July 1st, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “motion”

  1. Rylei weaved her way through the intricate motions with a grace befitting the most acclaimed dancers of Garda high society. Sparks swirled around her, embracing her limbs in a flamboyant display of lightning-magic.

    By RE_Sullivan URL on 07.01.2012

  2. A motion can be hypnotizing, like a girl can be divinity in motion. It can be fascinating.

    By Julie Smith on 07.01.2012

  3. Motion. That word was the bane of my existance for a long time. Exercise? How about not. Running? No. Jumping? I don’t think so. Then I woke one morning to see that my thighs have grown a bit to large for my liking. Motion, here I come!

    By Lola URL on 07.01.2012

  4. art in motion
    creating things that exist
    things that don’t exist
    the art of creation in motion.

    By w. forteau on 07.01.2012

  5. Keep moving forward.
    Never stop.

    By Faith URL on 07.01.2012

  6. I would live to be in one moving ever so relentless motion. I want to consistently go forward, never going, never wishing for the past, no regrets. What a life that would be, what a goal to accomplish. I think this is what i want to do with my life

    By Victoria on 07.01.2012

  7. I ran as fast as I could towards the finish line. The motion was becoming sickening as I realized I hadn’t trained hard enough for this long of a run. The muscles in my legs screaming for air, I was gasping wishing it would be over. I had to finish. I had to push forward. I tumbled over the finish line breathlessly, raising my arms in success.

    By Chelsea URL on 07.01.2012

  8. Poetry in motion–you see it every day,
    a chipmunk, a child dancing, a handsome guy drinking beer,
    leaves in sunlight, hazy morning, a lacy white skirt.

    By Robin on 07.01.2012

  9. moving in a direction of any where. Bicycles, planes, cars, motorcycles, or a human running in a marathon. The se are just a fr=ew of the things that are moving, to in motion. the tides can also be in motion. High or low.

    By Liz C. URL on 07.01.2012

  10. motion is something indiscribably unique because you are in it no matter what you do. while sitting down the world moves you, while walking, you legs move you, and while on a plane, the air guides you. it is a force that can shape our perspectives and push us to the places we need to go.

    By Terry Dray on 07.01.2012

  11. i wish i was in motion. no energy though. motion requires energy. a lack of energy = a lack of motion.
    newton’s law of motion- for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    so no action = no reaction para me:(

    By Leah on 07.01.2012

  12. everything is in motion, life is a constant wheel turning, the unknow unfolding, what is next? know one knows…. embrace the moment, embrace the moment, it could be the meaning of life,

    By anita on 07.01.2012

  13. In motion. Why must we always have a sense of movement. Let’s sit and watch the sun set, and stare at the immense beauty put before us before it all shrivels and days. Rain. Pizza. Books. People. Love. Oceans. Tea. Thinking. Dreaming.

    By Dylan Delich URL on 07.01.2012

  14. The train in the picture seemed to jump out at me. I could’ve sworn I heard the whistle. I was staring at the sepia-toned image, when I heard a voice behind me.
    “That’s where it happened,” it said, whisper stirring my hair.
    With a scream, I jumped, picture falling out of my hand. The glass shattered, and as I looked around to find who had spoke, I never noticed one shard slowly creeping its way towards me…

    By grace URL on 07.01.2012

  15. The back end of the broken train hurtled down the hill, making me seriously motion sick.
    “Hooolllldddd OOONNNN!” The conductor screamed.
    Every single passenger was at risk, the train was going the wrong way. Fast. The conductor made his way towards the emergency break, using the seats at support. He placed his hands firmly on the handle and tugged.
    It wouldn’t budge.
    Uh oh.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 07.01.2012

  16. Moving around, but just moving around in life too. getting from one state of mind to another . biking,driving,walking,running,thinking,laughing, they all are motions in life

    By ava on 07.01.2012

  17. I feel the wind blowing through my hair as I’m speeding down the freeway. The motion of my hair reminds me that I am a free-bird. Allowed to do as i please and make my own rules.

    By Garrett URL on 07.01.2012

  18. Rollercoasters, county fairs, anything that has to do with a ride…this is what I think of when I see motion. Maybe sickness as well…something I have never had much of a problem with. Motion sickness that is. I feel lots of motion in my tummy due to being 34 weeks pregnant.

    By Chelsey URL on 07.01.2012

  19. The way he moved wasn’t really anything miraculous. But… at the same time, it was music. If music had a movement, had a motion, it would be the way his feet came in contact with the ground, the way his legs drifted over the pavement and the way his shoes scraped over the concrete. He didn’t move; he glided. He flew. It was effortless and stunning and it was ridiculous how something to simple could seem so melodic.

    By Kristina on 07.01.2012

  20. motion means movement emotion colors inspiration i love to move, movement motion emotion love sensations everything.

    By anna on 07.01.2012

  21. He watched as she waved her hand goodbye. As the carriage took her away he knew he would never see her again. He, a fool, could do nothing to keep her in the fort.

