January 7th, 2013 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “must”

  1. knowing you will leave at the end of the lease;
    and there is nothing i can do to make you stay, but why would i want to trick you anyway — if you are young then you must be young still, and if you are old then i can also understand —
    we used to be closer than this, closer than this even when we’d still yet to meet, eager shadows of anticipation in the forefront of our mind, it’s always different like that, at the beginning

    By robyn URL on 01.07.2013

  2. Writing is a must-have in every-day life. At least, for myself and those like me, it is. It’s all the trite things in the world rolled up into a neat package, and proffered as a form of self-expression. The beauty, the necessities, the air we breathe. It’s my voice in written form, and my companion on days when no one else will listen. It is the must-have I can never abandon, and will always owe a debt to. It is who I am.

    By Emily URL on 01.07.2013

  3. A must isn’t always a want. But also, most wants come with a must. So whether we want or not, let us follow the musts to furthermore acquire our wants. Word.

    By Antonio Julián on 01.07.2013

  4. “I’m in love with everybody on the city bus”
    must is such a weird word when you look at it
    must must must must must

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 01.07.2013

  5. “You must not die,” he told me before I left the town. “You must go back here alive,” he added.

    That was the last words I heard from him.

    I never came back.

    By unblurthefuture URL on 01.07.2013

  6. I must have this new book. I would die if I didn’t its my life, reading. Really! I am freakin serious. Its like 100 bucks! What’ll I do!

    By Shirley on 01.07.2013

  7. I must do a lot of things that I really don’t want to. But must I? Or do I just feel that way? Who is forcing me to o anything at all? Why mut I make the choices that I

    By Mariah on 01.07.2013

  8. There must have been a reason. Isn’t there always a reason for a person to do something like that. I may never know the reason, but there must have been one. I know what must have happened. He snapped. Does there need to be a better answer? There must have been something to make it worth it….there must have been something.

    By TheCaptain42 URL on 01.07.2013

  9. “You must not die,” he told me before I left the town.

    When I came back, he was gone. He must have waited for too long and left.

    I should’ve died instead of being alone here.

    By unblurthefuture URL on 01.07.2013

  10. Humans are the ones that came up with every word, every idea that I could possibly write here. And amongst those was this word “must”. And I’m sick of it. Must and his gang of aggressive and similarly obtrusive synonyms are too large a part of my life. It seems like everyday I am living and getting up and doing the things I do, not because I want to do them, but just because I must.

    By Japan,Venice,Ireland URL on 01.07.2013

  11. “Listen to me, Muriel. You must do this for me. You must!”

    “But Father, I don’t understand-!”

    “I haven’t the time to explain. Sometimes there are things that must be done without question and without ever knowing why.”

    “But Father-!”

    “Shh. Just know that I love you, my child. I love you dearly and I would do anything in this world to be sure that you never have to live the kind of life I am burdened with now.”


    “Take this. Go directly to St. Bartholomew and ask to see Ashbury.”

    “Ashbury? Ashbury, who? What do you-”

    “You need only say that word and they will help you. They must. Just as I must let you go now.” He kissed her forehead, tenderly. One weathered hand cupped her soft cheek and then his smile wavered. “Go quickly, child. Godspeed.”

    By Sara H. URL on 01.07.2013

  12. Must? Really? Must I? I truly do not see any reasoning behind it, no background facts, no requirement listing, not a single bit of criteria at all. But, apparently I must. As painstaking as it may be, and as much as I fear it, I must. This is what I must do. Must…

    By Sara Zavorka on 01.07.2013

  13. “I must have it!” he insisted, his voice rising in hysterical pitch. His hands clamped around my wrist, forcefully swinging me back towards him. Without a second thought, I stomped on his foot–hard–and made one last mad dash for freedom.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.07.2013

  14. I must have that brownie. That’s the most common thought that 30 something women think as they peruse the pastry and chocolate aisle at their local See’s candies. They. Must. Have. It.

    By Elliot on 01.07.2013

  15. I must have that tie. That’s what he thought, and his grandfather had thought as they perused the men’s section at Macy’s for the 5th time. They just couldn’t get enough of sub-par men’s wear.

    By Elliot.Bay URL on 01.07.2013

  16. Must has a lot of meaning. What we must do, what is necessary, what we HAVE to do. All different forms of must. I just wish I didn’t “have” to do so much shit, and I could do more of things I loved and things I wanted to do. I feel miserable 50% of the time because I have to do more shit than I want to do.

    By Alli on 01.07.2013

  17. “I must have you,” he whispered sensually, pulling his pants off. He finally was alone with his one true love, finally they could be together without anyone watching, without anyone judging.

    “I love you, pepperoni.” He bit into the pizza as he fell back onto the couch. He was finally at peace with the world. He knew now that everything would be okay.

    By Cortnie URL on 01.07.2013

  18. I see him and a driving, burning, itching urge takes control of me. Backing down, backing away, gathering courage to try another time — these are no longer options. I’m drawn towards him — whether I like it or not. Yes or no, today is the day I ask.

