October 8th, 2011 | 349 Entries

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349 Entries for “mystery”

  1. today the word is mystery. that has me thinking about the mystery that is my parents divorce. suddenly there are funds appearing that evidentally were saved for my education as well as my ounger sisters. I have no idea what to think now. i’ve been lied to so much. but like David says…it’s out of my control so I may as well let it go. what happens next? sometimes it feels like I just can’t breathe. I’m sure we all feel that though. it’s just hard to accept.

    By Kasey URL on 10.08.2011

  2. its a headache to find it all out, i peruse the clues you’ve left me with onyl minor breaks in my painstakign methodology, people poke their noses and pipes in through a cracked door and watch me sleep, a laugh at a white valentine bear, minor cute noises at love

    By Bethany on 10.08.2011

  3. mysteries are always fasinating, especially when it’s a mystery about a person. the one you love, even though you grow to know them better than yourself is a mystery in the beginning. you can just never be quite sure. every love story begins as a mystery

    By BKD on 10.08.2011

  4. An event that takes place where no one really knows what is taking place. It’s like, madness, yo. It could also be a person that is indescribably mysterious, example: sean connery and john edwards. It is also the name of a machine driven my Scooby and the gang.

    By Johnny URL on 10.08.2011

  5. Life is a funny thing. So full of little mysteries just waiting to be solved. They sit across from us and say, “Go on, then. Ask me something.” But we never ask, do we? We never ask.

    By CH on 10.08.2011

  6. The low light, wrapped the surroundings in a deep shadow. From the dark, a hooded figure emerged. He cast a glance at the car and frowned. Then, he reached under the hood and in his hand, he was holding

    By De Rop on 10.08.2011

    “Yes,” her words slithered from her mouth in a snake of condensation, “but who ARE you, boy?” He strained his eyes to see her ghosty figure. He didn’t answer. He didn’t know.
    So there they both were, standing in the cracked, pale light, and neither of them knew who they were. This was going to be some adventure.

    By NikkiK URL on 10.08.2011

  8. mystery is something yo solve that is a mystery.

    By kasandra on 10.08.2011

  9. Clueless, passing through life with no memory. Everyone stares, scared of the sad little man who wanders and wonders who he is and why he’s here.

    By Madeline on 10.08.2011

  10. I didn’t know what it was about him. He looked constantly lost. I wanted to grab him by the arm and lead him to his destination, but I didn’t know who he was or where he was going. He was a mystery. I wanted to crack him open and bend his spine and sit there and devour his brain like a Nancy Drew novel. He needed to be worn, with tears in his pages and watermarks.

    By Meg URL on 10.08.2011

  11. When I grow up, I’m going to be just like David Tennant. But more female. Maybe a little less attractive and more fan-girley. That’s my goal in life.

    By Emma on 10.08.2011

  12. A small narrow hallway, a cloaked man hidden amongst the shadows. A search has begun for beauty herself. Silent was the man who searched, such a longing for this beauty has been pursued by many men who wish to find happiness. She has been hidden, in a dark and gloomy place… One that resembles the human heart. Mysteries surround us, as they baffle even the most educated of men. The heart, love, and how to find beauty.

    By jeffrey on 10.08.2011

  13. jg

    By tyler101 URL on 10.08.2011

  14. He’s a mystery to me.
    And I’m scared I will never get the chance to figure him out.

    By Emily URL on 10.08.2011

  15. my future is a mystery. i know what i want but i dont know what is in store. will what i want come true? maybe yes, maybe no. i can never be sure until my mystery unfolds. will i fall in love with a prince like i have been dreaming to do all these years? dear god i hope so….but i can never know….no one can ever truly know until their future..their mystery unfolds.

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 10.08.2011

  16. The mystery of friendship, to you, is stronger than the mystery of life sometimes. After all, one day you’re smiling, hugging a buddy as a digital camera flashes in your faces. The next day, you’re removing cellphone numbers claiming you’ll never trust that person again, as her paranoia creeps in like a parasite and she calls the authorities on any perceived “threat.” No attempt at peace or compromise: You throw her off-kilter, she sends the cops on you. And then they shake their heads in wonder as you tell them the truth, especially about how she hurt you so badly that you put a razor to your arm for the first time in ten years.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.08.2011

  17. Mysteries are meant to be a mystery, therefore they should not be wrote about. They give us confusion and make us use logic, in which no american has ever possessed this skill. We lack a lot of things indeed.

    By Beth Compton on 10.08.2011

  18. God and His love for me. What a great and wonderful mystery. I know it is hard for many to believe in the the things I follow as truth. Christianity is an odd religion. Not because it just seems wrong. But because it relies on love. And mystery. The Incarnation is fascinating to say the least. There are many things I believe without having to see them physically with my eyes. Faith is terrifying. And yet, it is what I let rule my life when I can. I want to have hope, because it IS a mystery.

    By amanda URL on 10.08.2011

  19. He says my feelings are a mystery to him, but it’s a mystery to me too. I don’t know how to do this gently, but I’ve changed. He can’t see that, of course, since he’s so far away, but even though I’ve become someone new it still hurts me to have to hurt him.

    By sara on 10.08.2011

  20. Trying to figure out what was going on in Lucas’s head was never easy for Andy.
    On some days, Lucas would be the quietest person, and seem so reserved. On the next, he would be bouncing off the walls with joy.
    Andy always found Lucas a mystery.

