January 7th, 2013 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “must”

  1. You must believe me. You’ve got to hear me. There is something different from this. You’ve got to find it, you’ve got to listen, we don’t have to live like this. This cement city built up around us, we just have got to get away from this.

    By monroe2go URL on 01.07.2013

  2. i must have you because if i don’t, i don’t know what i do with myself but at the same time i know i will never have you so i need to get over you, if it is the last thing i do. but every once in a while, i see you looking at me like you used to, this look of almost like..knowing that you want me no matter what.

    By lucy URL on 01.07.2013

  3. I must write. God, I have such urges to write, such urges to string together words be they short or long, beautiful or disturbing, anything crooked and in the middle. But when I rush to the pen all I can do is stare and stare and stare because I forgot, in my urgency, of a subject to write on.

    By naomi on 01.07.2013

  4. I must do this or I must do that. Why is everything must. My free spirit doesn’t conform to must, I, instead want to fly. I am a bird adrift on the breeze among the clouds. I choose where to attend and what unwritten rules are followed.

    By Annique Marannan on 01.07.2013

  5. One must do it. There is no way around it. One must fight with their best friend. Must travel the world. Must eat until they’re full. Must get married. Must have children. Must have a job. Must win the lottery. Must die. We’re told a lot of the things we must do and some of the things we want to do, but we’re never asked what it is we’d like to do. What we think we must do. We’re only told what society wants us to do. And we do it. Because we must.

    By Amanda on 01.07.2013

  6. It’s necessary- don’t think. Just do. No choices, no right, no wrong. You feel compelled. You see them, sitting there across the room, with their pretty smile and their eyes shifting about.. and you feel it. The need. You must go to them.

    By Adania on 01.07.2013

  7. I must write something. I must start soon. The timer is going quickly across the page like a blue bolt of lightning, getting more intense…oh no!

    By Mr. Williams on 01.07.2013

  8. I must be happy. MUST MUST MUST. We must do loads of things. Must Love. Must hate. Must live. Must play. Must try. Must cry. Must fear. Must feel above all.

    By Ana Torres on 01.07.2013

  9. Don’t think about the conceptual musts, just think about the Top Tens, that’s it, just the Top Tens. The boss man, the managers, the GMs, the AGMs, don’t listen to them, keep a straight face, a straight eye, both of ’em, and just think about numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 and use your oxford commas when writing

    By Steve URL on 01.07.2013

  10. Should or must? Everyone likes to ask if you want to do something, but if you refuse then they will say it wasn’t a choice. You MUST do it. This annoys most people because they are Lazy and because of that they end up hating the word MUST. Why MUST I do this?

    By AlanaScharth URL on 01.07.2013

  11. It’s dark and damp, and there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing you can do about anything. When you’re quiet, you hear the sound of your heartbeat, and it’s just so loud. Too much. You attempt to quiet yourself, but it doesn’t work. Nothing works. Your breathing increases as the footsteps draw near, and you fight the sob in your throat as you press your back into the cold hard rock behind you, fighting to make yourself invisible. You see a shift in the darkness and you turn frantically to find an exit. You must-

    By Livi on 01.07.2013

  12. I must get into the University of Toronto. I can’t imagine my post-secondary life anywhere outside of such a place. The traditional intermingled with the new. Those studying hard amongst those not studying at all.

    By Samantha on 01.07.2013

  13. Must we? Why must I? You must … or else. Must-ard. Must-have. Must-know. Musty. Muster the courage.

    By Audrey on 01.07.2013

  14. Must is how I feel about getting things done in my life. I must plan, act, and reflect on what I have completed or failed to complete.

    By Neche on 01.07.2013

  15. “if i must,” she said. She walked out the door with the paper in her hand, looking down at the grass, still sparkling wet with dew from the chilly spring night. she walked toward the house across the street, not knowing what this endeavor might bring.

    By Virginia on 01.07.2013

  16. I must have the michael kors hamilton style bag for christmas next year or just once I get a professional career. I have been thinking about a professional career a lot lately and I think that most likely I will end up in manhattan. FIT will give me tons of connections there. Everything depends on FIT. Must. Must. GET IN. Must makes me think of musk like daddy’s cologne, how random, I am trying to type as fast as I can but I am lying down..

    By Allison URL on 01.07.2013

  17. If there’s a will there’s a way. A must is something that has to be done, and if it must be done, than I will do it. There is no room for failure, just perseverance. If an obstacle is in your way, you must find a way around it. There’s no such thing as going back, same as there’s no such thing as yesterday, only today.

    By Travis on 01.07.2013

  18. i must confess this is not a test. i haven’t had any rest in quite a long while. so please entertain me and make me smile. must is a feeling, more than a word. its like an emotion or action, you know “flippin the bird” bird bird bird, bird is the word. no its not. must is.

    By Ashley on 01.07.2013

  19. I must write about must again. I want another word, but hey beggers can’t be choosers. I know it says I spelled beggers wrong, that’s absolutely obnoxious. I am too lazy to rewrite it but it is driving me absolutely insane that I have 2 red lines on my screen. Sheesh, maybe I do need to go back to school and do something meaningful with my life instead of wasting another minute writing about the word must.

    By Allison URL on 01.07.2013

  20. must or must not, it’s always hard to decide in the moments when you want to kiss me and i only want to hold your hand.
    must or should. should or should not, maybe even the possibility of can or cannot.
    we can, you shouldn’t, i mustn’t.

