June 26th, 2011 | 453 Entries

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453 Entries for “morals”

  1. You’ve got no morals, she said. None at all.

    Does it matter? I asked, licking her ankle.

    Yes, she said.

    I moved to her knee.

    On second consideration…

    I licked the inside of her thigh.

    No, I suppose it doesn’t matter.

    Darling sister, I murmured, we are so alike…

    By RS Bohn URL on 06.26.2011

  2. My morals stem from my belief in God and Jesus Christ, and from the teaching of the Bible. I hold all of those teachings to be true, the inerrant Word of God, and I try to live out my life as a reflection of His will.

    By Andrea URL on 06.26.2011

  3. morals are kind of pointless. maybe they work for some people, but a lot of people’s morals seem kind of stupid and restrictive. of course, some are important- we don’t need psychos running all over the place. but it seems that the people with the most morals have the most boring lives. you only live once, you don’t need to be uptight for the entire experience.

    By Emma URL on 06.26.2011

  4. morals are whatever we want them to be.
    What ever the majority says.
    But they seem to match though out this world.

    By elle MNOP URL on 06.26.2011

  5. Everyone has some idea of what theirs are. Not everyone has the will to stick to them or act on what them.

    By kyle on 06.26.2011

  6. A story in 25 words or fewer:
    Because of what they had done last night, the next day’s sermon about morals made them uncomfortable.

    By URL on 06.26.2011

  7. There were three morals that guided every action of the king. One moral was “play as hard as you fight”. He always played hard. And many a head on a spike testified to the truth of his code. There were some who say he cheated. And they were right. For if you beat the king, your head would end up on a spike anyway.

    By Catherine on 06.26.2011

  8. It is something that is different depending on anybodies interpretation a boundary between right and wrong that is of no subastance and quantified. It is a concept a abrastc thought or collection of thoughts so why do morals affect our every waking moment; because without them we are nought but animals.

    By Jonny on 06.26.2011

  9. Wow, this is heavy. I don’t know where to start. Morals and manners- immoral, amoral.
    I don’t know what to say.

    By Locsalot URL on 06.26.2011

  10. Morals are like little helpers trying to signal you to do the right thing when the situation is right. Morals are trying to help you, if we all used morals all the time, we would all live in picket-fenced paradise. But we don’t, why? cuz we’re human

    By Rena on 06.26.2011

  11. i don’t have any morals. Morals I fully don’t understand the definition of, but in my own words, it’s what you believe in. If you have good morals, you’ll be a good person. Have bad morals, you’ll turn out bad que no ? I think that’s how it goes cause I don’t have good morals.

    By Mike D on 06.26.2011

  12. morals are people who think about where they come from when making decisions, about how they will affect other people and whether it is intrinsically right for them. It is doing things that are not influenced by other people, but by ones heart. Morals allow you to have self respect and love for your decisions and happy about the direction of your choices.

    By Semone on 06.26.2011

  13. She wasn’t sure whether this was right or wrong. She supposed she never had been, even when she had been entirely convinced that this was for the greater good.
    Now she stood on the roof of the Sears Tower (Willis now, she remembered absently), wind in her hair, the cold biting at her face.

    By Eli on 06.26.2011

  14. What can be said when one fills societal shoes? When they flip and flop back and forth between the morals of one to another? They seem like fish out of water, hacking and coughing, and eventually dying.

    By Kevin URL on 06.26.2011

  15. in deep conversations, people’s views of the world and understandings of everything that’s going on in their life are brought to the surface. their morals, their evils, everything that’s holding them back in life and what’s going to propel them forward. who’s going to help them, and who’s going to hinder them.

    By Catey on 06.26.2011

  16. morals vary from person to person. within my morals, there are things that are okay that are definitely not okay for other people. morals are the way we were raised and the views of our society; whether we embrace or reject those views our morals are still guided by them.

    By Ashley Cruz URL on 06.26.2011

  17. People need morals, I think I have morals though they don’t often seem apparent, god knows that we function in hope that people believe in the necessity of having a moral code, or indeed any code of honour.

    By Cáit URL on 06.26.2011

  18. My morals withered away in the darkness of this ecstasy. He carried me away and I floated past his fingertips as he stroked my hair. When he leaves I sit on my balcony and weep for lost love.

    By Steffany URL on 06.26.2011

  19. “You’d think she didn’t have any morals!” My ears were burning. Was it me she was talking about? I was pregnant, living with friends, paying no rent, and very unclear about whether the baby’s father was a keeper.

    By Valerahaha URL on 06.26.2011

  20. some people have none.
    some people think they have several.
    some people have them but they just don’t know it.
    the moral spectrum ranges.
    i hope it’s useful.
    maybe not.