    By terradi URL on 01.07.2013

  19. She thirsted for the skies with a deep, burning lust.
    ‘I will reach you one day. I promise; I must!’
    But no ladder could reach; no plane could suffice
    And in the end she realized: only she was the device.

    By Carly URL on 01.07.2013

  20. You must clean your room.
    You must not be disorderly.
    You must not be loud.
    You must be not you.

    Must we listen anymore?

    By NomadChristineLaFrancaise URL on 01.07.2013

  21. I must have something, there is a need of some sort. There are must haves such as food, water, clothing and shelter. It is something that is essential. It is a life source, it is important. I must have a car.

    By Thomas on 01.07.2013

  22. You must stop drinking. You’re going to kill yourself. With all the drugs you take I’m surprised you’re still alive. Maybe I wish you’d go away,but I wouldn’t mean it,because I still remember the dad I saw as a child.

    By H URL on 01.07.2013

  23. Must. Something that absolutely has to be done. I must get away from this place. There’s so much negativity. I need, MUST, escape from here. I do not like it. Must…musty. My life is a little musty, we must fix this. Maybe someday I’ll be outta here..

    By Kari on 01.07.2013

  24. i must not do this, why?
    i feel a certain obligation to this man. it’s almost as if he’s trapped me in a neverending cycle of blissful aprehension and abiss.
    a tainted love i can never withdraw from, a sacrifice of my own life for the well being of his character, something artifical.

    By Robin on 01.07.2013

  25. Must. I must get away from here. My friend must stop singing. Must means someone absolutely needs to do something. I absolutely need to get outta here, and go somewhere worthwhile. Must I always do things so slowly and why must I do them the difficult way? Must is a need, a need is necessary…

    By Kari on 01.07.2013

  26. I must do this. If it kills me. I must. There’s no way around it at this point. I’ve weighted my options. I’ve seen both sides of the coin. I’ve taken into account the long lists of pros and cons and what-have-yous and it’s done. There really is no choice. Once you’ve examined all the choices until the possibilities are endless, you’re really only left with one choice. And that’s what I must do.

    By Danielle La Paglia URL on 01.07.2013

  27. I must be amazing, I must be great. Must is a interesting word, it is the word that means you should but you probably won’t, well that is how it is used in the normal day to day life, New year’s resolution… I must lose weight, how did that go for you??

    By Daniellle on 01.07.2013

  28. I must heal
    I need to grow more extrospective and understand that there is more to life
    Than dwelling in semi-narcissistic self loathing
    Or victimising myself because I haven’t a better way to cope

    I must look at the flowers
    And see
    How the petals join the stem so smoothly
    And how easily the pollen is carried away
    And how they are so beautiful

    By Perri URL on 01.07.2013

  29. “There are things I must do,” he told me, placing the silver band on the end of the counter. I believed him. It was silly of me, but I had to. ‘I must believe in him,’ I told myself, because if I didn’t, I’d implode.

    By Kait URL on 01.07.2013

  30. I really must make more time. Time goes quickly – wake (pretend to wake), wake (really), school, lunch (pretend to lunch), school, study things I just did, study things I will do, sleep, wake. I need more time to be happy – read, write, doodle, practice music, chat, smile.

    By M on 01.07.2013

  31. It must be inevitable that in the future industry will appear as a joke, after humiliating itself it will finally realize its foolishness while reverting back to nature.

    By josh on 01.07.2013

  32. I must make time. Time goes so quickly – wake (pretend), wake (for real), school, lunch (actually skip and catch up on things I meant to do yesterday), school, study things I just learned, study things I will learn tomorrow (these are things I will finish at lunch), sleep. I must make time for other things – read, write, doodle, practice music, chat, be a better person.

    By Evelyn on 01.07.2013

  33. I must have a slice. A slice of that blueberry pie, moist like wildflowers on a damp morning. Sweet with that same dew. I haven’t seen pie in years, ages, eons, forever, I’ve never seen pie that looked quite so delectable as a slice of blueberry pie on a ceramic plate with daisies on it.

    By aria autumn URL on 01.07.2013

  34. “You must do this for me. You must,” he said urgently. Must. That was a clear call to action. An obligation and a beseechment that I could not refuse.

    By mogumba URL on 01.07.2013

  35. I must. I must write something here in the allotted time. I must make something of myself. I must, I must, I must, I must. Why must we make everything so forceful? Why “must” we anything? Why can’t we just do? And allow?

    By Natalia URL on 01.07.2013

  36. Must play…must have fun…must retire…possibly…somehow…i will…some day…life is short…i must live

    By Chloe on 01.07.2013

  37. “I must leave” she said. “Imust live” she said. Adieu, my love!

    By Chloe on 01.07.2013

  38. “why?” i don’t know. She seems so fragile. Please,

    By Chloe on 01.07.2013

  39. I should have known. But it was too hard to deny him. He never should have been able to hold it over me but now that I think about it I realize I must have been in love. In hopeless, foolish love with this man.

    By Penelope on 01.07.2013

  40. Air is fleeting. It flows out of his small lungs in a single, cold burst. The little boy shakes, his eyes focused on the pavement below.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.07.2013