    By Julia on 10.08.2011

  21. Ohhh, I love this word! I love mysteries and I have always been inspired by Scooby Doo. I love Scooby Doo, it is probably the best show that ever aired on television!

    By Christiana on 10.08.2011

  22. Life is a bit of a mystery in itself. To a large extent, everyone is looking to unravel their own mystery, and yet most people should realise that they never will. Everyone has different mysteries. Enjoy your own.

    By Oliver Scrimgeour on 10.08.2011

  23. Mystery.
    You, your a mystery. In my mind, your always there. Your mysterious…….I can’t help but think what you are thinking. I want to know more. I want to more about, you. And only you. You, who helped me. You, who walked away from me. You, who’s growning closer to me. You……..just you. Alone….

    By Victoria URL on 10.08.2011

  24. the mystery of the day was what word will appear on oneword? i thought about it all day long and to my surprise the word was mystery! how crazy is that? i wonder what the word tomorrow will be??? wonder, perhaps?

    By Anna Felmet URL on 10.08.2011

  25. Life is a bit of a mystery in itself. To a large extent, everyone is looking to unravel their own mystery, and yet most people should realise that they never will. Everyone has different mysteries and different questions they would like to ask of themselves and of their own lives. Enjoy your own mysteries.

    By Oliver Scrimgeour URL on 10.08.2011

  26. Mystery. Just like Life. Life is but a mystery. Sure, there’s hints. But there really is no solution to life. You cannot run away from it. It’s always there. Always. You can let go of it, sure. But isn’t that just a waste? A waste….of a perfectly good life….Mysterious, isn’t it? Life?

    By Victoria URL on 10.08.2011

  27. History is a mystery.

    By Marianne URL on 10.08.2011

  28. sixty seconds is all i got? no fair. It says mystery above and I don’t know if im gonna write about a mystery or not…sherlock holmes is mystery….this reminded me of jackie chan for some odd reason…..he didn’t have a hearrt attack did he? I hope not…oh well….this is all i have from sixty seconds. Congrats to me :)

    By Jaylene on 10.08.2011

  29. mysetery reminds me of scooby doo cuz they hyad a mystefrry machinge and the soldved misteryies and there were ghosests and ghaosyudts are myrsteries as well!! i graduated form college and so i am bery smart and know how to solbve mysteries!! :P so ghosts are noit reealll!!

    By Liliac on 10.08.2011

  30. “Uhmm.. do you like reading mystery books?” I read off my ‘Making Friends’ paper.
    What kind of crap is this? Stupidest question ever. Of course the kid’s gonna say yes. All kids say they like reading when they’re asked, even though almost none actually do.I hate talking to children. I always seem to never find much to say, so I end up sounding like a complete idiot. At least this looks good for college.

    By Paige Noel URL on 10.08.2011

  31. scary movie stery weird suspicion secret scooby doo mistery machine silence dark clue hint shaggy interesting boys girls love seduction commercials monster

    By michelle on 10.08.2011

  32. my whole life, i never knew what went on.. i keep looking in the dark to find…. what? that’s the rub, i’m looking for something and i don’t even know what it is. i’ll find out when i find the darn thing.

    i just wish it would come find me. it’s dark in here.

    By Shannon on 10.08.2011

  33. Sometimes things are clouded with mystery. What is mystery? When I think of mystery, T think of something that is dark and almost shady in motives. I think of villainous shapes in the darkness, shifting from shape to shape, and almost blending into the darkness. I think of criminal minds at work on their evil plans, simply waiting for someone to come along and expose them for what they really are.

    By Jordan URL on 10.08.2011

  34. they danced intertwined like swans. the light fell on his small pretty ears just as it hit the hem of her dress, where the coquettishly ruffled collar was arranged carefully to hide and hint at anything below that point. this light came from an outlandishly butterfly-like aperture in the ceiling, where the moon shone directly overhead, a mystery and a love.

    By Jessica Jiang URL on 10.08.2011

  35. You never know what’s hiding in the dark unless you step into it. And you don’t always want to, because you worry about what’s waiting to hurt you. All that the “mystery” is is your own fear. Your own mind conjuring every horrible thing that could do you wrong.

    By Ashi on 10.08.2011

  36. Life. To make it simple its all a mystery. Complicated and scary. I mean whenever we do something without a reason its a mystery to why we did it in the first place.

    By Darmy on 10.08.2011

  37. why is talking to boys such a mystery? is the problem really that women analysis everything and therefore we read too much into the slightest change? or is it more likely that men just get so flustered around beautiful creatures that they don’t know how to function… yeah that must be it.

    By brose URL on 10.08.2011

  38. Mysterious has nothing to hide. Mystery is just something we haven’t yet figured out. It can be anything we want it to be. To be mysterious is nothing. To have mystery is divine.

    By kait URL on 10.08.2011

  39. i love grey eyes
    i love sad movies
    best friends
    night time
    my mammy
    black and white
    charlie chaplin

    By eefa on 10.08.2011

  40. Mystery. God.
    Oh my God,
    why such a mystery?
    Why not tell your people
    why we suffer
    why we die
    where we go after
    we have.
    So much mystery.
    They tell me it’s part of the joy,
    the mystery,
    the faith of trusting in what is
    But sometimes I wonder if maybe,
    a little bit more acquiescence with
    science wouldn’t be more glorious.

    By mj on 10.08.2011