    By Just a Writer on 06.26.2011

  21. “Does anyone have any morals left anymore!?” I screamed to myself. Who was I preaching to? No one was here to listen to me ramble about the parties I was invited to but declined. People could never have fun anymore without doing stupid, senseless acts. And I was done watching them and not participating. I found a better solution. In these times, I would act as my own best friend and stay in for the night. Alone.

    By Marissa URL on 06.26.2011

  22. most people have morals, everyones different. i am not religious, i dont go to church, but i have good morals, right ones. they’ll get me through just fine.

    By Olivia Bethune URL on 06.26.2011

  23. People who dont have morals are the more moral. Having morals is having defined rules. LIfe being short, they probably come from cultural background and assumptions. Morals are never true. Morals are all true; the less restricted, the better.

    By Jay on 06.26.2011

  24. Everyone’s morals are different. You’ll find someone with the same morals as you and you’ll either become the best of friends with them or realize that you don’t like your morals. Or maybe you’ll find someone with the complete opposite morals. Maybe you’ll hate them. Or maybe you’ll open your mind to their point of view and learn what you can from what they know.

    By xstal URL on 06.26.2011

  25. Morality is all for lee way
    Killing someone can be like slapping someones face
    Farting on my sister can be someone saying grace
    No matter the person, place or race
    Morals are from point of view and thats all one can say

    By Jose Vazquez URL on 06.26.2011

  26. He didn’t have morals. Not as most humans would see it. Demons weren’t supposed to have morals. They were designed to be pure evil, straight through to the bone.

    Of course, that was a human concept as well, bones. He didn’t have bones either.

    By ellalah URL on 06.26.2011

  27. choices
    good v.s bad
    words and actions you live by

    By emily URL on 06.26.2011

  28. Morals is somethng everybody has to stick to. If you don’t then You have to suffer consequences. It is important to be moral in society, becouse it makes You more human and more accessible to other people.

    By Dick Byre URL on 06.26.2011

  29. stuff you appreciate forever at people you just met and you don’t won’t people don’t have them cause they are unreliable and stupid and can’t do what they should do and don’t have principales

    By ili on 06.26.2011

  30. And there I was, staring death in the face. Would I jump at it, as bravely as I could, or would I let it consume someone else there, in front of me? I did not know. As I stood, gasping for breath to fill my aching lungs, a terrible realization dawned upon me.

    By mephet on 06.26.2011

  31. Morals are tricky. I can barley think of what to say. Morals are what you think is right or should be implied as right as a person. So there. That’s what morals are.

    By Lea URL on 06.26.2011

  32. His morals and mine just didn’t match. He thought it was okay to go out with other woman while we were married. I did not agree. He thought his wife should be in the kitchen, but she should certainly NOT be barefoot and pregnant.

    By Karen Greenberg URL on 06.26.2011

  33. Jaja, die Moralischen. Die wissen, was gut ist, die sagen die richtigen Worte im richtigen Moment, die sagen manchmal auch gar nichts, wenn das angemessen ist. Und die haben Schwein. Meistens. Denn die meisten schätzen das, wenn jemand genau weiß, was richtig und was falsch ist, was angemessen und was abgemessen und ob man dieses eine Brötchen nun essen darf oder nicht.

    By Eli URL on 06.26.2011

  34. Morals. Everyone has them. We don’t always have the same as someone else. That is good. We are individual and we have to be true to our . Do you every wonder why someone does what they do and it doesn’t make sense. It’s their moral compass that is not lining up with yours. That is ok just know that if it is way off from yours you need to challenge the truths they are presenting to you. Morals keep you and I straight and honest.

    By valerie URL on 06.26.2011

  35. I don’t know if I have any morals anymore. I will never touch alcohol. Is that a moral? I will kill a person, I will steal, lie, cheat and hurt people. But I can’t drink alcohol. That is the one thing that I picked up from my mother. This doesn’t make sense. I don’t make sense. I’m so very confused. I don’t know anything.

    By Trixie on 06.26.2011

  36. What America needs most. America has declined from high moral values to a depravity, once unimaginable. Being a person of faith, I know it is not too late for people of faith to grab hold of America, Take it back, and restore its greatness

    By blackvoice on 06.26.2011

  37. She packed up. She was leaving today. Leaving behind all she had left and never looking back. Was it a good thing? Maybe, some would say. But good things are always hard to see.

    By Hope URL on 06.26.2011

  38. there are a lot of morals to life, they are all true.
    a truly wise man never plays leap frog with a unicorn.

    By sami on 06.26.2011

  39. My morals have changed. I see the world through completely different eyes now. I realize that I am old. I don’t like people as much as I used to, and I have little patience for idiots. Is that bad? Maybe I’m just bitter. I don’t know. I hope I discover new morals in time. Time is short.

    By Fender2010 URL on 06.26.2011

  40. Morals are important in society. Always consider them. The can be put into different branches, of course. I don’t know much about them,honestly. But they are good and bad, I know that. Yeah…

    By Siba on 06.26.2011