August 27th, 2010 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “moon”

  1. what moon?what do they mean by sea level…don’t the tides change it?

    By a false terl on 08.27.2010

  2. You look like a lone moon in the night sky when you’re in a room with me. All I see is you shining in my eyes.

    By Amanda URL on 08.27.2010

  3. I was reading about Earth’s “other moons” online, and though I didn’t understand too much of the space talk, I realize how much is out there besides what I see on the textbook diagrams.

    By Daniel Oh URL on 08.27.2010

  4. High. The one thing I want that I can never reach, no matter how hard I try. Pearly white, sitting atop the world like you own it.

    By Jesse URL on 08.27.2010

  5. The moon was a crimson red, and it chilled him to the bone.

    “Knights of Asgard! To me!” he cried, crashing his sword against his shield to draw their attention. “To me, men!”

    He heard the drowsy grumbles–that he was a crazy superstitious man who refused to let his subordinates sleep–but how could mere superstition frighten him so?

    By Kali URL on 08.27.2010

  6. I looked up into the midnight sky. I wish I were there. It’s so lonely up there. Exactly what I needed right now. Away from everybody. Friends, media, other CO’s. Peace. I could crawl up in one of those craters and fall asleep for a thousand years.

    By Marissa URL on 08.27.2010

  7. what a weird cheese it is that i have never tasted. does it even exist? who the hell knows because no one has ever had it on their taste buds. it can be ugly and beautiful.

    By Kryss on 08.27.2010

  8. moon reminded me of my childhood days esp full moon…

    By milyn sarte URL on 08.27.2010

  9. I was walking down the path through the woods by the light of the full moon. There you were, tall, dark and handsome. A cliche in the flesh.

    By Amy URL on 08.27.2010

  10. She sat back on her hands and looked up at the big orb in the sky. It was beautiful, really, but cold. Somehow she couldn’t find any warmth in something that would normally give her peace. In fact, it might have been easier if the moon were dark tonight; then she wouldn’t be reminded of all the things she had lost. Of all the pain she had endured.

    For once, light was not a comfort– it was a painful reflection of her soul: an imitation of true light.

    By Courka URL on 08.27.2010

  11. The moon shone brightly that night. He wondered if someone was looking back at him from the moon, perhaps another, secret mission to the moon, and his view of the moon was matched by that person’s view of the Earth.

    By Ricardo URL on 08.27.2010

  12. “i can’t stop staring at it, you know.”
    “because it reminds of me of when it chased me when i was a kid and it watched me and i watched it and it was the only thing that i ever thought completely belonged to me.”

    By tate on 08.27.2010

  13. The moon gazed forlornly down on the world she lit in pale silver, glimmering on the rippling water’s surface. She heaved a sigh, blowing the pestering clouds further from her, turning slightly to look at the closest star. It shone happily dancing amongst smaller stars. She longed for that to happen. The bright, sunset orange of the sun began to glow on the horizon, and she felt a great, silver tear spring to her eyes and slide slowly down her bumpy, silvery surface, falling quickly to the ground, splashing into the ocean, making to ripple, waves spreading out in every direction. The sun, always oblivious to her existence, suddenly turned his bright, handsome face to the disturbance, then looked up into the Moon’s sad, beautiful face, and she gasped. They froze, her in her descent, him in his ascent, and the world held still for just a moment as they gazed at each other. He’d been so lonely, even with his bright, happy glow. He smiled, and she blushed. Hanging frozen for a whole day, they talked, until, finally, the sun said he needed to light the world. There were people, he said, just like him, who needed the night to end. She nodded, and when the day ended and night came along, the stopped to talk, and the Moon said she needed to darken the Earth. Some people, she said, needed the day to end. He nodded and night came again. This time, the stars danced around her, and she shone brighter than ever before, shining with the sun’s brilliant radiance in a silvery hue.

    By Rebecca Garz URL on 08.27.2010

  14. by the light of the moon i sing her to sleep.
    by the light of the moon i dance in fright.
    by the light of the moon i hear your steps.
    by the light of the moon the woods shiver soft
    by the light of the moon.
    by the light.

    By Ellen Whelan on 08.27.2010

  15. Moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon. Moon moon moon moon, moon moon, moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon. Moon moon moon moon. Moon moon moon moon moon: Moon.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 08.27.2010

  16. the moon is bright and always reminds me that there is hope because it always sits there pleasant and serene while the rest of us hustle about our everyday lives not taking the time to truly look at it.

    By Michelle Mira on 08.27.2010

  17. Round rock up in the sky, in space it is said that there is a man on the moon or a face in the moon. First man of the moon was Neil Armstrong, he put an american flag , night time evening romantic, date night. summers evening, the space station, all of space, white

    By bevlyn on 08.27.2010

  18. the night befriended the moon

    By dhe on 08.27.2010

  19. Is bright and beautiful. i just really mispelled beautiful like three times. I love it to be full, cause it gives us all an excuse to act fucking crazy. i love you moon <3

    By Lauren on 08.27.2010

  20. and you are just a balloon i let go of long ago, the string just within grasp, but never solid enough to hold, round and high and lost and alone as the moon in the sky so far so far away from me.

