October 4th, 2011 | 385 Entries

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385 Entries for “morality”

  1. Morality, Morality.
    Petty thing, I think.
    The knife flashes silver and blue
    trailing light and blacknes,
    entering your neck.
    Blood falls like snow.
    Morality, morality.
    Useless thing, I think.

    By Cady Williams on 10.04.2011

  2. There isn’t such a thing as values
    or chastity
    or minority or
    in a run down heaven like Harlem.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 10.04.2011

  3. What is morality these days? I think it is lost on the masses of society. People don’t know what morality is from a hole in the ground. People have lost all sight of what is right and pure and noble these days. It makes me sad to think of the world today.

    By Sabrina URL on 10.04.2011

  4. What is perceived as wrong and right in our society. Who is to judge us? Well hopefully when we judge ourselves we are proud of our actions.

    By thatgirlsonfire URL on 10.04.2011

  5. I wish I knew the morality of the world. I have never been one to regret something. but others use their morals as a reason to regret something. I wonder if something has too many morals and their morality is intense can the be corrupt?

    By Amanda Presley on 10.04.2011

  6. Morality isn’t something you can prove by saying, you have to prove it by preforming actions deemed towards the morality you are trying to go for. You cannot claim to have morals, lest you prove them over time. Trust me, I know all about this. I will never claim to anyone about my morals but I will try to prove them instead.

    By Rae URL on 10.04.2011

  7. i dont know what this means. i think it means to have good morals. and that means to be nice and know whats going on. when you show this you probably demonstrate a lot of good morals and such

    By Mary Cate on 10.04.2011

  8. I have no clue what morality means but it probably means “moral” in noun form. which being moral is building and following your own codes in life.

    By TheAwesomeMonster URL on 10.04.2011

  9. La moral más fuerte es aquella que no se ve afectada por las morales débiles.

    By raul URL on 10.04.2011

  10. oft discussed topic it seems. Often tied to religion for some reason, but really don’t we all have an innate sense of morality? We know what is right and wrong, and not because society says so. Law has codified it but people ediffy it through everyday actions.

    By TH on 10.04.2011

  11. sometimes things are only black and white to many. when i think there is a grey area of morality. where its technically wrong.. but somehow right.. and when things are amazingly amazing but somehow wrong. everyone forgets this grey area…

    By sarah griffin URL on 10.04.2011

  12. He was an insufferable bore when it came to matters of the flesh. Vile, disgusting creatures he claimed we were, utterly lacking in morality or grace.

    Yet every day, without fail, he rummaged in his underpants, sometimes for hours on end, and came away empty handed.

    But we could always smell him coming.

    By Santa Monious URL on 10.04.2011

  13. Bosely stood outside his sister apartment before enterring, counting the money he’d just taken from her bank account. Using her secret password, Bosely used the neighborhood ATM machine, withdrawling the bulk of her monthly allotment from Social Security. What would he tell her this month? Bosely made certain her brought the bogus rental receipts. This month he left enough cash for her to buy just enough food to last until the next. Bosely never considered the Moral ramification of his actions. Never considered his sister’s feelings, wellbeing or emotional state, when she went to the bank to withdraw money for her needs. Always some story about his needs. He didn’t even think about her being alone as the police placed the handcuffs on risks, reading him his rights as they escorted Bosely to the police for robbery. Marlene was tired of Bosely immoral behavior and attitude. She consulted an attorney; decided to have him arrested for stealing her password withdrawing money from her ATM. Well, she didn’t actually tell the whole truth, for Marlene did give her brother her password to make a withdrawal for her needs. Marlene thought to herself as she watched the police cart her brother off to jail, who’s the real bad guy, him or I. We both lied…

    By precious1026 URL on 10.04.2011

  14. Morals are a difficult subject. I think they change frequently, without warning. Some people lose them as well. I don’t really know what to say about them except that they’re more flexible than people think.

