2010

  34. The man brought the hammer up in a swift motion the down on the nail in one fluid hit. It was a force that shook the base board as if he had hurt it.

    By Be URL on 12.04.2010

  35. I bite my nails. Always have. And when I say bite, i mean chew. And when I say nail, i actu ally mean the skin sur rond ing my nail. Par tic u larly my thumb nail. Call it a habit. Call it a learned cop ing devise. My mom does it. My grandma, my aunts. Strangely enough, not my sis ter. But the rest of us, we all bite. chew, really.

    By Rachel Pfennig URL on 12.04.2010

  36. nail into the wall, everything you would like to know. past, present, combined to make something people think is the future. perceived through out the mind. its all now.

    By zoop55 on 12.04.2010

  37. He found one rusty nail under the table where his father used to work. He picked it up and held it in the palm of his hand. He brought it home and kept it in a drawer beside his bed.

    By Kailey Morin on 12.04.2010

  38. nail. the nail pounds into the wall. like your eyes pound into my soul. the nail bends. my heart breaks. it won’t catch the stud. i can’t catch your eyes. it is frantic. it doesn’t want to be hammered. you don’t want to be confined. the nail holds up the picture of us that will never be visible. because the nail won’t catch a stud.

    By kristen neuville on 12.04.2010

  39. I hammered the nail into the wall as I prepared to hang the gaudy artwork we had received in stock that day. I hated working at that store, but money was necessary and jobs were hard to find with merely a high school diploma. All of my friends were at their respective schools, doing something with their lives, and I was stuck in my hometown, working retail and hating every second.

    By syd URL on 12.04.2010

  40. The nail went through the skin easily. Like a knife through butter, really. He smiled sadistically, relishing his cries of pain. He knew it hurt, he wanted it to hurt more. So he took another nail and pounded it through the other man’s skin.

    By Junita URL on 12.04.2010