    By A on 08.27.2010

  21. Sometimes the moon appears at the perfect angle to look like the Death Star. Those are my favorite nights, it appears full (like before Luke blew it sky high, sky high isn’t the proper term I guess… space high?) and it usually tides well with soft music in clear sky when I know everything is alright.

    By Charlie on 08.27.2010

  22. Today when I was looking at the moon I thought of werewolves and how they always appear in full moons. The moon is what makes our waves, gives us light at night and revolves around our earth..

    By Courtney Trevillian on 08.27.2010

  23. the moon is the provider of light in the night time. the moon is the light to my dark ;)

    By Courtney Trevillian on 08.27.2010

  24. The moon looked down at her and smiled. She knew the little girl’s secret and she wouldn’t dare tell it to anybody. They promised each other that until the right time comes, the moon would keep the secret safe. The little girl waved her small hand at the moon, “Goodbye! Till we meet again!” And she laid down on the forest floor among the hyacinth stalks and shut her eyes. The moon eyed her for the last time before slowly descending her throne.

    By apple URL on 08.27.2010

  25. the moon controls the waves. this is important to me considering that i am a surfer. if it werent for the moon i wouldnt have my one love. not only does it control my waves, it also sets a great mood for night surfing.

    By robert A. Armstrong on 08.27.2010

  26. over the moon! an expression of happiness. i’m over the moon, so happy i could fly to the moon and back. i’m so happy any second now i just might start shitting rainbows. :-O

    By Selena URL on 08.27.2010

  27. I wish I was the moon. Its light, its radiance.

    Its innocence.

    I miss my innocence. It was my life. And now all i have is the moon.

    And it hurts.

    By CrystallineSolid URL on 08.27.2010

  28. I love the moon. I was watching the moon beams last night and I swear this star wasn’t next to it before but it’s been there for weeks now. I love it. :D

    By Amie on 08.27.2010

  29. the moon in the desert is what makes it.
    you hear about moons in other places, but the desert moon can be at its finest almost any night.
    winter, summer, fall, spring.
    its a concrete color

    By Amy URL on 08.27.2010

  30. there’s more to the moon than just a concrete color.
    living in the desert has shown me the many shades, signs, and feelings of the moon.
    the moons hidden by day, but at night is shows the beauty of this place that we call home.
    the desert moon… has a nice ring to it.

    By Amy on 08.27.2010

  31. I wanted it to be full, but it was always slightly off. It was always missing that little sliver on the edge, the final piece. it was never complete, only partial. I never saw a full one. It escaped, it evaded, it might not have ever existed.

    By gabrielle on 08.27.2010

  32. Yesterday the moon was supposed to be as big as mars in the sky. I was not awake to see it, even though that was the plan. I wanted to be and remembered tonight. I was really disappointed. It was supposed to be the chance to see a once in a lifetime event.

    By Jennifer URL on 08.27.2010

  33. I always wonder if the people that I think about when I catch sight of a glowing full moon, are looking at it and thinking about me.

    By aster URL on 08.27.2010

  34. There is a moon tonight that is surrounded by the stars that light my sky a bit brighter than yours. Oh, I know that you are sad, and that though we share the moon, we see it so differently. My life is now so different, and though we are apart, there is nothing in this world that will keep us connected like the moon.

    By Lisa Bee URL on 08.27.2010

  35. Stars. I think about the time you told me that it didn’t matter what time of day it was cause you were always thinking about me. And then I remember at the beach loving you from far away.

    By Casey Schneider on 08.27.2010

  36. beautiful us. how did we let it fail. so cloudy we couldn’t see it but it was there and waiting for us to reach for it. Now the moon is still yours and I would do anything to share it with you.

    By Casey Schneider on 08.27.2010

  37. moon pies are delicious… they sell them at the health food place downtown… they dont seem healthy… maybe theyre vegan… reese puffs are vegan… as are oreos… useless information in my brain… I am not vegan… just know a couple…

    By Will McMahon on 08.27.2010

  38. the moon is a wonderous thing in the sky it rotates around the earth through gravitational pull. I like to stare at the moon because it reminds me of how small I am and how big it is.

    By sam on 08.28.2010

  39. The moon cast his shadow into the night. Dark stains pooled in his wake. The pain had long ago faded away along with perception. He simply ebbed his way through the last hours before the dawn.

    By Bligh on 08.28.2010

  40. i looked up at the moon tonight as i walked into my garage. its such a bright strong light. full of might and possibility. so far away and yet we have set foot upon it. the moon is my friend. my night light and guidance.

    By abra URL on 08.28.2010