    By Fishy URL on 10.04.2011

  15. am i moral?
    what about what i did to that kid in, what, 7th grade?
    is that moral?
    was pushing him moral? was it SELF DEFENSE?
    what about….oh never mind.
    it’s going to be immoral no matter what.
    because all i ever do is wrong, right?
    is anyone listening?
    ….am i right?

    By Nitya Deshmukh on 10.04.2011

  16. The morality of his decision is maddening. Does he always have to be so right, so good? For once I would have loved for him to make a mistake. Just once, so I wouldn’t pale in comparison. For him, it’s impossible to make bad choices. For me, it’s impossible not to.

    By Caty on 10.04.2011

  17. He used to have high morality.

    He was the hero that saved the town, he was the one his friends fell back on, he always put others needs before his.

    It was the way he was raised.

    But the death of his friends and family changed that.

    The morality of his evil future self destroyed his morality here, in this time line. Shattered. Non-existent.

    And there was no going back.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 10.04.2011

  18. Does anyone truly know the rules and morals anymore? Surely the lines have blurred beyond all hope of recognition, we can no longer follow those rules. Now we live as we see fit, not always for the best but at least we are using our own hearts and minds. Maybe that was the way it was meant to be.

    By Leah Dungay URL on 10.04.2011

  19. they were the ones who jumped the line: in black and white and no uncertain shades of gray they lounged on the border and smiled little blackbird smiles at the ones crossing over. they’ve always been there and they’ll always be there as far as we know. don’t worry about being quiet when you cross. they always wink and say, “i did it long ago, and i did it yesterday, too. good luck, love.”

    and you cross.

    By Jessica Jiang URL on 10.04.2011

  20. Morality is a funny word. What is moral or immoral? Does the man on my college campus that preaches at students moral? Is it moral to tell people what to do? Can he really think that two men loving each other is immoral? Even if God created them that way? Why do we have to be told what is moral and what isn’t? Why can’t we just let things be? I don’t understand.

    By Carmen on 10.04.2011

  21. morality. as a fifteen year old, how am I supposed to know what morality even is? i feel like a teenager with any perception of the word morality is far too mature to be considered a teenager… morality…

    By Madison on 10.04.2011

  22. my morality is not judge-able, it’s not debatable to anyone except for me. i call the shots in my life and i am to blame for my own mistakes. i’m here with good intentions.. i promise.
    but now i want to taste your morality….

    By abra URL on 10.04.2011

  23. I don’t think she even knew what ‘morality’ meant. She smiled at me, pointing a single finger at me, trying to seduce. And even though I didn’t want to be here, I stepped forward. Her long legs were showing, every bit of them, under a VERY short skirt. She smiled again, leaning over and trying to get me to drink from a bottle of tequila.

    By Sarah on 10.04.2011

  24. That’s a loaded word. Usually the words on her are like wrench or bucket. Not today. Those things are much more subjective in what i choose to write about. But this topic has to be objective for someone who believes in objective truth and objective morality based in the revelation of God himself in the Bible.

    By jcalebgreene URL on 10.04.2011

  25. You try on morals
    like I try on skirts
    twisting them side to side
    and on and off
    as fluid and graceful
    as if it were an art
    because to you they’re a fashion choice
    a statement piece
    an accessory
    to be discarded
    as soon as you get bored

    By SprawlingInk URL on 10.04.2011

  26. morality. What is it? Does it have to do with having morals? It seems as though no one has any morals anymore. Girls dress sluttily and guys are douchebags. You have to weed through the people to find the gems, the ones with morals, who still have a grasp on morality.

    By Alana URL on 10.04.2011

  27. Black and white. That’s what I was brought up to see. My own little brand of rose-tinted glasses. One day I left the glasses off, and was shocked to see that everything was only in varied shades of gray.