    By Jeffreigh Lush URL on 07.01.2012

  22. We are always in motion. Evan when we are standing still, the earth still turns. Even when we are not doing anything, the world goes on…We cannot stop moving and we cannot try. We have to keep doing things. We have to be in motion and continue doing things we love and things that helps others around us!.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 07.01.2012

  23. My first instinct was to run. Thrusting myself from the car, I land on my feet at a full run.
    My heart pounds against my chest as I run through rubble and debris, my feet slapping against wood, metal, and stone.
    There is no where to run, no where to go. I have to keep running.
    Suddenly, something slams into my side. The motion throws me from my feet and I brace for a fall.
    Gasping, I barely notice the sound of two feminine voices scolding someone.
    “Was that really necessary?”
    Hands turn me onto my back and I’m staring into Eric’s dark green eyes. “Yes,” he says, his eyes apologetic. “She wouldn’t have stopped.” He offers me a hand and I unstably rise.
    “Mia,” he says softly, “do you remember them?”
    I stare at the short red-head and the tall brunette. I don’t know if it’s my own voice asking, “Katie? Brook?”

    By KenzieB19 URL on 07.01.2012

  24. I like being in motion. it’s scary, but you have to do it. Whenever i try to slow down or stop, it makes matters even worse. So the best thing you can ever do is be in motion, on purpose, and towards your goal. because if you are, then you know you did your best. It’s the hardest thing, but it’s the only thing you can ever do.

    By Oana on 07.01.2012

  25. Motion of arms that flap and wave and hold. Motion picutures, once of the great, beautiful and romantic, now of the mundane and underdog, but all the people are usually still inordinarily attractive.

    By Heather Cruce on 07.01.2012

  26. Stay ahead of the herd. Keep moving to keep the sadness from overtaking you, must find things to do that are meaningful enough to cause at least a seconds distraction to forget for some peace.

    By Louis Gleckel on 07.01.2012

  27. This pandora station it sets me in motion. Music… Sets my soul on fire and sets me into motion :)

    By AmyMae URL on 07.01.2012

  28. motion, is movement, the movement of everything in relation to everything else. I like to move it move it. Move it.

    By Ashley on 07.01.2012

  29. I think quickly but find myself stuck in place. I can see the motion in my head a kick of the legs a sweep on the head and I’m in the cold blue water. but instead I am held to shore, motionless and the others jump in around me. I am not motion, but you are, and thats why you moved on.

    By mo URL on 07.01.2012

  30. Motion. Stay in motion, she thought. Just stay in motion, and you’ll be alright. But it was hard. The frigid, cold, and icy water made her breath appear in front of her, vapory and grey. All around her, lips were turning blue; skin turning pale.

    By jelly URL on 07.01.2012

  31. Held in clawing hands
    A ball, torn through and tattered
    Deflated with canines through the blow hole
    The pump replaced by the slow, steady rasp of wide-eyed fox
    Asking itself why prey was hollow

    By gsk URL on 07.01.2012

  32. The motion was a simple one.
    A wave of the hand, nothing more.
    But it made my heart stop.
    The boy I had once loved was waving at me and I was left motionless.
    I stared. There was nothing else to do.

    By Savannah on 07.01.2012

  33. I’m like a car crash in slow motion. tipsy and wearing these clothes like you’re supposed to; hardily at all. They love it. Time is slow then fast then slow again and I can’t follow my thoughts.

    By Kim URL on 07.01.2012

  34. with one quick swift motion,
    she turned my whole world upside down.
    the way she smiled,
    the way she flipped her hair back
    as if to impress me.
    in which it did,
    not that I’d ever tell her.
    because in one quick swift motion,
    she could break me.

    By Dominique URL on 07.01.2012

  35. When I walk along the sidewalk I can’t help but to notice all the motion that runs through my body all at once. The way my arms flop around like loose spaghetti, my legs taking turns going back and forth, strict and straight like a soldier. I lose my head sometimes because it wobbles too much, the motion.

    By Anissa on 07.01.2012

  36. The car lurch and stopped. Pitched and sank. Susan rolled down the window and let barrels or puke it seemed flow through her mouth.

    By Nedra Russell on 07.01.2012

  37. in motion. it’s the coolest track off of The Social Network soundtrack. i absolutely love all of the music trent reznor adds to his movies, though i feel like i sometimes praise it more than i have the right to because i haven’t fully analyzed all of the work. oh well. nice textures. motion motion motion. i have spent a lot of time in motion this week.

    By griffin. URL on 07.01.2012

  38. A fast object or person

    By Amanda URL on 07.01.2012

  39. Confused.
    Hormones Mess With My Emotions.
    Nothing Feels Right,
    I’m Sickened With Love.
    Plagued With Misery.
    Infected With Joy.
    Fed By Wrath.
    This is Not Me.

    I Am So Very Obviously
    Going Through the Motions.

    By Story Solo URL on 07.01.2012

  40. i dont know how to explain this, but motion is… well my mind is completely blank. i dont have a real definition for “motion.”

    By iris on 07.01.2012