    By Courtney on 01.07.2013

  21. You must do this. You must do that. You must do the other thing.

    I was getting pretty tired of it. Too many orders. Too many commands. Too much /must/ this and /must/ that. I had had enough and I was going to quit. No more.

    The only problem was, they don’t let you quit boot camp…

    By chipschap URL on 01.07.2013

  22. “Another Joke? Really? Why MUST you always be kidding. can’t you ever be serious.” She sighed and leaned back against the bed. “Can’t you please be serious for once, just once” She gave me that look no one, let alone me, could refuse.

    By AlanaScharth URL on 01.07.2013

  23. I must stop spending money I don’t have. It’s a crime and I’ve been punished for it before. What can I do then to fill the void which only finds sedation when purchasing clothes I don’t need.

    By Ruben URL on 01.07.2013

  24. you must do your work because you have to be a nice person and you have to create a company and have children and a pet and a lot of friends because if not, you have to go to south america

    By Isabel on 01.07.2013

  25. sunday black

    we look like shit
    our rawness parceled
    in ill fitted trousers
    ‘good’ shoes
    scuffed but we don’t notice

    it’s thirty three degrees
    we’re all here
    gathered outside, like a ring of wraiths
    except crude, perspiring, voluptuous
    while you pass like helium

    I wanted to tell you it’s a beautiful day
    like so many we never counted
    the lantana in the iron fence
    at karrakatta is brilliant yellow
    the bees forage pollen
    and I wonder
    if they flew from King Edward

    the sky stretches enough
    to hold you tightly
    in her bosom
    with a kiss for every day
    you got through

    so I give you one too
    because you just don’t know
    how beautiful you are
    and I love you for it

    By minimalist URL on 01.07.2013

  26. I must get it together. I must have plans. I must stop procrastinating. I must work more effeciently.

    By Angela URL on 01.07.2013

  27. have, wants, needs. Something ‘must’ happen, its inevitable. There is a dire situation of great need.

    By Chris Fabritz on 01.07.2013

  28. It’s easy to create fake musts. You must take geometry to take algebra 2. You must get a 2100 on the SAT to go to Ivy Leagues (2400 preferred). You must work hard to succeed in life. You must give a coin to the homeless guy who plays guitar in the subway (if you want to go to heaven). You must remember to call your grandparents sometime and say you miss them.

    Adrian went to Harvard and dropped out, made a start-up and made monies, didn’t give the homeless guy a cent because he had to uphold a certain standard for music. Then his grandparents passed away a month before he would have graduated, and he missed them, and it was too late.

    By Holden URL on 01.07.2013

  29. “There must be some mistake,” he pleaded, “I’m not who you say I am!” The border guard’s face remained expressionless. “I don’t care who you are, sir, I only know who the computer says you are.”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.07.2013

  30. In accordance to every rule in the book, this is not allowed. “This should not be permitted,” he thinks to himself. The curtain sways furiously as he thought of the right way to tell her. “I must tell her,” he says out loud. The winds blew and brought a shiver down his spine. He knows the gods would not approve, but he soldiers on, keeping in mind the dire and much more grave consequences that he would have to face and endure if he goes against his word to her.

    By Tricia URL on 01.07.2013

  31. the impending sense of must that he felt was gradually relieved with the scattered, half-hearted kisses that she placed with extreme precision on his neck, his collarbone, his chest. she progressed to his stomach, down by his hipbone, the small birthmark on his upper thigh. she was an expert, a goddess, though he could tell she didn’t care, that her kisses had grown into a dull routine that she performed for him out of a fading love. the sense of must that he felt – must leave, must stop, must reciprocate – slowly melted away despite the fact.

    By Sarah URL on 01.07.2013

  32. I must try to better my life by doing more for myself. Such as things that will make me happy like my writing, and my sculpting.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.07.2013

  33. “Must I mother?”
    The answering glare was all Elizabeth needed as her answer.

    By Jackie on 01.07.2013

  34. I must do this. I must be crazy. I must, must must finish this thing. I must buy those shoes. I must have things that I must do, but isn’t it better to have things we must not do? There’s too much must, too little time.

    By Shannon Kay on 01.07.2013

  35. must? seriously though. why would it be must? shouldn’t it be lust, or rust, or cusp, or dust. just kidding. well what should i say? we must use the internet. we must go to work. we must take a shit. we must have sex.

    By joshua on 01.07.2013

  36. Looking around the room
    eye heavy and weak
    mind focus on the feeling

    I must move on
    I must fight this
    and yet it wins every time

    I can not go on like this
    grappling at every high
    like a last breath under water

    So if I must go now
    then tell them to remember me as
    that guy that’s high on suicide

    By That guy that's high on suicide on 01.07.2013

  37. must seemed to rule the world in my house while growing up. “must” was the difference between something being fun for my own gratification and something being done because it made my parents look good. “must” is why i can’t fully accept myself sometimes at the age of 27, soon to be 28, and am just learning how to lov

    By Jennifer URL on 01.07.2013

  38. must is generally a word associated with a command. or something i’m trying to force myself to do. “i must work out today” or something like that. must is a good thing, but also a bad thing. i think sometimes it comes off more forceful than it’s intended, so that extra intended meaning can be bad sometimes.

    By Ellis Frederick on 01.07.2013

  39. you have to do it. it is a requirement. You must have a pencil in class every day. it is verb.

    By Kasandra on 01.07.2013

  40. I must get up early to go to school tomorrow. I must kick start my day with a healthy breakfast and get a peaceful night’s sleep. I must do my best in school so I can be my best some day in life.

    By Meredith on 01.07.2013