    By Cinnia URL on 10.04.2011

  28. Morality was a lesson he had never learned. Things were either his way or in big trouble because they weren’t going his way. It was certainly a lesson in psychology to watch his choices, reactions, and things but I was glad that I never met him face to face. The guy was a creep and did the most horrendous things because he didn’t get his way. It was like watching a three year old with the power to kill when they had a tantrum. Not a pleasant sight.

    By Mairead URL on 10.04.2011

  29. They had the lowest morality i could imagine. Their hair slicked back, under fitted caps, pants fitted right under their tush, the smell of ciggs reeked from their breath and hands, and the loose t-shirts with bare chested women, bent over in erotic, and almost abnormal positions. They had no respect, taking up the sidewalks, making mothers with their kin, have to walk in the street until they completely passed.

    By Chloe K. URL on 10.04.2011

  30. Is what we all pretend to have while secretly hating having it. Sometimes we get so caught up in what is moral for this or that situation we forget morality is actually within us. If it isn’t, maybe it is not supposed to be there in the first place.

    By Elle on 10.04.2011

  31. there was no almost, no between or grey. there was only right or wrong, or yes or no, or damned. sometimes you’re just not sure. pretend.

    By priscilla URL on 10.04.2011

  32. Morality is a funny word. I don’t know what it means but it starts with M and is 7 letters long. A moral is a value, so maybe motality is to have values? hmm…..weird. Well morality sits funny on my tongue.

    By Melody on 10.04.2011

  33. morality is like finding yourself on a long ruler, a stick that slaps the sin right out of you, that shines where it’s supposed to, but falls beneath the shadows of gray days and rainy nights and nights spent stumbling home with a handsome stranger draped across your shoulders like jewelry, glittering, smiling, glowing, smelling like cookies and home and promises and stars and never wanting to leave

    By Meghan on 10.04.2011

  34. the idea that if you perform something in a positive manner that it is morale. The morality of man has been misshapen by those who shoot out the mortars and meticulously boost the millions. My magnificently malnourished moral is feeling low without the morality a good brain provides.

    By Walter C. Townshend on 10.04.2011

  35. Morals? What the hell does that even mean? It’s all subjective, really. You can’t say “oh hey, you have bad morals” because who are you to say that? Morals are morals, if someone was raised to believe that what they are doing is right then so be it. You can’t judge.

    By Ivan Espinal URL on 10.04.2011

  36. There is something to do with morality and behaviour, depending on a persons morality you can depict how maturity and the way they

    By jacob on 10.04.2011

  37. Morality is like rules to be learned by someone when making a mistake. It also can be lessons taught in everyday life. To be a good citizen, with a conscience and do good deeds not bad. To help others in society in need without expecting anything back in return. To have motive to do positive things with good outcomes.

    By Lisa on 10.04.2011

  38. i dont know what to write about morality. i think it means something about having morals. i suck at this. morality……. blah blah blah. my mom once said i didnt have any morals. i disagree. i think i have strong morality. just because it doesn’t agree with hers does not mean that it is not there. the word morality makes me think of a line out of Little Women and i don’t even know the actual line, i just remember winona ryder saying it when she is reading to the old lady. i wonder when my time is going to run out. i hope i can read someone else’s writing too. this is kind of fun. i am just trying to get out of my writers block. morality…. mortality…. morbidity…. morose…. mortuary…. morning… mournful…. mobility…. i’m stuck. i think i have run out of thoughts. is my time up yet?

    By Brittany on 10.04.2011

  39. Morality has come to mean something sort of bad I think, like fifties morality or Victorian morality–something outdated and old-fashioned. Backward. But surely it still has some meaning in this world. We are such pleasure-seeking people now, we don’t want morality to stand in our way, but I would hate to think morality is gone entirely.

    By Sara on 10.04.2011

  40. Is it a question of beliefs and principles? Morality is not merely a division of black and white. One must remember that there are shades of gray as well. There is no definite and correct moral compass. It varies.

    By Beatrice on 10.04.2011